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Do you think there are lady NEETs out there, struggling with deppresion and fully aware of just how fucked up the world and their life is? If so, what the exactly are they doing? As in, I know what autistics things men do, but does a woman do if placed under the same conditions?
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the exact same things
schizo is as schizo does
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Are you saying they are HERE?!
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Everyone here is a gay little anime girl
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They masturbate their hairy pussies pretty much all day
Yes but they are ugly and you would have 0 interest in them if you saw their faces and bodies.
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There are no girls on the internet.
>fully aware
Pick one.
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exactly. the goal is to pick the one out of ten that is fully aware
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>>97544 (OP) 
>autistic women
>he doesn't know lolcow.farm and crystal.cafe
>completely unbearable autists and schizos who have unhealthy views on men and obsess over weird fucking shit
Wait a minute...
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wouldn't, wouldn't, wouldn't, would
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should I wear the autism shirt? it's $15 at target
Looks like a fucking tranny.
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Both of those sites reignited my rage and spite for females (though it is largely apathy these days), and why I looked down on them even as far back as primary school and half the fist fights I had were with girls before a white knight stepped in.  It made me appreciate and respect whatever femanon I may come across on other imageboards so they won't become one of them but they've probably heard of them by now so it's a moot action.  The other was that a lot of them had shitty boyfriends and reminded me of how not to act but at the same time girls will fall in love with bums and wackos, and they blame this behavior on men being stinky and evil instead of being feminized over the course of a century but that will get you banned as with "racism" obviously because men commit 99.99999% of crime and that's that.  I'm not a rapist but if I ever caught a girl using it and she wasn't absolutely ugly I'd be one briefly and brutally just to spite them and that they'll always be powerless no matter how much tren they've injected.  The feelings that evoke when I visit both especially Crystal Cafe borders on hate even though I know they don't warrant it and it's silly to get that mad.  Also seeing them type in lowercase and acronyms is funny too, dropping proper grammar when finally away from the presence of males.  You can find multiple posts like this.
What the everloving fuck. These bitches need to be raped hard until they get mindbroken into being good housewives.
That's a feature
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Why get so angry? Those sites are 4chan for girls, filled with herds who might as well be on facebook or reddit.
The female I had in mind when making the thread is one who harbors utter contempt for ways of the average person. Who can tell just how much filth modern life is and aspires for something better.
A kind of lady I'm not sure really exists; and if it does, I suspect their activities are unlike those of likeminded men. (E.g. They aren't discussing self-improvement or asking wich Roman emperor would you fug on half-dead imageboards.) And that's the question, if they existed, what would they be doing?
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>Do you think there are lady NEETs out there, struggling with deppresion and fully aware of just how fucked up the world and their life is? If so, what the exactly are they doing? As in, I know what autistics things men do, but does a woman do if placed under the same conditions?
They exist, but not here, or in pretty much any part of the webring. Crystal.cafe and Lolcow are the obvious female imageboards, but there are others in-line with what OP has in mind that I'm not about to share.
Replies: >>97608 >>97611
>that I'm not about to share.
Vagina detected. Asherahs garden is dead; spit out the rest.
>but not here, or in pretty much any part of the webring
Are you telling me that /cuckquean/ has been a lie all these years?
>tfw no reasonably attractive autistic gf to cuddle and be autistic with
>>97544 (OP) 
No there are not because women get soft served by men. Men are 75 percent of the homeless population for a reason. Women just get shacked up. 

Also, inb4 autism because it's been proven that women with autism function socially at the same rate a non-autistic male would. Male autistics such at being social really badly but not female ones, they are only hindered to the point of being male social awareness wise, and to be clear that means normal women are OVERLY aware of social things, it's why they're so faggy with politics and pronouns and such. They're overly self absorbed, all that makeup isn't for her but for everyone else after all. A schizoid tier male, or autistic, they're not able to put themselves in other people's shoes like that so they'd not be the type to wear makeup, nor would men. The more a man talks the more of a pussy he seems, women aren't like that and talk mad shit all day and get away with it. Two very different ballparks, socially, men and women. 

So no, don't fucking loop them in with imageboard types. Even if women are 'aware' or enlightened they have no business here nor would their work status be relevant at all even if they were here. While I'm at it, your sex is not warranted a thing to share here, tits or gtfo and all of that, it's not relevant. 

Most men are normalfaggots too you know and women are proven to be overly aware of social norms. A woman is a coward, her sex is, so what you mean is they're overly obedient due to that, but they very well can be aware. 

Five or so males role playing doens't prove anything. Who gives a shit about picking 'cherries' even if they were female. 

>amazing work
Autistics have like a 75 percent chance of not working at all, why must society constantly be so disingenuous. 

>having sex with someone that has social media
How about no?

Rent free.
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The image I associate most with crystalcafe is this.
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I wonder if they call out the herds, faggots, retards, jews, glowies, etc, and then sperg out at each other for missrepresenting their fictional character of choice. If not, they are doing it wrong and should get back to the spinner.
the lady neets are gross and not worth your time
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I can fix her.
My room looks way worse than this, she needs to try harder.
((( 11.6MB )))
>female neet "loser"
All the guys I personally choose turn out to be assholes
>male neet loser
I haven't touched a human being other than my mom in 20 years
Replies: >>97684 >>97685
That, and all the guys she dated and fucked were significantly more attractive, fit, progenic, intelligent and interesting than her. Nevertheless, they weren't "good enough" for her.
Foids: not even once
Replies: >>97697
Nice projection, normalfag-kun
I propose the reason girls are content living gross messes is because their genitals are an open wet hole that gets dirty easily so it's something they're used to.
Half the time.  The other half they find someone just as dysfunctional or moreso than them.
Aren't they also called moids to trivialize them and their petty names.
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delet this
wtf I think I have the exact same plushie
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>Why get so angry?
Witnessing girls get away with things boys wouldn't through double-standard justice because they're girls, them hitting you but you hitting back gets you jumped and pinned the bad guy, their bratty arrogant behavior, then learning about divorce shares, single mother households, feminism and its effects, their emotional intelligence, and now come to your neck of the woods even if they are halfchanners, calling themselves incels, blaming everything on men either because they dated playboys they deserved (or the occasional broad who chose to be nice to an imageboard regular), is fair enough to warrant a knee-jerk reaction over after an entire childhood and adolescence of seeing it so I'd like to slay these queens.  

I'm not a full-blown "misogynist" who hates women because they gave me no pussy or are evil so I don't side with /r9k/ either.  Reading some posts about ex-boyfriends, romantic relationship struggles, or the few got molested as kids they have my pity or sympathy.  Or if they were treated poorly by feminized or shallow men, again, they deserve it and their taste in who they choose as a potential life partner reflects onto their personality and humanistic needs.
>The female I had in mind when making the thread is one who harbors utter contempt for ways of the average person. Who can tell just how much filth modern life is and aspires for something better.
You will find some there except most of that some are vapid, base it on being a failed normalfag, and look down on you just for being a man all the same though if she likes you and you fuck her she'll whistle the opposite tune because it's all bitching and moaning; venting in secret.  Do not expect a woman to care about the world or anything grandiose/romantic/self-serving as that or for them to think with not logic but their feelings, they are at home being accessories to men no matter how degrading I don't intend that statement to sound, and those who achieve great things are exceptions in the strictest sense of that word and were noticed because they are women.
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The majority of this stagnant backwater Laotian banana harvesting forum barely has any experience with women outside of their own mother and females within their family. Do you think its insightful understanding how most ended up with an Oedipus complex and accept their jaded inexperience as a significant well of advice? 
I wouldn't bother acknowledge even 5% of any posts on here when a lot of the users are also scornful towards what they'll never have.
Replies: >>97780
> how most ended up with an Oedipus complex
The ara thread died instantly yet the loli thread is still up. 
I think anon just wants a cute girl instead of a mom. I know I do.
Replies: >>97792
No I think anon in particular, wants a loli to mould because they're intiminidated by a woman they haven't moulded.
Replies: >>97802 >>97812
>intimidated by muh real women
Nigger please, I'd happily marry any sort of loli, JK, Christmas cake and ara.
Replies: >>97805
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>I'd happily marry 
I'm sure you'd happily have a shower if there wasn't mounting difficulties to overcome your inabilities to find a woman or a shower nozzle.
Replies: >>97809 >>97843
You blew him the fuck out.
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It is illogical not to be wary of something that can, with the full support of the unlimited goons and spooks of our wonderful society, steal all your worldly possessions (including your children) and could also murder you (assuming you sleep with it and/or it handles your food) if it happens to suffer a not-uncommon bout of madness. This is one strong reason why a wise man craves the girl and not the woman. A girl can be made to love and respect her man so that she does not pose this threat. A woman, on the other hand, has been programmed by her individual hunts and our wonderful society far too deeply to be anything but a government whore.
At least that's the theory. No one here ever posts about their wife who is ten or more years their junior and if they did I'm sure we bitter and wifeless sages would scorn them for their fortune. They have no need to brag anyhow, they're living well. Perhaps they do exist and they spare us from further suffering by not posting.
Also >intiminidated
Replies: >>97813 >>97815
>it is illogical to be wary of something 
Your post reeks of virginity. Let me know how your cum tissue mycology project is taking off.
Replies: >>97815
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I agree, though I do acknowledge I am a bit more weary/schizo than most.
Not him, but at least I'm not the guy who knocked up some bitch and is now stuck working at 7-11 to pay for it.
Replies: >>97841
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>having sex
Isn't that the forum for making fun of lolcows, I remember hearing about it on /cow/. Not going to lie, I pity the fuckers who spend their lives on that website at least the cows are living their own life.
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>responsibility is an impeding burden because I can't breed 
It's better to at least be doing something than being a sexless neet.
>hurr you're stinky virgin!
Yeah, and I'm sure you're successful enough at relationships that you spend your time on an image board instead of hanging with your girl, faggot.
Honest question time: 
Why should I even attempt to try and get a wife when 1) I'm a complete social retard who was the autistic weirdo outcast and always will be; 2) I have no social skills to speak of and as per 1), it's pointless to even try; 3) I'm not even sure if me reproducing would be eugenic, because of my crippling autism and spaghetti-spilling. Wouldn't it be better for me to die loveless and lonely, than it would be to produce yet another me who'd suffer just as badly in his own way?
>I need group validation 
Here's where you stop asking the crowd to refeed your own answers.
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>Why should I even attempt
You were born to breed. That's the beginning and the end of it. All other things in life come after procreation. There are many complicated and convoluted arguments to discount this biological fact but they are simply coping mechanisms for genetic failures.
Everything you feel and everything you do is irrelevant from the only objective point of view if it doesn't produce for you the next viable generation. You're confused about this because this kind of ancient understanding is heavily suppressed by all propaganda networks. After all, it leads to "tribalism" or "racism".
100% agree. 
I suggest posters here to look for Evolutionary Psychology. It explains many things why we behave in a certain way. It'll also help you in your life.
Replies: >>97948
“Woman” NEETs are either men or insane fucked up people. There are good antisocial females out there but they are very different. They just don’t socialize beyond like 3 people and their family and are sarcastic
Replies: >>97884 >>97933
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Reproduce anyway, kids somehow take all your best features. My wife and I think we’re dysgenic as fuck but our kids are wildly cute and good looking. People constantly have to compliment our one kid as so adorable or doll-like. I once had a fucking drive by compliment where someone else leaving a doctors drove up to us as we were walking to the car just to tell her how cute she was.
>kids somehow take all your best features
this is bullshit, I got most if not all the worst features of my parents
>short like my mom
>darker skinned like my mom
>dark haired like my mom
>weak jaw like my dad
>gummy smile like my dad
>all sorts of allergies like my mom
>bad flat feet like my dad
if I had actually gotten the good features I'd be a chad
I would if I could, but the only girl I like rejected me a few months back and she's going to reject me again.
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>Female NEETs are insane fucked up people.
That's exactly what makes them so endearing.
I somehow ended up doing both simultaneously. So I'm tall as fuck and everybody loves me, but my bowels are full retard and I get crippling hay fever at the slightest suggestion of pollen.
Because you want to and requires liking yourself.  Calling yourself a subhuman because of genetics is a cope, the two posters below you are examples of genetics being a lottery.
Are you swarthy or just a shitskin.
Nature itself refutes you. In the wild, most creatures fail to breed. That's the whole point of natural selection, idiot. If everybody breeds, natural selection doesn't work or make any sense.
In the wild, there are natural barriers which prevent dysgenic creatures from successfully reproducing. In modern civilization there are a thousand ways for dysgenic train wrecks to have a baby to fulfill their religious or social obligations or personal wishes.
That's why we have such a fucked up society with so many shitty and messed up people cluttering the planet and sucking up resources disproportionately. 
Until there are sane laws which prevent the further degradation of the human race, we'll need to convince dysgenic people from breeding or at least using the donor sperm and egg from progenic people, or even created by some high tech machine that can spit out perfect genomes on demand.
Recycling plastic and eating bugs isn't enough. If you're dysgenic, snip your shit for the sake of the planet.
I'm pretty sure that he's speaking from an individual basis. Obviously you'd never want to see some guy walking his living tumor, but for yourself, you always want to make babby. Even if you know that the end result will be fucked up.
That's why laws exist, because needs and desires of the individual tend to clash with the needs and desires of the society.
>That's why laws exist, because needs and desires of the individual tend to clash with the needs and desires of the society.
Then how come laws always defend the needs of select individuals to the detriment of society?
Replies: >>97963 >>98256
Then we seem to be in agreement that eugenics needs to be rehabilitated and laws need to be passed which prevent undesirables from ruining society and the planet we live on.
Replies: >>97963
I know, and I'm a failure based on that alone.
>insane fucked up people
Ain't we all, buddy? 
Good point there, married-kun. Perhaps any kid I have may be less fucked up than me, at least I hope so.
Some people can look perfectly normal, even attractive on the outside, yet still be highly dysgenic 'under the hood'.
If you are dysgenic, your offspring will be dysgenic too.
Most kids are cute to some degree and people feel social pressure to compliment how "cute" your kid looks when they're talking to you, even if they secretly think it's ugly.
Don't trust the shills here trying to tell you everything will be alright.
Jews want more debt cattle and tax burdens to drain resources away from whites.
Replies: >>98106 >>98256
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>Evolutionary Psychology
Give me the TL;DR
Replies: >>97956
me see shadow 
make no sense
think consciously 
hurt brain make no sense
get upset 
bash tribesman until goop 
see his missus 
make club stiffen 
bash her gash 
Well, that's how it works in theory, at least. Can't do much when the thieves are the ones writing the laws.
Yeah. But if you tried to take my right to procreate away from me - even if I totally agreed with your reasoning and logic - you'd have to do it by force. And I hope you feel the same way.
The better question is how do I meet NEET girls? If I get a life partner, she would have to be a loser like me otherwise we simply wouldnt mesh well. I've always been a loser who hung out with the loser clique back in highschool, so I want to find a fellow loser who will make me feel like a winner. But how? They probably dont use dating apps. Maybe a visit to the local weeb/retro arcade?
You can't. They stay inside like we do. The truNEETs of any sex aren't on any dating apps or social media and don't go outside except to shop.
Replies: >>98049
>the loser clique
Was it an actual clique with hierarchy or a loose group that didn't fall into normalfags successful or failed.
Replies: >>98040
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>Maybe a visit to the local weeb/retro arcade?
Only trannies and women who have already been marked and claimed by another man go there.
[Hide] (76.9KB, 750x542) Reverse
Every arcade here is a barcade with those cheap tiny arcade emulators featuring joysticks with as much response as a pair of dousing rods.
I'd say it was an actual clique, yes, though to say there was a hierarchy may be a bit presumptuous. There could have very well been one but maybe I just didn't notice since I was part of it.
I don't agree and I don't think having kids with the hopes that they come out cute is a valid thing to do. This is what normalfags who have mixed kids do. The most you can do is stay within your own race so your kids have a good chance at looking normal at the very least and so that they keep your hair/eye/skin color if you have lighter features in that department since darker features tend to be dominant.
I think race mixing ends up with uglier looking kids a lot of the time. It's possible to have a weird looking kid even if both parents are very good looking because both of them will likely have different phenotype and mixing both of those together doesn't look great even if one thing is off.
The reason I mention racemixing is because you specified your mom is darker but it could be that it's not the case.
Replies: >>98106 >>98256
[Hide] (587.8KB, 614x840) Reverse
You will find them on the incoming days of society utter collapse scavenging the ruins as the last fertile, non AI-interfaced females on the planet.
>don't go outside except to shop
There's your answer, get a job in small retail, a month or two should be enought to notice them there. But now again, they are NEET so they probably won't feel like talking much.
I wasn’t argueing for racemixing, just saying if you think you ugly your kids can still be cute. I race mixed 2 slightly different white phenotypes. One ended up blond and blue eyed despite those genes being fairly high up our family trees. I’ve seen lots of race mixed babies and they are ugly yeah. Then again maybe I’m biased with my belief that my children are OBJECTIVELY cuter. I look at babies and think “Damn son, dat fucker ugly.” I never thought these things before. 

>jews want more debt cattle
>head jew at ADL literally has white population stats on his wall going down like its his sales

also fuck off one kid gets WAY more compliments and she is objectively adorable

not such
>>97544 (OP) 
I imagine so, I also imagine them being disgusted by us, and maybe vice-versa if anyone here actually got to meet one. But then , the anons here are so desperate so who knows.
As for the talk of reproducing, the prospect of watching 2 neets having a kid together is a little funny, I think it'd make for a decent manga.
Replies: >>98202 >>98203
>I imagine so
Well you shouldn't. Women are wired completely differently than men. There are female shut-ins but they're not like male shut-ins, they're fundamentally different.
>maybe vice-versa
I am disgusted.
Replies: >>98553
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You should ATTEMPT to get a wife regardless of all of these things - just know that you may not succeed. This is the modus operandi of evolution: Every organism tries to reproduce, and, on average + over time, the ones that succeed are progenic (meaning: "suited for their environments"). This implies, of course, that if you are dysgenic, you will not succeed, but the only way to find out is to try. No anon on an imageboard can determine that for you.
This anon is mostly right, but I disagree with the prospect of mankind, at any level of technological advancement, being able to "spit out perfect genomes on demand". There is no "perfect genome", and if there were, it's not something that could ever be consciously determined. Man thinks as a conscious organism, and our impression of an individual's genetic quality is biased by our own genetic makeup (for a good reason: the best evolutionary results come from finding a mate who "looks like you", i.e. has a similar genetic makeup so that useful genes can be reinforced in the next generation). Only Nature, as an unconscious system, can determine which genes are useful or not at any given point in time - and this usefulness can and will change over evolutionary time.
Similarly with laws: Man will never consciously write laws that can discriminate between progenic and dysgenic qualities more effectively than nature. The issue is that the current system (i.e. everything since the advent of agriculture) is designed to allow herds of dysgenic individuals to reproduce, both because it requires large quantities of "workers" to support itself (and ensure higher quality of life for the individuals on top), and because intelligence correlates negatively with the ability to perform repetitive labor like agriculture. It is specifically unintelligent, dysgenic individuals who are best at maintaining a post-agricultural system.
Because these laws were written by individual organisms, who have their own predispositions to be biased towards their own genes. If kikes write the laws, the laws will always benefit the continuing existence of kikes.
This is correct, but the reason they are "dysgenic 'under the hood'" (read: appear progenic on the surface) is often because they share enough genetic qualities with you that they still appear to be a desirable mate. Good genes are in the eye of the beholder.
The ultimate, hard truth is that more and more mixed race individuals are successfully reaching breeding age because, in our current post-agricultural system, they are best suited for modern life (see above about the requirement for unintelligent individuals).
I'm gonna find me a cute virgin loser woman and force her to bear my children. There's nothing she can do about it.
How owld will she be?
>gave me the courage to be openly autistic
>walk around the metro
and now you know how the average boomer couple works
This. Neet women aren't able to raise children. They're beyond capable of childrearing or managing a proper home as they're riddled with some sort of mother issue.
Replies: >>98555 >>99055
That mentality is what gave birthed an entire generation of faggots and burnouts because their parents hated each other, normally with many divorces that favored females.
Are male NEETs capable of it?
Replies: >>98560 >>98570
[Hide] (12.7KB, 255x188) Reverse
>That mentality is what gave birth[ to] an entire generation
Sounds like a good mentality then.
Replies: >>98569 >>98572
[Hide] (1.2MB, 4061x3172) Reverse
[Hide] (122.5KB, 600x885) Reverse
Male neets are even more worthless.
A generation will always be produced anyway. Nature doesn't need your dysgenic genes passed on.
Replies: >>98603
No, a generation will not always be produced, least of all a meaningful one. You've been thoroughly poisoned by modernity and need look no further than yourself to identify the dysgenic.
Replies: >>99056
Eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap
Name one era of human history when a generation wasn't produced
Replies: >>99071
This one.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1440x8488) Reverse
>>97544 (OP) 
Yes, but steer fucking clear. Pic related.
the guy was based but at the same time pretty cringe, you could say they were made for eachother
Replies: >>99194
i reddit and cringed
[Hide] (25.5MB, 400x400, 04:47)
El único ejemplo real en todo el hilo, y justo tienen que ser argentinos.
Replies: >>99188
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1400x1050) Reverse
[Hide] (4.8MB, 720x480, 00:33)
it's over
Replies: >>99198
How the fuck is he cringe?
[Hide] (361.4KB, 400x400) Reverse
>male autistics never get touched 
>female autistics can easily fuck someone 
Life is unfair.
Replies: >>99277
[Hide] (28.1KB, 500x387) Reverse
The only female I personally knew who used imageboards regularly had some hormone imbalance that made her produce too much test so she had the logic of a man and she sucked someone's dick because of society's pressure to have sex getting to her head in which she went home, cried, prayed, and swished acetone in her mouth making her teeth ugly in the process.  A robot told me that the only femanon he knew, the purest he knew, killed herself for reasons he didn't state.  If that's the best then what's the average or worst.  Girls will be girls.
Replies: >>99218
Replies: >>99220 >>99223
[Hide] (1.5MB, 640x360, 00:30)
XD gottem bro
Replies: >>99287
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>Males autistics have a harder time debasing themselves by becoming a disposable object of sexual gratification.
And that's a bad thing?
Replies: >>99280
Given that men are the least affected by that situation, yes.
if u gottem time 2 swllalow
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