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Why do girls love headpats so much?
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that's not a girl, that's a 40 year old fat jap imagining a girl
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whites are superior
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What other kind of girls are there?
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Glory to Ukraine
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Fuck ukraine, fuck russia, fuck europe, fuck US, fuck any country with a population larger than 25000 people.
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Death ho hohols
>fuck any country with a population larger than 25000 people.
I'm not sure about that. I've been to San Marino, and it's a shithole too.
ukraine chads stay winning while sissified russians beg for NATObull cum
Because they are dogs
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Death to ((( commies )))
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>russia is winning
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>ukraine is winning
>>95915 (OP) 
They have more erogenous zones and get stimulated by touch.
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Over 60% of mangakas, specially those that produce ecchi content and loli doujins, are female.
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>All no-substance moebait thash is made by women
Big revelation.
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They don't, I tried headpatting a girl IRL once and she was only befuddled by it.
That’s because you’re ugly.
Anon, headpats is when you gently comb through her hair, you don't actually slap her on the head.
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>>95915 (OP) 
My mom and sister touches my hair sometimes when I am not looking, it can be distracting when I play vidya but I don't really mind it. I had one girl touch my chest hair once it feels of good and gives me a huge boner. Most women just go for the main action but I can't get hard on command. maybe I am getting older but feeling touched is better then all the hardcore stuff.
That sounds like combing, not patting.
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nope but nice cope
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>I tried headpatting a girl IRL once and she was only befuddled by it.
Glory to the Vatican, brother
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She has to like you. I've seen a girl get a headpat but it was by some tall, thin, total bitch, but he acted alpha and was thin and all so she liked him before he quit working here. This girl doesn't make eye contact out of everyone here and the guy that headpatted her wore some pokemon shirt, converses, spoke nasaly mostly, but did click his tongue at me to get me to do something one day. It's that dick personality, they like a fake sort of effection is my point. Wholesome head patting is cringey, cringey males make them put off, as you should by now notice... it's like they used to say, women don't know what they want. You have to be a dickhead to do something sweet to a girl like that.
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I did it once to a girl and she despised me afterwards. I guess because I'm ugly and I fucked her hair up.
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I can confirm that girl don't like headpats. I used to headpat my little sisters and they would always tell me to stop in a deadpan attitude. 
Girls do enjoy hair combing though.
>Implying you wouldn't love it if you had a girl headpat you.
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I did it to a girl once, she told gave me this protip to never touch a girl's hair, so I did it again. 
She wasn't mad or anything, it was just closer to physical banter. 
I never implied such a thing.
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