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Gentlemen, I bring you the following dilemma: If you have to choose a wife, and the choice was between muscular vs corpulent, well-built vs well-fed, hard&firm vs soft&loose, sixpack vs meat-rolls. Which one do you go for and why?
I'd go for a bloatlady. Just imagine kissing, hugging, cuddling, and fugging the female equivalent of Kyriakos Grizzly.
I want to be gym partners with my wife.
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Fit, it shows effort and makes my dick hard. You could even exercise and fuck around together. 
A lardass may be hot sometimes, but you can't do much with one, and it's not really the type of girl you would want to stay with for life.
Replies: >>87352
It's hardly a choice if we're taking it to extremes. An extremely capable woman of good breeding beats out an extremely incapable woman of poor breeding. However, if we're not taking it to extremes I'd prefer a soft, kind wife who understands that a man must be king of his castle. Strongly defined musculature is a masculine feature and not particularly motherly.
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>A lardass it's not really the type of girl you would want to stay with for life.
Why is that? Quite the contrary. In the long run, a lovely lady that loves food and cooking will outperform those with no household skills.
Replies: >>87366 >>87373
You don't have to be a fatass to love cooking and food.
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Because I'm not a burger and I'm assuming anon doesn't want to be a burger either. 
With a fit wife you could do pretty much everything anything together. Physical stuff is appreciated, friendly banter and competition will most likely ensue, and if you do something particularly exhilarating there's sweaty post-exercise sex. If you're feeling down she'll be glad to cheer you up. If you want to relax anything's fine as long as you're together. She'd play any vidya as long as there's dumb fun to be had just don't give her the hardcore strategy stuff. You have a lot of freedom with hobbies and stuff you can do together. 
On the other hand, taking your lardass wife out for anything is hard because the fat fuck doesn't want to talk. You need to drive right to the door of wherever you want to go, and if you still have to take even 10 steps to get wherever she'll start sweating like a pig and complaining about the heat. Anything physical is straight up out. Her fat fucking clumsy fingers means anything that requires dexterity is also out. I guess you could play games with her, but that fat fuck ain't touching anything harder than animal cross. Watching movies or whatever with her also sucks as a fat fuck only wants her quick dopamine hit, and that's not to mention her dirty hands and wait time because she'll want to eat popcorn and shit even if you're just watching a 5 minute video together. As far as household skills go she'll hopefully be a good cook, but good luck trying to clean the house when you're waddling around and have trouble getting down. 

A fat fuck is the embodiment of hedonism, seeking only short term gain and taking no responsibilities; she'll love you and try her best, but her best can only go so far until her mind gives in and she decides eating half of the fucking fridge is better than a 2 minute walk together. A fit girl is effort anthropomorphized, she wants something and she'll put in the time, effort, blood, and sweat to make it come true; a fit gf will try her best and keep trying even when her best is not nearly enough. Anything she can try to make you happy or to make you like her more she'll try. Fit is god tier, and I'm not just saying that because I have a midriff fetish. 
Fat tits will satisfy your dick for a night, but a toned girl will last you your life.
Replies: >>87375 >>87376
Replies: >>87433
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>A fat fuck is the embodiment of hedonism, seeking only short term gain and taking no responsibilities;
Now that's an unfair characterization. We're not talking about fat to the point of health problems or eating disorders here. By fat I mean chunky, plump but filled with vitality. The lady that would rather walk than run, and would love nothing more than having you spend the afternoons in the park having delightful conversation over tea and sweets. And who of course, keeps the house in order (In fact I would argue the house would be cleaner if kept by a woman who spends most of her time in it than by one that would be getting out of at every opportunity).
>a toned girl will last you your life.
Well, until she can't be toned anymore, due to age you know. That's something I've noticed, fatter women age slower, both physically and mentally. They don't wrinkle as much and are generally cheerier (Which is to be expected from someone who didn't felt like she lost her figure due to age and matternity.)
Replies: >>87478
>>87328 (OP) 
Fit, no question about it.
Why would I want someone that reminds me of and reinforces my failings? Over someone who will help and inspire me to do better.
Replies: >>87391 >>87432
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>Why would I want someone that reminds me of and reinforces my failings? Over someone who will help and inspire me to do better.
What if you ended up bringing her down to your level?
Replies: >>87394
I mean the generous implication in ops question is that I somehow deserve a wife, so keeping up with the fantasy theme, I would like to think that things get better rather than worse.
Replies: >>87411 >>87420
If we're going with the good-feel fantasy then if you choose a soft girl she'll be right and not give you any sad feelings and if you choose a toned girl she'll be right and not give you any sad feelings. It would seem to eliminate your problem entirely.
Anon, if you can put food on the table for your kids, and are willing to interact with them more than the absolute bare minimum amount of the time than you need to do so, then you deserve a wife.
Replies: >>113552
I'm a bit confused with OP's question. Am I choosing between the extremes, or is it a sliding scale? If the former, I'd pick the fit wife. I hate fat people so goddamn much. If the latter, I'd put my sliding scale toward the middle. There is something about a bit of plump on a woman that is just so right.
Replies: >>87427
This is going to bring back out the "Being fat and borderline disabled physically and mentally is the only right way to live" fags.
I'm guessing that it's unquestionably fit vs unquestionably fat, like in his pics.
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Ironically, a musclebound lady that lifts more than you would make your shortcomings all the more obvious, while a robust girl would be impressed if you could just open the pickle jars.
Replies: >>87439 >>87444
Fit girls are willing to do shit, fatties don't.
Replies: >>87467
God I hate fatfags. They always show their ideal as, "cute girl with tummy UwU." Yet in reality how many women really pull that off? I went to the zoo yesterday and there were quite a bit of fat women. Not only did their bellies hang over their pants; a fair amount of them had those chins where they look like they could start croaking like a frog. I hate fat people so much it's unreal.
Replies: >>87443 >>87445
If photo filters were a thing in real life, I suppose I could kind of sort of understand others attraction to fat chicks, but the way the skin becomes distorted with the cottage cheese texture and stretch marks it just strikes me as a desecration of what would otherwise be a beautiful form. I tried having sex with an out of shape fat chick once and couldn't get it up after she undressed. I played it off that I had whiskey dick from drinking because she was a nice enough girl and I didn't want her to feel bad, but it was a failed experiment. I imagine it would be much the same with a muscle girl. Upper middle ground for the win, a fit girl like a classically trained dancer or a gymnast who doesn't train so much that it looks like every day is leg day for her. Some female tennis players seem to strike a good balance in that regard.
>Yet in reality how many women really pull that off?
In reality how many women are really muscular, well-built, hard and firm? Of that tiny minority how many are personable? How many of those are accessible to you?
We're not talking about these kinds of things you narg. Many of these users will even pull the ole "3D is always PD" and completely hop that problem.
Because I'm not so delusional to think opening a jar is somehow impressive, or do I care about impressing a land whale. 
Different strokes for different blokes I guess, you want a 300lbs hole to pound away at and I want a fit chick to playfully bully me into shape.
Yep, I'd hate them less if they were just honest about it. Drop the bullshit your not curvy, or well shaped, fluffy or thick. You are fat.
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>I want a fit chick to playfully bully me
Shame such a fag got trips.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 352x262, 00:16)
>>87444 (trips)
Patrician taste.
u mad, fatty fucker?
Replies: >>87461
I got dubs of truth to point out the trips of faggotry. I'm protected from your snark.
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I just want a belly round enough to blow air into and make that lovely noise.
I've noticed this. Fatties are only willing to drink, fuck, eat and bitch. 
Fit girls will break your hips after sweaty sex and demand you go jogging with them after.
dude, being overweight normally causes obesity in the long run, even more when you can talk about cute stuff with the fit gf, this increases even more because she will have specific equipment on the home so even the argument of the cleaner house doesn't work at all (being a fatfuck relates even more to not doing anything too, so the house wouldn't be clean, even more when it should be done as a relationship, rather than as a glorified whore).

Aside from this, fatter women age faster, it is the opposite, most old women just look fat because they are wrinkly, but they aren't fat at all, a real fat person normally becomes a blob when they are older.

Continuing with this, the grumpy personality doesn't happen with fit women, pregnancy doesn't normally change body figure at all and when that happens it is because:
A. They did a cesarean procedure, which fit woman don't need because they have enough muscle and force to give birth perfectly.
B. They didn't care about their skin, the simple use of cream removes the skin cracks which they can get, even more when they are normally made with cesarean procedures.
C. They put her on a position which exerted the body to extreme limits, causing damage on her body, things like being on a bed position, up their legs or any other position which isn't standing up.
Fit women normally have the capacity of giving birth and normally don't need cesarean procedures like fatfucks, so she can't lose her figure, even more when this figure mantains even when she is older (obviously on a reduced manner, but you get the idea), so they won't even lose their cheeriness, fatfucks on the other hand will get extreme health problems, a destruction of their figure and a reduced mental wellness thanks to the things that obesity or other overweight related illnesses do to the body.
Replies: >>87479 >>87480
it is the opposite of what are you saying*
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I'd like a fit girl personally, but don't really care as long as she's not a turbo fatty
ideally you get a girl who's healthy to start though because there's a good chance she'll put on quite a few pounds after a few kids
At least I'm not a nigger.
Replies: >>87490
post hands
You are meant to let her win, then overpower her with your superior physique and sex her.
Replies: >>87521
If you want your gf to have visible abs you are attracted to masculine features, and that makes you a homosexual. As a bonus thicker girls are usually self conscious about it which makes them more dependent on you for emotional validation. Also I'd rather eat the cooking of a fat chick than one who looks like she's lean cutting with chicken breast and unseasoned vegetables.
Replies: >>87508 >>87509
>chicken breast and unseasoned vegetables.
but that's delicious
This person knows this because he sucks down semen every day to stay slim.
[Hide] (84.2KB, 480x360, 00:01)
<You're meant to be emasculated, so you can be masculine again!
There's no way to slice it that isn't faggot shit. If you want women to dominate you, overpower you, bully you, degrade you, or otherwise control you then there's no meaningful difference between you and any other submissive fem-dom-loving sissy boy. There's differences, sure, you might not be "prepping her bull" or wearing a chastity cage but that's a difference of degrees, not one of the essential nature of the thing.
Irrespective of whether you lust after women who can enjoy a good jog or women who'd prefer a good cake, if you lust for submission you're a fag (and, really, you should be honing your faggotry and submitting yourself to men; Man's loneliness is far better served than woman's vanities and madness).
false equivalence
are you the same nigger that sperged out over /monster/ users somehow being communists?
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>Letting a cute fit girl jokingly tease you to then proceed to fuck her mindless at night, showing your dominance is equivalent to riding a man's cock with a chastity cage on
Seems like you're the insecure closeted faggot here.
>a girl bouncing on your cock is gay 
What a fucking faggot.
>the retard who loves obese triple chins is also the guy who says tomboys are more homo than sodomy
Yet another reason to hate fat people, even their fetishizers are insufferable fuckwits.
Replies: >>87569
Every time I see an image like this, I'm going to increase the reps and weight when I lift. I gotta get as stronk as possible for mai waifu.
I dunno about you guys, but I am absolutely fucking sick of the lack of control in my life. If I couldn't even get off without playing second fiddle to somebody else, even my girlfriend, I'd go bonkers.
<No you!
No, you. If you were in the transformers universe you'd be a projecticon.
Just go to California or LA and try to talk to any bluehair passing along the way. You can get your fill of "femdom" whenever you want.
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They must be really conflicted at the sight of plump tomboys.
Replies: >>87571 >>87575
I know I'm not 8====D~~~
But how can she be fat if she's sporty? Accursed Japs and their contradictory drawings.
Replies: >>87591
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Both, I like girls who could crush me with their weight alone and fit girls because it's good to be strong.  A girl is a girl, so long as she isn't deformed or mentally unwell or cheats on me I don't care.
Replies: >>87592
Girls who are into sports or other activities that require more physical strength are usually fairly pudgy, the fat serves as support for underlying muscle. If you ever see a woman on a construction site it's incredibly rare but it happens odds are she'll be chunky but perfectly capable of carrying around bags of cement and other shit that the average woman would barely be able to lift much less walk around with.
Being morbidly obese is a deformity.
Never gonna happen
The point is no bitch wants a beta faggot to mother.
You're the only one fantasizing about being dominated. The second reply you got put it perfectly. I'm sorry that you think fat fucks whose only appeal is to spread their legs to you are the only valid choice.
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If you think about it, having a girl on the heavier side would actually push you to excercise all the more, given that you would have to be in shape to protect her and take care of any physically strenuous duties.
Spoiler File
(171.5KB, 600x449) Reverse
heh, think i'll just sage this here.
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>5'11" vs 6' 0"
[Hide] (686.7KB, 975x1417) Reverse
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Replies: >>91324
[Hide] (249.2KB, 396x360, 00:11)
Fourth pic made me think "what's the point of having muscles if you're going to be a passive bitch", then I realized I have muscles and I'm a passive bitch. 
Replies: >>91336 >>91345
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Either extreme is bad, and it's extreme when it starts straying to much from a body's natural shape. Between the two though, fat just doesn't offer anything fun in exchange for the downsides.

I don't believe you have muscles. Enjoy your passivity.
Replies: >>91348 >>91350
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Exercising is easy. Do it often enough and you'll even find yourself exercising because you're bored. 
Not wanting a girl to hold me down and suck my dick is a completely different matter.
[Hide] (111.3KB, 850x648) Reverse
>fat just doesn't offer anything fun
I can think of a few things.
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Replies: >>91769
Spoiler File
(26.4KB, 600x337) Reverse
Rock hard.
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[Hide] (185.9KB, 681x960) Reverse
What if a woman with a washboard midriff gets pregnant? How would that look like? Does she lose the muscle and has to start again? Can you even train if you're with child?
Replies: >>99808
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[Hide] (2.9MB, 1800x2583) Reverse
A progenic Aryan should be seeding all of them.
[Hide] (100.6KB, 680x700) Reverse
>>87328 (OP) 
I don't like tomgirls or /fit/girls, maybe it's because I have a sister and her friends like this but women can not take loss at whatever sport they play. I have to handicap myself by shooting the basketball with my left hand or feet if playing football (soccer for burgers). The thing is they beg me to play but I'd rather run or bike something else because they get an autistic breakdown when they lose.
Replies: >>97161 >>97165
That's the part where you tell them to git gud and then rape the fuck out of them. They'll either learn to love losing just so they can get fucked (win-win) or they'll shut the fuck up and get gud (win-win).
Anon, you're meant to fuck them.
[Hide] (174.5KB, 512x512) Reverse
>tfw no braphog gf who bloats up for you
[Hide] (668.4KB, 936x1161) Reverse
[Hide] (608.1KB, 1280x960) Reverse
Spoiler File
(656.5KB, 1199x1500) Reverse
Just happened upon these three pics while I was sorting my 3D porn.  I guess my answer is neither hard nor loose.
You could probably get drunk from sniffing and licking their feet.
[Hide] (83.3KB, 601x900) Reverse
As long as she can take strenuous housework and hikes I don't care how obese they get.
What would a bloatlady look like? Because I want to see what that looks like and judge if I'd fuck her.
[Hide] (180.4KB, 1200x1044) Reverse
Bump, because I want someone to answer this  question >>92888 
Also, checked.
Replies: >>100014
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1500x1500) Reverse
Replies: >>100096 >>103442
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[Hide] (288.7KB, 1176x1640) Reverse
Spoiler File
(308.6KB, 960x1280) Reverse
Replies: >>103393
Imagine the anaerobic stench between those folds
Replies: >>103394
Spoiler File
(751.1KB, 3774x3456) Reverse
[spoiler]You a venus fag too?[/spoiler]
Replies: >>103397
Oh shit im retarded
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Spoiler File
(128.5KB, 997x1182) Reverse
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(217.3KB, 1600x1950) Reverse
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(236.5KB, 1500x1503) Reverse
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(557.7KB, 826x693) Reverse
Spoiler File
(510.7KB, 2000x2000) Reverse
Spoiler File
(49.5KB, 424x373) Reverse
Replies: >>103791
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(36.6KB, 683x902) Reverse
Spoiler File
(196.8KB, 671x950) Reverse
Spoiler File
(481.2KB, 501x1000) Reverse
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(302.7KB, 554x705) Reverse
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open the last image if you want a confused penis
moar like this please
>1st pic
god i wish that were me
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1600x1022) Reverse
>>87328 (OP) 
>muscular vs corpulent
False dichotomy.
>>87328 (OP) 
I think they all can be equally attractive as long as they're not taken to extremes. I don't like meat rolls and 6 packs that are too toned. I also love girls with flat chests and girls wiyh big boobs
>no penises
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[Hide] (92.2KB, 400x600) Reverse
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[Hide] (61.3KB, 600x600) Reverse
Replies: >>106370
Why is there a whale beached that far inland?
Replies: >>106505
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[Hide] (157KB, 1200x1732) Reverse
[Hide] (151.4KB, 1200x916) Reverse
[Hide] (180.2KB, 1200x1698) Reverse
[Hide] (247.7KB, 1700x1818) Reverse
She's unfortunately that fat enough to be considered a whale from my point of view.
Replies: >>106534
>>87328 (OP) 
>go for
>implying dating/hooking
>but 2d!
Then change the phrase. You're not 'going' for anything, you're fantasizing.
*not fat
[Hide] (77.7KB, 494x720) Reverse
[Hide] (97.4KB, 1024x520) Reverse
[Hide] (83.7KB, 664x800) Reverse
[Hide] (95.4KB, 343x480) Reverse
[Hide] (370.1KB, 620x548) Reverse
I think a seal pup would be the perfect pet for a fat little girl.
[Hide] (3.5MB, 1447x2047) Reverse
>willing to interact with them more than the absolute bare minimum amount of the time than you need to do so
I'm afraid I'm too autistic for that.
Imagine the braps
[Hide] (32.2KB, 474x316) Reverse
[Hide] (38.9KB, 474x355) Reverse
[Hide] (35.2KB, 474x381) Reverse
[Hide] (46.8KB, 474x567) Reverse
[Hide] (116.6KB, 648x1024) Reverse
But none of those pictures show any evidence of developed muscular mass. They look like regular girls but in uniform.
I didn't know you need such equipment in the kitchen. It's more scary than I imagined!
[Hide] (1.8MB, 640x800, 00:15)
>no muscle at all 
>way too much makeup
>clearly there just for propaganda/morale rather than as combatant 
I wouldn't mind your globohomo shilling as much if it wasn't so fucking low quality.
Replies: >>118688
[Hide] (76.1KB, 850x850) Reverse
[Hide] (626KB, 1638x2048) Reverse
Muscle women, duh
[Hide] (217.2KB, 612x387) Reverse
>>87328 (OP) 
i dont get it
[Hide] (1.5MB, 763x1090) Reverse
Replies: >>122987
[Hide] (5.6MB, 2268x4096) Reverse
I prefer fit girls but they need to be smaller than me.
Replies: >>123044
[Hide] (297.4KB, 2048x1646) Reverse
>Pic says "Do not repost"
>Post it anyway.
How daring.
[Hide] (497.7KB, 992x847) Reverse
[Hide] (2.4MB, 2508x3541) Reverse
[Hide] (144.8KB, 833x1268) Reverse
What's wrong with tall girls?
[Hide] (864.9KB, 900x1726) Reverse
[Hide] (4.9MB, 1887x2364) Reverse
God I wish they actually existed.
[Hide] (984.4KB, 566x800) Reverse
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1900x3985) Reverse
They make me wish I was shorter ;_;
Replies: >>128241 >>128315
[Hide] (929KB, 960x1080) Reverse
>tfw manlet and had a tall lanky tomboy back in HS I was friendly with
>tfw I was too much of a bitch to ask her out and ruined my chances with her
[Hide] (269.9KB, 708x337) Reverse
Replies: >>128267 >>128319
You shoud have asked HEr out anon.
[Hide] (81.3KB, 850x1415) Reverse
I pray for you anon. All will be well.
Always nice to have girls come to you first. Nothing ever did come of my interactions though.
Replies: >>128505
[Hide] (198.3KB, 480x360, 00:04)
>First pic in the second row
Replies: >>128323
is that a real language?
Replies: >>128350
Yeah he's speaking Spanish.
[Hide] (449.9KB, 650x703) Reverse
I would love any 2d girl just the way she is as long as she wasn't some shitting dick nipple monstrosity.
I never had a girl come to me in my life. But that's probably for the best, I would be too autistic to handle that anyway
Back in HS, once a girl walked to me (she had a BF, so nothing of that sorts)
>Can I ask something?
<Uhmm... yeah?
>Never mind
That was the closest thing to interacting with a girl I got. A friend of mine who was next to me started to laugh at my reaction. Some 10-12 years later I still have no idea what their problem were.
Replies: >>128547
Its entirely possible that she just wanted to see your reaction to being asked in the first place. Poke the weird thing in the corner with a stick and see what happens.
They can be malicious like that.
Replies: >>128572
In that case, fuck her. Good thing I rarely have to go among people these day. Probably not good for my already almost non-existing social skills though
[Hide] (5MB, 2250x3000) Reverse
Replies: >>132908
Who is this semen daemon and why do you keep posting her?
[Hide] (1.5MB, 2480x3508) Reverse
Perfect middle ground.
[Hide] (893.7KB, 1280x1920) Reverse
fuck the submissive sissy fags and their amazons
Replies: >>132942
Replies: >>133170
You're a fag
Replies: >>133171
No. I'm asexual. a sexual deviant.
The girl being taller doesn't bother, it's being a manlet compared to her to 6'0+ physique.
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