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Post your shit and opinion regarding guitar. What do you think of my riff? Just made it.
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I was bummed the other one disappeared, I was gonna make one myself but I had no major breakthrough to report so I was holding my horses. Here's my current progress
>over 1 year in
>clocked some 260 hours of recorded practice
>most likely 300+ factoring in unrecorded practice
>half the book chapters completed
>learning fingerpicking
>some famous songs don't seem an impossible goal anymore
>soon to move on to pentatonic scales
Progress has certainly slowed down but I'm still going forwards rather steadily. Overall, I'm happy I haven't given up yet. We're all gonna make it.

Pic related: me right now.

>>84717 (OP) 
How 2 compose? I think my creativity is straight 0.
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Heres better version with nail strumming. The other one was strumming with my skin so it felt pretty quiet. 
You think I know how haha. Also post your playing, you've been attention whore for months and I haven't seen one of your playing.
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Sounds grungy, put some depressing nonsensical lyrics on it and you've got yourself any Nirvana song.
>Also post your playing, you've been attention whore for months and I haven't seen one of your playing.
I have nothing to show, and what little I have I'm too embarrassed to post. As I've mentioned in the past I'm just methodically grinding exercises. I haven't learned a single real song and the ones I've learned were just simplified renditions of folk tunes for beginners which I played badly because I never spent much time perfecting them at all.
Replies: >>84746
Not OP, but
>over 1 year in
>learning fingerpicking
good on you. I played for a few years before being challenged to do that and think that I became set in my ways and that skill was more difficult to pick up a little later in the game.
>How 2 compose?
I started out by taking something like a verse from one song and combining it off the cuff with a chorus from another song in the same key, maybe speeding something up or slowing a part down or playing it backwards, and in doing so would get inspired to write a bridge or intro or outro that seemed to fit the new pairing. Like tracing in drawing, that's not neccesarily something to be leaned on long term, but it helped me jump start the process I think. Some time later, with a lot of playing under the belt, things just happened. I'd get a tune in my head or just fidgit my fingers and there you have it. Also, at first, I'd try to play things well over my skill level by ear or transpose stuff from the piano to guitar and fail at it. Though I didn't accomplish the initial objective I'd be left, more or less, with a slightly novel piece of music to be recombined with something else. Mostly all I ever do now is improvise and it's a lot of fun.
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Posting some motivation.
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God, I miss playing guitar. Haven't played for like 3 years now. Here's some shit I was noodling back in the days.
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Stop doing exercise. Never do exercise ever again.
You can try shut up and play yt channel, he has a ton of songs. One I recommend is "Over the Hills and Far Away", great song and super fun to play. Easy to play but hard to get right. Stop grinding exercise, its boring. Learn songs, never do monotonous exercise.
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i was getting hard into reharmonization lately. playing incomplete chords as power chords by just using 3rd and 7th intervals like a rootless voicing so it sounds like power chord at first, but then adding root bass note later and making it major 7 chord or minor 7 chord, sounds cool. but i rarely record full songs anymore, i dislike opening any daws as i grow older
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what guitar/s do you have?
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I have 3 guitars.
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i only use open source plugins
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picture please
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the low quality of modern guitars, the street cost and lowerign IQs of people in general will make guitars go the way of classical music and make way for type beats and midi guitar bands.
Replies: >>85108
Good shit. There's a band called chon that experiments a lot with weird voicings.
Replies: >>85106
is that yours? why the fuck would you put that shit on it? also it looks near identical to mine minus the stickers
Replies: >>85107
>weird voicings
lol those called shell voicings
because guitar is open hardware. it doesnt have locked down bootloaders like phones and computers do and since i switched to linux recently. i figured to go with nerd style since i try not to depend on windows proprietary plugins anymore
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also i should mention with rise of trap beats and other pop music, guitar is basically as this guy pointed out>>84983 is nerd instrument now. theory autists and linux weirdos and other experimental people who use it for effects on their raspherry pi boxes are using guitars now. guitar is anti normalfag now
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not bad, but if you going with totally obvious drum samples that have no expression you  might as well go for drum kit like 808 and embrace the simplicity
Replies: >>85111
I was using samples from an Alesis HR-16. Partly because I love Godflesh and Big Black, and something just feels wrong in using samples from a normal drum kit.
Replies: >>85114
>>85111 (numbers)
>Big Black
Ah, I see your a man of culture as well.
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I'm trying to learn this with just the written notation. I think it's quite a bit above my skill level and I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out the fingerings, plus it's got a technique or two I've never dealt with. Fuck me sideways.
Replies: >>85633
Forgot to add it's really just the last two lines I have trouble with, the first two are ez.
Where go first time gutair man.
Never played, and no experience other than appreciation for the instrument. I want the cheapest option that isn't going to mess up my opinion of how it should sound.
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>I want the cheapest option that isn't going to mess up my opinion of how it should sound.
If you can't play you can't play, and the most expensive, nicest sounding instrument is not going to fix that. I would recommend you get the cheapest guitar you can find that isn't literally broken or mechanically flawed. You can get classical guitars for as low as 50 bucks or electrics as low as 100, on amazog. Also don't shy away from chinese shit, the quality of their stuff has improved over the years. It won't sound super awesome like a brand name instrument that costs 10x as much but as a beginner it literally won't matter, and as a plus if you give up on it you'll only waste a couple bucks instead of hundreds. Someone in the other thread mentioned Harley Benton guitars, very cheap and a great value for the money, but they're yuro only.

Just know and understand that many of the greatest guitarists started on pieces of shit they got for super cheap or borrowed from their brothers or whatever, and when they started they all sounded like shit because they obviously didn't know how to play. Good luck.
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i know chokers are for showing dick sucking provess and idk wtf that one is supposed to mean
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She'll suck your dick and shock your urethra.
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I have 21 guitars.
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the cheapest option will leave sour taste in your month and possible demotivate you from playing due to how poorly it is set up and you will be too noobish to understand how to properly set it up yourself
Replies: >>87046 >>87423
That's why YT tutorials exist or just asking the local luthier if you can sit in on a setup so you can take some notes
I can't see much reason for having 20+ guitars, 4 seems good enough imo
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the only guitar you'll ever need.
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Am now gutair man, cost 50USD
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Looks great! What made you pick an acoustic over an electric or a classical guitar? What are you planning to do now? Private lessons or self teaching? Methodical approach or just fuckaround following youtube tutorials?
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These riffs really fuck my hands for some reason.
Congratulations guitar man. Assuming that is in decent condition, I think you got a good deal for that Washburn.
Replies: >>87450
I'm not actually familiar with the differences between accoustic/classical.
I knew i wanted one of the two over electric just because i prefer the sound with no electrical input i think.
I'm going all natural, except looking up the fret board fingerings to play/read notes.
So far i've found out there's essentially 12 notes minimum rather than the 6 the strings would have you think, since it makes a different pitch holding the string vs unheld
Replies: >>87489
Forgot to reply
Thanks man, it's even got an onboard electric tuner but i haven't really figured it out consistently
What should come first, learning theory, learning songs or learning technique?
That depends. What are your goals?
I started by learning chords that were necessary to play some simple folk and punk rock songs that I wanted to be able to perform, with the goal of writing similar material once I got the hang of it. After finding that I enjoyed that, I then moved on to studying music theory while practicing more complicated techniques to play other types of music that I enjoyed.
Replies: >>87484
Personally, there are no goals other than learning songs I like, and learning to write in my own way based on what music or stories I'm influenced by. I've always been plagued by self doubt, and thats sort of hampered my progress to where I just ignore the instrument for weeks at a time because I feel like I'm doing everything wrong.
Replies: >>87485
>learning to write in my own way based on what music or stories I'm influenced by
That motivated me to pick up the guitar initially. I would scribble poems in notebooks, had ideas for lyrics or parodies, and liked old folk songs that would tell a story along with punk rock at the time.
It can take a while. I struggled for about the first year or so and that was with daily practice. It wasn't much fun in the beginning and probably took me another couple years before I started to feel comfortable. Maybe a little longer still before I could easily translate an idea that I had in my head directly into music without having to struggle or stress about it. The guitar can be a difficult instrument to play, but it if you stick with it long term that can make it all the more rewarding once you get to where you want to go.
>learning songs I like
Maybe try and identify some songs you like, that only have a few simple chords, practice those progressions, and start from there? If there's any punk or rock songs that you like, 5th chords are the easiest to play and you can even cheat a little bit by using a dropped D tuning. That can be a place to start.
Replies: >>87611
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>I'm not actually familiar with the differences between accoustic/classical.
See pics.
>just because i prefer the sound with no electrical input i think.
Ah, then you might've wanted to go with classical guitar then, acoustics are steel stringed much like electrics, while they certainly don't sound the same, the steel strings sound somewhat similar if you play the electric without any amplification.
>So far i've found out there's essentially 12 notes minimum rather than the 6 the strings would have you think, since it makes a different pitch holding the string vs unheld
Think it this way, guitar is like a 6 story piano where each row starts with a different note.
As the other anon already pointed out, it depends on your goals but really all those things go hand in hand and compliment one another. Learning one will make the learning process of the other two smoother.
Replies: >>87493 >>87593
nice dubs and nice song
>pics related
Nice annotations that you drew there.
>steel stringed
On one of my favorite acoustics, I'll alternate between steel strings and, for simplicity's sake, ball end nylon strings. That particular guitar of mine is made from a soft wood and doesn't have any finish/lacquer on the front. It has an interesting sound when strung up with nylons, similar to a typical classical guitar, but distinctly different. For a while, I kept it strung up with nylons and favored it above my other guitars for so long my calluses weakened and my fingers were in for a real treat after I had to play an electric bass for a stretch.
>What should come first
The other anon makes a good point to bring up the different types of strings. That's always something to consider if your new to the instrument. What gauge the instrument can handle and what might be most comfortable to play and the slight difference in sound if that matters to you. Also something to take into account if your fingertips are giving you trouble callusing over at first.
Replies: >>87593
>See pics.
dude you're fukin awesome, super helpful images.
>Ah, then you might've wanted to go with classical guitar then, acoustics are steel stringed much like electrics
as  >>87493 mentioned, you can change the string material?
i'm trying to tune each string to sort of harmonize low to high by ear and man it's way harder than i figured, especially with no accurate reference for pitch
Replies: >>87685
i should add i've found wicked sounding pitch by having the guitar "improperly tuned"
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>a dropped D tuning. That can be a place to start.
slidefags will tune their guitars to  either open D or open G because you only have to up/downtune each note a semitone and every barred fret is naturally a major chord it makes it easier to slide and use barre chords without adding fingers.  I'd argue sliding is much easier then the "normal" guitar playing, I quit my guitar teacher once I used the open D tuning because I wasn't making any progress learning to play standard tuning and practicing the "normal" way.
Update, i can now play a recognizable happy birthday.
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I think I'm finally getting better.
My picking hand is my biggest problem right now because I still don't know what the fuck I'm doing. I think I might be picking too low into the strings which is bad for tremolo, but then I try to correct it and end up going too far back and missing the strings. 
The fact that I keep flip flopping between ~25 degrees and 60-70 degrees probably isn't helping.
Replies: >>87708
how long have you been playing?
Replies: >>87712 >>87714
>I can't see much reason for having 20+ guitars
Of course YOU wouldn't.
nta but about a decade and I'd say I'm still beginner if I had to use that system Mostly due to only practicing or playing when I feel like doing it and having no schedule to practice consistently trying to be some faggy Instagram guitarist or wannabe indie musician are usually the only motivators to be into guitar or bass these days as opposed to just doing things for shits.
Replies: >>87714 >>87716
I have no idea, I've been playing on and off since I was a kid, but I had multiple year long breaks since then. 
>or bass
What do you think about primus?
Replies: >>87717
>trying to be some faggy Instagram guitarist
THAT'S what motivates you? what a fag I'm playing for myself first and foremost for the fun of it second, and third for the hypothetical future possibility of getting with few other guys and performing for money
Replies: >>87718
Not my thing, I think they suck just as hard as Limp Bizkit but I'm more in the late 80s punk/metal territory, so that skews my view a little bit.
Dear god no lmao, I meant doing things for fun is my motivation, but if you look everywhere else it seems to be just the typical social media guitarist influencing that culture and every guitar company moving towards that demographic. But when you're young and have very little in relation to peers, it demotivates you a bit since guitar music is normally a social hobby.
>>84717 (OP) 
Don't die you bastards, there are no other good places to discuss guitars
I have a Les Paul and the neck is cracked a bit
should I take it a guitar shop?
Replies: >>88778
Cracks tend to widen over time if not treated, so yes.
I can now officially play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on one string
Replies: >>89032
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post recording
[Hide] (3.3MB, 720x540, 02:20)
Replies: >>89229
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>using the same pick for years 
>just noticed today it had holes on both sides from overuse and it was hooking the string  
>try another pick and instantly play like 2 times better
Reminder to check your equipment every once in a while.
I don't know how well you can read, but I'd recommend you to memorize the notes at a slower pace first. Either by playing or trying solfege with a metronome.Take this with a grain of salt. I don't usually play guitar, but it works with other instruments.
Replies: >>89243
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[Hide] (689.7KB, 800x749) Reverse
I normally do that, but I wasn't satisfied with the book's limited rendition of the song, since it was arranged to be easier and allow you to play it mostly in the open position, so I looked up a youtube video which shows tab and details the exact fingerings instead and I've just been memorizing the various parts of it by heart, bit by bit. I can read sheet music but only in the open position, I've never dealt with anything beyond that and I still haven't a clue how to recognize and finger things beyond it.
I've been learning this particular arrangement for maybe a month now, I'm having a bit of trouble with it because it's the hardest piece I've ever come across so far and the difficulty gap between it and my last "hardest" is rather big. I feel like after I learn it in full and finish this chapter I'll be leaving total novice territory, and sailing into ever-so-slightly-not-novicey-seas even though I still feel like a total noob.
Replies: >>91719
nice guit
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>guitar strap is old as shit
>can't find a single basic bitch nylon strap on any physical stores 
>place I bought mine from isn't selling it anymore 
>give up and buy one online
>title says it's a nylon strap, description says it's a nylon strap, picture shows a full nylon strap 
>package arrives
>it's the cheapest chinkshit fake leather with  "nylon synthetic leather strap" label
ernie ball strap 5 dollars amazon
Replies: >>91892 >>91896
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many colors, even gay for you
Replies: >>91896
I'm not a burger, I'd get fucked with shipping fees and exchange rates.
I'll try and pressure the seller into giving me the real straps if he even has them and if that doesn't work I'll try again and hopefully not get scammed twice.
Replies: >>91923
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>I'm not a burger, I'd get fucked with shipping fees and exchange rates.
I feel ya, really sucks when shipping is more than the product.
maybe bobby fripperino was onto something when he played sitting only
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Do any of you fags do warm up exercises before playing? 
I started doing h-p-h-p going up and down the strings up to the 7th fret with all finger pairs. It's really good for priming your left hand. 
For the right hand I don't have anything as good though. I just play riffs with varied strumming like 512's main riff or fast strumming on multiple strings like  the destroyer of the universe riff slowed down, but it's not that effective.
Replies: >>92078
>Do any of you fags do warm up exercises before playing? 
All I do are warm up exercises. I've been doing pentatonic patterns lately.  How long do you people play daily?
>All I do are warm up exercises
Modern metal summed up. When ever I hear Tessarect or Polyphia I get the feeling that I'm hearing Tool or Cynic for millennials but with even less social awareness.
my teacher gave me a chart for chord inversions but it feels overwhelming. there's too many chords to learn.  have to learn the inversions of G A D C and E both major and minor and feel lost. Should I just focus on Chord at a time?
Replies: >>92100 >>92234
It varies wildly and I usually don't play all in one sitting. 
I guess it's probably between 10 minutes and 7 hours. Lately it's probably been like 3 or 4 hours per day except today which is why I've been improving so much these last few days. 
I don't think focusing on one at a time is really doable, but doing it in batches should be better. 
Try making up patterns that sound good with those chords and play that until you feel comfortable with it. Then go to the next group and the next, and then go back to the first one to make sure you remember.
>How long do you people play daily?
I haven't really played much or listen to any music the last couple of months. I look at it as most of this stuff is irrelevant and its better off doing electronic music or nigger beats if you wanna get into music (Since you have a wider audience and more relatability with the coming generations which means popularity and money).
Replies: >>92144
>popularity and money
If you don't play for your soul you're doing it wrong.
Replies: >>92438
[Hide] (16MB, 640x360, 03:00)
Open F
You will learn this song.
Replies: >>92157
[Hide] (388.1KB, 599x427) Reverse
seems too complicated for me
Replies: >>92170
Just like play some riffs.
Ditch your teacher and use that money for a new guitar.
There is this dude named tomohachi on youtube who often stream live playing guitar and speaking a language I don't understand. You should watch him if you like guitar. 
Replies: >>92413
I don't need to watch other people playing guitar, but I'd appreciate someone to teach me
Replies: >>92415
You can mimic his playing stupid, that's the same shit as learning from youtube video.
Replies: >>92416
Why would I want to mimic a stupid?
Replies: >>92589
>If you don't play for your soul you're doing it wrong.
You play for fame and influence. You get involved in music because you want people to like you for something enough to pay you monetarily or with their bodies. That is what life is all about; money, pussy and power bro. Playing on a grandpa's instrument is cringe and gay, but people still love rap music and hip hop, so logically you should play more toward that style if you're gonna bother writing any sort of music at all.
Replies: >>92443 >>92590
>You play for fame and influence
Just ditch the guitar then.
>implying your dumbass can play better than him
I suck dick btw please disregard everything i say here.
i have a $40 carbon fiber turtle back, it nice but it's really picky with string gauge/type for it to sound good and I drop the tuning since I barely play high notes
[Hide] (913.7KB, 700x466) Reverse
I'm on the verge of finishing the chapter involving pentatonic scales. I know the 5 forms and can connect them, though not as easily if I'm going backwards or if I alternate between going higher and lower through each. Also I'm starting to improvise some very basic bitch solos over slow tempo backing tracks. It's crazy how they almost sound good even though I'm just playing somewhat random notes using the same form. I still need a lot more practice. How about you fellow guitarderos? Whatever happened to that guy who had just started learning?
Replies: >>93302
I grew up with the Suzuki Method learning violin in elementary school and it wasn't until I bloomed into an autistic iconoclastic teenager that I picked up electric instruments and cranked them all the fuck the way up.  But for guitars I always think back to the very simple Bach Minuets that I will always know by memory.  I find that they're good warmup material because they defy the typical pentatonic guitar forms.

So this is a very stilted performance, but once you learn it you can make it quite lyrical.  Make it your own.  Play around with your own variations on it.
The buzz the buzz the buzz is killing me. How do i get rid of the buzz?
Replies: >>93463 >>93850
I plug the guitar directly to the red jack btw.
[Hide] (20.7MB, 640x360, 04:38)
The worst buzz is inductive in nature, meaning it comes from magnetic fields.  Usually it's surrounding power lines that were installed with little to no thought, but in truly pathological situations you might even pick up the earth's own magnetif field vibrating for whatever stupid celestial reasons or the military using earth resonant frequency radio communications.  So other than using humbucking pickups all you can do is find a location and direction that minimizes the buzz or just play over it.

This is why in studios and theaters we use shielded twisted pair ("balanced") audio cables and XLR connectors and whatnot.  Guitars are what we call "single ended" because it's just one signal wire and a ground, and the best you can do with that is make sure that your cable is shielded.  The pickups will still buzz from magnetic fields, but at least the cable will be shielded from electrostatic interference, and the length of cable should be short enough to not be subject to electromagnetic induction unless you're pretty much next to a big power transformer.
[Hide] (10.5KB, 250x188) Reverse
Stab your amplifier speaker.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 00:56)
Rate my riff.
There is something promising in there, but vibrating sound sounds annoying. 3/10. Feels like you can salvage something really good out of that fairly easy.
Replies: >>94060
I don't need attention whores like you to reply to me. Go away.
Are you sure you are the same guy? Are you sure this isn't just me talking to myself?
We are having a good time here talking about guitars and this stupid nigger attention whore has to come and ruin it for us. You don't belong here. Fuck off.
how is that a riff, you're just playing scooby doo sounds
Replies: >>94066
the OP one is leagues better
I like the first 5 seconds, your distortion, and twang before it warbles. It sounds like something out of Hylics.
[Hide] (3.8MB, 470x358, 02:05)
All my improvisations sound more or less like this, how do I improve this?
Jam with me bros, I'm having too much fun with this track. I'm just using the pentatonic scale from the 12 fret but its just too much for me. I can't contain it!
Replies: >>94096
[Hide] (10.8MB, 05:20)
Here. It's not much, but it's my heart and soul.
Replies: >>94101
too loud too much distortiones and sounds comings of left onlies and is it  just me or are you off tempo a lot
Replies: >>94102
Off tempo is the trick to soul playing. Tempo is a spook concept made up by intellectuals to restrict soul players.
This looks like a diiiiiiiildooo. Two dildos.
[Hide] (1009.2KB, 1278x718) Reverse
Today's casualties:
-1 B string lost
-3 E string lost
-a bit of blood(from the snapped string stabbing my skin)
Replies: >>94112 >>94113
I tried replacing the strings on my classical guitar but I can never tie the knots on the bridge correctly so I ended up just getting extremely angry at myself. My B string on the steel string broke and I'm too lazy to buy a new one and I don't like playing electric unless I join a band so I haven't played in weeks.
[Hide] (470.5KB, 960x1280) Reverse
Man is the guitar dangerous. I'm sticking to the trumpet.
[Hide] (12.9MB, 1280x720, 01:08)
how many of your accidentally learned to play in classical posture without even knowing it was called that because it was otherwise impossible to play guitar on a computer chair and thats where you spend most of your time at?
What's a classical posture?
I learned that way because it's more comfortable
Been playing around with a delay recently. It's like a metronome that also offers musical opportunities; I can get my counterpoint on, experiment with rhythms, experiment with harmonies, or just have fun jamming with myself.
has anyone here ever sampled and looped their guitar recordings? i find it very fun when stuck in a rut. it's like that guy from kmfdm was saying that you can play really good fucking lick only once, and then it's your job to sample and manipulate the fuck out of it
Replies: >>94938
Where my blues niggas at?
[Hide] (11MB, 640x360, 02:49)
One anon was saying he's a total beginner, so why not try this song? I can get the general feel for the song in an hour or so and it has a nice melody.
I was introduced to the idea by robbert fripp because I became a huge king crimson fan after I found them, but I found his solo recordings with it uninspiring.  But it's definitely a fun thing to play around with once you get the loop decay about where you need it to improvise instead of trying to improvise how it's supposed to work right away.  And also yeah drugs kept me more focused on just improvising with myself or my mistakes.

From the intellectual direction, I thought it was fun to think out how to play english rounds (row row row yourboat being one for children, if you don't know what an english round is) and how I'd keep the song moving through different modulations as the older loops decayed out and made room for different sections of the song.
My childhood started with the violin and viol family and them moved on to piano, so posture was always ingraned.  My violin teacher used to yell at us
>don't squash the tomato!
as a way to think there was a tomato between our wrists and the neck of the violin, and that way we'd keep our fingers articulated up and over the neck.

Carol Kaye, a famous motown-era studio bass player I used to follow on listservs would similarly talk about keeping your thumb braced firmly on the back of the neck so you would have enough finger strength to work the fretboard.

With an electric, and especially an electric guitar, there are a lot more times when you'd want to reach around the whole neck with your thumb or imitate a bar chord with one or two of your fingers, so there's more leeway there.  But you can definately evoke more articulate sounds with your fretting hand from a position of strength rather than just the plucking/strumming hand that way.
[Hide] (11.8KB, 256x256) Reverse
>>84717 (OP) 
Guitars are essential for metal and rock music, so feel free to bring the discussion here:
Replies: >>94985 >>95051
into the trash it goes
[Hide] (748.9KB, 1200x800) Reverse
[Hide] (91.2KB, 630x420) Reverse
>be Angus Young
>be in acdc
>members in the band left and right died from drug and alcohol overdose
>rockers are stereo typed as hard drinkers and live degenerate lives
>only drink chocolate milk and coffee. 
>still make timeless, badass riffs and solos
[Hide] (29MB, 1280x720, 04:57)
Replies: >>95050 >>95053
dubstep wobbles and reese bass successfully managed to replaces both bass guitar and guitar for over a decade now
[Hide] (1.3MB, 400x360) Reverse
improvising over jam tracks is so fun goddamn
[Hide] (46KB, 508x763) Reverse
Lamb of God has some really fun riffs to play.
[Hide] (624.9KB, 00:44)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 01:04)
[Hide] (841.3KB, 01:11)
New "tone" and riffs. R8!
Replies: >>95762 >>95898
what's with the clipping, the buzzing and the audio quality in general? are you using equipment you literally found in the trash? I mean the ideas aren't bad but god it sounds like it's coming out of a speaker inside of a donkey's asshole
Replies: >>95766 >>95898
It's an improvement actually. Last time it was only coming from the left ear.
Replies: >>95772
He's using two guitars now, one for each side.
[Hide] (419.2KB, 00:27)
first track needs to be turned down to prevent clipping and also compressed it's too peaky
seconds sounds like you forgot to add impulse response
third one is out of tune
at least he has the equipment. meanwhile im literally using integrated mobo blue line-in jack. and on debian which is supposed to be server linux distro. and i still cant find good linux alternatives for lepou plugins so have to use stock shit
Replies: >>95968 >>99337
did you make that? that's pretty good
How about a riff contest? For starters, you're only allowed to use power chords. You can even steal from famous riffs too, but must be creative with it.
Replies: >>97500 >>97521
does inversion count. i love inverted power chords. they sound heavier
Replies: >>97501
Stop asking dumb questions faggot, just post it.
Strictly power chords or are stuff like
3 - - -
1 1 1 1
[Hide] (2.6MB, 360x360, 03:49)
[Hide] (11.5KB, 896x538) Reverse
Hjacking this shit since anon is being gay. 

The First Sleepy Guitar Contest 
>Make a cool fucking riff around power chords and "variations". 
See pic for the allowed variations. I chose these because they can work with each other but are still pretty simple, also they sound cool. 3rd aren't really power chords but it's my contest now 
>Backing track can be used, just make sure others can tell your guitar apart from the music you stole from the internet. 
>Single notes can be used to fill the space but don't go overboard, the focus is on the power cords 
>No limits, just try not to be too autistic 

The best riffs, as elected by anon, will be rewarded with one or more (you)s. The worst riffs may also be eligible for (you)s. 

Since you'll fags won't do shit until the last week I guess around a month is good enough. 
Riffs must be posted in the thread until August 1st, your time zone. Submissions after the deadline will be met with mild contempt.
Replies: >>99238 >>99621
[Hide] (64.4KB, 680x680) Reverse
how am I supposed to tell which advice is sound and which is not? there are literally hundreds and hundreds of youtube videos that say "YOU SHOULD DO THIS" or "TOP 5 MISTAKES GUITARISTS MAKE" or "YOU''RE DOING THIS WRONG" and they all have conflicting information presented as axioms, and then there's the other crowd that says "bro just do what FEELS right". how in the fuck am I supposed to learn anything from this?

also advice on tremolo picking? I keep getting stuck mostly on upstrokes and I can't get it consistently, I saw a video of a dude who said to try and pick less aggressively and that sorta helped but I'm still not quite there, is it just a matter of practice?
>how in the fuck am I supposed to learn anything from this?
Try stuff out, see what sticks. 
>also advice on tremolo picking
Start slow and go increasingly faster, you should relax your hand and rotate your wrist. And do try different angles and see which works for you, I tend to change the pick angle a lot depending on what I'm playing. 
Also, practice riffs with different variations so you're not the chump who can do alternate picking really fast but can't into a simple gallop.
When it comes to tremolo picking and alternate picking in general, the "start slow and gradually pick up your speed" is absolutely wrong. The motions used to play slowly and fast are totally different. It's like learning how to run by walking faster. No matter how fast you walk, you'll never be able to run. So if you wanna pick quarter notes at 200 bmp, put the metronome at 200 bmp and start doing short bursts of tremolo. You'll only be able to play a few notes at first but you need to increase your endurance to play longer. And then when you get the right hand up to speed, synchronize it with your left hand. It will be sloppy as hell at first but your objective is to bluid up speed first and THEN clean it up after by practicing your precision, not the other way around. So if you want to play fast, start fast.
Replies: >>97834
>quarter notes
sixteenth notes. Sorry.
Its fucking hard to come up with good riffs on command. All my best riffs were from doodling around. It's gonna take a while. I deleted all my recordings too.
Replies: >>97851 >>97854
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1400x1400, 01:24)
everything in this post is unlistenable. this peod instrument is obselete
Step 1: take extant good riff
Step 2: play it backwards, upside down, partially, slower, faster, on a different string, in a different key, whatever you like
Step 3: gain unlimited power by playing the variations over the original
[Hide] (420.9KB, 00:31)
[Hide] (665.6KB, 00:47)
[Hide] (399.9KB, 00:25)
[Hide] (516.7KB, 00:16)
Replies: >>98015
you supposed to do (You)
>someone archived my thread
Guitarists are the dumbest pretentious faggots on the planet.
They think they're genuis musicicans with crazy technical skills, but they get mad if you use simple terms like "minor 7th", or "lydian mode".
I've never met a single guitarist that could play 8th notes in the pocket under qn=120bpm, yet they think they can shred 16th triplets at 180.
In reality most of you faggots just turn your pedals and preamp up all the way, miss every note and still think you are shredding.
Fucking worthless wastes of life, all they're good for is 'noodling' and sounding like a nigger on cough syrup and listerine just learning the blues scale for the first time.
And despite your lack of skill, you'll spend thousands on guitars and "tube" amplifiers.
You'll claim to hear the tone of a tube amp well under any level of gain needed for the power-amp to have any distortion or cabinet resonance.
A guitar plugged into a high quality amp/cabinet simulator with low noise and studio quality effects?
A guitar plugged into a bunch of shitty pedals that degrade the quality of signal so bad you need noise gates on pre-amp and power-amp and an attentuator so you can get "tone" without going deaf?
Stop trying to play sweep arpeggios, you can't even play a palm muted 'open E' in time with a metronome.
I'm dead fucking serious, If anybody here can record an 8th note palm muted E in time with a metronome at qn=120 BPM (with accents) I will be blown away.
[Hide] (10KB, 307x300) Reverse
Rock music is based off of an image and record sales and thinking that equipment will make you a good player, the art in the shadow of what status it can bring rather than the opposite.  Tangentially related, guitarists always play(ed) on big brand instruments like Fender and Gibson while bass players will use lesser-known brands and not really care about an image because the guitar was a replacement for the sword and gun for the post-war generations' phallic extension of power, a physically harmless one.  How babyboomers worshiped some dope who could do a solo and play a good beat, the Aryan man's highest ideal now to be a jester for record companies jews and make uninspired 4/4 tracks or conform to some other genre with a lot of style or pretention.
Replies: >>98310
t. can't play for shit
Replies: >>98349
What I said doesn't apply to this thread or at least I assume.
[Hide] (3MB, 2283x2537) Reverse
>In reality most of you faggots just turn your pedals and preamp up all the way, miss every note and still think you are shredding.
I only play with an unplugged electric guitar, suck my dick.
Replies: >>98379
Play 32 bars of a I-vi-IV-V in the pocket with accents
 on your faggot Taylor grandpa guitar and I'll pay you to play in my band.
No open chords, no bar chords, no G major, use one extended voicing, any rythym other than Jeff Mangum doo wop.
Bass players don't have this problem, are you worth less than a bassist?
Replies: >>98381 >>98609
[Hide] (224.3KB, 636x900) Reverse
I don't know what half those words mean but I can play power chords.
Replies: >>98386
I'll be honest I suck ass at guitar, it's been years since I played guitar because I had a mental breakdown and damaged my guitar lmao.
I'm just sick of guitarists that can't communicate ideas or collaborate and and play stuff live without post processing a faggot recording.
I know you guys are probably cool I'm just sick of how atomized music feels.
808 bass drum replaced my bass man in my band. so get fucked, bassists
Replies: >>98619
Literally all human performance is a desperate cope in the face of the objective superiority of drum machines though
>Also advice on tremolo picking?

what kind of pick are you using? try using a pick that's larger and thicker one doesn't flex so much. Just try different pick sizes to see if it improves your speed. I swear by the green Dunlops.
Replies: >>98731 >>99143
what kind of pick are you using?
Grorious PRC no name plastic pick. I have no clue what the exact thickness is but it is pretty thick it's like one of the thickest that came in the pack. Also I still can't do it, it feels a lot like when I was trying to strum up and down smoothly and my pick would get caught  on the upstrum. I hope I'll get it with practice.
Replies: >>98736
I heard that Dimebag used upstrokes instead of downstrokes, I tried doing it and it turned out to be a pretty good exercise. 
Maybe try playing some riffs with a lot of downstrokes and practice doing it with upstrokes instead. Slayer riffs should work since Kerry Downstroke King can't play guitar.
Since we're on the subject of tremolo, any good tips for multi-string tremolo? 
I can do it relatively well on a single string but my transitions are pretty bad and my right hand fucking dies when I try to play the chorus of ora pro nobis lucifer.
[Hide] (3.5MB, 1920x1838) Reverse
Very EZ song with very EZ solo even a total n00b (me) can play

"Angela" by Jarvis Cocker

[Hide] (2.6MB, 1800x1326) Reverse
update, I bought the dunlop variety pack which included one of these, it seems to help with the tremolo even though I'm still not quite getting it perfectly consistent, the chink one I was using before was slightly smaller, thicker and with a less pointy tip due to wear
Need more riffz, chief.
Replies: >>99156 >>99621
[Hide] (353.5KB, 658x471) Reverse
I plan on doing one but I am lazy.
[Hide] (307.2KB, 00:19)
I thought
7 -  5
7 7 7
sounded neat so I tried to build something around it. 
I ended up not finding my cables and not liking it enough to bother so here's an unplugged electric guitar recorded with a shit mic.
Replies: >>99337
you not know what normalization is you fucking asshole. im not even asking to compress the recording to rid of peaks, but to at least normalize it so someone can fucking hear it
gah why you guiTARDS are so stupid
this is the only sensible guitarist so far >>95898 in whole thread
Replies: >>99345 >>99447
[Hide] (1MB, 900x480) Reverse
bassists are just failed guitarists, they're like manlets that have this constant need to "prove themselves" and keep saying they don't care there are taller people while they cry at night that they wish they could be even 1 inch taller. yeah I play guitar badly and make pussies wet, mad bassfag? your instrument is literally named after a fish LOL
I tried to fuck with audacity but the shitty mic had too much static to get a good result.
[Hide] (502.5KB, 562x400, 00:51)
Replies: >>99623
Sounds cool, but next time don't record it from the other room.
Replies: >>99633
it's not the other room it's just recorded using my phone with my guitar plugged into my ps3 going through my crt speakers and then converted from this weird format to mp3 which probably lowered the quality even more.
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