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bee.jpg (u)
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Why is there no Bee Thread on the catalog? Talk about bees, talk about bee keeping, talk about how bees are niggers, talk about nigger keeping, and what's your favorite nigg-I mean bee?
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I'm going to fucking kill you.
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This anon secretly wants to fuck a bee.
how_to_avoid_getting_caught_masturbating_to_beegirls.png (u)
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I really, really like bees.
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Fuck masturbating to bees, I want to masturbate on a bee.
That's not a bee!
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Yes it is, it says bee right in the filename. Can't you spell?
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Shut the fuck up waspnigger
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Bee haters made this post, possibly spiders.
apis_mellifera.jpg (u)
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Entomology is fascinating.
if_you're_reading_this_you're_a_faggot.png (u)
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>>74254 (OP) 
>posts a wasp
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3ad2a1459d5fd1f9ac50839873f3dc8ad8701eaa358c568b298962b54c6fd5ce.png (u)
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4,000+_Thanks_R-18.png (u)
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9a954d5aa05f5e361881a3c8f86d59c921f357782e111e81dccfd685d73a05a4.png (u)
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62497666b433fd7d5bdf6acdfe06a44fbec84dc2276a4369b23bccd9266179e4.png (u)
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1352065850065.jpg (u)
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Is it still hip to fuck bees?
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__killa_monster_musume_no_iru_nichijou_drawn_by_lindaroze__b87a3b46926ec66b60c4231a04fd1115.jpg (u)
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__lancer_mina_last_origin_drawn_by_muhut__b205c98a09e2b1b1bce741818e3f006f.png (u)
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__hornet_suzuki_original_drawn_by_evolvingmonkey__92524c8549b30946460004f750c21096.jpg (u)
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1589832354-0.jpg (u)
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W hite 
A nglo-
S axon 
P rotestants
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a0ad8d7b1c9d2cd202abd2bc5b26e42d729f991a52e3df2d46208f8a065ff8e7.png (u)
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L Blind girls
Still fighting the good fight, Chosen?
I want to fuck the blind girl.
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She'll never see you cumming.
Hell, it ain't never been unhip! We all gotta do our parts to save the bees by giving them our 'honey' to our honies.
らくがきまとめ_58944580_p4.jpg (u)
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らくがきまとめ_61003934_p2.jpg (u)
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blaue_biene.jpg (u)
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pink and blue
Dancing_bee.gif (u)
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1462658513757.png (u)
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1632375087210.webm (u)
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1635915573100.webm (u)
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hornetpost.png (u)
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download.gif (u)
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why is that, Anon?
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зачем_накуривать_осу.jpg (u)
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b2e887c2fc2b05134f55e4793311dd4e9e57ac81.gif (u)
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Pomf~ What are we gonna do on my abdomen?
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>he doesn't know that discerning between bees and wasps is just gaijin autism
All bees are wasps. Bees evolved from and technically still are just a specialized family of wasps. Claiming a bee is not a wasp is like claiming a dog is not a mammal.
Replies: >>74778 >>74943
You do realize bee girls always mate with 30 or more males right?
Replies: >>74765
Only the queen, that filthy slut.
What would be a good cheap starter kit for beekeeping so I can have plenty of delicious honey and bee honies? Also, how would bees realistically react to some absolute degenerate kindly young man spraying them with his semen?
But wasps are still not bees, there in lies the problem.
14ba63e5a8cb427ceeabeb3bd60458602fe2b1c372f9be8fe7947ce3ad872ff3.webm (u)
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Bees and wasps are both of the superfamily Apoidea but that doesn't mean that bees are wasps. They're also both of the suborder Apocrita which includes ants; Are wasps and bees both ants?
>Claiming a bee is not a wasp is like claiming a dog is not a mammal.
No, claiming a bee is not a wasp is more like claiming a gray wolf isn't a golden jackal. Your comparison would require the statement that "bees aren't insects" which was not made. Get your scope right!
Replies: >>74972
220747_ce035f220b1847799112f7b94ce8878c~mv2.jpg (u)
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transmission of pathogens or parasites, affecting the seed set of native plants. Honey bees are also causing the extinction native bees in the United states which means certain native plants aren't being pollinating.Bringing bees to the new world was a mistake.
>Are wasps and bees both ants?
Ants are wasps, yes.
Replies: >>75015
I just realized the artist who made the fifth pic remembered the ocelli on top of the hornets head. That's some attention to detail.
6d1a746e6e0eedab81015793b124129e.png (u)
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930493e89916d71298f5130281f3d85b.png (u)
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7d17e463f85013caecd4f950a6311815.jpeg (u)
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You actual lunatic. Ants are wasps, beetles are wasps, all insects are wasps, all life is wasps, I am wasps, you are wasps. That's you, that's what you sound like.
Replies: >>75045
I mean, the winged ants basically are wasps.
What do you call a bee ghost? BOO bees.
Bump Bee Thread!
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017d68cd56b320f782079481434a4519.jpg (u)
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98ba3ac3a3cfef3f8ea72a7b6983e430.jpg (u)
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wasps_lewington.jpg (u)
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