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pirating gaems feels good
i download them even if i dont play it i just seed them
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>>74137 (OP) 
>being able to seed
>current year
That takes having vpn and having vpn takes money and if ya had money why wouldn't you just buy it?
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>spend ~$30 per month on vpn
>get to keep free vidya forever
you stupid or something?
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>being a neet that risks up to  5 years in the pokey and or up to a quarter million USD
>having 30 USD to spare 
I personally make at most 200ish or 400 usd per year. 30 times 12 is 360, my entire income pretty much.
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I also enjoy pirating
Then you shouldn't be playing vidya and instead training yourself to not be a NEET or learn how to be better at life.
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>>74137 (OP) 
your heart is in the right place but it sounds like shit
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A man is not be defined by currency nor labor. These are spirits which haunt the normalfag and only exist in the minds of a "Citizen" or "Laborer". A man exists, he needs no definitions, he simply is. Most NEETs, first and foremost, simply are (I say "most" because the term is insufficient to reference the individual, it is a term coined by the possessed after all). They need no spooks to justify them, they are not "Laborers" first and then self, but self first then anything else. But your spirits whisper and chatter in your ears, as they do the ears of the Communist, or Liberal or any normalnigger. They say "spit upon this lazy Useless Eater" (or some-such nonsense) but these memes cause you to deny yourself just as they cause you to deny the "evil" in others.
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>seeding makes your life better
Do I have to point out that I never claimed to not be able to leech? The point about vpn is without it you can't do IP forwarding, without IP forwarding no one can leech off of me. 

To be fair though most seeds that I try to leech off of don't work. I can only leech if it's got usually 4+ seeds as more than half of seeds don't work. Not the point though, just spelling it out, the whole issue in regards to being able to seed in current year. Only fools pay for retail by the by, reminder in regards to that 360 USD shit. Pretty sure VPN is supposed to be more like 5 usd or 8, not 30. That's too high if it's 30. 

Actually you are what you are, be that as it may slavery is still defined by working by the hour in ancient times, so yeah, it won't make it better. There's a trade.
Yeah yeah very inspirational.
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Ya wouldn't pirate a pirate game would ya matey?
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I'd download a car.
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The message "you wouldn't download a car" was so hilariously out of touch. You know that only a corporate suit would have come up with that statement.
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Rich people in general often mistake laws for ethics along with not realizing that ethics are relative.
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The intention wasn't to inspire. The intention was to reject normalniggerdry. I can, however, see why you'd barely read or understand it and think it was something else.
It's not really a mistake to confuse "laws" and "ethics". They're fruits from the same tree. "Ethics" are to your moral system as "Law" is to the state. Many people believe in "Law" above all else and so, consequently, the two are the same. The ad-campaign is laughable to pirates but there are many normalfags who feel it's wrong to download software; "It's against the law after all".
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It'd not be a mistake if cultures were not mixed together of which have different religions and thus different ethics along with different ethnicity of course causing such discord.    It's like those foolish bumper stickers with all the religious symbols on them 'spelling out' coexist. It's bullshit. The laws fall apart by the time unlimited mobility became a thing and for good reason. 

About advertisements, some people only buy what is advertised to them but tons don't buy something. Not everyone thinks for themselves in other words. I never buy what was advertised to me, it's uncanny. Imagine what capitalism could be like if people actually could make decisions for themselves and do research on things. They're too busy being programmed by the news I guess, that and too busy working too hard.
Don't be a pussy, just use your public IP until you get letters from your ISP, but even the, you can usually just ignore that.
And if you really want anonymity, just use i2p.
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It was just a long winded way of saying "I don't work because I don't want to".
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You cannot seed without IP forwarding. Lots of seeds that I can download from, or rather can't download from, are blocked too without IP forwarding of which requires VPN of which I do not have. 

Can you do IP forwarding with free VPN? What free VPN? I never found people listing any and were always told off about it for years and years. If I've not comment chains to see about it then I just ignore free VPN that I might find myself, not that I ever did. I've been waiting to have money for VPN to pay for but never got any. Also waiting to have REAL Internet rather than library rented hotspots of which are very very very slow. 

>le check'd
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