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Google has failed me. What's the name they give planets where the only habitable area on it is an area between perpetual day/heat and nightcold?
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>>73953 (OP) 
That's called tidally locked.
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Tidally locked just means the same area is always facing the thing it's orbiting around, it doesn't necessarily mean there's an habitable area, so I'm not sure that's what OP wants.
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Tidal locking creates those regions, though, since it would make the one side always face its star and the other always face away.
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I'm talking about a planet where the sunny side is too hot and the cold side is too cold so the only habitable area on said planet is on the 'edge' of the planet where it's sufficiently in view of the sun as well as in the dark so it becomes a goldilocks sort of climate.
Yes, but not all tidally locked planets are like that, some could be far enough from a sun to be too cold all around, for instance.
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>using jewgle
I think the Battlestar Galacitca reboot had a temporary planet with that name wherein only a small strip of land was habitable. Maybe they used a word for it. I'm not flying through 100ish episodes to find out though.
Some form of tidally locked "eyeball planet" within their star's "Goldilocks Zone"? Granted, the size of the habitable are would depend on the actual positioning therein, and where the water actually is, if it ever thaws from ice to liquid. That's assuming though that life that might develop on one even uses liquid water as a base, rather than a hypothesized alternative like methane.
Science has not yet demonstrated a life form that can exist without water. What is the most likely solvent besides water that could be use to sustain life?
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Almost 100% water. What about cum based on ammonia or hydrazine?
stars are hydrogen based life forms they have eyes and they are watching you
well ~80% of the air is made from nitrogen so my guess is nitrogen.
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