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I only went to high school for two years as a freshman and sophomore between 2015 and 2017. I turned 15 the summer before freshman year, and 16 the summer before sophomore year. I made a few interesting friends, and got introduced to all sorts of groups of students. I attended a medium-sized private Catholic school prior, so there wasn't any real variety of students. We all just knew each other. The entire middle school had around 250 students, and I believe there were around 70 in my grade. The high school I attended was a public one, and it had around 3,000 students.

I guess you could refer to these groups of students as "cliques," but I never heard that term being used in my time at high school. Maybe it's a regional thing. I had one emo friend, and I even embraced the emo style freshman year. My hair already looked a bit emo without having to do anything with it, but I dyed it black one time, not that it looked much different, since it's already dark brown. Some of that music wasn't too bad. The music was mostly from the late 90s and early 2000s, and included Post Hardcore bands and My Chemical Romance. I mostly listened to 70s and 80s rock and metal, and I wore shirts of the various rock and metal bands I listened to.

High school was also where I had my first experience with weed. I had a stoner girl sitting next to me in my freshman English class, and she sold me a gram for $30. I also remember buying a small bottle of Patrón tequila. That was the first time I experienced the effects of drunkenness. I had these experiences by myself. I didn't do them with any friends. I never attended any high school parties.

Although I never dated any girls, there were plenty of girls who had crushes on me, and I was a very confident guy. I would often offer to pick up the women, and they let me, and got excited after I actually picked them up. I didn't have a car, so I figured I wouldn't be able to date any girls in the first place, so I never asked out any of them.

I had friends of various ages, and I got in trouble multiple times because I was trying to hang out with some of my friends who were sitting outside. The staff always got pretty angry when they found you sitting outside.

Some of the most exhilarating fun I had in high school was literally stealing. Shortly after turning 15, I stole three microscopes from the chemistry lab. This was over the summer before I had even gotten enrolled at that high school. Later, during freshman year, I also stole eight 45-lbs plates from their training field for football. I placed the plates on a grocery cart, and just hauled the stuff over to my house, which was in a neighborhood literally across the street from the school. I had a redneck friend in my neighborhood who was a few years older than me, and I let him borrow one of the plates, which he later claimed got destroyed, but I never saw it after I gave it to him. Although he wasn't enrolled at high school anymore, I believe he tried to start taking classes part time when I was a sophomore, so I would see him near the front office from time to time. We would take long walks sometimes, and one time, we took a very long walk downtown through this paved walkway that goes through the woods. When we got near the Walmart downtown, we came up with various plans to steal from the Walmart, but the staff were quick to notice, so we didn't succeed. When we walked outside, we found a debit card and an ID card. We tested it at a local gas station, and then proceeded to buy around $2,000 worth of items from the local Walmart, including the PS4 Pro that had just come out a few days prior. The same staff who prevented us from stealing just a few minutes ago thought nothing odd about it. The staff over there brought everything downstairs for us on an elevator, and were shocked then they discovered we didn't have any sort of vehicle to carry the stuff. We literally hauled everything in the same cart all the way down that pathway for several miles until we got home, and just left the empty cart dumped in the trees and bushes of an empty house right at the edge of our neighborhood.
>>73950 (OP) 
I miss hs too.

t. 2009 graduate
>>73950 (OP) 
Replies: >>73964 >>73969
I don't.
There were some highlights like playing weird DOS games on computer class, playing gameboy with my friends at recess or listening to The Police on my walkman on the way home but for the most part, It was absolute shit.
Replies: >>73969
He never dated any girls anon.
Replies: >>73969
I've got severe OCD, and I wouldn't be surprised if I also have a minor form of autism, so I doubt I would've been very successful with any girls even if I would've had a car and been able to take them on dates.
>playing gameboy with my friends at recess
I pretty much stopped playing video games at that point. After getting that PS4 Pro, I played a lot of Overwatch and some Battlefield 1, but that was pretty much it. I had an Android phone in high school, so I got an NES emulator and played Mega Man in freshman year music class a handful of times when we weren't busy.
Replies: >>73970
>only nes
>those specific ps4 games
That's... not consistent.
Replies: >>73985
I quickly became friends with the new kid in fifth grade who was really into retro gaming. I ended up playing all the classics, and I really liked Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man X. He was my best friend up until some point in sixth grade. The only game I ever really play now is CS:GO, but not very often, because I think gaming is a waste of time that I could otherwise spend learning things. I'm going to finish watching this computer science vid and play a bit more CS:GO in a few minutes.
I fucking don't, public school is like a prison you can come home from.
Well, I felt a massive relief once I finally switched to online high school. It happened within the first week of junior year. I still miss all my friends, though.
Yeah but unlike prison you're stuck in there with bored chicks.
All day.
Makes me want to kill myself thinking about how badly I missed out, but I have to finish my VR IB client first.
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>>73950 (OP) 
wtf is emo? i don't know which bands you're talking about
>Although I never dated any girls, there were plenty of girls who had crushes on me, and I was a very confident guy. I would often offer to pick up the women, and they let me, and got excited after I actually picked them up. I didn't have a car, so I figured I wouldn't be able to date any girls in the first place, so I never asked out any of them.
WTF did you date them or not? why do you need a car to be able to ask them for a date? I just ask if they wanna netflix n chill
what do you think about catholic schools?
I don't give a shit about catholic schools.
Replies: >>74031
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yeah they're run better huh
i'm glad my parents paid extra to get me in one
Replies: >>74058
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And yet you are here, avatarfagging on imageboard with barely 100 users.
How is your education helping you out?
Replies: >>74191
>what do you think about catholic schools?
It was a very happy environment. Bullying wasn't a problem, and we all felt like one big community. I attended the same school from preschool all the way up to eighth grade.
Sure why not I wouldn't know.
i-belong-muslim-grad-shares-inspiring-experience-in-catholic-school-1136200989961310209.webp (u)
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catholic_school.webp (u)
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>what do you think about catholic schools?
Replies: >>74191
I graduated high school ~10 years ago. I'm still enraged over the way I was mistreated and I feel betrayed by my parents for giving me away to the government for violent indoctrination. They told me it was for my own good when they just didn't want to tell a child they were financially, legally, and socially coerced. The reality is you're not sent there for your own benefit. You're sent there because people with illegitimate and unjust power over you want you prevent you from forming your own way of life or to live outside of their power structure.
Replies: >>74102 >>74191
This is a bad thread but I want to let you know that I feel similarly and have had similar experiences. I wish you well and recognize your dubs.
>wtf is emo 
zoom zoom
Mazdas are gay cars and those commercials were stupid.
Replies: >>74125 >>74144
its spelt with an u you fucking dumbo
Replies: >>74144
hortler.jpg (u)
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>I wasn't the only who got reminded of those dumb mazda commercials when I read that
Replies: >>74144
<that's the joke!
>an u
>not "a u"
You're not making any sense either way.
Replies: >>74156
Yeah nah you probably didn't even know about those commercials until I said something.
Replies: >>74249 >>74250
happy-sugar-life-9862-11.webp (u)
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i do this in my free time. i have A's in all my classes
stop calling it "avatarfagging". there are kids on the internet.
what did you say, wigger?
big if true
Emo is really a thing of the early to mid 2000s. The music was around in the late 90s, but the style wasn't around until the early 2000s. I got into emo because of one friend I had in freshman music class. Him and myself were the only kids I knew into emo. I dropped that whole style once I became a sophomore. I went to high school between 2015 and 2017, so emo was already pretty old by then.
Everyone knew that joke. Someone too young to know it would not virtue signal it being obvious as they'd not know how everyone had seen the damned commercials. Obviously that makes you the one that's young, or maybe just stupid.
Replies: >>74257
Also, stop talking like a nigger. 

One more thing, explaining a joke kills the joke. 

/[email protected]
Replies: >>74257
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>stop talking like a nigger
</[email protected]
Can you be at least a bit Self-conscious?
Replies: >>74632
>getting this uppity he didn't know about it
It's not that big a deal I know not everyone is an old loser like me still posting on imageboards, it's okay to be young champ.
Replies: >>74629
There was absolutely nothing positive about my hs experience.
The only memories I have of it are the ones where people mocked me. Like the time I walked down a busy hallway and got very anxious. I placed my arms against my sides and didn't move them in the normal way someone would. One of the younger kids mocked me with a stupid imitation, and the 2 girls behind him laughed with him.
I wasn't very assertive then, but if I could go back now, then I'd probably do some pretty bad stuff to those people. They were all skinny while I was very large and broad for my age.
But, I guess I can't do any of that now, but I can choose to stand up to anyone that tries to attack me, but unfortunately/fortunately no-one does because of my size and muscle. I also have the face of a pirate, if that makes any sense.
Replies: >>74785
I'm 33 anony. Reminder. 

Do you REALLY think that I didn't know the half of the joke?
Replies: >>74660
take your Reddit meme back.
Replies: >>74634
Wrong. Gondola is a Facebook meme now. Some cuckchan /k/ group monetized Gondola for real and is selling Gondola merch on FB.
Replies: >>74638
>not merchandise 
nigger nigger chicken dinner
Replies: >>74639
I like saying merch because it sounds like a retarded slurring of "March"
You're like 25 at most and yes you didn't know, it's ok.
Replies: >>74670
>fags hate gondola now
What is there even left to post about here without setting spergs off?
Replies: >>74664 >>74672
Hi Boogeyman.
>t. 15 year old
Replies: >>74676
Don't worry about the literal 0 IQ retards/niggerpills who post that shit. They're subhumans. 
It's been said before, besides, that Gondola is a meme that can't be normalniggerized because of its fundamental properties. Gondola requires people to be self-reflective to be fully appreciated, and since 80% of people are hylics, they won't ever appreciate it.
1352876844296.gif (u)
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>she sold me a gram for $30
Replies: >>74787
>Gondola requires people to be self-reflective to be fully appreciated
To your point there does seem to be a lot of people around with a lack of self-knowledge: Your post demonstrates this. Not that your tiny little brain will understand this but "Gondola" is a normalnigger meme. You might argue that "pedobear" isn't. But "spurdo" certainly is and "gondola" follows in suit. Go ahead and "meditate" "wisely" on this for awhile with your "hilarious" and "serene" normalfaggotry.
Replies: >>74677
t. 10 year old
Go sit in /r9k/ with the rest of the scotsmen.
1390492543352.jpg (u)
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The reason he is on /b/ is that he was rightfully called normalnigger by /r9k/ here where he moved when he couldn't afford vpn to bypass ragebans on 4cuck.
Replies: >>74683 >>74713
Whoa he got kicked out by true scotsmen? Damn, guess he ain't trye what a shame, I was about to sing the flower of scotland and everything.
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newfags fear the desu.
__matsuzaka_satou_happy_sugar_life_drawn_by_thegreatrouge__sample-25b846b3b624d996098bdb08739b4968.jpg (u)
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I learned today that my teacher masterbates. Just WTF? You should go to jail for being a teacher and a person who masterbates. I hate high school. I hope COVID closes it again this year.
Replies: >>74781 >>74813
My teacher used to jerk off to pictures of our female classmate's feet.
Pretty cool guy.
>They were all skinny while I was very large and broad for my age.
There were a few times in my short two years at high school where I said certain things to male students that would've otherwise resulted in some nasty comments, but actually resulted in them putting it aside. I reached a 265 bench during the summer after freshman year. I was pretty buff, and a lot of the guys knew how strong I was. I was also 5'11, so it's not like they respected me because of my height. Get boys into lifting while they're in middle school so they don't get bullied in high school.
I didn't even get high off of it. I didn't know how to inhale it. I got really high just a couple months ago. I felt very disoriented and pretty shitty about myself. I'm a NEET, but I'm still not getting any NEETbucks in the US. My lawyer has actually requested a court date for my disability (SSI) claim. I'm at the point where I'm going to have to appear before a judge to get accepted to receive NEETbucks. I first applied around half a year ago. I don't have a job because I don't have a 24-hour circadian rhythm. I can't sleep when normal people sleep. I've already been up for well over 24 hours, and I'm just beginning to feel tired. Maybe I'll do something like electronics repair or even freelance programming in the future, but I'm pretty screwed in the present.
Replies: >>74795
worst_weed.jpg (u)
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That's expensive for a gram. I hope you got smarter about cannabis.
watched an episode of this and it sucked. also whatever character you are trying to play with these avatarfag posts sucks too.
Replies: >>74816
>watching a manga
HSL is mostly just well liked for it's ending and for having a functional relationship where they work through their problems reasonably, everything else about it is bottom of the barrel trash
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