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What are you thankful for?
to be quite honest i am thankful for all of you fags, you've gotten me through some shit times over the years and you've always been there in one way or another. thanks bros
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I'm thankful I was born a white man, and not a women or a nigger. Can you even imagine being so stupid and lack the capacity to even realize it? I'm so glad I'm not a nigger.
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>>68169 (OP) 
I'm thankful for being born in a first world country. Every now and then I use jewgle street view to see what 3rd world shitholes look like.
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>>68169 (OP) 
>i am thankful for all of you fags
I was just thinking this earlier. I'm thankful I found this place.
Not fagatha, he should choke to death on a 19' dildo
>>68169 (OP) 
i'm thankful that i have an oven now again, gonna make a meat pie
I'm thankful for being born in a second world country. Every now and then I use news to see what 1rd world shitholes look like.
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>>68169 (OP) 
>what are you thankful for
Freshly cleaned portapotties on the construction site.
I'm thankful that my mom didn't let them take my foreskin.
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Replies: >>68198
Damn, you're lucky. Then again I'm thankful my dick didn't end up like that one guy whose penis looks like the headed melted off.
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I ate too much and puked a little when I brushed my teeth.
I guess I'm thankful I don't live in a nigger country where everyone is starving.
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i am thankful that i was not born a nigger
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I am Thank.
Thank Thill.
I'm thankful to wake up another day
thankful trannies have their lives held to a coin flip now and steadily rising
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>>68169 (OP) 
Being thankful is a slave's mindset. It's against my ethics. 

I'm actually fearful of being thankful for things as it's unhealthy to not be prepared to lose something. 

Alternatively, because I grew up without it most of my life, and even partially my adult life, computer/Internet access as that means books, tv shows, movies, games, manga, porn, social life, learning new things potentially, tons of things I didn't have at all throughout huge chunks of my life. It always pisses me off when I see, whoever it is, boomers or zoomers, bitching about how the Internet ruins lives through either addiction or a zoomer assuming they'd be a winner and not a loser if the Internet wasn't there to enable them. Makes me seethe because it's mostly genes that make people into beta male bitches, of which by the by, that's most of the entire human race ergo the people are kidding themselves about addictions causing sabotage in regards to productivity and or social status. The Internet gives a loser a faceless way to communicate, a way to have free things, a fake culture and life even potentially, it's a benefit to that loser. 

>children this is bait
Though at the same time I want to believe the sentiment. I've read China has freedom of speech in it's amendments in the same fucked up way white first world nations do while both ignore it. China has tyranny, the five-eyes a police state akin to world war one Germany, but which is worse when one has gulags and another has a chain gang (hidden now but probation 'volunteer' work counts).  Tons of money making in the USA but in China the impoverished rates are supposed to be doing the opposite of what they are doing in the USA, the rich and poor getting nearer. The USA you start with zero credit and nepotism helps you but in China they start off with credit and lose it over time I've read as well. Would I really fail at life in both types? I wonder. 

If ever an organization unites the world it needs to use a sorting hat sort of bullshit to send x type to x place where they belong. As animals are mutants we can't all be the same and yes the divergent should be executed, exiled, or enslaved.
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>>68169 (OP) 
>Thanksgiving Thread
What are you talking about? Thanksgiving was like a month ago.
I'm thankful I don't work for jews and don't have to work around niggers
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I'm very, very, very thankfull I will never be fagatha. 
You need to be 18 or older to post here.
Replies: >>68224 >>68259
He's obviously an adult. I mean he complains about his parents whenever possible, blames them for his own mistakes, is a commie, has the values of a 14 year old, can't write properly, and is overly obsessed with making it clear that he is not young and he hates young people, but surely he couldn't be an angsty teen.
Replies: >>68259
I am thankful that my dick is not below average. In fact my dick is the exact average. In a retrospective, I'm not as thankful, too.
Replies: >>68231 >>68232
3 inches is average!
I am thankful that I don't care too much about my penis size because I won't ever get a gf.
Replies: >>68243
Where do you fucking live so 3 inches is average? China?
Replies: >>68255
I am thankful that my dick is slightly above average because I get to be smug when someone tries to pull the small dick card on me.
I had a pretty good ass thanksgiving. The turkey legs were nice and tender and my dad made his own gravy. Also it was my birthday yesterday so I got a big birthday brownie from my godmother.
Replies: >>68253
Why do you thank the ass?
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>3 inches is average!
>Where do you fucking live...
koreans were cursed with those genetics. feminists there bully their men about it. a convenience store chain caused controversy with a sausage advert riffing of the meme.

i am thankful i am not a korean.
Replies: >>68256 >>68263
Imagine living in a country with a feminist death cult in the government. 
No wonder gooks kill themselves in batches.
Replies: >>68259
I've actually been banned by a normalfag from /v/ over that shit before but you should know that neets are made for imageboards. 

I'm not a communist Mr. Strawman and if you keep using the word excuse/excuses in regards to my problems you just might get bad karma. 

About writing properly, that's blatantly an environmental thing. No one around the gutter uses anywhere near the level of top tier English that I do. 

I don't hate young people but when they try to have a right winger revolt on imageboards I have to shit fling back. It's just a human nature sort of thing that is. That fake contrarian shit is super ironic when they call my type the snowflake. Half of the world is on your conservative side, come on now. 

By the by I hate boomers, actual ones, and older, far more than young people. That's why I hate the zoomer-right-revolt of teens in their dark phase, they're acting like boomers in the USA's south that I had to be raised around (of whom failed me or I'd have a life right now). It's called having a chip on your shoulder. This word angst being used as though it's bad always pissed me off too as really adult to you types means having a broken spirit and if it's not broken and if you did not fall in line with x ethical side in politics then you are immature for acting and or thinking as you personally wish.

Why not call posters like: >>68231  underage also? How about you upgrade your understanding of psychological maturity. 

The owner of this/these site(s) is/are most probably younger than all three of us. 

Replies: >>68260 >>68264
>>68259 (me)

See? I understand Engrish but are constantly conflicted about it. I have racing thoughts and more than one sentence in my head at once, why expect me to write a college tier essay? It's all so hard to do in the several short minutes it generally takes me to touch type this shit out.
Because it was talking shit.
Replies: >>68265
I'm thankful for autists that make creative shit and release it for others to enjoy. Even if the grand majority of it is trash, it's still fun to dig through it and find things you love.

Am I missing something here?
Replies: >>68267
Please 41% yourself already, fagatha.
Replies: >>68271
Please don't thank fagatha.
Replies: >>68271
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yeah, i think it's supposed to read from bottom to top. cryptically put like that way as to not be too obvious, but the pinching fingers along with the starry night background were a tell for those who were aware.
Replies: >>68269
I'm disappointed that I can't just write it off as paranoia since I can totally see the batshit insane cunts try to hide dog whistles like a cult.
Replies: >>68277
>I control who others like
He didn't even thank me that idiotic notion aside. 

I'm not 'the ass' of the webring and you know it, asshole. And you'll never be in control of it's culture. Remember that.
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I'm thankful I'm not a commie.
Imagine being mentally unable to comprehend humor.
Replies: >>68275 >>68287
Replies: >>68279 >>68287
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like i said in the first post
>i am thankful i am not a korean
so this could be tinfoiling for all i know as well. it came to my attention on a nip image board. based nip anons were mocking koreans and having a laugh about it. the ad copy could have featured any setting or background and, with all those factors, it seemed plausible enough. like that other post said, south korea did have members of a schizo feminist death cult in high govt office.
here's a couple pics related(?) since this seems as good a time as any to dump them i suppose.

i am also thankful for based nipponese patriarchy
Reported for ultra racist and holocaust tier transphobia.
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Is the joke that that video lacks context and ironically has too much nuance? 

I don't get it....
Your the joke
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>literally unable to comprehend humor 
Case and fucking point, holy shit.
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fagatha confirmed turboautist, holy shit kill yourself
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