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bee appreciation thread
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>>67739 (OP) 
isn't that  a wasp? fuck wasps
Replies: >>67770
That's a fucking wasp you faggot.
Replies: >>67770
Kill yourself dolphinnigger.
Ban this blind nigger, can't even tell apart a wasp from a bee. Bet you couldnt tell the difference from a faggot to Sturgeon.
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how_to_avoid_getting_caught_masturbating_to_beegirls.png (u)
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wasp internet defense force arrives
Replies: >>67781
I assure you it's not the WIDF. It's the BIDF. It's understandable that you wouldn't want someone to confuse wasps for bees. It's similar to confusing niggers for whites. Apologies to all flying insect kind for the comparison, of course. Wasps have several positive attributes and niggers have none.
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>Wasps have several positive attributes
List them.
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vespula_germanica.jpg (u)
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In normalfag terms, it's a German wasp. It's also simply referred to as the European wasp. What's more, this cunt is an invasive species that has spread out almost everywhere.
Replies: >>67818
All wasps and bees should be killed, no exceptions.
Replies: >>67822
Wasps eat of the dead. They're like crows. Furthermore they exterminate roaches and flies. Your hate for all things yellow and flying is ridiculous. It is best to understand and coexist with all the creatures of the Earth except for those which directly or indirectly endanger your kind. This is why all the races of men should be distinctly separate.
Replies: >>67833 >>68011
>understand and coexist
Impossible, nature wont allow it.
Replies: >>67834
its easier to coexist with nature than it is with a nigger
Replies: >>67835
Which is why you can't coexist with wasps and bees. They're the niggers of the insect world.
Replies: >>67840 >>67844
Wasps are the niggers of nature, but if you can't live with non-africanized bees then YOU are the nigger.
Ticks are the biggest niggers of the world.
Replies: >>67845
Niggers are the biggest niggers of the world.
Replies: >>67847 >>67915
Takes a nigger to know a nigger, nigger.
Replies: >>67848 >>67915
Did you just admit to being a nigger?
Replies: >>67850 >>67915
Not as niggerest as you are, king nigger.
Replies: >>67915
All of you are giga niggers
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You're a wasp
Replies: >>67931 >>67933
over the fucking line
Replies: >>67932
Calm down, don't sick your hive on me
You double wasp!
Can't even have a thread about wasps without americans coming in and talking about niggers all the time.
Replies: >>67972 >>68016
Are you sure it wasn't a thread about bees?
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>a thread about bees?
Replies: >>67978 >>68297
A lot of animals have to hybridise as their environment grows polluted from our activities and disappears due to climate change or invasive species or our development projects.
Replies: >>68012
Wasp hands typed this.
I want to hybridize with a cute bee queen and make her a proud mother.
Replies: >>68023
>Can't have a thread about wasps without talking about human-sized wasps 
Gee, I wonder why.
We should be domesticating African honey bees. Its a huge market when Eurobees are kill
Replies: >>68024 >>68028
>domesticating niggers
Last time someone tried that it didn't fly so good.
Replies: >>68257
Africanized bees produce very little honey compared to their european counterparts.
Replies: >>68257
Cummed inside of a forest again bros.
Replies: >>68177 >>68187
I actually did do so in summer, it felt nice masturbating in sunlight.
Replies: >>68187
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Great, now a bunch of alrunes are going to be kidnapping kids next year. Do you know what your foolishness has wrought?
Replies: >>68213
Where do I give them my address so they can come kidnap me?
Brazilians should be held responsible to fix this problem 
Source? Depending on their mixture with local populations, they may produce more honey, with far more selective ingredients while being robust against intruders and operating out of ground hives. To me they seemed to have filled more niches than their European counterparts.
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>not even posting the full african bee lore
African bees:
>smell like bananas when angry
>are more aggressive than european bees
>were imported into the Americas and forcibly crossbred with the European bees but now do so voluntarily
really makes me think a lot
>evolved to be more aggressive because nogs would smash and grab the hives while europeans would protect and care for theirs
Replies: >>68316
>niggers in africa turned their wildlife into niggers to
The nigger is a plague that must be exterminated if we are to have any future.
__honey_bee_takahashi_meijin_no_bug_tte_honey_drawn_by_konpeto__2ea1dade5639519cd84c924b932af277.jpg (u)
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__honey_bee_takahashi_meijin_no_bug_tte_honey_drawn_by_konpeto__0fdec150166fb35d2e44499a376bd9a4.jpg (u)
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__honey_bee_takahashi_meijin_no_bug_tte_honey_drawn_by_konpeto__362d479f563a4f1e541bc14bd57be95f.jpg (u)
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__honey_bee_takahashi_meijin_no_bug_tte_honey_drawn_by_konpeto__480a8784d7ecd8770fa37f2de1a17c57.jpg (u)
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__honey_bee_takahashi_meijin_no_bug_tte_honey_drawn_by_konpeto__530c2371931a8894fa0732d52dfa825f.jpg (u)
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Can everyone just shut up and post more bees?
Replies: >>68369
Nope! This is now a nigger hate thread.
Replies: >>68373
A thread can have more than one absolute topic you know.
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Queen_bee.png (u)
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This summer I noticed a lot of bumblebees flying around my backyard and back deck to pollinate from potted plants.  They were extremely cute, and I loved watching them shove themselves into bell-shaped flowers to get at the pollen inside.  The little fuzz on them and the way they pluck their way around is adorable.
Replies: >>68397
4a6a31f922d3cbe02b7769297fd6f97dfddf8ed20c4c84e74fcb6ac0e1922c74.jpeg (u)
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This bumblebee is your friend 
He fights for freedom
Replies: >>68402
__q_bee_vampire_game_drawn_by_shihou_g_o_s__56d91813ea5abdeeb514058a6e94aad5.jpg (u)
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__q_bee_vampire_game_drawn_by_kosumo__7d16890d5205cef2fce575e4fa805826.jpg (u)
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__q_bee_vampire_game_drawn_by_kagerou_decoi__bd1ed8fe4721e4d455870681706ceba3.jpg (u)
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__q_bee_vampire_game_drawn_by_fumio_rsqkr__7ae9f7f43f780df5b26ec264133aadce.jpg (u)
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__q_bee_vampire_game_drawn_by_polyle__d762d73e43ae5e488d0534ace597ef6f.png (u)
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I want that bumblebee to go up and down inside my urethra, making me cum, You know, I think I can write an erotic paragraph about this:

It was a sunny day on the fields of New Zealand. A little cabin lies deep in the woods. There in a room upstairs, on a bed, I rest.
Opening my eyelids one by one, the sunlight touches my face. The wind caress my lips. The smell of old wood and grass hits my nostrils. It is then that my body starts moving and I begin to wake up.
I sit on the bed and glance at my room. I touch my eyes trying to recover my bearings. I slowly walk towards the door and downstairs to the kitchen, where I will have my breakfast.
Toast and a glass of milk is what I decide to grab. I sit on a chair of wood, next to the window. Observing the fields I call my home.
Less than 5 minutes pass when I notice a bumblebee landing on my plate. "A working bumblebee? What a curious sight" I tell to myself. A cute little fluffy bumblebee with rich yellow and black on itself, and wings as if they were made of glass.
I place my hand next to it in hopes it doesn't fly away. It doesn't. It instead climbs my hand making its way to the tip of my finger as the movement of my hand points it in that direction. 
I get it near to my face and almost instinctively get it near my lips. The bumblebee reaches and climbs on my upper lip. The sensation while tingly it's very comforting. Its little legs tap on the slight wetness of my lips. It retrieve the bumblebee with my finger and then open my mouth. Placing it at the tip of my tongue.
Its almost hesitant but finally accepts and places itself on it. The tingling again being very arousing. The hair on my tongue being so comforting.
While all of this is happening my phallus starts to warm up. To leak. To become stiff and large.
Needless to say, I started to lower my pajamas, revealing my erect penis, slowly leaking pre-cum.
I retrieve the bumblebee once again, knowing exactly where to put it next. The index finger slowly nearing my raging erection.
The bumblebee without hesitation lands on my penis gland. The feeling is almost orgasmic. It makes its way to the bottom of my shaft, tapping on my hairy balls. It returns to the gland and at the hole of my urethra.
I gently rub the bumblebee on my urethra. Getting a tiny bit inside of me.
All my sense go crazy. Gentle moaning escapes my mouth. I start to jerk off my shaft while the bumblebee it's above it.
With every movement of my two hands I get closer and closer to orgasm. The smell of pre-cum, milk and toast all hit my nose at once and it's magestic.
Ejaculation is about to take place, but before it I push the bumblebee a little further down my urethra. I start cumming buckets immediately. Showering everything on that window with my seed. The plate, the bitten toast, the glass of milk and most importantly, the bumblebee.
All my body tingles and the so desired orgasm occurs.
Recovering my bearings, the thought hit me. I search for the bumblebee with great urge. It's on the toast covered in my cum.
I tried desperately to take off the cum. A tear drop off my eye as I see it not moving. "What have I done" I tell myself out loud.
But before losing all my hope, I see its tiny little wings moving again. It's alive.
I wipe all of the remaining semen with a paper towel and let the bumblebee rest. I probably shortened its life, but at least it will remain alive for a little while. Perhaps for a second session? Who knows.
I sit back on my chair, the mess still unclean but my dick satisfied.
Bumblebees are truly beautiful creatures.
Eat shit, Jack.
That's tasty pasta
bee_is_beeutiful.png (u)
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I cum on bee. It sting penus.
Hornet game
ea585923f75a3edbc17ddc3a9b745a7626cef3a6dd08b12265485b6300cb784d.jpeg (u)
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>I think I can write an erotic paragraph about this
Not_the_bees.mp4 (u)
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