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Kyle_Rittenhouse_anime.jpg (u)
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he shoulda be jailed
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Kyle_Rittenhouse_not_guilty.mp4 (u)
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c8357cabe6df1f432d49bd8a0284148b0e32a1645e97d3df31206f5f015d4f28.webm (u)
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>>67448 (OP) 
8934185c2db7b3a28538ededd61b32c3584b116893e1e94ea203c89c8b13b7f3.gif (u)
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Fucking nice. I was worried they were going to pull some gay fucking technical shit.
Replies: >>67466
>pull some gay fucking technical shit
While skimming over some commentary about this story, I noticed some theorizing about possible federal charges being brought since this show trial did not go as planned.
9799187e6917c6e8e220465302472621d72e9562b88aa55bfc5898861e0519b2.gif (u)
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>>67448 (OP) 
All the herdniggers are gonna have a stroke for sure now.
Please explain what this is.
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Kyle_smile.jpg (u)
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bad_ending.mp4 (u)
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this made my day when I found out, i'm so glad for the kid
but let us remember those that were not so lucky
Replies: >>67473
>kikes try to kill armed guy during protest 
>he shoots them, killing one 
>media tries to shit on him as the ebil right wing supremacist white trump voter 
>trial is a complete clusterfuck, kikes keep trying to lie and prevent him from showing evidence proving his innocence until they finally admit they pulled a gun on him before he shot 
>armed guy gets declared not guilty 
>you are here
Replies: >>67491 >>67498
fuck wrong webm, was looking for the verdict reading at chauvin's trial
hitler_kaw.gif (u)
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his eyes aren't blue
He killed two, the pedo and the wife beater. The burglar sadly survived with just his arm disfigured, but at least that let him testify how he pulled the gun first. Whcih despite it being on fucking video was still "up for debate" somehow, according to retards.
The state can still appeal. It's not over yet.
Have they started rioting yet?
8443d4841657785917e15af524a495c3b85cf5894412f15ac4237a6920c490b1.gif (u)
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>>67448 (OP) 
Looks like the DoJ is going to go after him now, and GOoA is awarding him an AR-15 for defending gun rights.
There's a protest?
Replies: >>67499
Kyle killed a bunch of antifa jews shitting up the place. That's why this got so big in the media.
Replies: >>67500
Never mind, it was nigger lives matter protests.
6608a1fb5344b0e18028b71eed82875c24b0f4698131e9e7136b08ab3af627c1.mp4 (u)
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I was totally expecting Bruh.mp3 to play when he fell.
Replies: >>67503
Why does the veredict toggle ragdoll mode?
Replies: >>67504
>life on the line that hinges on 2 little words
Gee I don't know
1400440948993.jpg (u)
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>>67448 (OP) 
<Just like OJ!


<The government is ON 'OUR' SIDE!

>what is placation to stop revolts
Replies: >>67511
niggers are upset he DID'T get charged
Replies: >>67513
I believe what anon is trying to say is that while this spectacle was going on they passed their Break Bucks Better spending bill and America will continue to go down the tubes, hyper-inflation, unlimited oversight of any financial account by IRS. Probably more stuff. This wasn't to placate the niggers, but give white America another few years of believing the system Just Werks!
Replies: >>67519
They passed more than one Bill during literally any overblown cherry picked drama, but yes, that was kinda my point. 

Who gives a shit?
Replies: >>67522
I give a shit. Kyle seems like a genuinely nice guy. Naive, and a bit too tender-hearted, crying for that kike-scum. But he was right to defend himself. Rosenbaum would have raped and killed him and the events been memory-holed if they had their way. Justice was served, today, in this case at least, regardless of the reasons. There will be plenty of things to complain about later, for now let's celebrate.
Replies: >>67547
4268ed5072ecef9683f478b3a78f2ad6cf34353bd3e0b028b6e72644e4e4dc78.PNG (u)
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2dd5f7e5555ec9b15deb6c1a5897050aaac438c834001b508962e075c94a0604.PNG (u)
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445e1564b5daec57d12b31a370d798ae4fe41d7fb2c13bdaf93b647b93ea5d42.PNG (u)
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a5aaa1cca7f7ab861ecf2bf3527a7a90238ab8b84732c56b49eecff39be8ddc7.mp4 (u)
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they use this as a meme and an excuse to chimp out. crazy theater...
Replies: >>67536
No_more_glow.jpg (u)
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So does this mean that if someone suggests to grab a gun and confront those people he doesn't glow anymore? I mean, it worked for Kyle.
Or is this case actually bait to encourage larger vigilante activity to THEN bring the hammer down.
Replies: >>67537
Only if you're livestreaming or something to get footage proving you were acting in self defense AND you get lucky with the judge.
nightkyle.webm (u)
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Replies: >>67545
Seeing how shit evolved in this threat, the USA deserves to get nuked already. Burn it with fire, and every person supporting the NATO, too. Mutts are the most disgusting, nigger-focused creatures there ever were and all of them deserve to suffocate in horse shit.
you should be jailed you white supremacist. kyle is an anti-racist anti-fascist hero
Replies: >>67546
  guy sitting in front of him looks like a mix between john cena and de niro
im black u stupid faggot
>marching around with an assault rifle during a riot is defending yourself
Replies: >>67552 >>67560
keep_your_rifle_by_your_side.mp4 (u)
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Kyle_ss.jpg (u)
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up_in_kenosha.mp4 (u)
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in that case you should be jailed in zoo, you ugly monkey
8b90b34866636005cc3e17e181cd8e31.png (u)
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>marching around with an assault rifle
>being a nigger
Welcome to Freedom.
6a9e08ceaa192a3eecf04197eab0dbbdf9d298ef315b018bef00744eec39ddce.png (u)
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Replies: >>67554
99db2a817e5279631c74a8a7e80de01eeeffe3dc72384a53559f2e80f93d82a6.jpg (u)
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>cucking the dead
Replies: >>67555 >>67556
this is how mature people act, retard
Yeah, the leftist psycho bitch surely isn't trying to get close to him to get revenge or anything.
821ac5b1ee8e2b2553f10859a1510ec7c7db35c9a984829bd0e5129643842549.gif (u)
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>assault rifle
It's semi automatic, you retarded noguns cockgobbler.
Replies: >>67563
It's an illegal genocide weapon of mass murder invented by the Nazis.
b0e19b129fde36fca4c06c1b73a35dfc25adedb38362d253d4be306c8406145b.png (u)
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OY VEY! The AR-15 was invented by Hitler himself you anti-semitic bastard!
134.png (u)
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>spic kills white people
>doesn't get deported
This doesn't feel like a win.
>spic kills ((( (((white people))) )))
It's a win-win anon. The best kind of win.
Replies: >>67684
are_you_mcfucking_kidding_me.jpg (u)
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>jews are white
Replies: >>67684
>everyone with a slight tan is a spic
At least you're not calling anyone not albino a nigger.
Can you give me a quick rundown on trial? When I search for it I only get ((( (((news))) ))) coverage, and I'm too lazy to lurk cuckchan archives /twitter.
Replies: >>67611 >>67646
so? Your still a white supremacist. You don't know how racism works.
Trial_of_Kyle_Rittenhouse,_colorized,_2021.png (u)
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>wojak shit
Replies: >>67614 >>67616
468e7fc3f5818fddbb2bd75e15102ae7bc4106767e0502b0cefe346fe7fb3df1.jpg (u)
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It's a valid characterization.
I'm giving it a pass because it's shitting on jews.
9e45333a2cf344189776795ed06492c3534c632935eb9a2aca8f77015af6ed64.jpg (u)
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>peaceful protest shitting up the town 
>Kyle goes to his workplace to clean up graffiti and takes a rifle for self defense 
>sees dumpster fire while cleaning the place 
>tries to put it out 
>50 niggers try to fucking kill him for being a hindrance to the fiery but mostly peaceful protest 
>he tries to run away but trips and falls 
>actual criminal kicks his face while he's on the ground 
>two fags charge him, one with a loaded firearm and the other trying to bash his head in with a skateboard 
>he shoots, killing two(including a pedophile) and injuring the other 
>footage clearly shows he tried to run away and only shot after being attacked and having a gun pulled on him, but said footage wasn't allowed in court which instead had the blurriest 144p 2 second clip to hide the gun in the fag's hand and the fact that Kyle tried to run away at first 
The fact that the not guilty verdict was a surprise just shows how rigged the entire trial was.
Replies: >>67663 >>67694
You neglected some details after Kyle tried to put the fire out.
>Kyle and the pedophile kike are arguing about something
>Kyle turns and flees from the pedokike and the people he was with (or who were nearby and part of the protest)
>Pedokike chases Kyle, for some reason (possibly to disarm him?)
>Some nigger in the crowd pulls out a pistol and fires """warning shots""" into the air
>Kyle, hearing this, turns around, sees the pedokike charging at him from 5 feet away, and puts a hole in his chest
>Kyle pulls out his phone and calls his friend to tell him he just shot somebody
>people show up to investigate
>Kyle realizes a mob is about to form and makes a break for it
>now 50 niggers try to fucking kill him for being a hindrance to the fiery but mostly peaceful protest
Replies: >>67694
Never thought I'd see the day when /b/ is celebrating a Hispanic dude killing 2 white dudes
See >>67595 and >>67596
>I have to worship the opposition regardless if its true or not
0a383667e2ef50d0dd8413b906cb56b12d414fc15801cf99cd0d535fc0a279e9.png (u)
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0d361dde77a839fa71619744d0d1b1677fdeaf9cc6e5520e9489425430.jpg (u)
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Oh well, so much for putting this kid on a pedestal
post the source you faggot
Replies: >>67708
1594903747-0.jpg (u)
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>this case has nothing to do with race
Are lefties or conservicucks seething harder at this?
>taking a knee to the people who betrayed him and wanted him dead
What a fucking loser.
Not bothered, two jews are still very dead and the third is still missing an arm.
>putting the kid on a pedestal in the first place 
I'm glad the judicial system wasn't completely retarded for once, as I'm not as accelerationist, but you can't expect a normalfag not to be a fag.
KyleKucksOut.png (u)
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For (You)
Replies: >>67712 >>67713
>Never thought I'd see the day when /b/ is celebrating a Hispanic dude killing 2 white dudes
reading that reminds me of when that germanic fellow, george zimmerman, shot that kid in the subdivision some years ago... the media tried so hard. they really tried. like, if a "nigra" was mauled by a bear in current year, media would find some way to connect it to institutional or structural racism or whatever and there might well be chimping out about it. so what if the rittenhouse kid is a centrist and might even sincerely support the ideals of blm? i have no idea really, but it would only go further to show how unhinged these street theater activist types are and that most of them are running in circles while chasing ghosts. good that the kid got a fairly fair trial and all. but ffs so sick of the media gas lighting chimp outs. i mean, we live in a... well, we used to live in a society
Look how Not a racist person is in quotes and supports BLM isn't, stop getting angry over media putting words inside other people mouth to get the exact reaction you are having.
This is basic clickbait shit, this is how they get revenue.
RittenhouseSentencedTo45Years.jpg (u)
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huh, picture didn't load with last post
>preview to the interview 
I doubt it'll be in anyone's favor considering hes going to go all out on covering his ass to disassociate himself with any sort of side.
You sound like niggerpill.
Replies: >>67714
00d4094a543e0f834afcc8169be0ccc59d9c831364039e343f6b2ac2b08dc09d.jpg (u)
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3bf32ceeaff697543f1cdc7e48318b46ecc1f769be60f64a5d2d1a806579b05b.jpg (u)
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4ec7522a2fe54cdb1a23e675f6c5b9aea5bf895044d49cc126f10615739d9b7a.jpg (u)
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388ccdeec85898565f0555ab01fd40770b0f4f95d477a632d4a3a129fe9aab12.jpg (u)
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1590970637623-0.png (u)
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Niggerpill has a distinct posting style. All I'm doing is posting the truth. Take notes of the traitors and the cowards, then don;t support them. I did the same when corporations were selling their customers down the river doing the BLM shit a year ago. I still have the list and refer to it when making purchase decisions.
Replies: >>67715 >>67719
>I still have the list and refer to it when making purchase decisions.
So you don't purchase anything?
But seriously, are their any businesses that haven't supported BLM? I stopped drinking pepsi and coke products because of all that, but I need a little bit of sugar jew with my meals.
Replies: >>67717
There are tons of small, local companies that produce sodas and stuff, check out WholeFoods or Trader Joes, or even your mainstream places like Jewel or PigglyWiggly. Most of the time these small companies don't post any political opinions anywhere, at least not anywhere I could find.
I don't even care about their stance on niggers because all those companies are shit in the first place.
Dude was really dealing with some Left For Dead type shit. Shoulda brought extra mags.
suv_of_peace.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 480x1040, 00:30)
A SUV of peace crashed into a Christmas parade in Waukesha Wisconsin this weekend. Multiple deaths and injuries. Suspects are said to be black and/or arab. Could it be related to the verdict?
signs point to probably
Replies: >>67734
a2b034ac95c9ad73df6ff19908bcae8b12d715ae16d78cec2b0ace75270d74be.png (u)
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1853e4192e3f48025516c50f6f2bd966634332fa80142f1e905d3af47b258ff4.jpg (u)
[Hide] (102.5KB, 943x1024) Reverse
Even if it is not, twitter kikes already made it so.
>a bunch of unrelated people getting killed is karma for their actions 
The length these things go to justify their hypocrisy is baffling.
im_not_a_racist_person_i_support_the_nigger.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (381.8KB, 1280x720, 00:06)
It was good while it lasted. Fuck this niggerloving faggot. I dont care if this is a PR move. To actually say that shit. To actually think like that after niggers try to lynch you and to think like that after the niggers burn your town down and hate you aswell. What a bitch.
Replies: >>67759
ive heard that the ghislaine maxwell trials start today and that the rittenhouse trials were strategically timed to draw attention away from the ghislaine maxwell trials
please correct me if anything i just said is wrong somehow
So many kneejerk reactionists. Did he actually say the words "I support blm" or was he asked if he was okay with cops murdering blacks, responded "no, of course not," and media went "then you must support blm!" Even if he said anything of the sort it was just to avoid getting lynched. Where's an archive?
Replies: >>67756
fuck off
75263d8b0f48d082eec5fc407c611f8dad7baf27b83b0e683419e7233612de47.png (u)
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>Darrell Brooks
>"Mathboi Fly"
you sure? i thought they already had an image of the villain
Did you expect him to come out and say "I hate niggers."? The left wants his blood. He probably only did that interview in order to say that in the hopes that it'd prevent a fraction of the insane cunts from going after him and his family.
It sucks that he, and anyone in his shoes, has to cower and submit in order to thin out some of the rapid horde. But that's the environment the left has created.
j4ASfu5P5PSpJrfs.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (4.2MB, 720x1280, 00:33)
Untitled.png (u)
[Hide] (84.5KB, 1446x646) Reverse
He's a cuck that pimped the mother of his children and he was released on $1000 bail two days earlier, after being charged with jumping bail, which may be related to the sheriff of Waukesha supporting BLM. Had the police march and kneel for them. https://archive.md/7nypR Surely this will help his reelection.
Compromising and pussying out will solve NOTHING. It wont keep the niggers and kikes from trying to get this kids head on a spike, it wont stop the media from doing hitpieces on him anyways, it wont solve the problem of BurnLootMurder, ZIP
>I hate niggers.
lol. he would have had to give him... the look.

it is worth noting that rittenhouse didn't need to address support or contempt for blm. his actions already spoke louder then any words. could have left it at that.

the great richard spencer has been dishing out hot takes about this for a while now. he provoked some by commenting that he didn't care for rittenhouse or even how that sandman kid was given time in the press a while back, remarking that he figured they were centrists who had no love for dissidents and would most likely grow up to be basic bitch neo-cons, fwiw... talking heads gonna talk, grifters gonna grift, and glowies gonna glow. i don't put much stock in what spencer has to say, but it's an idea that's been the subject of some back and forth on twitter and wherever else pundits do their punditry.
He shouldn't have to cower and submit. I'm not saying he should just go contrarian and say "I hate niggers", but he shouldn't also start fellating them. Instead, he should keep away from the press and just lay low. Let the frenzied mobs autistically screech while he enjoys his freedom.
have the victims names been released? i might know some of them
Replies: >>67793
30fc284ec2ade719144cba5200ad156f6a325096fa9e1bdd008dc0b77e09ac7d.png (u)
[Hide] (798KB, 2160x2160) Reverse
Saw this pass by somewhere, no idea if it's legit. 45 people got hit from the latest numbers I've heard, and it should've been a combination of old ladies and young girls, so for all the deaths to be this old makes me question the legitimacy of this information, but I'm too lazy to look up the names to wade through probably a bunch of claims about their deaths.
He killed two white supremacists. He is an anti-racist hero.
Replies: >>67798
doubt.png (u)
[Hide] (282.1KB, 420x420) Reverse
le_candle_woman_allegory.jpg (u)
[Hide] (2.6MB, 2550x3246) Reverse
>>67448 (OP) 
>an associate of the NRA of whom was a baby-faced zoomer was let off while being a vigilante during anti-governmental riots
<[shocked pikachu face]
Replies: >>67817 >>67821
What's with gay commies using words they don't know the meaning of?
Replies: >>67820 >>67858
Moral crusaders don't care about definitions of words.
Replies: >>67858
shut up racist
Replies: >>67858
Just watched the interview. It's clear that he is a decent young man, very idealistic, but very fucking naive, as expected of a young white man growing up in weimerica. He kept saying that those niggers and kikes that hate him should just watch the trial, see the facts, then they would understand. If I could say one thing to Kyle it'd be, they know, they simply don't care.
Replies: >>67839
>If I could say one thing to Kyle it'd be, they know, they simply don't care.
this. eventually people wake up to this fact.
paraphrasing a cliche... if you aren't somewhat liberal in your youth, you don't have a heart, but if you don't become somewhat more conservative in older age, then you don't have a brain.
>t. actual retards 

95a7c8cd2f52039aa2dc0253eb8ee0eb78659b67bc4a0ec84bb05c49e6540042.png (u)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 2240x1516) Reverse
Replies: >>67887
Shockingly an 18 year old that can sue the sitting president and most all media corporations for libel has decided to not destroy any hope in such a case by declaring "niggers suck". Unrelated, the child likely saw the floyd video and cried.

NEXT UP: How the a Left and the Media Turns a Normal Youth Into a Virulent Racist, followed by a 30 minute special Why Couldn't They Just Let That Guy Be?
Replies: >>67887
cceaa58884d3ef6350d80b2ec6635bf5045cb0c7452f0b660b963344a02fe764.jpg (u)
[Hide] (186.3KB, 462x480) Reverse
Yes, and?
Where are all the "good optics" fags now? Have they accomplished anything at all? You remind me of all those people who think that justice is on its way for all those politicians and others named in all those various leaks and demonstrated in all those myriad and various ways to be criminals. "It's just taking awhile because justice is slow, but it's coming!" Sure it is. Sure these good optics fags are just showing some willpower and being manipulative because they're going to use their position to achieve something, anything. Sure they are.
Five will get you ten that he's just some scared boy and he just wants it all to be over so he'll say and do anything so people don't hate him and he can get back to whatever boring normalnigger shit he was doing before he was relevant. There's even better odds on corrupt politicians (and other forms of evil) staying right where they are until they die of old age. This is why politics and news are terribly boring.
Replies: >>67995
Yes, it makes perfect sense why he has acted the way he has. It is likely he continues to act in a manner that makes sense regardless of what you or I desire.
It was obvious from the start that he's a centrist. He's still a pretty cool guy for his age. Hopefully he'll wise up and learn that it's no use trying to please the left.
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