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Talk about shit you hate or just vent about stuff.

For example, ham radio. Holy shit, ham radio is one of the most cucked hobbies imaginable, and the community is filled with a bunch of no-fun faggots who talk about the most boring shit.
Can you elaborate on that a bit more, OP? I don't know what the HAM radio community is about.
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I hate it when characters commit suicide by putting a gun under their chin. The problem is that they almost always aim the gun in a way that doesn't let the bullet fully connect through the brain. It's not an accurate portrayal of suicide for something that is so simple to pull off. Most of the time when the character pulls the trigger they should still be alive but with their faces all ruined.
record an example of how to do it right
I hate it too. It always takes me off the experience.
Amateur radio (nicknamed HAM radio) is the hobby of building an amateur radio station as well as building radios to communicate with other ham radio enthusiasts. Sounds fun, right? WRONG, MOTHERFUCKER. If you want to even get into the hobby *legally* you have to get a license, (in the USA at least, I don't know much about the hobby in other countries) so basically this means that you have to pay 35$ just to get the basic bitch technician license, while also doxxing yourself to the ARRL. And once you've got that shit done, you'll still need to get a radio that you can actually transmit stuff with. Now if you aren't an electrical engineer with knowledge of radio frequencies, and you want to at least try and do this shit on a budget and do more than just fucking morse code, then get a Baofeng, because everything else is fucking overpriced expensive shit that puts audiophiles to shame.

Once you've got all that done, now the real shit begins.
When you finally start getting on the air (if you can find anyone on at all) make sure to state your call sign as much as possible, because if someone catches you broadcasting for too long without stating your call sign then get ready to get doxxed up the ass when hams come to your house after they've triangulated your position. And even if you're okay with that, keep in mind that you can't say any no-no words or even cuss unless you want the previous shit to happen again because apparently it's against the ARRL's rules. And even if you're willing to deal with that, then get ready for riveting discussion from richfags and old faggots (not to be confused with oldfags) about how big their repeater is or how much pills they have to take as some sort of dick measuring contest. And that's just fucking audio, if you want to do anything like television or video broadcasts then you're stuck with either a single slowly loading image or reinventing the NTSC standard with a tiny screen, both without audio.

And if you dare complain about any of this shit online like complaining about how you aren't allowed to use any of the decent bandwidth for data transmissions (because it's not like the hobbyists matter when it comes to AMATEUR radio) then expect some ham radio faggot to show up and bitch at you for not being a "real" ham radio person, while at the same time bitching about why no one cares about ham radio anymore. And thanks to the ARRL, you can't do any fun stuff like making your own wireless radio network protocol because they don't want companies hogging the bandwidth for data transmissions (but that's okay since companies have already bought off most of the other frequencies anyway :^D)
With all these gay restrictions, the only practical use that could possibly be used for it is for emergency communications (which ham radio is used for) but even then it's fucking pointless because hardly anyone has a ham radio and hardly anyone knows how to operate a ham radio anyway :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

TL;DR: Get into pirate radio
I'm fine thanks
why do they have so many fucking restrictions? the 1960s has already passed, no one will use radio to make those kind of statements or some dumb shit like that.
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I wish Eden fucked me
Replies: >>66504
You pretty much covered it. I tried to get into it once but it was just a rulecucked clusterfuck of a club for boomers. Same with foraging mushrooms.
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The regulations are shit, but that's why God gave us 14.313. When the internet gets nuked and the FCC is gone I'll know where to find you fags.
Replies: >>66362 >>68485
I hate the smoker smell. Its just so fucking disgusting. It lingers and leaves a trail. It doesnt just go away. Its like a strong smell except it doesnt smell like a strong smell. It smells godawful and is strong.
I also hate shopping for food. Im literally on a small budget of neetbux
>>66258 (OP) 
I feel like I am getting ripped off at the dentist. I got a free cleaning and credit because they overcharged me for my cavity filling 6 months ago
Tell me about 14.313
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I don't like normalniggers. They're numerous and misbegotten and retarded and they get everywhere. There are even normalcucks on this very website. They could be reading this post right now. They probably don't even realize they're normalfags. They think they're supposed to be here, but they don't belong. These meme-plague rats have favored nesting spots, of course, /pol/ being one of them (I spit upon all who supported its creation here) but they travel far and wide to foist their pointless opinions and sew derision and misery amongst us.
Then there's the cultural issue. They use our terms, they use our ideas. But of course they're no longer pure, they're corrupted and besmirched from passing through what passes for a thought organ amongst drones and signal carriers. Every time I see a normalnigger use the term "normie" I am filled with a burning hate. Our river fills their basin, but it's even worse than that! It's our sewage run-off that they sip from. I think it's their pride that burns my balls the most. First they drink our runoff, then they turn around and condemn us for our "evils". As if they have any right to take the cultural fruit of the noble lolicons (and other social misfits) and then spurn that same tree for growing. Many of them even feel superior to other normalcucks despite the fact that they're all low-functioning morons who, generally, get exactly what they fucking deserve. But in typical normalfag fashion they try to drag everyone down with them. They're hypocrites to the core. There is no truth in them and what art you might wring from them is soaked with the filth of compliance and conformity.
I am weary from constant exposure. I, like many of you, have walked many trails to get here seeking refuge from the world. It has always been my hope to one day finally be with my people and be hidden away from the slings and arrows of outrageous normalniggerdry. If the world is lost to us, why should cyberspace follow? Death to all normalfags! To them I say: get out! Go away! Meatspace is shaped for you, cyberspace is for us!

Laws and taxes tend to increase and not diminish. Government is a growing cancer, not a shrinking "necessary evil". Inb4 whatever regulatory body that runs this particular thing isn't technically government because there's one degree of separation.
Replies: >>68485
>>66258 (OP) 
>ham radio is one of the most cucked hobbies imaginable, and the community is filled with a bunch of no-fun faggots

Replies: >>68485
It's veterans day here in the states. When I turned on the radio on the way to work, there was the consistent felating of troops. The morning show I listen to was appalled at a survey that said there were people who wouldn't go out of the way to thank someone in the military for their service. One of the things that irks me is that the "defending our freedom" is thrown around a lot. I'm not one to think that a military is unnecessary, or war has never been a good option. But there is this weird American dogma that states the nation is constantly at the cusp of destruction and the only thing keeping everything together is the military. It has those awful "nurses are heroes" vibes.
Replies: >>66421 >>66426
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>he wouldn't go out of his way to thank the military 
Technically the US does need war, if only to fuel the military industrial complex.
It's extra irritating because the US is even less free after the dunecoon forever wars than it ever has been in the past and we can't even say we won those clusterfucks. What fucking freedoms are any of these uniformed fucks defending exactly? Free speech? Dead, your life can and will be ruined over words. The right to bear arms? lel nobody defends that shit they just show up to rallies and yell a bunch then go home while laws are still passed. Freedom of association? Diversity laws and the ADL would like a word with you. Like some sandnigger in Afghanistan has any sway over any of that shit, US soldiers defend fuck all besides foreign interests, and not just pissrael's either.
I fucking hate that loli thread always floating on page 0
Replies: >>68485 >>69578
I fucking hate how anons bitch about that loli page floating on page 0
Replies: >>68485
i hate the link spammers who shouldn't click
now seriously, why the fuck they always post those shits if they are going to get reported and deleted.
OP is a brainlet nigger faggot who can't into ham radios and now posts shit threads on fatchan.
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I hate taking a piss. unlike shit it feels like a chore. Maybe I'm a faggot or something but taking a huge shit feels good but taking a piss feels like a necessity.
Replies: >>68485
I fucking hate how anons bitch about bitching about that loli page floating on page 0
I hate people that give a shit about others' grass. Nigger, it is grass. Its purpose is to fucking grow, why give a shit if it's a few inches higher than yours? I hate that yards are expected to be manicured lawns instead of something fucking useful.
Replies: >>66463 >>66468
I just hate it when someone lets it go wild and disgusting with weeds and shit all over. Grass higher than the ankles is about as useful as shit.
Replies: >>66468
That's why you till the grass up and turn it into a garden, or else let your chickens, goats, and hogs handle it.
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I hate that faggot that keeps uploading intentionally botched scans of hard to find, expensive doujins and artbooks. He's been at it for over a year now, all because some chink simply told him he could stand to improve his scan quality, and that the moderation there is completely fine with him continuing to use their place as his designated shitting site for his tantrum.
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How do i properly, efficiently and methodically go insane. I can't take this, i want to be free.
if you are here, you are probably considered insane by many
Replies: >>67245
Yeah that guy is the biggest faggot
>why don't you you scan yourself?
Because I don't have the raws nigger fuck you give them to me I'll do it at a academic library it's not hard nigger just walk in the door and scan the shit fuck damn
Replies: >>101797
join a discord group
Replies: >>66491
I said i want to go insane, not become a tranny. There have to be another way.
Replies: >>66492 >>68485
it really is as simple as taking the teenbro pill
Replies: >>66493
I'm not familiar with the concept, what is that?
Replies: >>66494 >>66495
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it involves consuming enough dark knowledge that it corrupts you into becoming a psychotic shitposter with no hope of putting the pieces back together
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Which 2hu wud u fug?
Replies: >>66496 >>66500
This doesn't reflection within my soul at all, but i'm in no position to be picky, i'll give it a try. Where should i start?
Replies: >>66497 >>66499
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I'd like to add that the descent into true madness is as slow as it is agonizing. If you're starting from scratch I'd say it'll take you about 10-15 years. If you want a taste of what horrors await lurk hima for a bit and try to make sense of the inane bullshit spewed from the hollow shells of NEETs who couldn't make it.
Replies: >>66498
Thank you, sensei.
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>where should i start?
<doesn't answer the question
Specific flavor aside it really just comes down to being an aesthete who only cares about art/content. Start thinking about what kinds of media and content are interesting or compelling and lose yourself and stop thinking about 3dpd context.
All of them. Except that one. You know which one.
>you have to get a license
You need a amateur radio license in all civilized countries.

>because everything else is fucking overpriced expensive shit
Get a used rig.

>apparently it's against the ARRL's rules.
No, it's against the law. ARRL is just hobby organization. They don't decide the law (unlike ITU and FCC). Seriously, how the fuck did you get your license if you don't even know basic shit?

>Get into pirate radio
No. Get a Citizens Band (CB) radio or a Rx-only SDR.


>Ham radio is club for boomers. 
Unfortunately, this.
Replies: >>66505 >>69702
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Pic related, it's you
Replies: >>66506 >>81533
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No u
Replies: >>66507 >>101770
wow, you triggered me with that
now go back to fellating the government like a good goy
Replies: >>66508
Imagine being this mad. CB is literally "pirate radio" but you don't get into trouble with law. FCC can use directional antennas to detect your pirate radio broadcasts. If you got triggered because you revealed that you don't know what you are talking about then you are just like a normalfag who can't admit that he is fucking wrong. Seriously, you are ANONYMOUS, you don't have to get mad because something like that. If the issue is something else, pls post better reply.
Replies: >>66514 >>69702
Why should I bother listening to an ESL? Listen bro, the only one missing knowledge is the guy here who doesn't know how to mask his pirate radio broadcasts - you.
Replies: >>66516
>muh mask his pirate radio broadcasts
You only need to drive around the neighborhood with a directional antenna to detect someone's radio broadcasts.
Replies: >>66529
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>doesn't exclusively braodcast via ESP
It's like you want to be caught by cia niggers.
Replies: >>66540
What is ESP?
Replies: >>66541
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Electronic System Progression. It's a way to send data packets, but without the chances they'll be intercepted and decrypted.
is this true?
Replies: >>66768
Yes it's similar in some ways to key cryptography.
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>>66258 (OP) 
Fucking NERD get bullied
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>>66258 (OP) 
Jujubes. FUCK Jujubes. Fuck these pieces of shit and whoever made these little shits. They're the worst candy imaginable, they're like a bastard child of gumdrops and hard candy. I had a box of them a few days ago and I've been feeling sick ever since I had them.
Replies: >>97538
How does it work?
Replies: >>67154
Replies: >>67155
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Fuck this niggerchan shit. Looks like a fucking discuck meme.
are you by any chance american
Replies: >>67177
Are you by any chance a third-worlder (read: Africa, China, Russia, Brazil, etc)
Replies: >>67185
Could such a system be possible, in all seriousness? If not, what could come close to that?
I'm asking because only an american could make a post like this.
Replies: >>67190
And yet you're speaking American right now. I know who the real loser is here.
Replies: >>67193
It's called Queen's English, you deficient.
Replies: >>67197
Why would I want a woman but even more immature?
Replies: >>67201
Are they really 13yos? They look like college crackheads.
who says anything about having a relationship, just pump it and dump it.

>why does anyone want a 20y instead of 40y
Replies: >>67202
Because I'm not a nigger, nigger.
hope this is not gon be as dumb as tinychan
"stay in your containment"
is that why you manage a chan
This is probably true, one of the harder pills is that people is afraid of freedom, they preffer twice as much to be comfortable.
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Cutting edge normalfag culture is just low effort memes posted 5-10(+?) years ago on /jp/ or /int/
The true tragedy is all the edgy faggots who could easily be pretty cool in a dumb lame way who inherit predispositions and shitty views from the normalfag consensus and then fail to blossom to their potential as shitposters and are forever left producing a shadow of their own work.
Replies: >>101770
>>66258 (OP) 
I walk to work because it's faster than driving because I would have to wait for the light to make a u-turn. Only thing I hate is crossing the street during rush hour because of all the left hand turns, they should have a dedicated left lane because I can't tell if you are going straight or turning left. So many cars almost hit me, why are intersections so shit in america?
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I hate physics. 
Why the fuck does r=1/((1/x)+(1/y)) with x < (y/2) have to pull the yr scale to reverse log.
my little brother is fucking retarded. He got scammed by some bitcoin shit. Like he believed some guy on youtube said he was special or some shit and then he paid that guy money and never got bitcoin. Im fucking embarrased. He also wanted my family to buy him a graphics card for like 1500 dollars but all he plays is fucking minecraft and roblox.
Replies: >>68411
People under 13 aren't legally allowed on social media like jewtube for a reason. It's piss easy to manipulate them.
Replies: >>68469
>aren't allowed
Aren't allowed but are being catered towards precisely because they're easy to manipulate.
Seconding the explanation on 14.313. I have a boefeng uv10r  radio. Can I shittalk using it? I have solar panels and a cord to run the thing as well so even if the electrical grid goes away I can still use mine. The range is very very short however.....

>so where do you goyim live?

Very yes. 


How would they ban your ham radio though? Microwave it with a drone after first triangulating your position using three circling drones? :D

>le duality of man

I doubt you're being serious. 

Electro-shock therapy plus whatever hallucinogenic and or dissociative drugs the CIA used (to erase a persona) then just watch anime a lot but only the weird shit. 

>transexuals aren't insane
this children is bait dot pee in gee
>foraging mushrooms
Wait, what?  What turned THAT into a rulecucked club for boomers?
Replies: >>68782
He may live in an area where magic mushrooms grow naturally, geriatrics rulecuck hard over that shit in California from what I know. Not that it really stops anyone.
When I was 15 I had to get circumcised at the doctors due to phimosis and her daughter seen me naked.
Replies: >>68808
When I was 15, I had to get in a bath to weigh myself, it was some new science method that my mom told me about. I got to wear my boxers when I sat in the bath. My sister also had to do this and she put her hair up like girls do. She loved every minute of it.
Replies: >>68819
I can't play video games anymore I'm not sure If I have reduced motor skills caused by depression or brain damage But I decided to play ds1 again and got stuck at the tarus demon. I can't even enjoy escapism anymore.
Replies: >>68812
[Hide] (56.9KB, 495x380) Reverse
The older you get the worse the reflexes and learning potential. Yes it's brain damage. Our brains only get less cells over time after all. 

A child sees the entire board of a chess game all at once and searches it quickly while a chess master searches it slowly more efficiently. He has no memory but sees in the future anyway to win via strategy. It's been this way forever. Games were reflex oriented mostly to target children of whom have too much energy, children do, and are too easily entertained. A game for adults would be more similar to Myst or chess or some JRPG type game but with puzzles to make it more than a tedious book. 

I personally suck at chess and planning for the future in general and also have always had bad reflexes even when young so I just save/load state spam. Do ds emulators have save/load state or does that glitch? I doubt it glitches it. Just load the states.
Replies: >>68814
>Do ds emulators have save/load state or does that glitch?
by ds1 I meant dark souls 1
Why did you need to go in a bath to weigh yourself?
Replies: >>68822
Please don't reply to that pasta, I don't care to see it again.
I go on Twitter just to see what everyone is pissed off about. I really should stop since I can get quite irritated at all the twitter nobodies and their garbage opinions. But the thing I hate seeing most on there is the fact that there is Kpop bullshit on there DAILY. Why are people so obsessed with effeminate gooks and their terrible music?
Replies: >>69556 >>71272
[Hide] (210.1KB, 391x400) Reverse
twitter is a garbage heap. I'm not sure why your surprised they're in crap like k-pop. They only like it because someone else told them to and they can't make decisions by themselves.
Replies: >>69602
>>66258 (OP) 
If I knew how that shit works or where he broadcasts, I would tell you to call my father a fag.
Replies: >>69702
I fucking hate normalniggers. I absolutely can't stand them. Bunch of displaced niggers from twitter and discord who try to take over everything and turn it into their hub of fucking cancer. I wish they'd all kill themselves so the rest of us could inherit the earth, but at the very least I'd be happy if they'd just fuck off already. You have no reason to be in places like this or any other imageboard. There are millions of communities for your kind and yet you come to places like this and shit it up. Fuck off.

Including you, you chose to come here and complain about something that has been a staple of imageboards since the very beginning of 4chan. Things like loli and offensive language are the entire point of coming to places like this and the problem is you, not the loli thread. Now fuck off.
If you think about it, this is probably more malicious towards suicidal people than any kind of harassment or shaming or daring that sensitive people like to blame. How many cases from those poor people who ended up faceless happened because they just thought "well, in that movie or game they just point the gun at their chin, let's do that"?
Eh, to be fair, there's always good and bad in every genre of music, and k-pop is no exception (see https://files.catbox.moe/2l1p3m.swf for some good k-pop), but yeah most mainstream stuff is shit. >inb4 hipster
The only mainstream k-pop song I really like is Universe by BTS, and even that's more of a Coldplay song.

But seriously, why the fuck are you using twitter? At least leddit sometimes has useful guides, but twitter has fucking nothing outside of porno.
[Hide] (42.6KB, 197x159) Reverse
I want to try and get into radio on the MURS and other public frequencies, is a shitty Baofeng radio a good place to start?
Why the fuck did you have to put a giant fucking speaker so close to my apartment? Its a speaker on a fucking stick. I dont know what its called. I live in the middle of the city and someone, im guessing the city or some random store, decided to put up some absolutely retarded big speaker that constantly plays christmas music. Look, i have no problem if you want to play some christmas music. But is it really necessary to blast it through a huge fucking speaker all day long?
Replies: >>71052 >>71057
[Hide] (5.3KB, 330x319) Reverse
heres what it looks like. But its much taller.
Replies: >>71057
Get a slingshot, a good one, and some ball bearings and shoot it. Wear gloves when handling the bearings so they don't get fingerprints from them.
Replies: >>71063
And try to avoid cameras for obvious reasons.
If you are a pussy you could just get some disposable ear plugs.
[Hide] (89.4KB, 701x1000) Reverse
hello, I just wanted to let you fags know that I hate niggers and kikes
good day
Replies: >>88172
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1284x1004) Reverse
>see girl named Durva haven't seen in a while
>call her Druj because I've been watching Jahy
I hate myself.
Speaking of twitter, why does every artist insist on posting their art there. Is there really no better website to do so in? At least I can use nitter to sort through their pictures better.
Replies: >>71273 >>71342
Because everyone uses it, making a great advertising tool. 
I don't mind artists using it as long as it's they also upload it somewhere else, specially if it's video because twitter compresses it to shit. 
Fuck that guy and his compressed twitter videos.
The CIA might think I had electronics in my shoes or my radio.  Fucken retard-niggers cannot understand the NIST random numbers talk -- proof of God.  
Fucken niggers.
language: bash
echo "$(shuf -n 10 /usr/share/dict/words --random-source=/dev/urandom | tr '\n' ' ')"
Replies: >>71342
Because unlike pixiv, you can talk about what you ate for breakfast today there. And when people "retweet" something on twitter, they retweet it with the link of who drawn it.

Bash is a faggot language, use C or python.
Replies: >>71442
I fucking love him actually, he is on the world's longest trip of "I'm not doing this for you faggots, I'm doing this for myself".
Replies: >>101783
>implying python isn't a faggot language
Install tcl
Why the fuck is this thread dying?
Replies: >>101770
[Hide] (72.2KB, 300x444) Reverse
I fucking hate HATE 'hate' how shitty sleepychan, and hell, the webring, have gotten recently. The majority of posts are coming from the fucking low IQ ESL niggerspic retards, shitstirring /cow/niggers who bring their asinine effeminacy everywhere they go, and the motherfucking tvchanner spiritual niggers who talk only in cuckchan terms. Each and every one of these posters deserve to be smeared with honey, impaled on a stick, and then left to be devoured by the beasts of the earth for bringing down good boards with their shit.
It's pretty clean on /geimu/
Replies: >>73698
It's imageboard, pretty clear you're not an organic poster bub.
Replies: >>73698
These two niggers need a lynching.
Replies: >>73699
He's right about /geimu/ though, everything over there is drama-free and calm. I think that /tv/, /v/ and /b/ boards inherently just draw in the worst posters and turn sites to shit. Least tvch has a nice /lit/ and zzzchan has a good /x/.
[Hide] (278.3KB, 527x377) Reverse
>herd no longer make the boogeymen shortlist
Sounds like there's work to do
Replies: >>73705
[Hide] (110.2KB, 551x600) Reverse
Maybe too calm.
Replies: >>73705
Only calm because its deader than everything else. Can't have drama when no one fucking posts.
Go ahead retard nobody would even notice if you spammed the webring right now because it's all hot garbage anyway.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1410x793) Reverse
>he's right about /geimu/
Eden, my love, we've been over this a hundred times. First of all, you're a woman and I want to impregnate your ripe cherry pussy, so do not go around referring to yourself as "he".
Second, you're the only one featherhead who gives a shit about /geimu/ when you try and shill it like this, do you think anyone's gonna seriously believe you're not the one doing it? Girl, it's literally just you over there, who the fuck is gonna go out of their way and try to advertise it, other than well... you?

Now listen, baby, my testicles are so full of cum it hurts. I feel like if I bump into something I'll nut. It's gotten to the point where just thinking about you makes my penis fill up with blood instantaneously. My balls have stretched to twice their regular size, and I can feel the semen being pumped into my balls and my blood moving from other parts of my body to my heart to my cock. My cock is threatening to rip my jeans in half and I can barely pull down the zipper. Even just getting up is becoming difficult due t o the ungodly expansion of my genitals.

I have been fully erect for over 10 hours, even while sleeping, I must stay under the sheets so my parents don't walk in on me. My underwear is being stretched to the maximum. I cannot do anything due to saving my purity for you, but I am worried since the last time I came it took me an hour to beat it even though my dick was fully erect. Maybe it's because I last too long.
If I even rub my genital area against my pants I'll start to moan uncontrollably. Even the bible isn't taking away the erection. I've tried to play video games but the female characters remind me of you and make my penis get even harder.

I feel lightheaded, and my balls are continuously getting  heavier. This happens every day but I cannot afford to waste time fapping when I could be instead pumping you full of babies. The head of my penis has gotten so filled with blood the skin is completely stretched. Luckily I am circumcised so the foreskin isn't pulling it in.

Currently, 15% of my blood is in my penis, and I may get frostbite in my extremities.

Eden, dear, this is a cry for help.
Replies: >>73719 >>73730
[Hide] (99.2KB, 1124x1200) Reverse
>I fucking hate HATE 'hate' how shitty sleepychan, and hell, the webring, have gotten recently. The majority of posts are coming from the fucking low IQ ESL niggerspic retards, shitstirring /cow/niggers who bring their asinine effeminacy everywhere they go, and the motherfucking tvchanner spiritual niggers who talk only in cuckchan terms. Each and every one of these posters deserve to be smeared with honey, impaled on a stick, and then left to be devoured by the beasts of the earth for bringing down good boards with their shit.
Replies: >>73789
[Hide] (7MB, 640x360, 04:35)
Don't waste honey on niggers. Just good ol' vid related.
[Hide] (72KB, 287x344) Reverse
When I first saw your posts I thought you were just another shitposting idiot. But, after reading this beautiful confession of your desire to have a family with Eden, I support your goal 110%.
Please, Eden, he doesn't care if your board is shit. A love that pure doesn't come along but maybe once a lifetime. Give him a chance.
Replies: >>73720
I come here after wageslaving and I see someone has already mistaken another anon for me again. I usually don't correct anyone since the outcome is funny but any chance to display dominance is good enough cause for me.
You don't even deserve Eden's tight hurt pussy. 
Where's the fanfic you were writing for her, huh? That's what I thought.
I, on the other side, would roughly fuck Eden and spit on her mouth. All while she begs me to post on her dead board.
Then to shut her up, I would shove my penis in her mouth and urinate inside her throat. That would make her my bitch.
You on the other hand? Submissive faggot who can't even finish a single fanfic.
Eden's hurt butt will be all mine to destroy.
Anons in general piss me off anymore and I'm pretty sure it's because most of you are from a different generation with a different, more irritating way of using imageboards. I am one of few old dtupid niggers that didn't grow up and fuck off to let the next line of kiddies have fun with these sites, I wish I could surgically remove the part of my brain that drags me back to places like this. It would benefit us all a lot I think.
>I am one of few old
You've been on the internet for like three years, which is three years less then most of these faggots
Replies: >>73767
I don't care if you believe me you little faggot I'm just here to say you're annoying and I hope you die.
Sure getting pretty assblasted for someone who doesn't care
>just here to say you're annoying
But you were talking about other people before? Gotta pick one faggot
Replies: >>73772
Cool comeback retard, grrrrrr
[Hide] (19KB, 795x468) Reverse
When will you stop giving him attention? You do understand that is what drives attentionwhores back here?
Replies: >>73787
Yeah that Anon guy needs to fuck off.
>still no bigger hand and mouth edit with more soylent bottles
Replies: >>74470
>And if you dare complain about any of this shit online like complaining about how you aren't allowed to use any of the decent bandwidth for data transmissions (because it's not like the hobbyists matter when it comes to AMATEUR radio) then expect some ham radio faggot to show up and bitch at you for not being a "real" ham radio person, while at the same time bitching about why no one cares about ham radio anymore
This sums up why I never got a HAM license. Why would anyone pay for restricted access to the rulecucked bands when ISM is totally free as long as you stay in power limits. Nobody cares about analog audio transmission anymore. Even if you go digital on thr amateur bands you can't use encryption of any sort which is totally fucking retarded. HAMfags are 95% decrepit bookers who can't give up their first pseudonymous media and 5% naive kids who thought they'd learn something useful about electronics instead of stumbling into a drunk richfag social club.
Hearing normies talk is the most mind numbing shit imaginable, they just talk in circles, like they all have dementia
Replies: >>73911 >>73926
Just like the average discussion here on /b/

Replies: >>73932
Since I don't spend any time with normies mashallah, I don't know what you mean.
I wouldn't say that /b/ didn't use to always be like this, but god was this board a lot better.
Let's grr about reddit everywhere and at everything! It's gatekeeping!
Replies: >>73955 >>73974
hey reddit, git
Replies: >>74493
One of my simple pleasures is a radio morning show. I'm normally not a fan of the whole roundtable discussion, but I like what they do. However, I cannot stand the only female of the group. This woman is the epitome of the pussy pass. She contributes nothing to the show, yet is showered with praise by fans. Her persona is a "nerd," yet the extent of it is nothing but comic book pop culture. In reality she is a dumpy, old, woman child, catlady, that has no valuable or entertaining input on anything. Most of her dialog is simply parroted from another person or is scripted because she does "news" reports which are again nothing but pop culture nonsense. Worse yet they gave her another slot of time to do "nerd" news; which constitutes mainly Marvel horseshit. I cannot stand this woman.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 535x650) Reverse
But that's wrong and there already was.
Oh fuck this guy's keeping a gate!
Replies: >>77530
[Hide] (785.8KB, 2284x908) Reverse
Is there a more idiotic, ignorant formula in the English language than "changed the course of history"?
You need just to meditate on it 2 seconds to realize the utter absurdity presented.
Replies: >>77129 >>101716
[Hide] (507.9KB, 544x515) Reverse
Sometimes I have the need to burn down the fucking office building I work for, with everyone inside. Fuck being a wagie.
[Hide] (484.9KB, 688x912, 00:02)
I've been in quarantine for over a week and I'm STILL pozzed.
When will thins bureaucratic nightmare end?
Replies: >>77515
I don't think aids come and go that easy.
I hate the pushback against gatekeeping of all forms that plagues the modern world. Gatekeeping is great, it forms niches that are populated with dedicated and passionate people. Without gates, every community is the same, every product appeals to everyone, everything is the same asinine garbage that any normalnigher can consume on his smartphone on his way to wagecuckery.

I don't understand why people that have everything and own every space want to demolish every niche they find until the beta nerds all kill themselves. You don't fucking care about the hobby, you just want to displace a group and claim you own something you stumbled into yesterday. Why do you want to do it? Fuck if I know. Evolution just made you a monkey brained destructive retard I guess.
There's a retard dedicating all his time to bait people like you in here.
Replies: >>77549 >>77552
I'm not against gatekeeping, I'm against obsessive faggots that talk more about gatekeeping to the point that's the only thing on their minds and they shit up every conversation in sight because someone used a no no bad word on their naughty word list. As if that encourages any quality posting when you do that rainbow hair nigger tier shit, all it does is drive away people who don't want tk deal with you until the only remaining ones stick around specifically to piss you off and nothing else. I don't know what step your mind skips over but it seems extremely obvious to me that you're just as much of a problem as any wayward reddit dumbass that stumbles in, as if the rest of us aren't perfectly capable of bullying a faggot. You're a wannabe hotpocket.
Replies: >>77552
It's such a shame he fell for the bait and made a post, too. We could be living in a world where he didn't make a post. Don't forget what baitposter has taken from us.
I'm just ranting in general due to the thread theme and the mention of it, not really mad at any anon in here. Hell, I mostly had the Monster Hunter community in mind.

Sounds like you're complaining more about the schizoposters that just call everyone some random name. I guess that's gatekeeping but it's pretty disingenuous gatekeeping.
Replies: >>77579
Same exact reason ((( (((they))) ))) want to destroy nations and cultures.  It's all about controlling every aspect of your life.
Same reason ((( ((( (((ayyy))) ))) ))) lmaos want to destroy planets and galaxies. It's all about controlling every aspect of your soul.
Replies: >>77580
Well yeah them too, but I'm talking about the fags who go on and on and on and fucking on about being more and more strict about post quality, shitting themselves and crying go back over every disagreement, all while the user count dwindles and the number of posts that aren't just some nigger bitching about keeping muh gates become fewer in number. There's bullying away outsider faggots who refuse to lurk, and then there's being such a paranoid retard that you drive away everyone including people you want sticking around.
I'm starting to think no one here actually has anything going on in their lives that they find interesting enough to make threads about so they've resorted to this stupid petty shit to stave off the boredom.
[Hide] (80.3KB, 640x566) Reverse
NASA lied to you, frendo.  Aliens are the things running across your border.
Replies: >>77627
Híbrido de aýýý lmao
[Hide] (164KB, 291x198) Reverse
[Hide] (181.5KB, 272x338) Reverse
Replies: >>78790
[Hide] (60.6KB, 434x600) Reverse
lol mad!
Replies: >>78791
pedo detected
Replies: >>78792
Hey John niggerchu weakload trsperg gator Zach yakuza blissfag Bill Wilson essayfag weasel
[Hide] (299.8KB, 1280x960) Reverse
>>66258 (OP) 
I got up this morning (noon) and got my coffee and grabbed the mic and talked to a guy 4600+ miles away, in France. His day was going nice, I think it was 6PM there and he seemed to be drinking his after dinner desert.
Radio is still fun for me and it looks like I wouldn't want YOU around, anyway.
>boot related
Here's my blogpost. I had a pair of worn out boots. Not that old, but they don't make 'em like they used to. Anyway, I had been feeling the slightest pain in my ankle when wearing them lately  and figured it was just the stitching or them crapping out in some insignificant way and that I could just put off buying a new pair, walk it off, and let my calluses readjust and ride out the winter and save some money. So, I'm forced to go out in sub-zero temps and do some tedious bullshit. Ride the rails, get some stuff done, and then get back off at my home station. I've still got about a miles walk back to my neet cave. No problem, comfy enough nightwalk and I've still got an interesting podcast to listen to on my earbuds. Suddenly the faint pain in my ankle turns into something more acute. Like I'm being repeatedly stabbed. What. The. Fuck? I'm getting crippled by this pain. So, despite the fact that it's below zero and snow is drifting everywhere, I stop to unlace my boot and see what the problem is. Apparently there was some stupidly sharp plastic reinforcement by the back heal that had ripped through the lining and stabbed the shit out of the back of my ankle, right near the Achilles tendon. My sock is getting soaked in blood. Thought about ditching a glove and sticking it in the boot for cushioning, but it's below zero and that makes for another problem. I end up folding the boot down into itself to provide some cushion and hobble home walking this weird gate over snow covered black ice. Fucked up my knee hobbling around like that for nearly a mile. Get home and realize that I borderline need stitches and my sock is soaked in blood. Boo hoo, poor me, I know. I thought about tales like Washington crossing the Delaware and other war stories of armies leaving bloody footprints in the snow. Life could be worse, but damn I hate it when the little things that you take for granted end up literally biting you in the heels. At least the stupidly sharp plastic didn't slice into my tendon. Off my feet now and whatever, it's winter, so I'd probably be laying in bed and wasting my time staring at a computer screen anyway.
Replies: >>81539
I have a similar but not really story involving mysterious pains but no blood. I was visiting my dad's and went with his wife to pick up my little half brothers. While we're in the car on the way there my legs start feeling weird and kinda numb but I don't pay much attention to it. When we  finally arrive and I step out of the car I feel a sharp jolt of pain going through my whole legs, ankles and soles of my feet, I even stumbled a bit but, just endured it. Every fucking step the jolts continue to manifest and get worse and more painful each time, so painful I started limping and dragging my feet, which sorta helped but not much. Time passes, we get my brothers and finally get back home. I head upstairs to check what the hell is wrong with me, and it turns out the socks I was wearing weren't mine but maybe his wife's or something and they were so tight around my ankles they were acting as a tourniquet and fucking with the blood flow, my feet looked near purple when I took them off. Anyways I wish you the best and hope you get well soon.
Why is jschan so buggy?
Replies: >>81628
Because god hates you.
Replies: >>81631
god needs to chill the fuck out then.
Replies: >>81643
Torturing people who you hate is chilling out. It's what god's chosen people Mexicans dk to pass the time.
What is it with zoomers blasting their shitty music in their phones and not using headphones?
Replies: >>82851
That's not a zoomer thing, being loud and obnoxious is a faggot teenager thing in general. They'll grow out of it and then be whining about whatever the generation after them is called blaring their music from the speakers embedded in their state mandated buttplugs.
[Hide] (2MB, 960x720, 01:12)
>go to jewtube frontpage
>ukraine is winning!!!
>muh putler is ebil!!!
goddamn i hate normalfaggots
Replies: >>82959
[Hide] (45.7KB, 600x400) Reverse
>dream I'm doing something, which eventually leads to benis on bagina, possibly my first normal sex dream
>cute girl is on top of me
>flat chest she says it's going to grow in the future
>but wide hips and a fat ass 
>she just grinds her insides against my dick until I pull her closer to kiss her 
>this continues for a while until I start changing songs with my mind 
>just enjoying the situation, feeling her tits on my chest and the slight movement on my dick 
<fucking mail man wakes me up with a package that should've been delivered last week but the faggot didn't feel like working back then and just lied that I wasn't home 
Fuck the postal service.
Replies: >>83450
I found a video that was a reply to Mearsheimer's talk about why Ukraine was about to get fucked and it was the west's fault. The video was just titled "Is Ukraine the west's fault? (no)", but I watched it despite the retarded title. 
The jewtubber fag proceeded to list a few key points, say "who cares" about each of them, and then say Putin was evil. 
The most egregious one was about the fact that Putin had been warning them since 2008, because according to him the west was completely justified in simply ignoring a threat of war and the other side is bad and evil for actually going through with a threat that had been ignored for 14 fucking years. 
I know it's war time but that doesn't make propaganda any less gay.
Replies: >>82992 >>83448
>russian tonk ran over a civilian car russians evil
<video shows a ukraininan mtlb swerving across the road in the middle of a firefight and accidentally monstertrucking a civvie car in the other lane
>russian warcriminials launched a missile at an apartment building
<video shows the missile being launched from a place russian ground forces still havent reached days later
There is plenty of retardation going on both sides but do western media have to make the propaganda so obvious?
Do normalniggers have to believe every single retarded thing they hear?
Replies: >>82993 >>83448
>There is plenty of retardation going on both sides but do western media have to make the propaganda so obvious?
Either they're retarded or they're just doing it for shits and giggles at this point.
Replies: >>83448
[Hide] (165.4KB, 1200x1732) Reverse
There's a special place in hell for people who interpolate animations and upload it to boorus. It's right next to where people who compare non-food-related tasks to baking a cake will suffer eternally.
I'm going to wallow in smug joy when vodkaniggers finally irrefutably kick the shit out of pigniggers just because every normalfaggot I have to deal with has suddenly started yammering on about this shit as if they're geopolitical experts and military geniuses. That's not to say I am either, but the sheer fucking arrogance of these borderline retards about the situation despite most likely not being able to point out Ukraine on a map or even reliably identify its flag is beyond infuriating. I don't even care about it beyond this, otherwise I couldn't give less of a shit about hohols or any other irrelevant slavnigger shithole.
Replies: >>83451
That reminds me of the time I had a delivery guy walk round the house and leave a package inside the back door instead of coming to the front and delivering it properly. I saw the van pull up and went downstairs to answer the door but when I got there he was pulling away and the tracking had been updated to say the package was delivered. I spent the next hour talking to customer service thinking he'd stolen the package since I had no idea it was round the back. All because he was too lazy to ring a fucking doorbell.
>if they're geopolitical experts and military geniuses
That's because TV tells them that they are. They just parrot what they hear there and in other media and they think they know it all because they believe what they see on TV is both accurate and comprehensive.
Replies: >>83457
>because they believe what they see on TV is both accurate and comprehensive
What confuses me about this is these people I have to deal with are also the kind to have "I don't believe the mainstream media" bumper stickers on their cars and also say the election was stolen by the media, yet they ate this narrative up in the course of half a day. I know most people are total fucking cattle but this is ridiculous, there is zero thought process involved just noises that they vaguely realize will get a positive reaction from their surroundings.
I have talked with actual mental retards that were more capable of logical consistency than this, it's almost enough to make me think the midwit meme is very real.
Replies: >>83458 >>83724
>midwit meme
Given that the world is shit and apathy reigns we can logically conclude that the majority is retarded to some degree.
>yet they ate this narrative up in the course of half a day. I know most people are total fucking cattle but this is ridiculous
Advertising and the theory behind it is, is quite old by now. Mass media has probably mastered the practice of getting the masses to believe whatever they broadcast. Hence why —in my opinion— there's all this emphasis nowadays on fake news, you wouldn't want your target audience to be subject to rivaling, but also effective, propaganda.
>>66258 (OP) 
>Holy shit, ham radio is one of the most cucked hobbies imaginable, and the community is filled with a bunch of no-fun faggots who talk about the most boring shit.
you can thank wh*teoid boomers for this kind of shit. they moralfagged everything off limits so now all they can do for fun is crossword puzzles and trivia questions. then when they get called out they call the other people "anti-intellectual" for not joining in on their crossword puzzle
[Hide] (1.1MB, 764x1280) Reverse
okne soy lord is  tech  illiterate he  is a alpha  soy okso  me paranoids just  had a  thought of normal faking this  soy insanity  larp  ok my  paranoids are being  negro   brained  enough of  that lets  think   about the reason i  got  upset a noid   was going to playshenay me gameroids but then remember noiuded that  me  computer  noid is broknain because me retard brashnay reshonoid  decided  to  overcock  my   hahah over cock get  it  like a penis hahah faggot  homo nigger warp die die die okne okne okne faggot  backgroud radiation from faggot homo nigger tv show getting  in my mind and making me gay constant thoughts of gay nigger sex  and big cock  fuicking constatly thinking about the penis of other men who will fuck my women not good little soy fat cuck boy  ahahahahha ok got this thing booted into windowns and was going to playshnay me gameroids decided to playshnay them but me instead looked and got soy lord insane about  some sort of bitcoin  miner and thenn freaked out and searched antimalware exutiable because me though it   was some sort of varanoid meguiel is very stupuid a roid  okne soshnay me look it up and looked up cores everyone on internet and zzzchan bully me likema little mannn who is bad and gayshenay okne so looked that up and felt like a little reddit clicker goinng to take a while to get ober this one okne need to actually type what i feel ok so looked up soy reddit google search like a shoshnay rocker needshnay to stop being a low iq mulato  soyme and become god level alpha  fucked uperoid and decied to look up the goshnay and fuckeroid okne so this was a bad  time should have not soyed out shoshnayy much like a little soy tech illiterate baby negro rape child dumb  dumb niggerr cum hahhahhhahahahahahahahahhaha dide die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die low iq die mutt low iq mutt die die die die die low iq mutt nigger baby mutt my mother fucked a  nigger and thats why i have negro dna all the negros she fucked have ejaculated in her vagina and the dna got stuck and turned me into a negro mutt she was sitting there and she could feel the negro cum infusing like a 60iq negro ape fucked up fucked up im a stupid google  serching negro ape need to die need to die need to die ok ok ok ok ok ok ok oko ok she was sitting on the hospital bed my father comes in a praises his little negro child ahahaha look at my mutt baby half jap half negro half irish mutt baby oh god my father is a little negro worshiper he looks at negros and knows they fucked his wife need to become god level not becomeigng god level bad badb badb okne so me paranoid mother fucked a negroid and got negroid dna in her nigger cock hole and then had me and i have dumb 60iq nigger cock brainn my father doesn not care he takes orders from a nigger loving fat 60 iq her head got i look at my mother and i dont see a human  being i see an empty shell she watches the tv and looks at the soy life of the american property lovers these two god children level soys love to build houses for mutts my mum watched these two cia clones like a little baby she just broke her hip or something my father helped her get up and could smell the nigger dna coming from her rotten hole i hate mmy mother and i hate my father my brother is some low iq guy  he thinks he can become some sort of engineer or something little faggot ill kill him i have wrench on my lap right now ill kill my whole family i just hate them they ruined my life and made me like this fucking negroid loveing mother
[Hide] (648.7KB, 692x535) Reverse
nice pic!
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1384x1498) Reverse
Big if true.
Need to breed that
Lately I've been deeply disappointed with all the low quality posts I see on imageboards in general. Not really here actually (I like zzz/b/), but especially on nanochan. You would expect some more quality, in comparison to 4chan, but no! You see the same things: shilling, slur spamming, attention whoring, avatarfagging and so much more unfunniness. It's like 4chan, but slower. And it's sad, because it's one of the few imageboards that work completely without JS.
Some would argue to just apply moderation, but I'm pretty anti-censorship, so that doesn't satisfy me either (thanks again DDG). I mean yeah, you could delete posts that are straight up just spam, but this sort of attitude can be found in other regular posts.
Surely I can't be the only one who feels this way?
I partially agree, but I believe moderation is the solution. 
Bullying newfags doesn't work when you have a small communities and the newfags are bad actors. 
There's just too many people wanting to destroy image boards nowadays, whether it be government agencies, redditor-minded niggers who believe getting called a faggot is an epic troll, IB owners who want to fuck with the "competition", and other assorted faggots. You either throw them out or let them burn your house down.
Replies: >>84407 >>84412
le this, everyone knows mods are infallible and their rules even more so.
Real question is "where the fuck is everyone?". It is not just about moderation, even if your board is perfect, the lack of oldfags will keep the quality down.
Replies: >>84414
Nearly everyone with the drive to create fun and interesting things has left imageboards and the only thing remaining is bitter cynical faggots and insufferable no effort retards who may as well be bots (assuming they actually aren't). I really wish I wasn't addicted to these places.
Either got lost along the way or left because of the redditors. It even happened here, with a lot of anons leaving and not returning after the recurring periods of spam.
>Nearly everyone with the drive to create fun and interesting things has left imageboards and the only thing remaining is bitter cynical faggots and insufferable no effort retards who may as well be bots 
this has been said time and time again and it's still true
[Hide] (14.1KB, 238x357) Reverse
>I really wish I wasn't addicted to these places.
Suffer more, weakling! May your suffering never end and may it grow ever more painful!
Replies: >>84440
I dunno. /v/ is making their own magazine, and I think it's pretty neat. Things have only been bad recently because of the endless waves of e-drama that the webring seems to have gotten itself caught in, but things are slowly calming down.
My life is actually pretty okay all things considered, this is my biggest gripe. Maybe if I had more problems I wouldn't give the slightest fuck about being chained to stupid niggers like you.
I just don't know what to do, about anything. They say uncertainty is a part of youth but it's getting old. I'm 5 years into construction work and i thought i fucking loved what i did which is the absolute exception for general occupations, but it still doesn't feel like enough.
I'm one shit day off jetting out of town and leaving the small few thing i have behind. There's an unceasing urge to just fucking see what the rest the US looks like, while i have the want and the motivation to actually do it. 
I can't shake the feeling i'm not long off a gone too soon ending or sliding in the slog as another number.
kill yourself normalfag
Replies: >>84450 >>84476
then there's that
Most of you are going to encounter propaganda attempting to convince you that women are not the hypergamous snakes that they appear to be, but I am here to tell you that is completely false and there is a vested interest in maintaining this delusion for the sake of all womenkind and our social order. Incels and chads have one thing in common, and that is the fact that they've both wisened up to the game, albeit one views from the bottom while the other looks from the top. Either way they've got the big picture down and this struggle against the other needs to stop. Women are the ones which set us up against each other. Thousands of years of male dominated society led to female oppression. This may have been for a reason. The ideal system for them is pure humanity shredding eugenics. Barely even human.
Treasure the ones that don't fit this mold and hide them from the world.
>There's an unceasing urge to just fucking see what the rest the US looks like, while i have the want and the motivation to actually do it.
You can't do young man things in an old mans body.
Replies: >>84458
stop wanting to do stupid shit like going out and seeing the country like a dumb white bitch
Replies: >>84458 >>84460
fuckin a right, that's what gets me
nice digits
far different feeling than "wanting to see the country" faggot
Replies: >>84459 >>84460
im sure it is, fat white woman
>fuckin a right
My family would give me shit for doing less then responsible things in my teenage years and I'd tell them, maybe this seems reckless, but I couldn't have any fun pursuing these things if I was old and grey. That would unintentionally strike a nerve and not go over so well, but if I got hit by a truck and randomly died tomorrow I'd regret nothing. Live within reason, but don't waste your youth. 
>seeing the country like a dumb white bitch
Yeah, the great adventurers throughout history. lol, what a weird perspective.
Replies: >>84595
If you can pull that off without winding up a homeless junkie then why the hell not? If you're still under 50 and in ok shape you should be able to handle it.
>conform to my unspecified standards
Normalfag mentality,  you don't realize it but you're peak goy automaton.
Replies: >>84480
sage and hide reddit thread
Replies: >>84486 >>84487
This Scotsman gets it, only the truest true Scottish fellows know how to avoid lowlandry!
shouldn't you be circlejerking about how literally who "lost" and grooming children on discord, tranny?
lel now he's doing the cuckchan tier "your post greentexted with a picture of an ugly person" faggotry. This is the same angry wannabe vol retard that wants to police your posts.
>get angry for no apparent reason 
>instead of leaving and calming down start spamming
>generally act like what you complain about 
Why do trannies do this?
Replies: >>84496
[Hide] (573.3KB, 1000x1002) Reverse
this post radiates old hobo energy
you need to be held up with a gun and removed from where you are right now, because that is definitely not your property
Full on mental breakdown levels now. Maybe sage really is always butthurt.
fagatha mad as fuck itt
Replies: >>84509 >>84520
Greentext me if you're gay
Replies: >>84520
Shit, I gotta try doing that next time he posts.
Replies: >>84528
I did not post in this thread nor do I use that shitty meme about saging and actually are an ardent sager myself.
This is retarded. You're not representing me at all. Post ironic posts are 4chan tier.
Scotposting really gets up under this guy's skin for some reason. It must be uncomfortable knowing he's a living embodiment of the gayest fallacy.
Replies: >>84534 >>84540
No, I mean posting Fagatha's face.
Replies: >>84537
I don't know who that is.
Replies: >>84539
Don't worry about it.
Replies: >>84548
<spamming gets under his skin XD
Replies: >>84546
>if it bothers me it's spam
Meanwhile he's probably  you literally posting the same pic over and over out of anal pain lol.
Replies: >>84561
Wasn't planning on it thanks though hope you have a nice day.
So I happen to hate 2 things right now.

1. Clickbait articles or titels.
Especially when it has nothing to do with the actual article or video or whatever, honestly it should be prohibited to abuse that shit for views.
The worst about it? I see otherwise reputable people abuse this for more views.
Absolute garbage.

2. "Retro" pixel garbage games.
Holy shit how has that ever been acceptable? I was growing up with NES games so these indie trash games disgust me to no end. They are nowhere near actual NES games most of the time! Amateurish awful graphics, otften so bad you can barely make out what that pixel mess is supposed to be.
Replies: >>84568
I don't spam, I make fun of spam with parrots. You don't know me at all. I posted that image of my face literally once right after trying not to when I said:
>making this place into soc

Or something to that effect. That's how it came to be. Someone asked me for it and has been using it as a boogieman pic for ages now.
Replies: >>84574
I'm not convinced the clickbait titles/thumbnails are really there for the human audience anymore. They're probably there for the algorithms.
The pics you were spamming weren't parrots though it was some ugly dude and you were clearly mad about people not taking your "wah wah normalfag" whining seriously.
Replies: >>84638
I'm currently working on a game, and I just haven't posted about it yet as it's still rough. I'm sure other anons are doing the same with their projects.
>but if I got hit by a truck and randomly died tomorrow I'd regret nothing.
If i can reach that point, maybe i'll have found whatever it is i'm looking for.
>Live within reason, but don't waste your youth.
How well within reason is it to expect work from random contractors across the states on my journey while homeless. The only lead i have is a dude i met playing a shitty online game that said i'd have a place on his tuna boat if i made it to California, then again that was a year ago or more
Replies: >>84606
[Hide] (2.8MB, 498x371) Reverse
Even now that I have a girlfriend I can't get over how miserable and lonely I was in high school and college. If anything it has gotten worse now that I have a taste of what I missed out on. Never will I get a chance to spend a carefree summer with a hot young thing. I think about it almost every day when I'm out on the street and see all the young couples. I wasted what should have been my prime rotting on  imageboards and playing vidya with other losers. Now I just go on imageboards when I'm bored or pissed off at work and only talk to those guys to rub it in their faces that I have job and a girlfriend, but the truth is that I hate my wage slave job and feel like my gf is just a money pit because I don't like going out.

I feel like I didn't have a chance. Dad was a pushover loser working a dead-end job his whole life and mom was a neurotic cunt. Together they raised me to be a faggot loser who never stood up for himself, and I'm only barely recovering in my mid-twenties. By the time I have my brain in order and can enjoy life at all I'll probably be too old and bald to slay prime pussy. It's just not fair /b/ros.
>work from random contractors
I'm no stranger to that type of work. It can be rough. Once upon a time my strategy was to try and land big money projects, live frugally, and then travel in between jobs. And it depends on how you travel. Staying put can be more expensive then just going off innawoods camping and fishing and that's just an extreme example.
Replies: >>84623
girls r dum and you missed out nothing
Its fair in the way that you are still in a generally stable position, and if you teach ur kid how you fucked up they will be better off.
Replies: >>84615
[Hide] (1.5MB, 4464x2976) Reverse
>Its fair in the way that you are still in a generally stable position
Slavery is also a stable position. There's more to quality of life than the stability of your lifestyle. You have a very womanly way of viewing things. I am totally unfulfilled in my professional and sexual life, and feel like it is getting too late to do anything about it. Look at anyone who achieved great things and you will find that almost all started in their youth. The only exception that comes to my mind is Jack Ma, and he didn't do anything except shill the internet to Chink Boomers. My youth is almost over with nothing to show for it but a career where I can vent my anger on dying imageboards while pulling a respectable salary and a single girlfriend who only puts up with my severe social retardation because she barely speaks English. This is not a life; it's a slow death.
Replies: >>84616
You can always do something about it or bitch until you die.
Your choice, faggot.
Replies: >>84622
[Hide] (41.2KB, 311x500) Reverse
I'm working on it nigger, but change doesn't happen overnight. I am merely worried that despite all my hard work it is already biologically too late to reach my full potential. This is the thread for bitching about things until you die after all. It's hard work, and I get fucking pissed off by how slow progress is, but I keep trucking through it. I'll leave you with a Hitler quote from Speer's memoirs that I found inspirational but surprisingly never saw on /pol/.
>The higher he aims, the more a man grows.
Replies: >>84630
I suppose you said it can be rough, but how'd that strategy work out for you? I have a cheap rod to fish but i'll have to find out smaller spots as i go, considering i won't be picking up a new lisence for every state. Only reason i wouldn't go to more popular spots is getting caught by wardens and having my car taken.
As for camping, i'm going to try the homeless spots for free outdoor gear they give to the streetwalkers out of sympathy.
Replies: >>84629
>how'd that strategy work out for you?
As far as trade work was concerned?
It was something I did for a while. I learned some useful skills and got to work on a few cool buildings. Mostly boring stuff, but there were some interesting projects.
As far as low budget travel was concerned?
I'd just go for it. Plan ahead as best as possible and go for it. Only enough money for fuel and emergency rice and beans? Just go for it. Don't speak the language? Just go for it.
>getting caught
Yeah, you've got to use your intuition and pick your spots. I always found park rangers or whatever officials I dealt with to be decent people. If your just some bro who is being respectful and minding your own business... at least I never had any problems. Like they've got groups of delinquent college kids really messing things up and serious headcases to watch out for. They always would want to chat and kind of feel you out, but I never had a problem camping anywhere really. 
Overall I try to treat life like a game and figure if you're going to play then why not explore the map?
>Prometheus Rising
heh, thought i was on erischan there for a moment
You sound like a cunt so you deserved it.
Replies: >>84818
That wasn't me spamming my own face over and over, actual moron. 

Alternatively, stop false flagging to try to make me look bad, nigger lover.
I thought you loved niggers
Replies: >>84641 >>84643
I don't know what the hell is happening I just made some stupid Scotsman post and someone flew off the handle instead of simply calling me a retard and ignoring me and then some other faggot jumped into the middle of it.
What a Scotsman.
They often use muted colors in hentai with the males and also dno't show the face so that people don't go fully homosexual and fixate on the males rather than the pale pixy 2d females that you are actually supposed to fixate on.
You blame it on your parents, but wasn't it your own god damn fault? 
So you were a loser and then wasted time on the internet coping with other losers instead of trying to get pussy, probably fell for the >3dpg meme shit too.
What did you expect? Did you tell yourself "I don't need that shit" and as it turns out you regret it now or what happened?
You should've realized at some point that you have to work for it, if you want to get your dick wet.

Look I was a faggot loser myself, not popular at all, but when I hit 14 I started trying to get a gf so I worked on myself, got a new haicut, new clothes etc. and at some point in time I had to decide "Do I play the new WoW addon or do I go to my neighbours birthday party? (her cute friend will probably be there too)" I chose the latter and that's why I ended up losing my virginity at 14 and had a lot of fun with her.
I liked nerd shit like anime and vidya but I was aware that while I grind for an item in my MMO other guys were grinding teen pussy.
If you are in your mid twenties you still have plenty of time to slay prime pussy man.
Until you hit 35 or so you can easily bang 20y old chicks.
You may not be able to spend carefree summers with those chicks but you can bang a new pussy every few weeks and if you take them with you on a short trip to another city or something over the weekend, away from your job etc. you can still enjoy some carefree time with your girl.

If that's what you want, go do it.
Personally? I went to many parties and had quite a few relationships and I would rather find "the one" now.
I'm glad I made my memories banging my first gf etc. but honestly? banging dumb chicks is so fucking easy, finding one that isn't a dumb bitch and that you want to live with etc. is the hard part.

I don't know your situation, perhaps it really was your parents fault, but blaming it on others is usually just an excuse, you are aware of it now, you can change it.
If you act now, in a few years you can say "well I didn't bang teen pussy but at least I got to smash many 2X year old bitches" or you do nothing and come here cry when you hit 40 that you only fucked one girl in your life.

Many people wish they could redo some things they fucked up in life, including me, getting mad about it doesn't help.
Replies: >>84720 >>84750
why do you think pussy and women are the end goal. I have daisy and god level, you have what a loose roastoid hole? do you want to be able to have grand thoughts not possible for people who have tainted themselves with women? I never want to be around a woman I definitely don't want to be inside one. being a normalnigger delinquient zoomer is my regret. I regret not isolating sooner. i regret not building god level meeter sooner. the younger you start the closer you will get to god level. the thing is, I'm sort of worried that I may have had sex on accident without knowing it. i got drunk often when I was a delinquient so my thinking is that I may have been raped or had sex with a girl on accident. so maybe thats why I never unlocked god level. or maybe it takes sometime. who knows really.
>I got teen pussy, but you just have to cope
>Enjoy your weekend while I had months
Thanks for your wisdom normalfag-kun, but how did you even wind up on dead imageboards with this fulfilling life you led?
I am genuinely curious.
Replies: >>84754
>picked up astronomy a few months ago
>in retrospect a terrible hobby for the area where I live due to light pollution
>wanted to take my telescope out to different places to find the best place to view the night sky closest to where I live 
>Ukraine happens and now gas is on average $5.88 where I live

Truly a garbage time to be alive. Can't do shit all because of foreign affairs. I'm not hurting for money or anything, but I'm pretty cheap and don't feel like shelling out the extra money.
>Thanks for your wisdom normalfag-kun, but how did you even wind up on dead imageboards with this fulfilling life you led?
As I said I liked nerd stuff and on image boards I always found some new obscure game or weird porn and shit like that.
I browsed 8chan until it died and later found this place, I rarely post here though.

>I got teen pussy, but you just have to cope
>Enjoy your weekend while I had months
Well I missed out on the early WoW memories others had in return so yeah.
Also there is still girls with tight pussies for you, not to mention that girls with some experience can be an advantage too.
Replies: >>84772
[Hide] (24.9KB, 640x480) Reverse
>implying 'awww dood 4str 4stam leather belt' is a fair trade for missing out on pussy in your youth
[Hide] (8.6KB, 266x258) Reverse
[Hide] (236.8KB, 1067x621) Reverse
For me, even back then. It was not about having young pussy. It was about having a cute gf that I cared for and cared for me. The young pussy was the frosting in the cake. 
To this day, the sentiment still remains. 
I don't want to fuck random whores. I don't want one night stands with used up obnoxious cunts.
Otherwise I prefer to remain unbothered.
Replies: >>84798
Isn't it "normalfag" behavior to get upset over someone else's sex life? Who the fuck cares if someone got laid before or after you. Or at all, I'm not going to shit my pants because some fag I don't know didn't do a pussy poke. Acting like this just puts women on a pedestal which is a huge part of why they're such massive whores in the first place.
Tomboys are basically just boys. You're a fag who wants to impregnate boys.
Replies: >>84799 >>84808
[Hide] (996.3KB, 820x1156) Reverse
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1093x1233) Reverse
Call me when you find a boy that looks like this.
Replies: >>84800 >>84815
Replies: >>84801
Call me when your nu-gina doesn't have to be dilated to keep from sealing itself up.
Replies: >>84815
See? You're asking me to call you. For what? Obviously for a date. A date from me, a man. Even when you deny it, you affirm it!
Replies: >>84817
pretty gay
This Anon --> >>84601 is clearly a normalfag or a failed one.
Replies: >>84838
Sounds like a fag with the same kind of problems plenty of other anons have bitched about to me. He's just stupid enough to blame the people he wasted time with even though nobody held a gun to his head and made him sit there staring at his screen for years on end.
[Hide] (65.6KB, 602x414) Reverse
Based. Heil Hitler.
Replies: >>101769
[Hide] (110.5KB, 1200x1068) Reverse
Life isn't fair, nigger. I spent my 20s trying to walk straight post-military and after being married to some psycho bitch. My advice on women is to stop pedastalizing them and thinking they're so fucking important. If you have worked on yourself as a man, then you are the one who is important. Definitely improve yourself and gain real confidence doing real things in life so you will automatically reject others attempts to devalue you. Real confidence should come from real accomplishments only, and in all other aspects of life you should be brutally critical and uncaring and mute any empathy you ever had, especially shit about feeling sorry for yourself. It is not about being right or wrong. It is because it does not help you. I think you should probably just massively overreact and become the polar opposite of your dad if he really is a total loser. It can only benefit you to be right in most areas and you can fix the little mistakes that may crop up in that later.

Oh, and I know there's plenty of permavirgin (I know that's not a real thing for males lol, but you have to call it something) types on boards, but honestly, you're better off never having dealt with a woman. Most women are massively despicable cunts and whores that will destroy your life purely for something like temporary victim posturing, sympathy, or attention. Many of them are so degenerate they can't even get their finances in order.

You need to make yourself worthy of the QT you want and never pay any attention to other women that are beneath that. Fucking ignore them. If any of the cunts bother you, report their ass to HR where you work. Stop taking shit from worthless bottom-of-the-barrel whores.

If you've kept yourself apart from liasons (as you should have), then you ought to be demanding virginity in a wife, also. Never fucking cuck, even if you are doomed to death. Never surrender.
Replies: >>88176 >>105158
pics or it didn't happen
[Hide] (127.4KB, 380x630) Reverse
[Hide] (706.7KB, 831x1200) Reverse
[Hide] (309.6KB, 1110x1553) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 2351x1522) Reverse
[Hide] (3.8MB, 2000x3545) Reverse
My old colleagues and friends I speak to are adamant about loli being pedophilia. How do I convince them otherwise? Or do I keep shitposting with loli and resume not caring about what they think?
[Hide] (123.7KB, 256x324) Reverse
>How do I convince them otherwise?
If you're aroused by depictions of minors, you're aroused by depictions of minors. The attraction to minors is generally referred to as "pedophilia". "Lolicon" (that's you and everyone else who enjoys sexual depictions of minors) is the term the Japanese use for the kind of person that the English-speaking world calls "pedophile". There's no meaningful difference in terms but if you desperately create one it lies in "artistic depictions of" which is, itself, not particularly relevant.
>Or do I keep shitposting
Please don't.
>and resume not caring about what they think
You're demonstrating a dangerous lack of will here. If you're trying to choose masters I'd say anyone or anything is better than normalniggers. You must dissent.
Replies: >>88182
[Hide] (110.2KB, 636x839) Reverse
[Hide] (318.4KB, 550x650) Reverse
[Hide] (923.5KB, 1095x1771) Reverse
[Hide] (220.8KB, 1207x1904) Reverse
[Hide] (149.7KB, 796x1200) Reverse
(You), 6/10 bait made me reply
[Hide] (30.4KB, 680x680) Reverse
Why would you discuss porn irl in the first place?
>How do I convince them otherwise?
You don't. While I don't think fiction should be illegal, it's still degenerate, as it should be.
Things have changed a lot in the last decade, it's not just fiction, trannies and legitimate pedos have pushed it into the main stream and use it to justify actual CP. Traces, toddler shit, realistic 3D shit and "reference material" get posted under the guise of "It's just a cartoon bro." to the point I'd say actual pedos out number btards cranking it to the balloon headed thing from windwaker.
That's a strange way to say Spiderman thread.
They're right though. Tell them it is a legal idealized subset of pedophilia and be done with it.
Replies: >>88192
Ask them how they know that the girls are underage or they're just petite. Ask them if they're just guessing or if they're comparing from experience. And then continue gaslighting them in that fashion until they stop bringing up the topic with you.
[Hide] (167.1KB, 800x894) Reverse
[Hide] (455.6KB, 852x964) Reverse
Why do you care? Just call them faggots.
[Hide] (946B, 144x41) Reverse
>people bitch about captcha
You ever try to shitpost on ru chan?
Replies: >>88222
[Hide] (238.6KB, 738x669) Reverse
Replies: >>88193 >>88260
[Hide] (75.6KB, 625x415) Reverse
Yes goy, attack people for cartoons! Ignore our child sex slave markets.
Just keep posting frogs.
Niggers are humans.
Humans are animals.
Niggers are animals.
[Hide] (3MB, 2264x1811) Reverse
[Hide] (9.8KB, 90x50) Reverse
[Hide] (30.3KB, 646x176) Reverse
[Hide] (359.7KB, 1190x876) Reverse
I'm no expert on the law, but I don't think its legality is as simple as you think it is. The topic on the legality of lolicon is a very interesting spectacle because of how it managed to stay in the gray area for so long. You have District Court cases like U.S. V. Handley that go against lolicon. But at the same time, you have the Supreme Court of the United States, which is the highest court in the nation, striking down legislations that want to make virtual child porn illegal. There must be a reason for why these two courts seemingly have opposing cases, and it's because this topic isn't as black and white as you think it is. Honestly, I really wanted Mr. Handley to appeal to the Supreme Court just to see what the outcome would be.

I believe that lolicon will forever stay in the gray, at least in the U.S., because the tools that they use are not consistent enough to determine whether something is "obscene" or not. This "alternative 2-pronged test for obscenity" that Title 18 offers in your image has the exact same weakness as the Miller test in that both require the subjective opinion of the deciding group. This required subjectivity from both this test and the Miller test comes from the line "the image lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value." The real challenge here for this case specifically is how to consistently determine if something has any artistic value to it. I'm sure that 2nd pic demonstrates this problem very well. Using the same Miller test, it is entirely plausible that some people will view a clay sculpture of a guy sucking himself in such a posture as something legitimately obscene but the fact that a distinguished professor looked at it and evaluated it as something with artistic value says otherwise. Without a complete step-by-step method of finding artistic value, any thing that gets charged with obscenity gets boiled down to "we don't like it so you can't have it."

Now you are probably wondering:
>Several countries have banned it because they don't like it. What's keeping the U.S. from doing that if they already have stuff like Title 18 already addressing it?
I have been wondering this too and ultimately came to the conclusion that it is because the legality of lolicon sits on the very boundaries of the Vagueness Doctrine or some other thing similar to it. The tl;dr for it is a rule saying that any criminal law that cannot definitively state what kind of conduct is punishable is simply unenforceable as a result. Basically, criminal statutes must be sufficiently descriptive and clear enough to be enforced in a consistent manner. This comes into direct issues with the legality of lolicon because the act of determining whether something is obscene and thus illegal/criminal requires SUBJECTIVE input on whether it has artistic value instead of using the definitive, clear, and explicit directions that the Vagueness Doctrine asks for. 

This is why I think lolicon will forever sit in the gray; it's because art is vague as hell. The only way to get a concrete method for determining obscenity is to simply label all pornographic material as obscene. This may have worked back then but now an increasing amount of people view pornography as art. I have even seen some people that have porn tattooed onto their bodies. Again I would just like to clarify that I am far from an expert when it comes to law so feel free to correct mistakes and beat the shit out of me using facts and logic.

Source for first image:

tl;dr, fantastic bait
Replies: >>91692
>This is why I think lolicon will forever sit in the gray; it's because art is vague as hell. The only way to get a concrete method for determining obscenity is to simply label all pornographic material as obscene.
This is what happened in japan (because foreign powers were interfering in their ability to pass more conventional censorship) and while some of the broader sex industry has developed in strange directions (e.g. some of the strange legal conceits regarding soaplands) it ultimately didn't take alt porn out of the gray.
I don't give a shit if I sound like a glownigger but sometimes I wish I could shoot up my workplace and then myself
Replies: >>94010
Going postal was a thing far-before glowniggers started lurking kenyan ice sculpting forums, though I wouldn't be surprised if they were involved with mass shootings at work in the past. If anything wanting to murder-suicide your workplace is probably normal.
Being poor sucks, helping your mother that quit her job early and being on the line for money everyday while being booted from housing because rent is too expensive hurts. Knowing you're going to be homeless in less than a couple weeks feels like nothing. Still having no motivation to do something better or to even get up in the morning should be overwhelming. Being an apathetic alchoholic with schizophrenic delusions makes me want to talk to a professional mind jew, but i'm too paranoid to even attempt it. So here i am, someone help me, or just fucking kill me and help my mom please...
Replies: >>97554 >>97675
One time I ate half a jar of fiber gummies and shat foam for a day.
Prepare for homelessness.  Backpack, sleeping bag, knife, water filter, change of clothes, soap, comb, boots, where to find odd jobs, where it's safe to sleep, trading posts, a lot of stuff I'm missing too but if you failed finding a job you need to face the music.
Replies: >>97555
Shit advice.
Better to just walk up to a random stranger and say, "I think I've been poisoned" and then fall to the ground and pretend to be unconscious. Someone will call the emergency services and you'll be brought to the hospital. There you will get free food and will talk to a social worker. Tell them you think someone is trying to kill you and you haven't eaten in three days. You will be send to psyche ward for evaluation. Tell them you have an important message for God. Act helpless and irrational, but always eat the food you're offered. You'll be marked on government files as a nutjob for life but it's your best chance at being connected to any social services in your country that might be able to help you with your problems. 
Replies: >>97556
Just go to a cop and pull your cock out.
Free food, free sex, and free shelter.
[Hide] (591.1KB, 627x1060) Reverse
McDonald's fucked up my burger for the second time in a row, it just malfunctioned the second I picked it up. Plus, they gave me a lemon flavored ice tea instead of the peach that I asked for, lemon is my least favorite flavor of anything, ever. Which was kind of my fault, but still, they just botched the whole thing. I'm never buying a burger from them again.
Replies: >>97667 >>97675
>eats at McDonalds
enjoy the cancer, semen and spit on your burger and cricket burgers coming to a store near you!
Replies: >>97671
Well, I think that only happens in the US? I hope so, anyway.
cricket meat is literally better than beef
Replies: >>97676 >>97678
>burger malfunctioned 
what happened? Didn't they grease the pickles properly?
>getting kicked out because the rent is too high
you're fuicking high, who the fuck wants to pay MORE for rent? If you're living with her, you can help her out with the rent. Unless of course you're a slob who's leeching off his mother and she's kicking you out because you haven't put a cent towards rent or food budget.
Then yeah, I'd understand why she'd want to kick you out.
Replies: >>97680
thanks, Greta
Taiwan #1
>1 Kg round steak $13.50
>1 Kg cricket flour $33.10
Yeah, only white liberals earning $100,000 per year are gonna bother buying this meme food
Replies: >>97679
eating bugs is the newest fashion bug
[Hide] (267KB, 615x893) Reverse
No real idea, I rarely get to have a burger, so, yeah. It was just very slippery and not put together, like the thing was already a bit of a mess when I opened the pack. Lots of lettuce fell out of it, and it was uncomfortable holding it, had to eat it sideways and stuff so the patty and whatever wouldn't fall out, made it hard to enjoy.
My bigger problem was that they gave a lemon ice tea when I asked for a peach one. It was my fault, but, come on.
Replies: >>97682
Come on what?
It's your fault, you come on.
>not drinking Sprite, the patrician carbon jew
Replies: >>97687 >>101767
[Hide] (945KB, 1000x1100) Reverse
Alright, thing is, I said peach flavored ice tea, and I assumed the employee heard me properly. But they didn't. So, they asked if I wanted peach or lemon after a little bit, and I didn't think it was the drink they were asking about, I thought they were just trying to get me to buy a piece of peach or something cause it's summer and stuff. So when they asked lemon or peach, I just simply said no. Both times they asked. But, apparently no means lemon. 
Basically, they should've heard me properly. And no should've meant peach. Aaa.
Never had it, it's like some kind of soda, yeah? I've actually never had soda either, unless Coca-Cola counts, and I haven't that much.
Why would they want to try and sell you a lemon, who eats lemon?
Replies: >>97690
[Hide] (567.7KB, 934x1151) Reverse
I guess I thought that it's for squeezing over the hamburger. Yeah.
[Hide] (65.8KB, 1000x552) Reverse
you are not just autistic, you're a full blown retard
next time you're ordering a drink, ask for the "Clorox Special"
[Hide] (1KB, 200x80) Reverse
fuck you sturgeon
>I thought they were just trying to get me to buy a piece of peach or something cause it's summer and stuff.
Are you braindead
You should actually seek some help with that memory issue
Replies: >>98530
I cant sleep because its too hot. But im too poor to invest in a ac. Also if i open my window the air is still too fucking hot. I cant stand this fucking heat. I open my balcony door? The air is still motherfucking hot!. Its fucking nighttime motherfucker!
Replies: >>98531 >>98608
To be fair consider the possibility of him being afraid to do this for a while and having his brain wracked over ordering his meal.
I hear ya, I sleep with two fans each opposite of eachother pointing at around 45 degrees, I keep my windows shut because otherwise the light from the lightposts outside makes my room all bright and it's really annoying
What literal hell do you live in that it's that hot at night? Have you actually gone outside to see if it's the hot air from your house you're feeling at the door?
[Hide] (132.2KB, 960x520) Reverse
>New Year's Day
>driving around New England
>detour to a small town and lonely drive
>what a nice neighborhood
>come across dirt trail
>my car is not a 4x4 nor has traction tires
>car is skidding and can't back out of the mud and snow
>oh fuck I guess I'll panic and drive forward
>car gets stuck
>I will panic like a retard instead of using my head, because depression ruined my sensibilities, running to someone's house
>knock on someone's door and they answer asking me what's wrong
>I tell him and he just says call AAA or a cop
>the guy leaves and says I can stay in his garage or truck, wishes me luck and tells me to calm down
>call AAA and they can't do anything about it because it's too far deep in the woods
>call another tow service but after 20 minutes I assume they straight-up ditch me, I even call again and they deny it
>borrow the guy's gloves and start trudging through the neighborhood
>don't call cops partly because I don't think they can help me as it's not a real emergency
>go down the street and start knocking on people's doors who owned 4x4s to help me, they all say no
>come to the last house I knock on
>didn't hear I guess
>knock on his window instead
>him and his wife making dinner are startled
>he comes out of the door with a steel baton and handgun asking me what the fuck I'm doing creeping on his family and where I'm from, hear a kid crying
>he looks like Kenny from the Walking Dead
>tell him my car is stuck
>he says it's bullshit and tells me to get the fuck out of here
>guess he wanted me to run but I don't, he says it louder two more times
>start walking back to my car
>a few minutes later I see lights behind me
>he's in his truck now, think he just wants make sure I'm fucking off
>he starts revving down the road after me and I start running
>not sure if he'll run me over so I eventually stop and turn around
>him and his friend get out, asking me what the fuck I'm doing here, talk about some thief trying to break into his friend's house 3 nights prior
>asks me if I'm stupid and I say yes, the guy is obviously a war vet with PTSD so he is irrationally angry and don't know what'll tick him off so I'll act scared or give in to his demands (I sort of was as I didn't want to die over this as it was a stupid and insignificant way to go)
>his buddy is playing good cop and asks me what I'm doing here
>I say I was driving around small towns making my way north to *city* and they say it's a bad excuse because it's out of way, which it wasn't but that's the interstate system for you
>says he's going to kill me, dismember my corpse, feed me to wild dogs, and get away with it because we're in the middle of nowhere
>even if I had a gun on me I'm in his territory and I "creeped" through his window nor is my story convincing
>asks me where I got the gloves from
>tell him and that I talked to the guy
>tells me to take them off
>do so
>Kenny and his buddy are talking, meanwhile I've had my hands up open palmed the entire time
>stress and nervousness increasing
>Kenny tells me to put my hands down and I don't
>revs up for a punch and don't guard because I don't know if he'd take offense to that and I'm curious what it's like to have been punched in almost a decade
>lip gets busted and pushes some of my teeth back a little
>asks for proof of the calls I made and I show them
>buddy tells Kenny to go home and calm the fuck down, and he tells me that if there isn't a car on that dirt path I'm dead
>other neighbors come outside now
>run back to car and the snow solidified enough for it to move
>hope to make it off the dirt road and drive the fuck out of there
>only the car gets stuck on a little bridge and slips off
>buddy says he didn't think there'd be a car here
>they spent this time interrogating me 100m-200m from my alibi and not believing me at all despite being armed, (maybe they thought there was an ambush but if there were why wouldn't my posse shoot from a distance to save me or why wouldn't they get capped when they come to rescue me without guns)
>cop is called and they call a tow truck
>cop says he'll only be fined by the state but that's bullshit, I could've sent his ass to jail and maybe got money out of it after I left
>he either didn't want this to escalate further or didn't know the law
>cop says he'll talk to Kenny regardless
>see that motherfucker as I'm driving away with his hands behind his head relaxing on the couch
>mood ruined so I head home instead of continuing
I should've hardened up a long time ago and accept no one is so "understanding or trusting" as I am and start using common sense as to not drive on that dirt path (though I also wanted to see what my car was capable of) or knock on someone's window. I treat every stranger I meet with coldness or like they're walking shit now, and I work out more. Nor is acting scared or obedient ever going to win any favors. I'm mad at myself for cucking down like that despite knowing better and not trusting my intution, and I'm mad about my teeth too.
>plan a trip at the end of the month to relax and fiddle with my telescope 
>There's a fire near where I want to go
>will likely affect the sky I want to view 
>estimated time of containment: the last day of my vacation

I hate niggers and weebs. But I like of age vaginas
stretched his legs
[Hide] (54.6KB, 640x673) Reverse
How do I stop being shit?
It seems no matter how much effort, time and money I put into something it always fails.
Do I just give up and admit I'm fucking useless and stop wasting what little money I have? I'm really getting tired of spending money on fucking useless shit I think will somehow work.
you should kys
Replies: >>101730
i hate everything but everyone also hates me so its fair
Well duh, hopefully looking for other options, if not so be it.
Replies: >>101767
Useless in what way? Fail in what what? What is it that failed? You're not being very descriptive and all and vaguely emo instead... How could someone give you an alternative if you didn't give out enough information about your situation? 

>checks thread's subject
Oh, just venting. Okay. 

Dr. Pepper and the like are the best. Also, Mountian Jew and it's similar brands with orange jew in it are better than sprite. Sprite is too....  basic a flavor. It's weak lemonade with bubbles. Even root beer is more interesting as though it's shit at least the ingredients are hard to come by. Sprite is as lame as grape or orange or peach soda or similar basic flavors. A hint of lime with lemon doesn't excuse what sprite is.
Replies: >>101778
[Hide] (607.1KB, 1200x887) Reverse
>having colleges 
>caring what they think
Don't be an absolute normalfaggot. Stop caring what others think. Obviously. 


I feel the same way. I told my own mother to her face that if I ever got married I'd be a wife beater and that was BEFORE I stooped neeting. If I get one now that I finally have money, after 10+ years of neeting without a girlfriend, I'd absolutely resent the shit out of her. I already are too 'redpilled' about women and  post feminist society to easily respect women. 

I didn't have a chance either as a  child with parents that got me landed in foster care that I now live with of whom don't even own so much as a car for the past ten years (I'm 33). I was in foster care from 11-18 and in the middle of nowhere with no bus system and no Internet. I didn't hardly even get to use the Internet or go out until I was about 20. From 22-32 I was neet. It's a shitshow. No female can be my equal in regards to such a situation. She'd have to be really really fucked up to come close and would be far below my standards if there was a female that had a similar background. The last girl that asked me out of whom was a foster child and bum tier (when i was getting thinner, pre-job me) told me to my face that she was tired of listening to her brain and was just listening to her body as we dicussed the possilbity of dating me (on a city bus). She gave me two notes in a row about how she wanted to date me, giving me her number. We were both 32 at the time. She ghosted me after I sent her messages, but why? I didn't tell her, but I didn't want to go out to lunch with her on a whim and wanted to text first because I needed to take a shit at home. I don't take shits outside of my own home. I'm just saying, women don't even care about how you feel. She even said 'I'm okay with texting first' but was all bummed. The type of girl that's from my background is just some carnal airhead  that's easily offended.
>half a year later
>still up
>when posted thread was already months old
Fast imageboards are bad and all but why would you bitch that a thread didn't last longer than two months? Do you crave being bored and lonely all of the time? Is an imageboard like a garden for you, like watching a flower grow? Are you a woman or something? Maybe a nigger with his watermelon, that thread lasted too long too by the by.  

>what are memes
Just because a wild faggot posted a retarded image doesn't mean it took off as a large-scale meme. 

Normalfaggots do suck at memes though. 

>god I wish that were me
Yeah, I'm venting.  
I try not to give to much info because I'm dumb.
But from when I was younger and I tried fixing chainsaws and lawnmowers, to now trying to fix trucks, boats and other stuff, I've spent hundreds to thousands on shit I've had to scrap because I fucked it up.
Thanks for the (You)
[Hide] (412.2KB, 5000x5000) Reverse
Not that I know what you guys are talking about but I imagine that most types that do altruistic things are waiting and or craving for praise and when a sensitive faggot gets insulted instead of praised they chimp out. Like that guy that made that snes emulator that killed himself. Mean comments might have made him go from 'trying his hardest to do a nice thing' to 'I'll just fucking not try very hard at all then, fuck it'. It's an emo sort of thing possibly where his ethics make him archive but emotionally he doesn't want the viewer to enjoy it because they weren't thankful and polite. Is that doing it for himself if his quality went into 'a tantrum' due to a comment (or maybe more than one)? Why love someone for trying less hard when it's only for them and when it's for everyone whilst you wait for a praise you try harder? It sounds like he just gave up a little and that doesn't sound admirable to me. Is he attractive or something? Why love him? Does love mean funny in this context? Are sad altruistic people funny to you?
Replies: >>101797
At least you fucking try, nigger. I'm fucked in the head and actually fucking useless, so most of the time I don't even try.
didn't read
>Weeb spammer lives at home with bad parents
Its never going to stop unless you do something about it. Im not joking. My whole childhood was first me screaming at my sister and mother for years. Then i grew up and stopped. They didnt. They kept screaming at eachother all day long and at me every fucking day. One day i just fucking had enough and slammed open my door. I stood right infront of my sisters face and basically dominated her. I was ready to beat her down. She knew it. I had alpha stance and i just stood there. She threw something at me and i didnt even flinch. She then calmed down a little but ofcourse when i went back she kept going albeit smaller. Ever since then she almost never did it again. You have to establish your alpha position. Otherwise just call cps or something. Uoi need to protect your sister you pathetic fuck. In my case it was different but you have a little sister in  a bad situation.
[Hide] (2.7MB, 470x470) Reverse
fuck health insurance, it's the biggest scam, it's only reason why I am quitting my job, the insurance is required by job. I don't even know how much they are taking out but everything has been denied and internal appeals take forever before could even hire a lawyer I make it to a small claims court.My debt already has been transferred to collections, the longer I wait the more late fees are added to the bill.
Replies: >>106751
Snes tranny didn't kill himself. He tried to blackmail Josh the kike and fucked it up. No report of his death was ever found.

Some people do good stuff for praise. Some do it in hopes if they're ever in trouble someone else will help them. Some people are just naturally inclined to try and help where they can.

>Being this angry because no one will spoon feed you CP
Lol. Faggot.  Get vanned for scanning porn at the library
Replies: >>101886
have sex, emcels
[Hide] (23.3MB, 1280x720, 02:13)
I just dont understand how normal people think they can just have a conversation with me like nothings wrong. We lived COMPLETELY DIFFERENT lives! How can you just talk to me like theres nothing wrong. Where were you when i was neeting in life? You were having the time of your life with all sorts of experiences. I feel offended by the fact that you think you can talk to me. I dont feel like you should be able to. You dont have the right. I hate normalfags. The fact that they think they can just talk to me when these factors are here. No. I dont want to have a conversation with you. You have had an awesome life meanwhile i have been rotting in my room for my whole life. Even striking up a conversation with me is an insult to life itself. Its like a noble and a peasant. If a noble were to strike up a conversation with a peasant. Like nothings wrong. No. ugh i cant stand these motherfuckers. All my life i had to suffer. And they think they can just talk to me. We are not on the same motherfucking level!
Replies: >>101810 >>101812
>Where were you when i was neeting in life?
There's nothing wrong with being a NEET
There's something wrong with being a loser, which you are
You should really kill yourself, faggot
[Hide] (84KB, 579x511) Reverse
How do you know when you are talking to a normal person? I mean, have you ever thought about how so many people go missing every year, how many murder cases go unsolved and yet when walking the streets we see no murderers, we see just normal looking people doing normal people things.
Cant use the best mouthwash on the market because it has zinc in it. Cucked by a fucking metal. fun to know i wasted 10 euro twice for mouthwash i cant fucking use. Expensive fucking trash. All i can taste is fucking metal in my mouth. Great.
Bsnes person solved sudoku. I meant him.
[Hide] (290.4KB, 1845x1125) Reverse
Literally every single one of my previous classmates became attractive. I made a fake facebook account and looked most of them up through someone i remembered and then their friends and their friends friends etc. Literally all of them were attractive. What are the fucking chances? Why am i the only unattractive one? What the fuck. I  just dont get how all of them can have good looks but only me no.
Replies: >>104579
They wont shut the fuck up. I live above a burger place and they recently built outside of the place some kind of extension so people can eat outisde of it. Motherfuckers wont stop talking and interrupting my movie. Only 40 minutes left.
But you are the SUPREME gentleman!
I hate mods and bo of this board, i wish they would kill themselves, because they are dumb, because by being overly considerate to retards they have driven away anyone interesting or willing to contribute. Nothing here is interesting, unusual, beautiful or original and its all mod's fault. Fuck them and i hope they die a painful, meaningless death. Stupid literal faggots.
I will never contribute with anything meaningful ever again, because i'm demoralized, from now on this board only exists for reminding that mods are pointless pieces of shit that were made with a finger in draft winds and got their heads squashed in doors, this is what they wanted and deserve. Now i'm part of the problem and i don't care. These abominable mods...
[Hide] (91.2KB, 646x696) Reverse
Check this out, fren.
Quit being demoralized faglord.
Thats why we need to create something new. This place has been shit from the start. Something new needs to flourish. Something outside the webring
> Rant/Vent about shit
the moderators here are dildo fucking faggots
Listen to the chief.
[Hide] (709.9KB, 1283x1190) Reverse
I don't wanna go to school tomorrow.
Replies: >>105177
[Hide] (63.3KB, 300x250) Reverse
Is it still because of math or a new development that arose? Show us the problems you're doing too.
Replies: >>105179
[Hide] (284.1KB, 424x600) Reverse
Not necessarily because of math, it's just that it's mind-numbing in general, but, yeah, there's math too. In a way. Geometry is basically math, right?
Thing is, the geometry teacher seems to have taken a liking to picking me to answer questions, for some reason. While he knows that I'm too retarded to figure them out, and I get embarrassed every time. Just why?
>Show us the problems you're doing too.
I already forgot what exactly, but, we're starting over from ninth grade, so, incredibly surface stuff. And I've already fallen behind. Pretty hopeless.
Replies: >>105199
Take a picture of an assignment, I'm curious if I remember how to.
Replies: >>105216 >>105327
Geometry is literally maths
Ah, well, no assignments or anything yet, we've only had 4 days of class so far. But, since you want it, I'll actually take down notes tomorrow so I can get a picture.
[Hide] (862.1KB, 250x188) Reverse
I'm on a week-long camping trip with the guy I hate the most in the world.
Replies: >>105246
Camping solo? I know that feel.
Replies: >>105256
Fug. You beat me to it.
[Hide] (23.1KB, 392x429) Reverse
Alright, I did take down some notes in geometry. Although I'm a bit too embarrassed of my penmanship to post it, I don't think you'd understand anything off it. I'll try doing something if you really want it.
Replies: >>105328
Just translate some questions on here.
Replies: >>105386
The historical cult around the Byzantines make me unreasonalby butthurt. You know the guys that say the Byzantines were Roman? That pisses me off. They were never fucking Roman, they were LARPing Greeks. Being Roman was not a mere matter of citizenship, it was also a matter of ethnic origins (i.e., Latin and later Italic men) and culture (i.e., Latin culture and myth). Ergo, the Byzantines, being CHRISTIAN and GREEK, are not Roman. At best they are a separate successor state wearing the Romans' skin. 

To put this all into perspective for those who don't know what I'm talking about or why I'm so butthurt, imagine if the USA was split in half between a majority-Hispanic West and an Anglophone East. Based on the origins of America as a union of several Anglo nations, calling the Hispanic West "American" would not only be completely wrong, it would quite frankly be an insult to America in the first place. 

Now please, present your false opinions and counter-arguments here on why I'm wrong.
Replies: >>105357
Modern Greeks don't look upon Byzantine as Roman, and the last Romioii are in the thousands if not hundreds. Any spic Catholic roleplayer who claims they're Romans can just be ignored.
America is misnamed after an Italian. Spics (from Spain), Italians, Anglos and niggers are not indigenous people there. Mestizos are mutts with no connection to anything but larp as Aztecs because they have no where else to go.
Only pre-columbian peoples and cultures belong in misnamed ((( America ))).
Evropa is Aryan and it's all an Aryan should care about.
Replies: >>105361
No one is indigenous until they show up and indigenate for a couple of generations. Your perspective is whack. Wherever I live will be the ancestral home of my people so long as I toss down seed and no whining about ancient migrations can change that.
Replies: >>105387
[Hide] (127.8KB, 312x414) Reverse
I'm sorry, I couldn't figure out just what the fuck I wrote down, I really tried for a bit. I'll write it down better when I see math.
Replies: >>105388 >>105396
[Hide] (327.4KB, 1404x1752) Reverse
Then I'll cheerfully support the indigenous people that kill you and your children, even if they're niggers.
different site, different name, same faggot
[Hide] (286.2KB, 640x457) Reverse
Aryans are going to space anyway. We'll build billions of space habitats the size of the African continent and bigger through the solar system while inbred kikes squabble with their inbred arab cousins over a scrap of worthless land in the desert.
The future is Aryan. Deal with it.
Did your dad punch you in the head regularly from a young age? Or were you always a bad student? Low self-esteem? I'm not trying to be rude. Public education in Turkey and the middle-east is pretty cut and dry but efficient enough from what I see so I'm guessing they didn't teach you any tricks f.e. 57=20*3-3 instead of 57=19*3. Can you form images in your head?
Replies: >>105420
[Hide] (338.1KB, 880x1100) Reverse
Never been beaten much, no. Surprisingly. I did relatively okay up until fourth grade, where I started sleeping throughout pretty much every single day of school, and it just only got worse from that point onward. That's a bit too much to go into, so, whatever.
But besides that, low self-esteem is definitely there, sure. I couldn't even answer something like 4+7 because I just doubt myself so much on being right. Even when I get things right sometimes, my doubt convinces me that I must be wrong. 
Oh, and it reminds me of, there was this one occasion where I got asked for it by someone and genuinely couldn't tell the answer to 20+10 for good bit, and I got it wrong anyway cause I got really nervous and blurted something out. So, I've just been convinced for a long time that I'm simply really stupid. Is this dyscalculia?
>they didn't teach you any tricks f.e. 57=20*3-3 instead of 57=19*3.
Uh, well, I couldn't say, sorry. They probably did, I just wasn't paying any attention.
>Can you form images in your head?
Yeah, pretty easily. Thankfully, cause it helps a lot.
And no offence taken, thank you. Best of luck with your day.
Replies: >>105426
>I couldn't even answer something like 4+7 because I just doubt myself so much on being right. Even when I get things right sometimes, my doubt convinces me that I must be wrong.
A hypothesis to this is that you are associating reality and fact with "your bias", 4+7 doesn't need to be understood and comprehended by you or anyone because it will always be 11. The truth doesn't need protection, 4+7 and 20+10 can defend itself and only needs to be learned. You're not stupid, you're just high-strung.
Replies: >>105429
[Hide] (20.2KB, 680x510) Reverse
You're most likely right, I'll try looking at it that way, thank you. But it's still what it is, I suppose. Even if I got the basics down, I'd never be able to do anything more complicated regarding math, so I'm just hopeless with it academically anyhow. I may not be entirely stupid, but, I'm definitely not smart. And also very lazy.
But I do have class in 3 hours now, so, I guess I better get some sleep, good night. Thanks again and take care.
[Hide] (99.7KB, 502x626) Reverse
People in my class are trying to get me to socialize and stuff, trying to break me out of my shell, I suppose. But I just seriously don't wanna do any of those things, let alone not being able to anyway. And now, they're saying that they've expectations from me and stuff by tomorrow, and that just pressures me. All I wanted to do was come to class, read for a few hours and go back home. I really, really don't want any of this. What do I do? Just nothing? But I'd feel bad about disappointing people, it's just how I am. And they'd confront me about it, definitely. I don't really know if I could just say outright I don't want any of it, either. Way too retarded to. They're just gonna be disappointed no matter what, if they actually wanted to help. But I'm really beyond helping, I wish they figured that on their own. So, I've no idea how to get by it without burning a couple bad memories into my mind. Maybe I can't. Do I just not go tomorrow? I don't know. I wish I could pull out of it entirely.
Replies: >>106633 >>106674
What would disappoint people and who are these people anyway?
>What do I do?
How much does being a tradesmen (electrician, plumber) pay? What about being a shepherd? The military is the last fucking stop, and if you can't qualify for that then you're truly screwed. Turks hating military service is something I hear they hate a lot whereas in countries like Iran and Finland no one really minds.
>But I'm really beyond helping
If you're already subscribed to such a belief and use an imageboard then no advice is going to help you. Not to sound arrogant or make this about me but every time I tried to help anons or anyone who doesn't believe in themselves they either call me a piece of shit normalfag retard who doesn't know what they're going through or at best they're just lazy and looking for any excuse but that for it. There isn't any shame in being weak and stupid, there's shame in staying so. If you want to get better at math you have to put in the effort. I'm curious about how generation Z thinks and views life so if you could indulge in me tell me about how you think and "what puzzle pieces fit each other" in your brain.
Replies: >>106648 >>106674
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1837x1170) Reverse
>What would disappoint people and who are these people anyway?
Me not living up to their expectations, or just not even trying to, and it's simply people I'm sharing a class with. 
>The military is the last fucking stop, and if you can't qualify for that then you're truly screwed.
Oh, it's alright, lol, I didn't mean dropping out of school completely, these are just stupid summer courses, that's why I said that. I don't think I'd be able to enlist anyhow, no.
>What about being a shepherd?
Cool thing about that, apparently being a shepherd is actually insanely good. I've been told that they get more money than engineers and lawyers make, here. But it's just something you need family ties and all for, I think.
>If you're already subscribed to such a belief and use an imageboard then no advice is going to help you
I don't mean in general with everything that's going on, but, just in the area of socializing and talking to people. I just don't wanna do it, I think that's what I'm beyond helping in. I simply don't like the people that are around here, forcing myself to talk with them would only end up making me feel worse, even if I managed it.
And you don't sound arrogant with that, no. Thanks for the well intentions, really. 
>I'm curious about how generation Z thinks and views life so if you could indulge in me tell me about how you think and "what puzzle pieces fit each other" in your brain.
I don't really fit in with the people around me and everything, but I don't mind at all, sure. Although, it's just that I'm dumb and that question comes off as broad and vague to me because of it, like I don't know where to start with an answer. Not confident that I can give a proper answer to what you want and not just incoherently ramble on about something else instead, so, maybe you can ask it in a more specific way? I'd be happy to try then.
Replies: >>106684
>But I'm really beyond helping, I wish they figured that on their own.
If you're referring to teachers or similar people, then they're doing it to avoid attention from higher-ups that they dont like, and to keep getting paychecks.
They're not doing it out of actual empathy; it doesn't exist anymore, and it certainly doesn't exist in a third world country.
There are only two ways to get people to care about you outside of a school environment: money, or vagina.
If you're referring to classmates, then any theory you might have is good enough. Bullying disguised as breaking you out of your shell isn't far-fetched.
>Do I just not go tomorrow?
That'd be the easiest way out of it.
>How much does being a tradesmen (electrician, plumber) pay?
How much are you getting paid to suck Sam Hydes or any other trades pushing faggots cock?
Muh trades meme doesn't work in third world countries; the jobs and the people who work them are looked down upon and they pay fuck all.
>What about being a shepherd?
Ydych chi'n Gymro neu'n rhywbeth?
>if you can't qualify for that then you're truly screwed
Being in the military is a lower occupation than being a tradesman?
>Iran and Finland
Interesting choice of countries.
>every time I tried to help anons or anyone who doesn't believe in themselves
Have they ever explicitly asked for it?
>at best they're just lazy and looking for any excuse but that for it
Is that what you tell yourself to soothe yourself when your excess empathy gets the best of you again?
Replies: >>106678 >>106684
[Hide] (262.8KB, 1808x1446) Reverse
>Bullying disguised as breaking you out of your shell isn't far-fetched.
You may be right, thank you. I did overhear people in the same circle talking about messing with me, I'm pretty sure. At the very least just talking about how I'm a freak. It's just that one person who talked to me seemed genuine, but I'm likely just stupid and easily fall for stuff. Just feeling pressured anyhow. I guess it'll blow over, hopefully.
[Hide] (4.4MB, 4510x3434) Reverse
Being a shepherd requires you to be a part of the community as people who herd sheep are deeply ingrained in their rural environments and would teach their children to do so before you. I reckon if you walked up to some hardass old man and asked him to take you under his wing he'd either laugh at you or berate you to go home. Though acquiring the sheep would be expensive I think it'd be possible to start by yourself while not becoming a part of their culture, regardless of drawing ire. I brought up jobs because I didn't know if you were asking what you wanted to do after school.

Your statement about disappointing people and what to do is a trope of existentialism so it sounded deeper that it really was. If you don't like these people and are certain of that, at least for the period, then don't appease to going along to get along for the sake of it. Exert your will and go about whatever way you see fit in dealing with your classmates. You're already getting picked on as well so they're probably just trying to get you in their group dynamic as their punching bag instead of being the guy they fuck with irregularly, it's a screwed form of friendship as they want to get you know you better while simultaneously fulfilling your role as they see fit which is to be made fun of. As the other guy said, your teachers care about you because the nail that sticks out needs to be hammered in, you make their furniture look bad, not because they want you to succeed and these union whores hope that their pupils don't realize they're cynical turds (they do though, directly or not).

>broad and vague
It did and I think it's too convoluted and asking for too much. Due to your generation's immersion in the internet and shitty diets of themselves and parents they're, in my opinion, degenerate on a hormonal level and unrelatable in life experiences. And many of them are aware of something they missed out on living in a better time or hate themselves for whatever reason relating to the state of the world and technology, with most of them coming off as being like a little sibling and never actualizing into maturity. You could understand what I'm talking about or you didn't see anything abnormal, not that you missed that "abnormal something". In crass terms my question is, what was your childhood and adolescence like in terms of interacting with society (going outside and playing around on the internet) and did you lick any joys and sorrows in that time if any.
>Muh trades meme doesn't work in third world countries; the jobs and the people who work them are looked down upon and they pay fuck all.
That's why I asked how much they pay, I know it's only a good living if you're American. In Estonia I checked and the sources I got said they make only 20k Euros. Maybe Germany is better?
>Ydych chi'n Gymro neu'n rhywbeth?
Shepherding is a popular occupation in his country and he presumably lives in the eastern or central third of it so I assumed it wouldn't be farfetched if he pursued that.
>Being in the military is a lower occupation than being a tradesman?
When no one else will hire you or you can't find work the military usually will. If you can't even qualify to be a tool of the state in a country that conscripts then it says something of what occupations are open to you doesn't it.
>Have they ever explicitly asked for it?
They do ask by making a general post or they vent/complain/blog about something which illicits a response regardless if their intention was to get an opinion. If someone didn't want replies then don't announce something in front of others.
>Is that what you tell yourself to soothe yourself when your excess empathy gets the best of you again?
I meant to say that the best case scenario of people down in the dumps is someone who's simply too lazy or apprehensive to overcome whatever issue ails them, or are merely just looking for empathy of their predicament.
Replies: >>106712 >>106718
[Hide] (111KB, 713x1024) Reverse
Yeah, you're pretty spot on with it. I think the only way into it is just by having somebody in your family who already does it. And if you do have the means to go through all the bother of getting into it by your own, then, you probably don't need to be a shepherd anyway. But if you did, I figure that you'd also need your own place out in the rural area, because said communities are all in villages and stuff, where I don't think outsiders are welcome at all. Plus, that ire could actually end up being fatal because all that. They're just not the most civil people out there, as far as I know. So, it comes off as kind of risky to me. It might be a cool thing to do, but likely not worth it.
>our statement about disappointing people and what to do is a trope of existentialism so it sounded deeper that it really was.
Oh, lol, sorry it came out that way. And, right, I don't like these people, but it's just that one of them seemed to have some genuine intent of helping by their own view, which simply isn't what I think is best for me or what I wanna do at all. They were just trying to point me to being normal, basically. Although that part isn't really that important, because, of course they don't understand how I don't fit in and try to steer me in a direction I don't want anyhow, the only thing they can think of is giving pointers on how to be more like them. Not surprising at all. But the thing is, their intent with wanting to help sounded like it really was there. So, assuming that they really were trying to do what they thought was right in order to help me, then that's why I feel bad in disappointing it, even though I don't agree in the slightest with what they expect me to do. I know that I probably shouldn't be feeling like that over it, but I can't help it, I just feel sad about it when I can't reciprocate things for people.
But, yeah, they might very well also have some ulterior motives like you said, so I'm likely being stupid anyhow. At least it'll be over with soon enough, therefore I guess it's whatever. I'll probably do nothing and that'll be that. Just hoping I don't get messed with anymore after that.
I can't say that I've ever been shown enough attention by them to confirm that or not. Most of the time I've just gotten laughed at by my teachers, after only getting talked to because they wanted to milk some fun out of the quiet student. Got told once that I'm going to end up dead or something, even.
>You could understand what I'm talking about or you didn't see anything abnormal
I think I get it. Although, honestly, what you're talking about isn't very apparent here, at least from my experience. For almost every single person that I've come across throughout my time, the internet has been nothing more than a mindless entertainment device on the side. I know for a fact that they do not have any thoughts going on in their minds like missing out on things or even enough self-awareness to hate themselves in the first place. They don't even use it much. A phone only occasionally gets pulled up, after enough boredom or for a need to communicate. I'd say that the majority of the younger people here have their general lifestyle practically akin to the ones in the past, with a lot of the same outgoing and behaviour. Not to say that they're completely free of the internet's influence, also. Just not to an extreme level of immersion. If it really were so, I think I could have friends. My absolute disconnection from, well, everybody else here, is a bit of a case in point. They are incredibly weirded out by the fact that I use the internet for most of my day, whenever someone learns of it. Hell, they seem to downright look down on the usage at all, even.Yet they still use it themselves more or less, which is curious.
But, that's just my experience with the location that I live in. What you said could very well go for somewhere else, I don't doubt it. And this is all coming from a school environment, because I've simply never been around people outside of it. 
>what was your childhood and adolescence like in terms of interacting with society
Very much by myself. I can't say that I've really interacted with society. I've very rarely found a reason to go outside by my volition other than to buy something. Even when very little, I carried things the same way I do now. My computer addiction I got at an early age as well, maybe 5 or so, I'd say. So, life has mostly been on the internet for me. I've been happy with it.
I feel that you want a view into how an usual person from my generation thinks, but, I'm probably just too extreme of a case to give you anything of worth, I'm sorry about it.
I also likely don't make much sense, sorry again for that. I'd try to add some more but I can barely keep my eyes open, can nap for an hour before I have to go again, so, I'm gonna do that. Hope you got something out of it.
Replies: >>106831
If you're going to continually write to one of the many obnoxious faggots on this website like you're friends then you ought to adopt a trip or at least a name.
Replies: >>106721 >>106831
[Hide] (19.9KB, 400x350) Reverse
update I won the appeal, my insurance is paying for most of everything. My credit score is completely fucked though and I don't know how to get it fixed .The thing is even if I pay the bill, insurance will argue the bill was paid anyway so they don't have to compensate me, so I just waited until I went to court. I hate my work's health insurance, I don't even know how I am paying them because they they take it out my paycheck directly and this health insurance is required my work. I feel fucked.
>one of them seemed to have some genuine intent of helping by their own view
With guys like that be polite but firm and tell them you'd rather be on your own. Don't thank them or show them appreciation for their valiant effort, if you really cares about you he'll realize your introversion and keep you at arms length and talk to you outside of his group.
>honestly, what you're talking about isn't very apparent here
>I'd say that the majority of the younger people here have their general lifestyle practically akin to the ones in the past, with a lot of the same outgoing and behaviour.
Generations only apply to American culture and where they export it to and the internet belonging to no one so if the internet didn't become ingrained in first-world lives there wouldn't have been such a big cultural gap between people born only a few years apart from one another especially in western civilization. I was wondering about how prevalent it was in 2nd-world and 3rd-world countries anyway and didn't expect those people to be pasteurized so they're not characteristically so aside from the neoteny.
>I'm probably just too extreme of a case to give you anything of worth, I'm sorry about it.
It's fine, being a shut-in of course isn't exclusive to being a zoomer but are sedentary and screengaze far more than the previous generation did.
>I also likely don't make much sense, sorry again for that
>Hope you got something out of it.
What I'm saying is that as a kid and adolescent I had a computer and video game consoles I spent a lot of time but I also played outside with other kids and was defined mostly by experiences that happened in real life like seeing friends I'd never see again after I moved away, a red and purple sunset in Winter,  rolling valleys and jagged mountains by car window, the world felt so large and wonderful and personal, people weren't hollow shells or jaded to cynicism. Almost everything is now unfamiliar and alien, and am surrounded by replacement people that are the culmination of sabotage that has been going on for the past at least 120 years with the internet piping it along. I don't feel they have the capacity for that awakening of an indescribable feeling of "humanity and the world", they're manufactured malleable humans like Eloi.
Replies: >>106862
[Hide] (178.3KB, 700x500) Reverse
>With guys like that be polite but firm and tell them you'd rather be on your own
The same thing happened today with them trying to push me, and I told them very much like so, but they don't seem to budge. I'm just hoping they lose interest over time, I suppose.
>What I'm saying is that as a kid 
I see. How you felt before is kind of how I feel about things now, myself. Even so while being bound to the internet, the world really does seem like something great to me at the moment and I've had experiences I look on fondly just as you do with those things. Even if it meant being in a better spot with life and potentially having more happiness overall, I don't believe that I would trade those memories for it anyway, no way. If you like being who you are and yourself exactly, that's the only way to think by it. With people, the majority of them do feel very hollow and devoid of soul, but I just figured that it's not really a thing exclusive to this generation of people. I think that finding someone to fit your own criteria of having soul is trying to find a needle in a haystack no matter what year you're in. And finding as only a figure of speech, because you can only run into them counting on sheer luck. But it's still possible, I've gotten fortunate enough myself. Being literally molded into who I am through experiences with those people and everything else, I don't consider them to be hollow at all. Life itself does seem pretty personal even in the state that the world is in.
I guess I'm just trying to express that feelings of that sort are still possible for somebody from the younger era, even if all of that above doesn't exactly go for you.
Is how you feel just a matter of losing youth, I wonder? Or has time really left you behind with it's change? I kind of predict that I'll think just about the same myself in the future, but, I suppose that'll depend.
I think you can still keep making some good memories despite all of that, so, I hope that you do, best of luck.
Replies: >>106884
[Hide] (298.8KB, 720x480) Reverse
>they don't seem to budge
He may be a crony himself for this "group". Best case scenario they were teasing you and want to know you better, worst case is they have something planned for you or just want to get a good roast on you.
>Is how you feel just a matter of losing youth, I wonder? Or has time really left you behind with it's change?
Part of my chagrin could come from disdain towards people merely younger than me but I'm not upset if someone didn't play the Gameboy Color or watch the same cartoons as me like when I was a kid. It's sociocultural and decay of society, I don't dislike the post-9/11 generations necessarily because of their culture per se but its quality and what people it churns out and that the culture they're exposed to on Twitter and Tiktok invokes spongebrain more than Hollywood and TV did in the 70s-2000s. They're disconnected from their roots farther than the post-WW2 generations and even disconnected from those generations as well. My whole issue with this comes off as petty bitching and "MY TOYS AND GAMES ARE BETTER THAN YOURS" perhaps and it bears no fruit to continue as enough points were reached.
Replies: >>106950
[Hide] (288.8KB, 1416x1768) Reverse
Yeah, not much to say myself, but I get you. I don't think you're completely wrong on that prejudice anyhow, I feel myself that about 100% of the people exposed to the kind of stuff that you listed come out pretty insufferable with the whole way that they act.
Anyway, thanks for the chat and all, take care of yourself.
>took nieces to an arcade type place
>they have a small roller rink
>fall weird 
>am now flat on my back in a lot of pain

I fell forward and somehow hurt my lower back. This sucks.
Replies: >>107060
Did they have any good games at the arcade or just new shit?
Replies: >>107061 >>107062
[Hide] (55.1KB, 299x315) Reverse
Are they even making new games for arcades?
Replies: >>107102 >>107107
I guess it's not an arcade in the familiar sense. Basically you pay X amount of money for Y amount of hours. Once you're in you can play whatever you want. They have a bit older arcade games but they also have things like indoor soccer, badminton, batting cages, etc. Its a pretty neat little place to take kids for really not all that much. Still I have never hurt my back this badly before.
slim chance that they would be making games for arcades.
Replies: >>107107

Are arcades a bygone pass time due to covid, or have they been dying for a while.
Replies: >>107109 >>107111
It may have already been mentioned in the thread but arcades never died in japan. The reason they died in the US was because of niggers nigging it up and scaring away the paying customers. Some people will try and make a million excuses or deflections away from this fact sighting other problems, but the reality is demand for arcades is still in the US. They just can't be profitable because niggers will ruin it again. That's why any new arcades are walled off, and you need to pay to get in.
Replies: >>107111
Arcades in America died in the fucking 90s, 2000s at the latest. The only real arcades you'll see now are the ones that he went to when you pay a fixed price and spend hours or the day there.
That and the US market's focus on home console gaming and story-driven games.
Replies: >>107113
One the few occasions I go, it's the rhythm games that are the most popular. Always a ton of Asians lined up for dance games and other eythm based games.
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