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It feels weird leaving behind a imageboard you've been browsing for years. Though its necessary to move on because its gotten so bad. I dont know. Its strange.
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>>62879 (OP) 
Elaborate. Which image board are you moving to?
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Im leaving another imageboard ive been using.
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brought_it_back.mp4 (u)
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Which one is it, anon.
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>>62879 (OP) 
You need to go back.
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Loyalty to any board is retarded. You'll never receive any reciprocation of honour to probide you any benefit but pejoratives and slurs of what a gigantic faggot you are.
Not happening. I fully quit.
Isn't the main attraction of ks is /int/?
Why are you starting to use place that doesn't have anything close to it.
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/int/ is pretty much /b/ but with flags. Idk.
lol I bet the op is a newfag of nukc who joined after old kc died of bbc, tranny, pol, and other spam 
i hope you like cp fag
could never get into it on account of all the pedophiles
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>admitting to being a kohlnigger
You're just cuckchanners of a different flavor.
Fuck off and kill yourself you fucking shitstain.
We do not want you.
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You didnt have a problem with me previously so i will continue browsing here. Get used to it.
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>announce that you came from a cancerous shithole
>shocked when told to do a 360 back
Nobody had a problem because you didn't announce it, you attention deprived nigger.
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Ive been posting on here for awhile now. You didnt have a problem with my posts then. Just give up. There is nothing to be upset about.
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Four months isn't an "awhile", you passive aggressive chemonigger.
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kc tier thread
The more worrisome part is, how does the kohlkike crowd even know about this place? Who's been spilling the beans?
some of the tvch anons are from kc and shill the webring there
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those niggers should never have been allowed near the webring.
Alot of former 8chan use kc.
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There was some french guy shilling gahoole videos on there. And alizee videos.
mmuhh seekret club!
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>It feels weird leaving behind a imageboard you've been browsing for years. Though its necessary to move on because its gotten so bad. I dont know. Its strange.

Soon™ you won't care about it or any other board, you'll dip back in now and then but it won't matter so much, it never really did.
not with you kohlkike scum slithering around anymore, that's for sure. whole lot of you should kill yourselves.
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this place was never good kohlcancer
magc_cake.jpg (u)
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This is as good a thread as any to ask for it, one anon months ago posted a link to the 4chan bans page, was breddy funny how rulecucked they still are but also deeply depressing to see that sturgeon's style is similar. You still around who had the link anon, or whoever else may have it?
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80aa0a8e8255b3a55090acb562de272d4ccd2e7a3431b1284af7d6f50b443a3f.png (u)
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The fat ogre and his goons, I suspect /cow/niggers aswell.
Drink Sodium Hydroxide, faggot
Replies: >>62939
>/cow/ /cow/ /cow/
Oh boy let's talk about them a little more, maybe they'll go away then?

Krautchan perhaps, while it lasted. But Kohlchancer is certainly the lowest of the low. Then again, it is the only, actually active and still existing board. Last remaining alternative was Ernstchan, Dietchan and all the other REALLY small KC refugee boards (berndgroup, poorch) but nobody ever cared about those, for either they are rulecucked as fuck or too irrelevant for anyone to know about them.
Replies: >>63020
KC is a complete shithole and only good for the vaccination/dystopian shithole news. But you kohlkankers should fuck off and go back. We don't want you here. Kill yourself for using a BKA-cuckolded board.
ebin.png (u)
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It was me
And what is 'awhile'? I have been visiting this site for most of it existence, but have never posted on zchan/fatchan.
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Oh my sides.
>tons of warns instead of bans
>many bans are for frogs, wojaks, and off topic
>a few bans are for "chud", "incel", and BBC spam
>bans are usually 3 days or less
>bans are usually properly motivated
>a large portion of bans is for shitty OPs
Far better than I expected.
Also LMAOing at the /g/ mod getting mogged.
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question!.jpg (u)
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Song name?
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darude - sandstorm
Killing Fields - FGFC820
Replies: >>63014
the problem of 4chan is that if you go to /b/ or /pol/, there's feds.
V5l1Rf1.jpg (u)
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Thanks anon!
>rulecucked as fuck
Aren't they German? It's to be expected.
21f2888056727d870cc7605fc53887f6883e309b8dba0e4ab8a2d1fc0b85e4b8.gif (u)
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>the recent increase in PPH is from kc niggers jumping ship
At least lurk for awhile, fuck.
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