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If you could make an entire year loop perpetually. What year would you choose and why?

I would loop 2009, fucking youtube of those years still brings a tear to the eye. And everyday life was passable.
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the year before I was born.
2020, because fuck normalfags. I had a great time.
>>62739 (OP) 
The one from now.
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>>62739 (OP) 

I turn 18 then and everything went to shit technology wise anyway. Politics wise too. Health wise even. Also I'm in HS until 2009 so I get to fuck HS girls and back then tons of 15 year olds liked me :^)

I'm so nostaligic about such times that I miss my windows98 computer. I have an iso but need to pick up ps/2 keyboard and mouse. Also I want to run puppy-3.01-seamonkey.iso just for fun as I did back then as well. The first time I beat ff7 was on my old pent III hp desktop with CRT and all. I miss such times. Also it played The Minish Cap to completion despite often new emulators getting the glitch that resets to title in Vatti's castle. Pathetic. Finding abandonware for the win9x is hard now days. Back then download, cnet, you could download anything. I miss that. I miss anivide for anime and jewtube having depressing videos I related to and free anime as previously implied by anivide. 

Also that was when I started being interested in 4chan. 

Also it was immortal anus days. 

Oh, and lastly, I only ever had one successful relationship. It was from 2007-2009 and the end was nowhere near as fun as the beginning. 

Most of what I like and or are interested in is from 2008 and back, most books even had at least started back then if not where finished, video games, etc, was hottest back 17ish-18ish....I had hopes and dreams back then you know....
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>Finding abandonware for the win9x is hard now days
Have you tried looking at archive.org? I'm not sure how great the collection(s) there are, but I found a couple retro titles that I was looking for anyway. I was searching for XP era games though. Something to keep in mind aside from other abandonware sites.
>jewtube having depressing videos I related to
Maybe neither here nor there, but I remember being in a thread somewhere at some point where OP suggested searching for Youtube videos with very low view counts and search terms like "I give up", "It's over", and "hopeless". It was one of those "Let's look for XYZ and report back what we find" type of threads. Morbid curiosity sent me down a depressing rabbit hole with that.
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Yes I did but actually uploaded files after being depressed by how hard it was to find some of the older emulators for retro gaming that would run on win9x. 

ME of all people having to upload it, then I realized the tags might not work right and that's why it's hard to find them. 

But yes, some stuff you need archive.org for, but that's not a safe archive when they blacklist things often and emulators one day due to the slippery slope of law making will delete it from there. They should all be in some famous torrent. Hell, a custom win9x dark should be there with software included one would want to have, but no, course not. 

It figures jewtube would hide genius feelings. It's that faux smile bullshit. They ban entire communities over it. All it does is cause suicides and or serial killings but society assumes due to that monkey see monkey due bullshit that they can gaslight people into literally being happy for literally no reason.
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>hard to find them
I've noticed that there as well.
>not a safe archive
>due to the slippery slope of law making

The University of Michigan has a Computer and Video Game Archive, but I don't know how much or if any of the CVGA is online. At least that's a thing and I'd think an institution like that would do a thorough job of tracking down what can be tracked down and preserving things even if only offline. I imagine students on campus could copy and share without causing much of an incident.

>They should all be in some famous torrent
Ideally, yes.
>custom win9x dark should be there with software included
I've gotten very frustrated in the past with finding a retro game I was curious about and then getting stuck because the copyright protection mechanism was pretty much abandonware as well and there were hoops to jump through with the various options of wine, virtual machines, emulation, bare metal, etc. Often, I'd just move on to something else because I was just looking for light entertainment and not another time consuming project. Fuck copyright. Can't we just have nice things?
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>Finding abandonware for the win9x
I know where to find it but I won't tell you because I hate faggots like yourself lol.
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Fuck off nigger lover. 

Capitalism created bad ethics. Plagiarism is one thing, patents and copyrights another. The people that make stuff get paid by the month so it's not like 'pirating' even hurts anyone other than some asshole that caters to advertising ethics or whatever you want to call it. Producers and such don't make anything even if they get paid a ton. Writers, programmers, by the month ages ago. Just replace the system so as to connect the actual creators to one another and then what would happen? Freedom of creativity. Really the people that are rich that control what gets produced and pay people that produce it are just tyrannical overlords making sure that what they personally like gets sold and as they get rich on it they program the sheep into liking what they like so they win in more ways than one. 

I had an issue with some plugin for epsxe but it was actually an easy fix provided that the plugin site never goes down. When it does it's not like archive.org is going to be safe. 

I was doing research on megaupload and how the 'terrorist police' followed him to a nation where copyright infringement isn't even a thing and they still slammed right through his front door. Kim Dotcom. Events like that let me know how stupid the powers that be are. Stupid and overbearing. We live in a planet where a cop is allowed to shoot you without a trial for having a pirate radio station, not that he had one, but that's how it is. They were hoping he'd defend himself so they could just do away with the aberration of the system. Or that redditor Swartz that was being threatened with prison time that believed in freedom of expression that ended up dead. There's many victims and then you ask "why didn't the geeks back this up better???" and then you realize they were being hunted.
Replies: >>62940
>Capitalism created bad ethics
I don't necessarily know what to call capitalism 2.0 with the current year Intellectual Property DLC, maybe just racketeering? Anything but a free market.
>Kim Dotcom
>megaupload and how the 'terrorist police' followed him
I recall that happened right on the heels of the 2008 financial collapse. It's funny how back then the media cried crocodile tears and tried to portray Dotcom as some sort of Bond villain that was jeopardizing the common man's livelihood when, at the same time, hundreds of billions of dollars had just gone up in smoke and the world carried on much the same. If, at that time, every publicly listed media company vanished overnight, the loss would have been negligible compared to the bankster fiasco. All of that happening near to when the "You wouldn't download a car, would you?" campaign was being pushed. Normies carried on and didn't even blink.
>I imagine students on campus could copy and share without causing much of an incident.
(quoting my previous post)
>that redditor Swartz
Then you go and bring up Swartz...
>and then you realize they were being hunted
Sad, but true. I wonder how many Redditors are even aware of the ideals that some of that site's founders originally stood for?
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>college kids
I read that 90 percent of torrents were being hosted from college campuses in some book back in 2009ish when I myself was in college and doing a paper on copyright infringement. I butchered this paper as I could not stand being blue pilled on the matter but had to be so it was basically a rough draft. Anyway, I shall nevar forget (that they hate literal intelligent people).
>I don't necessarily know what to call capitalism 2.0 with the current year Intellectual Property DLC
In the US you can either call it a socialist oligarchy or corporatism, though I feel the former is more correct. The government having complete control over the economy, and using it to send cops after kids with lemonade stands while conveniently ignoring the constitution and their own laws when it comes to their pet companies is not what I would call capitalism. 
In most of the world it's just plain socialism though.
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I would obviously build Mazinger, and choose whatever year would best facilitate that.
Replies: >>63159
cool, but could I get some cool motorcycles and giant rowbats as well?
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>>62821 (me)
>genius feelings

Socialism never meant anything to me but calling the USA an oligarchy and corporate is apt so says I. 

By the by the user says that the emualtors are working. I wish i had money to buy a very small single board computer chip that's able to do win9x, some exist, I know of two of them and they are low wattage as well. I wonder how bad they would run emulators? Still would be geektastic to make a custom mobile pc that's running win98. 

Such as IPC/NETIPC-6 and PCM-3350 though they say they can't I've seen images of users doing it, win98.
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Any year from the 90s.
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