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Loli thread to keep the /tv/fags, /cow/tards and herdtrannies out.
Replies: >>66750 >>68151
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f4ad57823d9edd5b49ccbe7f87ead110b8b6bda6ccca9635f4a2b2feebbdc9f7.webm (u)
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fondling_ass.jpg (u)
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>can't believe this [redacted] year old

Made me laugh. That's why all of it is illegal now (in the USA). They banned in my area the vast majority of sex dolls and even duckduckgo blocks loli as a search and flat chested and such. It's a slippery slope sort of thing. Hopefully you don't live in 9 eyes, five eyes, nor fourteen eyes, or it WILL happen to you.
Replies: >>67257
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I'll contribute some /baph/s
Baphomet191.jpg (u)
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Baphomet193a.jpg (u)
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Baphomet193b.jpg (u)
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BaphometD.jpg (u)
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Devil55.jpg (u)
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I'm confident you won't mind some cake thrown into the mix.
Replies: >>62544 >>62614
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Gazer18.jpg (u)
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Gazer158d.png (u)
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Baphy121b.jpg (u)
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No furshit, please.
Replies: >>62614
10e75810546a0fccb475395cb58de4f6324c359c625e619ee80581ff38a25fe3.png (u)
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Low-angle view.
200ed411-234c-4493-82e2-640ca161241b.png (u)
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7069b84e7990cc2d6be107c869ffeb364a714f2945b0cf66f53b4ae72110d68d.png (u)
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Delet this
here's some
Replies: >>62632
e89056ab694b0fb3c6f08bebf29710827c91d32058f9aa04d134765604492cf3.png (u)
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Keep thinking that you're subtle and  smart, furfaggot.
>no image
Well done, faggot.
7b5a66eb8c3e74d46a6594ef70b896ee51ab037da0cf6c83c608dd87ccdcc6f5.png (u)
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Vampire from MGQ.
Replies: >>62646 >>62649
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3978b3e926ebd8c399caa0f6df74d18e541c70dca4e9062db0684dc5c502e174.jpg (u)
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e7f328715531dace883b7a19d7fcbd4266562a3cd2de202cce273657e8967c89.jpg (u)
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Grey pantsu.
Metal Gear Quest?
Replies: >>62653
254d47724a32d99500a7c8a6f454ed3c0d5f777bcfba16a6d0b0e181a28a0d69.png (u)
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7817fb2fd90671e03bd5d46a7ce583cb241792229b342a6205135614fb16ba8a.png (u)
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Monster Girl Quest.
0f2e72aee60d283269eba73dd1e32d93f17b07325f8572d0766659f59d91ba9f.png (u)
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>fox thread, wolf thread, blind girl thread ((( (((mysteriously deleted))) )))
>ducknigger and the autistic larpers jumping in joy
2b37ea2f364d24a7244782170826d90a08a9c4831505531c85b51014fe75e546.png (u)
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>complain about sturgeon and alex deleting the wolf, fox, blind girl and headpat threads in a different thread
>that thread also ((( (((mysteriously disappears))) )))
What the fuck is going on?
Replies: >>62982
adolf_fish.png (u)
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fish-quote.jpg (u)
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>2 threads in catalog with green frog as op pic are better then headpat thread.
89688734_p0.png (u)
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89688734_p2.png (u)
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89688734_p1.png (u)
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Replies: >>63369 >>63370
Why cunny when you could bussy instead?
85951244_p0.png (u)
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Why cunny when you could bussy instead?
Replies: >>63371 >>64982
85c604a2eef1d8c5802c85be768f79f89a60636f72b4de2278fed445be4f89e3.gif (u)
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53f8125dd4e2129ec3c2e8318d71f97fa9dde665540ebf46016da4150ae53a5a.png (u)
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532fa2ff3e10ca4ec4470756f6350cc2e388e5145e48a6f6c35eb70266aed3a4.png (u)
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Replies: >>67017
2e785585d87b3a48cbd0a8bb77146f8a.png (u)
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Not a particularly attractive term, is it? There's really no getting around it. Sex with boys seems as though it's always going to be a sort of profanity. Fine for masturbators, of course, but it puts "shotas" at a significant disadvantage to "lolis" who also allow for fantasies of love, not just lust.
Replies: >>65003
Fuck you, OP.
You wanna get very strict and serious about it? Any sexual activity performed for non-reproductive reasons its degeneracy.
Replies: >>65071 >>65086
39b81db5185b2b63d365e4bd739175ac.jpg (u)
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097c4a53c1129c3c20fac1f737591943.jpg (u)
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9191c04df6b76e946a5d4030290c2aeb.jpeg (u)
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e7581253eb5f1de33a9c19ecb487410b.jpg (u)
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f25db9e62e53474583a7b8c611910627.png (u)
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These faggots want bussy,
That means butthole pussy,
What they wanna hit, like their head, full of shit,
"Bend ova, shota, lemme tear your colon!"
These nuts off their meds,
Listen how I be rolling...

Start with a loli that's a hotty, she's precocious and naughty,
Dripping honey from her cunny,
Lap it up off her body,
It's real so we both feel alright, pussy feeling so tight,
Got me losing my mind, This ain't just tonight,
I'mma take this fartha'
Make this girl my ara-ara!
0ab97d0c744a206e0b3b27548e23f4c263ef136eddb1337c70fb675a399a02ab.gif (u)
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The Song of Solomon.
__hibiki_kantai_collection_drawn_by_ebifurya__e8833a2de115213e7d094d1645e70588.jpg (u)
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__shimakaze_and_amatsukaze_kantai_collection_drawn_by_alakoala__a61c0b9ed9402aa37cd3c13ce2c64df2.jpg (u)
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__shimakaze_and_amatsukaze_kantai_collection_drawn_by_takanashi_kei_hitsujikan__52dee4c025ad480908a65a59c42acc28.jpg (u)
[Hide] (885.2KB, 852x1200) Reverse
__shimakaze_kantai_collection_drawn_by_shigekikkusu__57850ad55f40503da143423463c08140.jpg (u)
[Hide] (308.7KB, 984x1200) Reverse
__shimakaze_kantai_collection_drawn_by_tsusshi__0bdce54386d9a577e42cf945cf011bc5.jpg (u)
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Replies: >>65361
34b616b099a743b0f5e39ca0f3244f77116b008c00a51d50ed3a5b3d3ad8c928.png (u)
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That boat slut is FAT!
7e0ba0a3d33453f6a2201d8463c82565.png (u)
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a758b2166b558fa7125c542c2a7815d9.jpg (u)
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4f12913b6d61318a5af83e774ef3cd72.png (u)
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4124a7e28eda447fe54734d4d4560091.png (u)
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blossom_(powerpuff_girls_z)_drawn_by_papillon_-_de9a020dd0459a048d1a69b851ea21bb.png (u)
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1aea691a39a00feab3a2d0fd93e0517f9e51ffd9afe1064ae7674dd7843c8937.png (u)
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edfeed2231247e5e4e2d3ea1dbdb21c4591b4b111b5f10831b128728f59530ab.jpg (u)
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john.gif (u)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 389x333) Reverse
ok john
Replies: >>65964
why is he wearing jeans in his bedroom? uncomfortable.
gaz_membrane_(invader_zim)_-_4e04a9c964452bd7b7be8413e2376a28.png (u)
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gaz_membrane_(invader_zim)_drawn_by_pattan_-_d79996f1883938dbec5aae0bd2ee9cc9.jpg (u)
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gaz_membrane_(invader_zim)_drawn_by_stupidsmut_-_2194e7e24ac206edbf61f64f9d4739e1.png (u)
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gaz_membrane_(invader_zim)_drawn_by_vermelhatan_-_25dd97603ff2b2cc9cd6a2bcb2c961f9.png (u)
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Replies: >>66414
yuni_(princess_connect!_and_1_more)_-_34e1a74d9c0ea0f43fd1b0850f67c119.png (u)
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yuni_(princess_connect!_and_1_more)_drawn_by_leonat_-_06a5272b496f32bd065562d9acc7cd47.jpg (u)
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yuni_(princess_connect!_and_1_more)_drawn_by_mentei_yakuna_-_9b1ec00cf2c8c9a52cae10079754c52a.jpg (u)
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yuni_(princess_connect!_and_1_more)_drawn_by_yinpa_(wanone500511)_-_d56bc8c574992f10cd4c0765ce3c89b1.jpg (u)
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Always despised this bitch
Replies: >>66415
I've never seen Invader Zim, so why is she despicable?
Replies: >>66416 >>66427
she trolls her brother by pissing on his mouth.
she also likes videogames.
Replies: >>67013
There's nothing to despise. She's a grumpy girl who wants nothing more than to play video games. Prime material to long for/lust over.
6740adcc6b8040eb6489ad24ebe4adfe5381365da6ed587b901ba013e00aff34.png (u)
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9aa5419bbd8c5e2a53832ad5b99d563b2b82a69e17fc049bf9533e64d5d8cac6.png (u)
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9fa5f28c795de5fc0e24bc4234d4903dcfb3cb66e4c04fedb951d634955f2ded.png (u)
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Another_Lera_parody.jpg (u)
[Hide] (179.7KB, 800x614) Reverse
lauraB_3_(bubukka).png (u)
[Hide] (247KB, 650x890) Reverse
rei_kuromiya_i_think.png (u)
[Hide] (144.6KB, 600x616) Reverse
>>61959 (OP) 
Deterrent threads do not work, but post more loli.
1400452116434.png (u)
[Hide] (109.1KB, 261x237) Reverse
>ctrl+f + vanilla + enter = 0
>ctrl+f + autism + enter = 0
>ctrl+f +aust + enter = 1
>some zoomer using larp wrong again
>ironically he's probably autistic 

*sigh* I miss the older /b/ and /d/ in this regard. I miss the older Internet. None of this vanilla horseshit is good. It's not thematic in a way that would warrant it being a drawing at all.
Cry, /d/egenerate. Your board outright banned loli and shota so you’re not one to talk about what is and isnt being allowed. Faggot.
Replies: >>66828 >>66893
e5eb00370ddb10d2325ca492dd158cff.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (239.5KB, 812x1086) Reverse
d91830ef99ce2a16945ad22226984422.png (u)
[Hide] (1021.3KB, 1111x914) Reverse
fe36b3efe09f837d7237561e49e5f453.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 2502x3600) Reverse
2ccfea6cf7b16d28085196cdae00fef8.jpg (u)
[Hide] (486.2KB, 1289x1214) Reverse
cf609fe4a0024c10ed5e26310c41ad93.jpg (u)
[Hide] (207.5KB, 677x952) Reverse
Do you have anything to contribute besides blogging about how bad internet is and parrot photos?
If it's so bad why do you comeback, faglord.
Replies: >>66810 >>66824
Why is the far right loli sleeping with a nigger?
Replies: >>66813
581d981d4e28de67fb312f066350a6af.jpeg (u)
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feb46ef9870ceffff3657eb84fdce588.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 2443x3466) Reverse
3a08371d59734c428642674b5c74390e.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (434.9KB, 2560x1440) Reverse
d72efdbaa759df58af3f68f0f7cc92f5.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (646.4KB, 2560x1440) Reverse
08429ab2ea6edde52d3dfe941acad3e6.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (202.4KB, 1024x576) Reverse
Also you are unironically search for words to get angry about, you are really pathetic. Go be nofun nigger elsewhere.
Comparing apes and niggers is disrespectful.
ed5530368b16102db87404d2c9a882d4e08ce46bdb6230c37bb8e1aad87b3682.png (u)
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<some zoomer using larp wrong again
>doesnt know the context
>doesnt attempt to explain why the usage of the word was somehow wrong in the first place
Fuck off, retar/d/.
<if he disagrees with me in any way, hes automatically fagatha
Good logic, faggot.
Replies: >>66828 >>66893
b4a269612f0930fe0fe7798d7f0ab503.jpg (u)
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d6ee6b10c7ad0f963950a3a65e6cb728.jpg (u)
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2e73daa5bd23fd6fd43f0257b282a802.jpg (u)
[Hide] (799.1KB, 1280x1280) Reverse
fbdb8bffd0af0699a68f462667b51876.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (694.5KB, 1280x1280) Reverse
bf866b8e13c994159889fafb6f675390.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (583.1KB, 1280x1280) Reverse
Assuming you are >>66806, I never replied to you.
Replies: >>66833 >>66834
are there uncropped versions of these? artist name?
Replies: >>66834
alright I found it but why does this retard always crop out the vagina? fucking stupid.
Replies: >>66836
Maybe he puts the vagina images in his full paid portfolio or doujins. He draws a lot of weird shit too, like shota and gay stuff and scat/piss.
7c1047d16e27830293aab97c5b37c42dc649f91574404b6d3e88f4e285307892.jpeg (u)
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9ec5127649c4d5b348571c2f3d9fa7713880dcea130b138e9858150df5dd3ed4.jpeg (u)
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b4b0d363ce6efb1cf1b5c652c72c7ff1b891bbde274b7fe117bda1f187c7ded0.jpeg (u)
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d99acd18e87d8c85bd2d56293b5b8fdbd6c29f5832ebea63b271e2b1d8bc638e.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (36.3KB, 800x800) Reverse
e81154f2dfe441212892b9341a35364500cb0812e4c8bfaa112f3a1e91620145.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (32.5KB, 800x800) Reverse
Replies: >>66840
Huh, but why are they lower resolution?
idk, I got them off kemono.party.
King_of_the_hill.webm (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 869x640, 00:30)
hm.png (u)
[Hide] (863B, 549x50) Reverse
9dbbcf05316789fcbba7c681c707d552.gif (u)
[Hide] (5.4MB, 869x640) Reverse
I don't know why I found this comment so funny but here it is.
speed it up slightly to match the speed of the koth op and its perfect.
Died_of_laughter.jpg (u)
[Hide] (32.3KB, 229x343) Reverse
>he even cums inside her moth to the sound of opening a beer
My sides.
Replies: >>66868 >>66894
335a1e9f869f097bb2008a4cffab20febae2ded38aefbf06639db230ee1bad5c.png (u)
[Hide] (663.1KB, 691x927) Reverse
>cums inside her moth 
Replies: >>66887 >>66894
That's no little girl. That's no pumparum. Really moths can never be considered under-aged or prepubescent, they're all in the stage of life in which all they do is copulate. They can't even eat, only look for mates and do the deed. A shame, since moth girls are often drawn very cutely.
>my board
I'm talking about how the Internet used to have actual balls that fell off officially with shit like liveleak dying years after bestiality being banned of which that too was years after le cp banning. The slippery slope makes this shit just autistmally vanilla. There's no point. Drawings were meant for things you can't see easily in real life. It's tasteless. 

Fuck off zoomer. You don't know what real art is. 

>something a bit arousing posted
>retard put the music over it
It's that autism.
Replies: >>67016 >>67098
During hardcore and sado-masochistic tier deep throating the mucous spilling out is from the esophagus and or stomach actually. 

Actual cum would just get stuck back there. 

>virgins man
Replies: >>66897
Wow, that's so cool. You're so knowledgeable about getting throat fucked. Tell us the one about Ramone giving you diabetes from cheap lube again.
Replies: >>66899
0f553fbe1dd2a9c440a20210168cf644-imagepng.png (u)
[Hide] (453.7KB, 750x619) Reverse
>when he senpai notices you
Replies: >>66900
>>66899 (me)

as in 'the'

>got a little to excited to proof read there
d9fa905af1a22c93eab503a5a760a262.png (u)
[Hide] (12.3KB, 400x400) Reverse
f8c5fcc48b6b926ce626ed6575c6f35a.png (u)
[Hide] (25.6KB, 800x800) Reverse
28d65c25aa9a473d4a83401e41c20c4b.png (u)
[Hide] (56.9KB, 400x400) Reverse
6c73f2dea06a9669825589b3d758254b.png (u)
[Hide] (10.1KB, 400x400) Reverse
c92af7c9f5a7f0a3f7f65d7122128c89.png (u)
[Hide] (92.7KB, 800x800) Reverse
Wow you shat out 4 posts in the span of 20 minutes and contributed nothing, just complaining. You sure are cool mister oldfaggot. Showing them newfags what imageboard are truly about.
Replies: >>66926 >>66985
[Hide] (634.2KB, 2000x2000) Reverse
>4th image
>that hip posture
>the belly
>that little shading on the pelvic bone
>that bit of glutes sticking out of the window
>the stockings that might as well be bodypainted
>meme-wave aesthetic via statue 
>the Furby robot peaking from behind the monitor 
>bottled water
>evil black bunni-cat thingy with coffee of all things in it
>too many monitors 
So many layers. This is deep and funni. 

There's too much stuff to even know what the entire image is saying.
6fc39ffd36ec8d7567a1a3ff3de3ca29bdcf3ec044316b2ab1535ba6e8cb4902.png (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 765x1080) Reverse
so I take you want some chocolate since vanilla isn't your thing
Replies: >>67023
802f0d3e8b6d2c59a052df5bb7ffac00.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (874.5KB, 1500x1061) Reverse
>she trolls her brother by pissing on his mouth.
1d2cd212b6dc519dbb470dd1badcb59b.jpg (u)
[Hide] (318.7KB, 966x1326) Reverse
1d2cd212b6dc519dbb470dd1badcb59c.jpg (u)
[Hide] (319.2KB, 966x1326) Reverse
>Drawings were meant for things you can't see easily in real life.
Are you saying you see cunny all the time, easily in real life? Did Epstein let you work on his island or something?
Replies: >>67023
Give_candy_or_else.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (219.3KB, 708x1000) Reverse
Replies: >>67023
fuck man, why is loli piss so good?
Replies: >>67023
1512680263561.gif (u)
[Hide] (178.9KB, 640x360) Reverse
Very funny but no, omarashi or whatever and scat is cringey autism and then there's real shit:

>rape then deaths scenes from manga
>loli cut by lasers  and such, goru
>dog knots and dragons/aliens fucking girls
>prolapses from the hardcore, birthing giant things
>monster/tentacle rapes with belly bulges 
>bondage with blood and pained faces 
>daddy fucking her in her room while tears roll and tongue is out and eyes in back of head (what is that look called again? Aheago?), family photo in the background and bookbag and such (belly bulging in tummy  and first person view)
>eaten by monster, limbs disolve, weird metroid tier creature goes into your vag/holes and changes your dna, you become the insect, like a like-like bondage that absorbs the limbs while this happens internally, a vore gore bdsm nightmare
>wolf men uprising
>gang rapes with facefucking, tears, vomiting, the works

You know, the OLD usual that's gone from my hdd that I had to give to my potential patsy when 'they got involved'. I told him to use ccleaner, like over 9 thousand passes so I can't post examples. I went a few years while hanging out with him as a fellow neet with often no Internet life. The Internet got too shitty to replace it all as far as I can see but I'm not dying trying to get to such things without mommy buying my neet ass a vpn. I mean, I checked Tor and was disappointed, but blah blah blah sadpanda blocks my isp blah blah would need vps to access it blah blah. 

It's realistic and vanilla shit it is that you guys are into. It's a short girl next to a tall guy doing hardly anything. Would a normalfag fap to that if it's just two naked people of the same age? In the Victorian era maybe. 

The reason hardcore went away is due to a naked girl not being real porn, it needs to be thematic to be real porn and drawings are exactly as illegal as naked images of real children. That's what happened. Your girl for example is a midget or a normal flat chested girl (banned in some areas flat is, like Australian dancers) next to some demi-god. It's not 'disturbing' and so mild no one will chimp out at you over it. It can be even called daughter playing doctor with a father or some shit, not necessary porn. 

Because you have the autisms.
c83be84cf0f344139ae546e19018408886d725bd3204de3226cb35f60c4b3fb9.png (u)
[Hide] (737.2KB, 1640x855) Reverse
puppy.png (u)
[Hide] (918.4KB, 1358x1206) Reverse
ff19d0feae1aa9c2c87ce191879c500cba877d85448305796af0ecba19984ca3.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1200x2400) Reverse
40ad0a838ad054306ced8242927c823ea52843a19e86efa14d3be9d1381afcf6.jpg (u)
[Hide] (775.3KB, 773x1000) Reverse
>It's realistic
Nah, not really. Look at those giant fucking bug eyes.
>It's a short girl next to a tall guy
>Your girl for example is a midget or a normal flat chested girl
<There's literally no different between being short, and having the proportions of a prepubescent child
You're blind, deaf, and dumb. If little X year old girls taking giant pedodick is vanilla to you, I have a newsflash for you.
> It's not 'disturbing' and so mild no one will chimp out at you over it.
There's regular chimping over loli everywhere except dedicated sites for it.
>banned in some areas flat is, like Australian dancers
If I recall correctly, all attempts at banning flatties from porn or anything else in Ausfailia have failed.

>Scat is cringey, but it's not "not vanilla"
So I take, you're definition of vanilla is anything you don't like, so you can maintain your hardcore sprinklesfag cred in front of a bunch of anonymous faggots?
>The reason hardcore went away
<That whole list
So there's only vanilla, hardcore, and nothing in-between to you? Why aren't you posting hardcore then? You haven't even posted porn. HDD died is a retard excuse, what you listed can easily be found. You're a just an edgelord, and you probably don't even get off to anything you've listed on a sexual level, just psychologically from flaunting your basic bitch edginess. Post some god damned loli, you queer.
Replies: >>67043
82079.png (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1200x900) Reverse
92092.jpg (u)
[Hide] (656.6KB, 1280x960) Reverse
145293.jpg (u)
[Hide] (557.5KB, 1600x2225) Reverse
>Drawings were meant for things you can't see easily in real life
Yeah like anything of value or artistic merit. 3dpd is pd, regardless of provenance.
Replies: >>67043
1404653312405.jpg (u)
[Hide] (430.1KB, 1050x1500) Reverse
>taking giant pedodick is vanilla
Histrionically yes and your image didn't even show it happening hence the 'playing doctor' bit I bring up as a legal defense. 
>there's regular feds and bots programming normalfaggot zoomers how to react to things ethics wise in these tiny fake communities
Indeed. Back in 2007ish no one, not even reddit, gave a single fuck. 
>vanilla is what you don't like
Shitting yourself is retarded and so is feet smelling and other autistic shit that I can't imagine a man of potency being into. It's not that it's autistic, it's pathetic and cringey. So yeah, vanilla ain't the word. Ya got me. However that's not the issue with me, the issue is that the 'autistic' and 'vanilla' bullshit took over the shocking material. 
>why aren't you posting?
I went over that too, sad panda blocks isp, Internet dying as I went on haitus from the net for a few years off and on, the cops making me hide my computer away and my having the potential patsy use ccleaner on it while I waited for it to blow over, then there's being neet and having no way to have vpn as well.  

Honestly things used to be easier to find online and search engines don't' work as well as they used to either. Even teen+anal brings up no pornography on duckduckgo's image search. At least in my area. Also cute sex dolls are censored as search results on Aliexpress unless I use a proxy in another nation that is not the USA. The shit's all gone gay, it's not worth the effort trying that hard to see porn that might get me arrested. I venture into such threads as this figuring 'maybe I'll slowly build a collection this way again' and near 100% of the time I'm let down. 

I figure people shit on my posts all of the time from here to reddit so why not call what I see that's shit to me shit too? 

I'm not an 'edgelord'. They're not real anymore than sociopaths are. Those are witch hunter labels and witches never called themselves witches. 

Anyway, I've seen the quality of my Internet experiences falling steadily for the past 10 years or so. I'll bitch if I want to. I can't even find an image on my hdd but just tried to but most were gone and I only have two true hentai images that are 'slight boner' worthy to me but they were not labeled among the many thousands of reaction images.
>found that one again
Nevermind. Anyway, I'm probably just too burned out and have learned helplessness too much to build my own hentai preferences again.  

That's okay I guess. These particular images., but only because of the emotions that can be scene in the set of them rather than it being merely one image. The center is best. In an extreme situation one should have an extreme expression after all.
Replies: >>67072
>In an extreme situation one should have an extreme expression after all
>muh ahegao
Your art theory is shit, faggot.
>maybe I'll slowly build a collection this way again
<getting your porn from *chan
Just find an artist who draws what you like and grab their CG sets and stop larping on imageboards.
Replies: >>67066
You missed whatever faggot shit you watch while riding a dildo. Or perhaps you didn't mean females when listing those tags lmao.
>uses larp wrong again
rip old net
Replies: >>67070
46.jpg (u)
[Hide] (470.9KB, 1280x1178) Reverse
72.jpg (u)
[Hide] (259.4KB, 963x777) Reverse
g20_03d.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1012.1KB, 1600x1144) Reverse
g22_003f.jpg (u)
[Hide] (2MB, 2238x1600) Reverse
That's using larp right nigger.
This is how language is. Nobody thinks of your VtR munch when you say larp.
>rip old net
<misuses the quote function
<can't into the internet beyond search engines
<looks for media by relying on SEO metadata and nothing else
You were never on the old net.
Replies: >>67103
831299c97fcda18c2d08fc90ade715b8d06b930be9a7d6dc396695da0705d1dd.jpg (u)
[Hide] (73.1KB, 1280x960) Reverse
72414503_p2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1920x1920) Reverse
> I venture into such threads as this figuring 'maybe I'll slowly build a collection this way again' and near 100% of the time I'm let down. 
Well, you're the retard for expecting hardcore from a loli thread. You're looking in the wrong places, you dunce. Look at the fucking OP. Does this look like a thread with a high chance of the material you want? Not a single thing about this thread, or the latest posts in it visible in the index, indicates it had even a slight probability of containing what you want unless some third party also not interested in the thread came in to dump his murder/rape porn by complete chance.
>Muh panda is blocked
There are tons of boorus, some dedicated to your shit fetish, easily available that don't block tor. You're just retarded.
>Muh coppers
What fucking shithole do you live in that the cops are both trying to nail you for cartoon murder/porn, 'and' are competent and dedicated enough to it that you can't just encrypt your shit and be totally safe? Cut the crap.
>I'm not an 'edgelord'. They're not real anymore than sociopaths are. Those are witch hunter labels and witches never called themselves witches. 
I openly behave as, and called myself, an edgelord as a teen. You think edgelords are witchhunted? No ones fucking keeping them down, they can't be kept down. they're just an annoyance.
Replies: >>67103
9.jpg (u)
[Hide] (428.8KB, 724x1208) Reverse
21.jpg (u)
[Hide] (270.7KB, 1280x899) Reverse
29.jpg (u)
[Hide] (307.1KB, 990x1000) Reverse
>There is no point in arguing with this lazy nofun fag with double standards.
If he wasn't such an unlikeable, entitled, and incapable faggot then none of his posts would have been the way that they were. What did you expect?
>deleting your posts
Replies: >>67076 >>67103
078fd363004c152d3f7631613c284f006f1afc7aabecea304e172423509981fc.jpg (u)
[Hide] (316KB, 1600x1200) Reverse
8317bb00be1bbc3fceac438a247c1163b5a6d915bab43241a383671fbc275220.jpg (u)
[Hide] (332.2KB, 1600x1200) Reverse
c1a4ae2dbd1e4c7fea564a4ad2ec5a80bf04a7c3524e332b57f2b6291b91bffa.jpg (u)
[Hide] (375.8KB, 1280x960) Reverse
c1ea9e2f9928550f51ce7d75151fb0b21ee59883bd8357cc0353b1da559f88a4.jpg (u)
[Hide] (164.3KB, 636x501) Reverse
d4dc6c2a7ce35467f3c482b453c7aada96b2d90d4c98d53c201414386b695ef7.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (99.1KB, 800x600) Reverse
If only my country wasnt so strict.. I will never be able to save loli in my entire life in this shit country.
At least he or someone else reposted what was baleeted.
Replies: >>67078 >>67103
2517ab1975824ed7bb0ac77106d278cc.jpg (u)
[Hide] (882.7KB, 1000x1204) Reverse
4c5a6636c675f56cfa09318f8cd43349.jpg (u)
[Hide] (234.4KB, 1673x2331) Reverse
4c5a6636c675f56cfa09318f8cd43349.png (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 1200x1500) Reverse
>I don't understand context clues
We know. You don't need to keep posting.
Replies: >>67080
Replies: >>67081
>You don't need to keep posting.
You should stop posting.
Replies: >>67191
steal_this_comic.png (u)
[Hide] (44.4KB, 498x469) Reverse
Drm tier retardation, you are already saving it to your ram and as temporary file in your browser cash. What difference is making that you save it to permanent storage?
Replies: >>67084 >>67117
noa_tummy.jpg (u)
[Hide] (170.6KB, 545x1286) Reverse
I've been saving loli pics for almost two decades now, and I didn't got vanned yet
t. living in a country where lolis are illegal
15_g08.jpg (u)
[Hide] (590.9KB, 1200x1800) Reverse
18_g08.jpg (u)
[Hide] (313KB, 1200x900) Reverse
Coloph_006_m.jpg (u)
[Hide] (971.3KB, 1280x1280) Reverse
Coloph_008_m.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 1280x1280) Reverse
g09.jpg (u)
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1600x2272) Reverse
Federales care about metadata for identifying targets and fabricate evidence after the fact anyway, simply asking your ISP to lookup the domain name of a pedo/terrorist site like this on the regular is the thing that would get you flagged (though they never ever actually act on such a thing, just use it to pin on more charges if your case would enter the public eye).
There's almost no amount of being a criminal that you can do that will increase your chances of dying in a no-knock raid more than 2x anyway. Chances are you'll die to some brazil bullshit like feds going to the wrong block to bust some 17yrold selling weed and gunning you down if it does happen.
Replies: >>67103 >>67111
04c3be186400e8d68aeea7ebaf5e8a791064c754d5a9baf00a0f313e7b873c5b.png (u)
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1240x1438) Reverse
>doesn't have an argument
>resorts to a kafkatrap instead
Ok, so you're retar/d/ed.
>You don't know what real art is.
<if its vanilla, its not art
<the entirety of >>67023
Whatever you say, mr extreme art for extremely mature people like myself.
Replies: >>67103
1401093957052.gif (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 292x209) Reverse
Larp was for referencing cosplayers nigger. 

Greening is a sort of convoluted meme that takes intuition to understand that an autist would not have even if that autist has access to sadpanda to spite me with cock teases of imagery he knows that'd be the type I'd like. 

I'd hop on the bandwagon of using larp differently if it were not for how faggy (as in obvious) the user always is when spamming the word larp along with other words like cope seethe cuck dial8 and etc. It's in the list of spam-vocab so I resent it and resent it doubly for how it's being used differently than it's intended purpose as is the word cuck. Like saying rule-cuck. I won't type that, I'll spew shit about libertarianism and how the Internet is not supposed to have rules and how one should not trade freedom for safety and that they've forgotten themselves and that the slippery slope while eventually ban everything and attempt to prove it by bringing up how x thing wasn't even illegal in times past. 

2007ish Internet is when i was 18. I saw a different Internet. It's changed a fucking lot. Policies in general did. 

I'm not a hormonal teen enough to even covet the images enough to load up slow as fuck Tor and wait over 9 thousand hours trying to find non-javascript smut sites that I can download hardcore hentai from. 

Anyway..... I've shat on these threads on all imageboards randomly for years while waiting a nicer ambiance. 

The Internet got worse more so than I am incapable. 

Indeed this is of the top reason I don't keep them saved. The law actually says posession of child porn not having experienced child porn. Like possession of a drug rather than having been high or being high (though public intoxication is another gray area law and so are those in probation still prosecuted for having it in their system, not the point). I did have it saved anyway but in USA the cops are SO OVERBEARING in our blatant POLICE STATE that they came to my door over supposed ID theft and implied that I was going to be arrested just to set me off. 

>calm down, if I thought you did it I'd arrest you
>and I think you did it
Then I went off on his ass and had a screw driver in my hand. You either die or you become not worth it as they might be about to shoot an innocent guy. I'm not going downtown with you, get that shit out of your head. A 3 day hold can make someone go crazy and admit to anything even without a phone book to the back of the head nor a need for flashing lights to keep you awake and such. 

Is baleeted a real word? 

You know this sort of art they do put a lot of effort into the foreground and background. It makes it more so real art than the usual stuff that's just the barren image of a loli. Even if I don't get turned on by this I find the art actually beautify. Can you see it anon? It's not just a turn on but it's often superior. So much artistic talent and imagination.

The art is actually usually better if you had an eye for actual good art. It's a foreground sort of thing and imagination sort of thing along with getting emotions right on the face.
Replies: >>67105 >>67192
wow_thats_a_lotta_words.webm (u)
[Hide] (626KB, 720x720, 00:10)
1108837792397.jpg (u)
[Hide] (74.2KB, 400x511) Reverse
1110742797920.png (u)
[Hide] (8KB, 500x400) Reverse
1115973876761.png (u)
[Hide] (37.3KB, 476x329) Reverse
1115973951721.png (u)
[Hide] (32.7KB, 300x300) Reverse
1117570207188.jpg (u)
[Hide] (75.4KB, 299x1132) Reverse
>I'd hop on the bandwagon of using larp differently if it were not for how faggy (as in obvious) the user always is when spamming the word larp along with other words like cope seethe cuck dial8 and etc.
Are you retard still in disbelief that you are not on 4cuck?

>Wed May 13 2015 22:48:17 
Wow, a real oldfag. Show something from <07.
Better link.
>file upload fail
>choose wrong file too

Anyway, my 'proof of oldfaggery' is image related. I found it while trying to find in my older folders hentai. 

>took me like five minutes to find it again

I hate my lack of organizing. 

Like I said my computers had to go over time faggot.
Replies: >>67112
1431544656066.jpg (u)
[Hide] (167.6KB, 420x1164) Reverse
>>67111 (me)

>will the upload fail once again?
Replies: >>67113
>>67112 (me)

There, the file finally uploaded, but my actual files are gone if the patsy shit happened and all. 

No one remembers the real ree that was that vampire war cry from that one video game that was the time freezing guy that wrrryyyy'd and dropped the steamroller and all unless you were indeed 2007 tier. Also it's nearly on topic the image. 

That other I got the filename wrong. 


Replies: >>67121
microwave_computer.JPG (u)
[Hide] (70.7KB, 960x720) Reverse
Also I was 26 during 2015. My friend left me after staying with me from 2013ish to 2015ish. I got back into the net for that reason. At 2013 the files are killed, pre 2014ish ones are. My oldest are 13xxxxxxxx ones in other words but they used to go back to 2007, maybe 2009ish at the latest, whatever their starting numbers were. They used to be older but what do you expect? Me to get a time machien and grap that win98 computer I had that might have had them on it? I doubt it survived and my first computer I gave away to a friend, not that I ever browsed 4chan with it. The first time I browsed 4chan was on a hacked phat psp of which I used to bring files back to the win9x desktop. I left that desktop behind in 2009 when I got a winxp netbook of which the patsy got along with an external hdd. All wiped in 2012ish. 

Because some people are owld and have bad shit happen to them really. 

Do you really think a 32 year old accidentally the 4chan @ 26 years of age? For the record I dropped out of college at 22 so my hardest 4chanering would be 2012ish when the cops got involved. Possibly related when you think about it, they could have been lying about why they were there, hence my computer being gone'd.
Actually, breaking the DRM to backup your media is legal since the Sony lawsuit. 
Unless you're renting the song and there's a specified time limit in the contract you are legally allowed to keep your shit forever. Not that it'll hold up in your unless you have millions to spend, but it's still legal.
Business_at_the_front,_party_at_the_back..jpg (u)
[Hide] (376.4KB, 848x1200) Reverse
Why are you so desperate of validation of people you will never meet, that you go in length to blog about how 'oldfag' you are. 
You aren't that old, you aren't oldfag you are at best eternal newfag or cancer most likely according to that chart you've likely seen.
Replies: >>67120 >>67122
He's a gay hypocritical commie that's somehow too autistic for other gay hypocritical commies. The only ones he has left are his family, which he willingly alienates himself from to have someone to blame for his problems. That makes him a broken normalfag without anyone to socialize with. 
He's here for attention because that's the only place he can get it from. Being angry 24/7 and just getting called a faggot and told to fuck off all the time is normal for him, but silence is unbearable.
fc575c6887839ad29704ba2441cbc58000c0a56d1042757aa2c930c039a7c717.jpg (u)
[Hide] (49.4KB, 495x800) Reverse
g07.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1000x2000) Reverse
g35.jpg (u)
[Hide] (255.6KB, 1600x1151) Reverse
nileve005a1200.jpg (u)
[Hide] (615.4KB, 1200x1200) Reverse
Post loli faggot
Literally every normalfag on the planet (including you) knows about the jojo fighting games.
>that one video game
It's a scene from the manga, recreated for the super. Isn't this a fucking banner? Literally everyone has seen this. I'm literally using literally because you'll bitch about it too, since you're again illiterate and unable to speak.
Also, it's a forgone conclusion that you started posting yesterday since you claimed to be lurking loli/guro threads but hitomaru gets posted in literally every loli, gore, bugs, and tentacle thread and always has, yet you don't recognize the artist. 
Do me a favor and stop blogposting, delete all your posts, and then kill yourself in real life (or at least fuck off and stop posting).
Here, I'm so sincere about not wanting to see your posts I'll spoonfeed you so you can fuck off and fap then continue lurking instead of posting.
Everything I've posted is either from CG I grabbed from this search sukebei.nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=幻想生物図鑑&s=seeders or is available on lolibooru.moe with the exceptions of the crops that I made of the manga panels from the versions hosted on nhentai.net . All of this was done (literally) literally less than an hour before making any given post, searching my memory for things and then looking them up and finding them in real time (the hitomaru posted before I had the CGs was from lolibooru, surprised me to see how old some of it is). Don't thank me, don't protest that you've been around for more than a day (you haven't), don't call me a faggot (even though I am), don't bitch about torrents, fuck off and die.
You aren't loli and you never will be.
so_deep.png (u)
[Hide] (187.8KB, 423x487) Reverse
Why are so desperate to diss the lefts and to prove that you are a cis gendered male to people you will never meet, that you go in length to blog about how Tyrone took your gf? You aren't that different from the stereotypical right winger in the USA (half it's populace are) you are at best a teenager in his dark phase or most likely an autist bordering in the dark triad of which such triad having people always have this uppity sort of controlling egotism about them as seen often when you try to 'attack' me for posting here. 

Your point of the attack? I wasn't blending in like a normalfaggot guilty of being subservient to a movement? And a movement of what? 50 people at best? 

I have the chart probably and I'm borderline oldfaggot on the chart. 2007 I had some files from 4chan, that's when I turn 18 and are finally allowed Internet access, 2009 I actually start posting and saving lots of files, but I heard of 4chan and mildly got to visit there (proxies never unlocked shit in my HS nor did I have lots of opportunities to try accessing blocked sites back then) before I was out of HS is the point. 

I'm just not originalfag, 2003 tier I'm too young to even know about rotten.com at that point, 2003. Around 2005-2007 I probably heard of it by word of mouth or perhaps on tv. I'm second wave tier not three nor four. Well, maybe borderline in 2 and 3 wave. Is it 2007, or 2012? I'm like 2 and 3 and 4 simultaneously really. 

You just don't get it. Some people are not typical. 

Also this is goal post moving really when my entire gripe is that I not only had to lose my files (whether you believe it or not) but no one posts what they used to when imageboards were actually 'edgy' aka free minded. Now days it's some asshole stereotypical right winger and it makes me want to bring up telling people to go back to /r/thedonald even though that'd be ME being the disingenuous one at that point.
>implying zoomers care about the banners on 4chan to the point of memering about it

How about no? No one under 27 would give a shit and something tells me while I'm sitting here 30+ you're all still in either HS or college. We did polls, 90+ percent are too young to meme the wrrryy vamp nor any other meme from that era. They don't have the emotional connection to do so so ignore the banners. Hell, adblock probably has zoomers blocking the banners of sites now days. 

Keep using hypocrite. Maybe it makes you feel better for some illogical reason. I hope you feel better retard. Not a normalfaggot though to be crystal clear and generally the asshole that shouts something like normalfag is the normalfag. How do I know? You're in your dark phase is how. Do I REALLY know that? No but if you weren't being such a faggot I'd not have to assume it. 

About attention, if you were a true schizoid you'd not use any social networking site including imageboards. 

About this thread in particular, I post in like half of them to indeed off and on talk about things. I'm not always 'transparent' either due to 'ID" so you can just get over it. 

Usually people don't tell me off, just more and more as time goes on they do as I'm not a zoomer I don't fit in so well to your right winger ambiance anymore. Newfaggots were always bad, reminder to stop using imageboards Timmy. 

If you are less than 27ish you should not even know what an imageboard is. When you do reddit sjw's sent you there to act like a wild nigger generally. 

Talking is talking, it's up to you to stop being such a faggot and you are a faggot @ 'the id fag' constantly no matter if I'm being negative or not. You are the negativity in other words, not me, and if I posted just like you it'd not be real attention either, vapid autist. You're not being responded to if you have nothing original to say, and that's an indirect quote from Snowden. Don't you like your right winger celebrity? Then be original next time faggot. Or shut the fuck up. 

<but I did shut up! That's why we have a low post per hour!

Beyond pathetic if that be the case.
Replies: >>67129 >>67134
>continuing to post not-loli
If you want to pretend that you can't save loli then don't post in the loli thread.
                      ,.. -- .....,,,,__,.r-''" ̄~"丶.,
                    ,.r'"         ~"''    "ヽ─-.,
                  ,.r",..r                 \、 'i- .,
              ,,,.. - '''"~                        'i_
             ,."                             "i
             i                              /ヽ
             i  ノ                             ~'i.,,
             i .r'"  ./                     \    ヽ i
            ,r"   ,." ./             ヽ"~ヽ、   ヽ     ''ヽ
           i'     /  i `i       i'- ..,,_    丶、 \  'i,    \/
           .ヽ、   .i   i \     i ヽ.-'''""' ──-'\ ヽ  i     ヽ
            ヽ   i   .i-'''"ヽ、   \\  _,.. ---  ヽi   i  ヽ 丿
             ./.  `ヽ、 ゝ,. -- `''-.,,,  ヽ、r",,.-""~"i''".i      .i/
             i /i /  ヽ i ,.r'"i"''ヽ  ̄"'''" '" ヽ;;;;;;;;/  /      .i
             i/ i, i i   ヽ\  ヽ;;;i       ---''" ./       i
              ヽi ヽ、 'i"  'i .~''''" ノ     ///// ./ノ      ./   / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
                  .i` /  i,///  `         /       / < Did you miss me already?
                  i  i   ヽ .,   ヽ⊃    /____,,,. -─ ''"~   \__________
                  i .i  ,. -r''"~`' - .,,_  _,.. r'""~i- ,,,,,,,____
                  ヽ i i"    ,.... -─-~i"     .i,.-─- .,_::::/  "''ヽ
                    ``   /r'"::::;.r"~     ./::::/  "ヽ
                    ,. -<''~:::,.r'"      /::::/     .i"''''' ─- ,, .i
                   ,i   `/       /::::::::/       i ̄~"'''''' - .i
                   ,i    /      ,.r'''''ヽ ,,,iヽ      .i ̄i"''''i''' -..i
                   i _ io      .i /     ヽ     i:::::i::::::::i::::::i i
                   ヽi::::::i       i       i l     .i::::i::::::::i:::::i: i
                   / i:::::i       ヽ      ',i    . i:::i::::::::i::::::i i
                  /   i:::i        `''' --ヽ   ',     i::i::::::::i::::::i i
                 /   .ヾi          ',::::::::',   \   i:i::::::::i::::::i i
                .i     /           .',:::::::',    \  i:i::::::::i::::::i i
                ヽ   ./            ',::::::',     ヽ i:i::::::::i::::::i i
                 `- "/     ソ        i:::::::',     〕:i::::::::i::::::i i
                   ./               ヾ- ヽ    ./::i:::::::i:::::::i i
    .,v─ーヽ         /                 ヽ `'' --"-==)-'"""~
   ,i(    )フ       ./.                   ',ヽ
   l ` ii^゙"   ゙ミ    .ノ                     \
   《 ii|′     フーヽ .ノ                       ヽ
    \《 ヽ     .゙li ._¨''ーヽ,_            ,r′       \
      \ ,゙r_    lア'    .゙⌒>-vzト    .ミノ′         i
       .゙'=ミ:┐  .「      ./ .^〃     :、_ リ           .}
         ゙\ア'   .--  ,,ノ|    、    ゙ミ}           :ト
           ゙^ー、,,,¨ -   ''¨.─   :!.,   リ           ノ
              〔^ー-v、,,,_,:     i゙「   }         .,l゙
               |    ,/゙ .ミ;.´.‐  ヽ .]          ミ,
               |    ノ′ ヽ      i          ミ
               i    i      ′    }          i
               .{    \,_   _》、  .ノ .{          .}
Replies: >>67133 >>67195
e17b1467904f28e9594cfe2e7ce0720f.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (145.5KB, 700x757) Reverse
13268c519c2312e3118eea16e31afc7a.png (u)
[Hide] (19.4KB, 400x400) Reverse
dd811274e6b91aa49e1254f45dcbcc68.jpg (u)
[Hide] (747.7KB, 1052x1052) Reverse
4d7d391f4699dc20c208fef2d105faa0.png (u)
[Hide] (192.6KB, 1000x855) Reverse
41658af6d27cdce3e7dd13e9df8e1f50.png (u)
[Hide] (18.7KB, 300x300) Reverse
What the fuck, is this all projection?
Sorry I will post something now.
>didn't bother to read most of your post as you're being too mean for me to reward your negativity
>too bored not to though
I'm too old to remember things like artist names. Ever think of that?

Also when out of college age and neet your grammar has zero reason to stay up to speaks, youngling. 

If I were not so bored I'd not end up blogposting on dead sites. 

Also thank you for the suggestion of a sites. :^)

<though I have no vpn and Tor is slow and I have learned helplessness and I'll thus probably never even that site...
Replies: >>67128 >>67196
>>67127 (me)
*those sites

<See what being old is like? Do you really think I'm literally illiterate? You should move to the USA's south to learn what real retards write and sound like.
Replies: >>67208
Thirding the @'s, 'sorry', but torrents do often get blocked by my ISP by the by. 

I'm jus' sayin'.
af16405c9d70cf080b5a0a8c44aee1aa.jpg (u)
[Hide] (692.1KB, 1200x1400) Reverse
80d2834e4a6f1f67d803ea5ee1db758a.png (u)
[Hide] (683.8KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
3fa2b58778d8335a06cb96ccc8b88060.png (u)
[Hide] (430.2KB, 700x700) Reverse
082fb06c1b5bacdad629ccd76f54be24.jpg (u)
[Hide] (287.2KB, 800x800) Reverse
fcd1d6b0625335c60164821ff44ba6aa.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1500x1500) Reverse
>Still not posting loli
Replies: >>67133
best fagatha melt down for a while
Define loli. How can an image be underage if it's so poorly detailed in the 'Japanese' anime/manga style?
Replies: >>67136
Blow_It_Out_Your_Ass.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (87.4KB, 960x720, 00:02)
lolispantsu.png (u)
[Hide] (6MB, 2379x3392) Reverse
>muh right wingers
>muh dark phases
>muh zoomers
Loli (eng) or ロリ?
Replies: >>67139
I think time matters more than location, if your moonrune is meant to be location. Actually my computer cant' see roper moon-runes so I'm assuming that's a moonrune even though I mostly see a square there. 

My point being that loli isn't real anymore than pedophilia or racism. You mean fair young maiden, you mean pixie, you mean flat chested, you mean school girl, you mean starvation victim, you mean badly drawn but female to human eyes while being the most neoteny in it's design as  much as possible with it's art, you mean lots of things.
5e0b091c5d7ca560b2a4772b4e6b8c143645ede947e3173f9fc366086f05a709.jpg (u)
[Hide] (643.8KB, 960x1305) Reverse
cce7a93ecb07bbb791be6e43cca6fcdaa1932c337f92a507d51f0d203974ad1e.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (3.2MB, 2200x3200) Reverse
ddea423b72f2973a534605d263064b2ab10f7acf121e20befa8ef539cc5ed54f.jpg (u)
[Hide] (125.8KB, 850x587) Reverse
4f3975d91f94d03cdc876e0d7b01b76b3ddda9e84faac8fcb1e62e7c8baef2d6.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 2754x3089) Reverse
f4a570e6edafb0f09cabd1d9ed42911d3de27f780e7ca389653dc4adde76d52c.jpg (u)
[Hide] (147.4KB, 850x1258) Reverse
Nice post. A precise and concise description of fagatha.
Replies: >>67206
Elaborate on the context clues.
You're a retard and you should kill yourself.
Cope and seethe.
Replies: >>67206
>Final 2hu Fantasy
Is this a real game, and is it in English?
0c457f5cddf6438431fb3b7000e628695ac62fed5a37e29683e4f28ba0e1a874.png (u)
[Hide] (12KB, 599x605) Reverse
0ba96fa23fa48850ab9b67919cdff40da8de3912e93605710a409457b9aa1c4d.jpg (u)
[Hide] (103.3KB, 1152x864) Reverse
>I'm too old to remember things like artist names.
Replies: >>67206
Not an argument.

keep saying it and maybe it'll come true, for you
not really
foster care and being banned from talking to family members for a decade might have to do with that more than my 'decisions' in life
You only chirp this to piss me off unless you're even dumber than I am. You've seen me shitpost underage e-whores and defend actual pedo on here, I have no friends, have never had a job, born of foster care, you think all that is normal? BROKEn normal. Cyborg meme. The point, again, of the gatekeep of normal vs normal is to not have a gray area. Stop it or admit that there is no such thing as normal and black and white thinking is utterly a sign of mental illness. 

<why yes people by the age of sixteen with no friends nor life of any kind their entire childhood of whom shove fist sized objects up themselves totally normal his entire life but suddenly failed BELIEVE 
no fag

The only times I did have friends were ones from broken homes, aka not normal people. 

You people don't know what normal is that call me normal (or *gag*  broken normal).
41cd06832ba49829a9c35f0ebd651f3154cb5262fe5ff54b36bf52226459cc41.png (u)
[Hide] (557.2KB, 700x1274) Reverse
>being so butthurt you have to reply to it twice
Replies: >>67218
Practically a summary was asked for so I made it as concise as my psychology would allow. 

Honestly being a touch typist is a curse sometimes.
>you think all that is normal? 
Aside from defending pedos and the pornographics tags you claim to like, you're pretty normal.
You find a teen attractive which is very common, perhaps not acknowledged, but is not rare and even legal in a lot of countries and a few states.
You like men and taking it up the ass which is not normal, however, normalized in modern society.
Not having friends is not rare too. Specially after college or your mid-twenties. Depending on the country you look at, the percentage of lonely people is close to 50%.
Not having a job is not rare either, It's just that people who don't have a job usually end up homeless. You have the luck that your parents haven't kicked you out like they should have done 9 years ago.
Hypocrisy and double standards are pretty standard as well.
There are different types of normalfags and you're really close to one of them. You desperately want to be different and unique. Maybe to excuse your current condition and brush off any kind of posible improvement, or maybe to feel like you're special.
Why are you so afraid of being normal? And why are you so afraid of improvement?
If you're as open minded as you claim to be and you're unhappy with your current situation, try improving. All you need to do is recognize that you can become a better person and that you don't have to be miserable the rest of your life. You believe that your fate is set in stone and that you were born or raised to be miserable, but I believe you can become happy.
I don't know. It's probably pointless trying to change your mind. I just wanted to give you a last advice before I start to completely ignore your posts from now on.
You do you.
If you reach any harder your arms will pop off.
so in your opinion how would you classify an abnormal person?
Replies: >>67222 >>67227
also what are the different types of normalfags according to you?
in short, someone who lives for himself.
Very true. We are successful as a species for two reasons. The first one is too focused on, which is a sense of survival. It keeps us from going the way of the dodo. Of course it also drives competition, which people often associate with selfish behavior, and why many argue people are inherently bad.


Our true success as a species, outside of simply not dying, is a sense of community and the ability to cooperate. We are very collective, and overcome difficult tasks through teamwork, like marvels of engineering. Or even simply keeping the young alive. It is unnatural to live entirely for yourself. I think this is where objective morality comes in.

Sure, we have to survive, and compete to survive, and better ourselves and our understanding of the world to stay competitive, but all of this is to be a part of the community, to contribute to the tribe, and cooperate for our future. The truly unnatural, immoral actions are there ones that are destructive, or simply consumptive without being productive.

Wait, what am I doing in the loli thread? Well, whatever.
Replies: >>67277
rhetorical nonsense
cunny.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (630.3KB, 1280x720, 00:06)
C.webm (u)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 720x720, 00:31)
Not good enough I want a full description from your point of view like you did here >>67219
Replies: >>67277
>That's why all of it is illegal now (in the USA)
Is it? Isn't this site hosted in the US?
Replies: >>67258 >>67357
e7cf24c2708fca5c13cca8354a23704b.jpg (u)
[Hide] (161.2KB, 587x785) Reverse
2d08fd5ee8149a59dadf39c958e32869.jpg (u)
[Hide] (278.5KB, 1054x809) Reverse
5f7e3a987323a85e75a8119d182d7a1a.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (167.5KB, 423x762) Reverse
c6a65be59751376171f0f744857e2e51.jpg (u)
[Hide] (157.5KB, 577x841) Reverse
When saying "live for yourself", I'm not implying that you have to isolate yourself necessarily or that you can't help someone in need.
I'm implying that you're not dependant on people or addictions. If society and with it, technology banished from the face of the earth. Would you kill yourself or live on however you could?
Of course, improving your community is important, to better the life of your kin and future generations, but without it would you give up?
The distinction from a normalfag and not one comes clearer in more simpler things. For example, friends. You can have them or not but what makes you a normalfag or not on my eyes is whether they're essential for your own happiness and contentment with life. Whether you think getting a girlfriend will make you happy, instead of happier. Whether you being physically healthy is for others to enjoy and not for yourself to do so. Whether your opinion entirely depends of what the masses think.

Addictions go hand in hand as well. If you're miserable without alcohol, pornography, even imageboards. You're not living for yourself. You should be able to enjoy them without them dictating your life.
Not saying that you can't be unhappy, but you should thrive to change that without your fulfilment being something or someone other than yourself to the point where dying alone isn't a depressing thought.
Only then, if you wish, you will be able to contribute your community in the best possible way. When you're helping them out of passion and not out of social points, to impress someone or as a way to fulfill you.
Replies: >>68046
>why do they let pepole copyright infringe if you get five years for that in the usa and or a quarter million charge usd for it???
You don't understand law. It's about priorities and slippery slopes. Eventauly they will get to the lesser evils. 

>at first they came for the 3dpd pedos
>then they came for the beastiality vids
>then 'too hardcore' vids such as where she's actually overwhelmed even if consensual and not illegal
>then they came for gore/death in real life
>then they came for lolicon dolls (they did, they're not showing up in searches and even teen + anal on duckduckgo blocks lewd shit and other things like that)
<not knowing about the 2003 anti-loli laws that were ignored
>suddenly creeper act

They program society over time to react to things. The word creeper let them take things more seriously recently so the dolls are now banned rather than in 2003. Before it even happened imageboards were hammering down on loli. Before that shit like redditors were all over /hebe/, most of it's traffic in fact, and that died a looong time ago.

Don't be the frog slowly boiled alive over this shit. They don't have to make it news material to lock little old you up over some stupid shit like that. All they have to do is plant real shit on your computer to go with it and add the fake loli as charges of which I've heard they do that, not planting necessarily, but they tack on chargers of fake loli to real cp in law. A smokescreen. Only a naive young person wouldn't have heard about the cops that throw down their spare iron after 'accidentally killing someone'. Now days that right to a trial shit doesn't even matter anymore so escalation means that they'll come after people for even more stupid shit.
Replies: >>67439 >>68046
>Eventauly they will get to the lesser evils
Yeah, eventually, but it's not illegal yet unless your state has criminalized it. The Supreme Court struck down provisions in the 2003 Protect Act that would have banned lolicon federally.
Replies: >>67520 >>68046
Then there's local area laws anon. 

My local area banned any sex doll that even had a head, hands, or feet. My ISP blocks searches of sex dolls on aliexpress. Also I can't order a police baton through the mail despite it not being illegal in this state. 

In the USA Jack Daniel's is made in a dry county. Think about that for a second. 

We're beyond retarded here hence our incarceration rates being literally the highest of all nations. You get pulled over for riding a bicycle at night if it has no flash light on it and other gay shit like going into a park being illegal if it's sundown and fire bans and overgrowth causing people to be evicted from their own homes and etc.
Replies: >>67526 >>68046
>Going 10 over the speed limit
>Girls being raped, drug dealers rampant, niggers being niggers
I sleep.
Replies: >>68046
So... being self-employed? Otherwise you're living so that your boss can buy a new yacht.
Replies: >>68021 >>68046
Not necessarily. If that's all the worth you have put to yourself then you're not living for yourself. If you're using that job as a way to finance your improvement, then you are. To eat healthier, to gain wisdom, to make yourself happy.
As I said, living for your well being doesn't mean you can't help others along the way. Only when that's your sole purpose does it become a problem.
Replies: >>68046
ed67d812d29687af532fc909d2d98f5a74b659490f0ca3288f1a32fa6f418bef.png (u)
[Hide] (951.5KB, 856x1183) Reverse
3e65bd114266f4b66e6ae5d9e55626aa5b784468d7a567b14e9faac88091f092.png (u)
[Hide] (963.7KB, 856x1183) Reverse
f017877f1346e8e6353ffc070a7f2ee43317f20f0eb4e5fd464b407ad65b7b15.png (u)
[Hide] (959.3KB, 856x1183) Reverse
886b453e7b79e421bd397a846836da11ce58a488ada8d51ebbf70a3a85740228.png (u)
[Hide] (974.7KB, 856x1183) Reverse
post lolis you faggots
Fuck you nigger lover
Replies: >>68058
disgust.png (u)
[Hide] (216.8KB, 500x576) Reverse
>nigger with loli
Replies: >>68058 >>68115
its a dark skinned nip
Replies: >>68059
0c15298016ca298117cba9bdc24eac361bede574cc8ee5b351457a4c82b09509.jpg (u)
[Hide] (56.9KB, 404x404) Reverse
>He gets off by watching nips with nigger skin fucking white lolis
Replies: >>68060
Chill out he's just from Okinawa
d0a8ffbd790d6d35c3df742819bc50673d320784c6ef342f067b71237616e42c.jpg (u)
[Hide] (135.7KB, 900x1200) Reverse
Konichiwa minna-san. Watashi wa nihongo des.
Replies: >>68066
ugliest loli i've ever seen. would not headpat.
Replies: >>68069
1b2107fdcb6e59724087e4172bc1d5b3f3809e5dbdd5af4a90f792d016def0a1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (77.2KB, 885x803) Reverse
Soure wa toutemo rayciss da yo
Replies: >>68075 >>68078
ching chong wing wong fuka da niggeros
5890b438b5d8a15a4d4e13b070fb8144961604f0a2bc3302bd5c8e3f65dd96af.jpg (u)
[Hide] (729.4KB, 2400x3300) Reverse
Finally, I'm not the only anon on the webring posting shantae reaction images.
12c77e99a513e8cb3999703c89d50599.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (8.4MB, 1232x928, 00:15)
a00d4040db40bc42a73f1df814c4fb71.png (u)
[Hide] (447.3KB, 480x640) Reverse
b7c83934dfb4a893c97d28b2dec8061f.png (u)
[Hide] (945.7KB, 2736x1824) Reverse
cb64e006c684f90a0dd0d0ad9bc90afa.jpg (u)
[Hide] (432.8KB, 1200x872) Reverse
de7b22297cbb9624781c892e15ddcfe1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (223.9KB, 450x600) Reverse
Dass rite witeboi.
We finna fug all yallz lolis n shiiiiet.
Replies: >>68116 >>68123
c9fe45c9165fa043d04fba9e2e61bc17.png (u)
[Hide] (676.9KB, 1200x1462) Reverse
d1efd72f06fc650f667161cda429322c.png (u)
[Hide] (784.8KB, 1500x1063) Reverse
af28b5a645159466e735a2373762b72f.png (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1734x2000) Reverse
b2aef2a25ff8bea57c706741dd62f43e.png (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1500x1661) Reverse
b235145cabf931344443d55a371ef8bf.png (u)
[Hide] (704.6KB, 1300x1415) Reverse
Replies: >>68122 >>68123
65143377_p5_master1200.jpg (u)
[Hide] (631.1KB, 1000x1200) Reverse
65143377_p4_master1200.jpg (u)
[Hide] (575.2KB, 1000x1200) Reverse
65143377_p3_master1200.jpg (u)
[Hide] (573.5KB, 1000x1200) Reverse
65143377_p2_master1200.jpg (u)
[Hide] (573.9KB, 1000x1200) Reverse
65143377_p1_master1200.jpg (u)
[Hide] (571.7KB, 1000x1200) Reverse
Replies: >>68123
73101605_p1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (440.8KB, 1000x1412) Reverse
68372808_p0.jpg (u)
[Hide] (77.8KB, 1200x848) Reverse
68404092_p0.jpg (u)
[Hide] (162KB, 1200x848) Reverse
68474397_p0.jpg (u)
[Hide] (48.1KB, 600x424) Reverse
73082000_p0_master1200.jpg (u)
[Hide] (757.4KB, 1200x1109) Reverse
Replies: >>68123
1462112760657.png (u)
[Hide] (399.4KB, 401x779) Reverse
>belly bulge
>pink hair
>not all the way nude
>ahegao face
>redness in face
>eyes only slightly rolled
>tongue not too far out
That first one is top tier. 
>knee socks even
It's the perfect taste honestly. 
>from behind is more anal tier and also more dominating and scary
>hair pulling

t. that fag that was complaining earlier that has no lolis hardly at all
Replies: >>68123 >>68142
niggers.PNG (u)
[Hide] (489.1KB, 638x670) Reverse
Kill yourselves, nigger lovers.
>fagatha is a cuck
Why am I not surprised.
Replies: >>68152
caf53126c25283960357783892adca7847462398e610ee4afacdccaa438ea81c.png (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1000x1500) Reverse
>>61959 (OP) 
hey pedokoi, still seething?
Replies: >>68152
>not self inserting into pornography
In reality all porn can be seen as cuckery you realize. 

Stop obsessing over nigger dicks plz. 

>cuck, seethe
I should be posting parrots right now to this AI level bullshit.
Replies: >>68154 >>68156
937dcc207b33e2556d5d49bf9b43638bf9a3a3d746dbd482e1d266b2ac276e4b.png (u)
[Hide] (5.4MB, 2533x3576) Reverse
You should fuck off from these most sacred of grounds, Fagatha.
Better yet, fuck off from zzzchan and don't ever return. That also doubles as sincere advice: the /cow/s will eat you alive.
Replies: >>68162
BBC_TWO_parrot.gif (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 500x253) Reverse
>I should be posting parrots right now
sorry to add more BBC to this thread, but i just couldn't help myself
>the cows will eat you
You don't know what pain is. 
>nor stomping the ice
Anytime someone chimps out at me it just lets everyone of value know what kind of idiots are here. 

Also you need to stop pretending you can control who uses imageboards. I contribute to threads when I can also but as previously stated the internet went to shit and I'm in an inconvenient situation.
cbf04f596e2d07c986883923d7a70684.gif (u)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 600x450) Reverse
5548aed43c53d5d4f509771050833fbf.jpg (u)
[Hide] (241.1KB, 537x758) Reverse
dc96badc0f9c0020717003fc417013d7.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (87KB, 600x840) Reverse
28852def75a331574a7da5cdd782f7cf.jpg (u)
[Hide] (96.3KB, 567x639) Reverse
65d6256601c00e16d214fe7b31c6747b.jpg (u)
[Hide] (208KB, 555x799) Reverse
Don't you have problems with saving loli art? Why does having nigger in it remove the legal problem?
3e998c4dd9b28fbcc0b962e54eb3f4d8.jpg (u)
[Hide] (356KB, 800x600) Reverse
5389ad094c70d3852ce195889d512d1f.jpg (u)
[Hide] (177.3KB, 800x600) Reverse
f3f400b5bf055b512d2ee76acc9fef15.png (u)
[Hide] (164KB, 400x500) Reverse
5b98e4b736949dbb68dddd572adaf898.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (257.9KB, 800x600) Reverse
f3fe019eaa85dd5a9e577d61b59b1902.png (u)
[Hide] (493.6KB, 800x600) Reverse
He makes excuses for literally everything. Teh evil government is oppressing him.
Replies: >>68218
I am sure you don't know the Anime title of the pic 4
download_(2).jpeg (u)
(13.4KB, 225x225) Reverse
>putting words in mouths
Idiots. I never said that I was against loli. I said I was obligated to not have it at x time and it's harder to get ahold of later and increasingly illegal no matter what. What I find funny is that actual cunny isn't posted when you get the same amount of time for both. I'm the type that likes to stomp the ice over things but tons of children online are too autistic to see that. 

I see the writing on the wall and loli will stop soon so I vented. That was the actual point, retards. 

Also I do not believe in racism but bigoted redneck right winger types are super annoying and make the sentiment possible by being insufferable and overbearing retards. The type of guy that throws a milk jug onto the floor if you didn't finish your milk, that's the racist guy trying to prove a point about his values while being ironic as hell. You want freedom from commies so you kill your own children in Nam during a left winger revolution USA? Okay, that's that stupid shit. Long hair is Communism. Okay okay. Sure sure. But milk, the racism, not everyone obsesses over a little bit of white shit going down some hole. You don't have to try to murder the milk because a little was wasted to foolishly prove how much of a retard you are rather than actually prove your point. That barbaric bullshit people do. It's so childish. 

>they won't understand as they can't into metaphorical poetical thinking
Replies: >>68219
c5544e85861d081a8617330d6eb961017025460a94be78956b780c044502958c.png (u)
[Hide] (269KB, 707x763) Reverse
Fuck off.
Replies: >>68261
rico.jpg (u)
[Hide] (267.2KB, 573x800) Reverse
Nintendo_DS_loli.gif (u)
[Hide] (371.3KB, 600x800) Reverse
I did faggot
srsly fag?
Replies: >>68246
f81908f3dd57d67bf94d0cd20915585cf93b44ee35c24faa62ed6b61c207ab4e.jpg (u)
[Hide] (177.3KB, 1200x858) Reverse
46d9df4c4f54a6452ca8171a207e4632dd8ec19339611bdf266dcad1a35a215f.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1800x2504) Reverse
82db7630c19a0996713d5819655a0a792ccffa2839d511eb81fd5e9e51893f5f.png (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 2150x3035) Reverse
5953d7421d7c6c34da5c9b27e61ff734aee0cfcad3ce85daf74f5f56e3732298.jpg (u)
[Hide] (776KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
7e9ea31ac5019dffadc6f1e8644ea65828ed597ba861f5d70cbc395ca37f3c94.png (u)
[Hide] (658.6KB, 1100x1124) Reverse
Naizuri is good, fag.
>I can't read!
Then don't @ me actual retard.
Replies: >>68266
Replies: >>68272
parrot_9.jpg (u)
[Hide] (36.1KB, 474x527) Reverse
Replies: >>68273
Replies: >>68276 >>68365
1478006519860.png (u)
[Hide] (303.9KB, 722x768) Reverse
too gay; don't care?
Replies: >>68278
75ed42883be982eb81d777285d66f4f81f581679f55d04984846f2fb85ddfed1.png (u)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1286x1800) Reverse
straight_male_porn.jpg (u)
[Hide] (224.4KB, 1200x1200) Reverse
>being original
I'll post a loli/pixie/etc I guess finally in this thread I bitched in. I found one on my computer finally, other than the other two or three I shitposted within my complaints and the gif doesn't count, that pixel art of course. 

Actually that anal alien/monster is the only real thing I posted. I only generally have this image and that one on my device/storage but did save images from this thread. 

>it's began again..... are the FBI  coming yet?
Replies: >>68368 >>68370
>bestiality again 
I shouldn't be surprised.
Replies: >>68406
Do you got one like this but the guy is the human in this situation?
Replies: >>68421
Annoying people often have disgusting fetishes. There's probably some relation.
Replies: >>68408 >>68421
d428b230342000f33de7d9e040377b8729b45d10076aec1bd317f042cf77b999.jpg (u)
[Hide] (274.4KB, 614x1414) Reverse
f6bff73101e6b4f4535ed5945ed9dd69b87638ad75beb0ceb34d0df35adc7c80.jpg (u)
[Hide] (7.7MB, 4800x3508) Reverse
f2c7e9dd41a7d3fbd1dc1d5d12bb7bc7d79920659cf6464a53253d3fbd1d5336.png (u)
[Hide] (729.3KB, 706x1000) Reverse
a2ba48022c5d2183d38ffb5741267de099faa6e75c913f16c3a74c2436e1032c.jpg (u)
[Hide] (143.4KB, 752x1062) Reverse
f1155035cbac056622efbf83f2afd9f5903460728075b6748fe083b0f4ce189a.jpg (u)
[Hide] (127.4KB, 800x1132) Reverse
In this case I believe it's just correlation without causality.
He's broken to shit, hence he's a normalfag in denial and annoying as fuck; and he's broken to shit, hence he has disgusting fetishes. Both problems stem from the same root instead of one being the source of another. 
Other faggots might be the same.
Replies: >>68421
3676b11f037f2cb6d805fecd3b015c4a.png (u)
[Hide] (587.7KB, 800x600) Reverse
bddca6809839f9ab256395676f155749.png (u)
[Hide] (541.2KB, 800x600) Reverse
4219740bc8bc8216efdf82e8e6446a5a.png (u)
[Hide] (370.3KB, 800x600) Reverse
af3af0e7f6f63cc2c8d2674633c84a7f.jpg (u)
[Hide] (286.4KB, 800x600) Reverse
fountain_of_youth.jpg (u)
[Hide] (557.8KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
fd5c140b89d0806ce59e34ed24ca8ca6.gif (u)
[Hide] (346.1KB, 450x338) Reverse
17575f9675f39ab195d048588a1e248f.gif (u)
[Hide] (261.7KB, 450x338) Reverse
c471542d9e6fb3c23518fe64e242995f.gif (u)
[Hide] (387.9KB, 505x330) Reverse
bb65d19a10553914b801be95d584a48f.jpg (u)
[Hide] (195.5KB, 900x675) Reverse
506791ebff5e81628eacbfa96542294f.jpg (u)
[Hide] (93.8KB, 400x500) Reverse
>he's  a normalfaggot he's a normalfaggot he's a normalfaggot
Fuck off already with this shit.  

It's not full furry, it's artistic werewolf shit and you are not meant to fixate on the male so much. A wolfman fucking a loli isn't annoying porn, a human fucking a pony would be or a dog or dogwoman would be. Stop being gay with this fixation on the male role. Do you really feel like a non-existent wereman cucked your waifu?
Replies: >>68422 >>68470
furry.jpg (u)
[Hide] (533.4KB, 1943x712) Reverse
No, it's furry, and you're so retarded that words can't describe it. Go back to cuckchan already.
Replies: >>68428
Is there going to be any objections if I start uploading these bleached edits to image boorus? I will make clear it’s a collaborative effort.
>no one talking about 4chan
He who smelt it nigger. 

That loli has no animal characteristics and is being fucked by a werewolf, a mythological creature. It's like saying tentacle rape is furry. She doesn't even have the animal ears, nor a tail, nigger.
Replies: >>68432
85239414dbad629984782494ecc1b6c2f3e7ffdc4e3943f22df1012a73e8a361.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 930x1316) Reverse
>no one talking about 4chan
You're so stupid that I can't think of an another place where you might came from.
>a furry is not a furry if I say so
Yeah, sure. If a werewolf is not a furry then what the fuck is a furry? If you really want I can call it bestiality, but that's practically furry turned up to level 11.
loli.webm (u)
[Hide] (14.5MB, 1280x720, 03:10)
df91564da2d1700a18d23ccebe525571.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1275x1758) Reverse
2e1548fb0e4d86d0983e315dedcc32f3.png (u)
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1373x2000) Reverse
eced2dd4397958d35847fe39b899f35b.png (u)
[Hide] (470.8KB, 794x1122) Reverse
9270761a8628e94f3758753577ce1e14.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (477KB, 2077x1811) Reverse
Contribute or fuck off.
Replies: >>68463
84f2fb5b4a8c10063971ecd979c17ab737575dcfd6f5c138c9f2709a16ca566c.png (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1000x950) Reverse
>fourth image
You may have wanted to look at >>61960 first, fellow Einzbern enthusiast.
f63ed0fa0a92947dc333db24e21c2215db47d9e5eda4687917ae75d818bf8b17.gif (u)
[Hide] (99.7KB, 456x648) Reverse
a6ef0bfa84cdf8a3ad975a78cb0f272c9e16266100d7e94ebbe3890c202c3858.jpg (u)
[Hide] (330.8KB, 1134x1600) Reverse
9c0691bf5208d72f14a3cbd997f8b4cb721120d1098ff5aece916e6ea8919ed2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (428.2KB, 1386x928) Reverse
5433ec144cad936a235bb34760fa5522f35d34dd7b84bc8a7e8f80e417309e1e.jpg (u)
[Hide] (529.6KB, 1300x1263) Reverse
00a607ea5aed6ee1e33e03503650c25299f69b02e6d20a366cb4317343e07150.png (u)
[Hide] (663.9KB, 1122x1162) Reverse
>artistic werewolf
The fucking length commies will go to justify their shit.
Replies: >>68473
no_dad.jpg (u)
[Hide] (12KB, 300x275) Reverse
name.jpg (u)
(12.4KB, 200x200) Reverse
strangle.jpg (u)
[Hide] (609.4KB, 1152x922) Reverse
>Saria detected
But no, it's only the male role, you're not supposed to be attracted to yourself if you are being 100% str8 with the image and self inserting as the wolf. Also, your monster dick is now superior. It's just a fantasy, don't you want to become a werewolf and fuck all the girls that find werewolves hot? Not that it's actually homosexuality to self insert as the female either, the superior dog knotting alone would be super fun you know. 

About it being indeed a werewolf, it's hands, the round necklace it has symbolizing the moon, it's fur color, it's giant size, it's a werewolf monster image and not furfaggotry anymore than a mermaid or siren or whatever would be furfaggotry.  

>but fur!
And humans have hair. Get over it.
Replies: >>68478 >>68483
1571540643481.jpg (u)
[Hide] (120.4KB, 1015x1200) Reverse
1571548904714.png (u)
[Hide] (216.1KB, 716x534) Reverse
>>68473 (me)
>laughing that actually found these two kb big images in my hdd
>notice how low quality these old images are
>notice reverse
>never noticed before
<is that better than jewgle?
>leads to onions
Oh wow so that's how I'll build the loli collection back up. I should find onions. I remember running into many dead ones with shitty search engines I found to use within the onion route. 

>needing the onion route over loli
wewing at current year
Replies: >>68483
eb2a4c7582cc4e49acdbecdddde5aec728e664495bda84794ebc71ce771848e5.jpg (u)
[Hide] (117.5KB, 474x910) Reverse
4429a4e0dd746ad9e5809665f98f3944ad7dc87bb3e66fb1e87fa612d4850e35.gif (u)
[Hide] (9MB, 300x300) Reverse
08a11116b971d45e510876128280934c1845a3748235b539869718f39fd4be2a.png (u)
[Hide] (283.7KB, 700x700) Reverse
c39c88a1534deb19039201084bbcdb1628c817370e0a62daf2795f6985c31d9e.png (u)
[Hide] (202.8KB, 927x761) Reverse
37ef001087cff0c4776ea56e7259737182e9ad55129ec5ede932f965769eb586.jpg (u)
[Hide] (353.5KB, 483x683) Reverse
Replies: >>68487
1581139748536.png (u)
[Hide] (282.7KB, 900x900) Reverse
Flight_Plan.png (u)
[Hide] (556.6KB, 510x760) Reverse
1545414263.jpg (u)
[Hide] (131.4KB, 700x560) Reverse
fdc7b08b642f6734257744d97a4a7d90.png (u)
[Hide] (214.2KB, 446x446) Reverse
sample_022ea78b9bf481c93fe990a6d7972e5b.png (u)
[Hide] (482.3KB, 850x362) Reverse
Please do not abuse the lolis. Lolis are only for loving sex within the context of marriage, or a relationship that will inevitably lead to marriage.
yameteee.jpg (u)
[Hide] (204KB, 720x720) Reverse
crying.png (u)
[Hide] (327KB, 555x555) Reverse
[Hide] (829.5KB, 1083x1729) Reverse
anime_kicked.jpg (u)
[Hide] (108KB, 480x640) Reverse
1571598367815.jpg (u)
[Hide] (632.7KB, 650x919) Reverse
>too long and did not re--
Then don't @ me Famicom.
Replies: >>68494 >>68523
09ea3f23b1369db2b9aae2110aff183b060862abdff28879173c9542e31e6264.jpg (u)
[Hide] (174KB, 800x800) Reverse
09f65e52d096cae59deeea4c877e739d8991eab38304faa3a721f08d0e0acf31.jpg (u)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 3617x4500) Reverse
9da707c9eb2024d196bcd531e07ba3c1da69446e715b13f6d2cfe6df9014ea5d.jpg (u)
[Hide] (449.3KB, 1567x2448) Reverse
23dec996-336a-49d3-8304-b7e557ee284c.jpg (u)
[Hide] (332.4KB, 960x1360) Reverse
1627509548825-0.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (61.7KB, 488x650) Reverse
Ryouniggers are worse than niggers
Replies: >>68503
1571609873561.jpg (u)
[Hide] (262.7KB, 800x667) Reverse
>key word ryou?
I don't even remember the Nipponese word for it that I used to get the images honestly....ryougae? Ryouga? 

Search engines died and wikipedia does not have a proper list of hentai by genre name. I'll probably have to use Tor to even get good search results even on duckduckgo in current year, no exaggeration even sex dolls went away since the creeper act as well as teen+anal search queries and their variants and of course loli is blacklisted as well since the creeper act. Tor is soooo slow AND crashes my potato and my Internet is even slower. 

Replies: >>68510
f87f4e2dd7dee3c68e3653799107d7922f32001a6a79c56e6627b9f7fdfcedb6.png (u)
[Hide] (694.2KB, 814x1200) Reverse
It's ryouna, you literal fucking nigger.
Replies: >>68518
1571608329773.jpg (u)
[Hide] (998.1KB, 1000x1250) Reverse
Ryona according to wikipedia, but thanks. That extra u fucked my shit up that you/anon did. Ryona is even in my history but ryo+ a u was keeping my own search history from showing anything. I found my images in the past via ryona, not ryouna. 

But thanks in any case. That damned u.
Replies: >>68520
a94026b416840c5fc05efffc54657ca2db98322e0f4bba2b32e238a239cd29d3.jpg (u)
[Hide] (132KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
>wat is different romanization
Replies: >>68578
ebdb034c3e2c3053f8e22361bfe023a38e1a196707325f9173a0047140c45ca1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (111.3KB, 600x848) Reverse
d75ae6eeb83e1b17e98f608fa534ce5ad8898cc9653e0aa659eea7efb9e2cf9b.png (u)
[Hide] (143.9KB, 548x800) Reverse
9efe41d862e69d969a28ced01f2ef24046f3fe3ae897ee493af04bf009ed2b6e.jpg (u)
[Hide] (184.2KB, 689x634) Reverse
6e7125c737e5a224b293ef39b80014b7148dc4325d9f3cffc5d3b2870dcc8247.jpg (u)
[Hide] (30.4KB, 672x672) Reverse
831925fe093e1d5f132578f78c53e3c8b1f56bf8fbe1357445dcc1ecb4de28f9.png (u)
[Hide] (38KB, 662x662) Reverse
What's an @, twitter-kun?
Replies: >>68529 >>68568
anime_attacked.jpg (u)
[Hide] (49.9KB, 480x556) Reverse
sit_in_blood.jpg (u)
[Hide] (31.3KB, 417x272) Reverse
1571610703290.jpg (u)
[Hide] (118.7KB, 666x777) Reverse
1571610119242.jpg (u)
[Hide] (143.4KB, 549x612) Reverse
1571610573898.jpg (u)
[Hide] (285KB, 800x600) Reverse
I've never used twitter ironically. 

I'm also not Mexican but used :V before due to an autistic woman I 'knew' my age I talked to on okupid doing it a lot. She was not Mexican either. Anyway, :V and called Mexican, @ a lot and called Twitter user. In reality they just are fun to use, the symbols, not the normalfaggot sites. 

>cum @ m3 bruh n 3y3 w1ll d14l8 ur b0140l3 4u :V

As it is I'm dialing back the fun as you can see, famicom 64 (fam=family, famicom = fam, adding 64 just makes it even mo4r fun). I cannot hold back all my autisms in other words. It's such a chore.
Replies: >>68533
0a6944c2834eda942c822fe7b98bf0ba6ed2fe5099643bf0e605bd6a2c4850e7.png (u)
[Hide] (37.8KB, 583x480) Reverse
732e8014b843dbdefa864d1a547839b565e2802c55330624d21623ed7a3b492f.png (u)
[Hide] (69.9KB, 482x685) Reverse
7c5e4992f006a1a0af97460d8eb753636d6fcf10aee07046392dd9a225a93050.jpg (u)
[Hide] (256.5KB, 1000x832) Reverse
06b101fe21ccbe4049a3fb01ad66fb37124b9811a062226aca5baa79c0ee06ca.png (u)
[Hide] (413.6KB, 650x650) Reverse
9e553f6b2e7fefa602ad49ed8d4c59fd2f9be7db5c31dc9b9c35902f99e38541.gif (u)
[Hide] (423.5KB, 384x384) Reverse
>I'm also not Mexican
You type like one.
f8896f0285a3fff22cc13d99620082fc.jpg (u)
[Hide] (34.5KB, 560x420) Reverse
He is pretending he used mailing lists.
Screenshot_2021-11-28_at_04-21-55_Japanese_dictionary_search_for_りょな_.png (u)
[Hide] (9.3KB, 666x208) Reverse
You can drop the u used to represent a long o in romanization, but you can't just add a random u. The only way to romanize リョナ is as ryona.

It's a shit fetish for literal niggers anyway
Anons I think some of those pixels are underage...
Replies: >>68610
01816ff1ff042e895980fddeb49a0a806d0740d1b2b2033b7220fdf33a51feb8.png (u)
[Hide] (8.2KB, 476x241) Reverse
Not if you're watching it on a 18+ years old CRT.
loli_on_2channel.jpg (u)
[Hide] (165.5KB, 896x781) Reverse
d1e36337bf02e152c7afa4782e986c4d.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (139.5KB, 950x713) Reverse
crt doesn't have fixed pixel count, like lcd.
15828eb4bf914835a01fc409093d6fd6dfe7febc10a7df69a873dfe797af88ea.png (u)
[Hide] (757.4KB, 1200x1302) Reverse
aefeae6219b31aeb8b83c61425d2b4a4928d26b3e9bda890500cc238be2fd8d8.png (u)
[Hide] (3.6MB, 1500x1060) Reverse
e13508d666d196a2c978e6be68de109051ef536a92bc97587bfaaa7c3cf5a448.png (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1062x1500) Reverse
5a8534ce7d5fbe4a9fd294db6f510a25.png (u)
[Hide] (527.5KB, 800x1444) Reverse
b06d1e9f4cef849dee7bc1eda3e5e689.gif (u)
[Hide] (21.7KB, 800x720) Reverse
5c55d414781e950dec5ed9408f949596.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (245.5KB, 625x800) Reverse
e4d65c967682d74fdc925990768653e6.png (u)
[Hide] (861.9KB, 1200x1600) Reverse
5cfc869948ef824d5d300e1dcd3498c1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (98.3KB, 600x800) Reverse
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