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Do you guys have friends in real life? If not, do you have friends on the internet? I'm sure many of you have neither, but for those who do, how do you keep them as friends once you've made them? Sorry if this is too similar to the other thread.
Who needs friends when you can simulate relationships over the internet and bleed yourself of all your humanity?
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you make a good point
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I mislead you to continue your apathetic waste of life. Break past the barrier of your woes until you can commit to any form of sophistry that could lead you onto your means of gaining friends, because friends are the greatest passion we can know, despite being hounded by possessive erotic thoughts we've accrued through the use of technology. 
Even a bit of confidence of foolishness could help you hold your friends or just entice them like others do with drugs and other pleasures we bait with hooks to keep our social circles.
>>61401 (OP) 
>Do you guys have friends in real life?
Used to, at least some. All of them were at some point just too far in a physical distance to be of any relevance, or I lost contact to them on purpose, for various reasons in fact. The "internet friend"ships I had, at least the ""closer"" ones, all broke apart at one point as well. Usually due to the person undergoing some serious change and/or phase and me not being compatible with that. Dunno, but friends just kinda break apart easy, and in the virtual world such things are way easier then ever before.

tl;dr: No.
Had some for a long time, but then life got serious for them and not for me.
If they change their lifestyle, you either tag along or let go and get new friends compatible with yours. Keep it simple.
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>>61401 (OP) 
>Do you guys have friends in real life?
Yes I've got "friends", and by that I mean a bunch of normalfag manchildren with whom I loosely share little to no interests or opinions and only, somewhat, get along with because I try my hardest to keep my no-no ideas to myself, even though lately I've started slipping since I can't be assed to give two shits anymore.
>If not, do you have friends on the internet?
I do, some whom I could consider even closer than my rl ones even though I've known them for way less and never met them.
> how do you keep them as friends once you've made them?
The fact anyone even needs to ask such questions truly shows how deep we've sunk. The answer, can very simply be traced back to one's own humanity. Don't be a faggot, be understanding, be helpful when they're in need. That's what I'd be willing to put in, and that's really all it boils down to. If you ALSO share common interests, that's just an added bonus, but for a long lasting friendship you just have to make friends with humans be human yourself. That's why you can't be friends with leftists, they aren't human, they don't have souls lol. That's why even if you do manage to make friends with NPCs something always feels off, as if something is missing.
Me? I don't have any friends because the rl ones I have are terminal brain dead and internet ones are gone at a moment's notice, but sometimes I don't care, I'm just grateful I'm alive, aware and free.
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One of my acquaintances (borderline friend) stopped talking to me.
He came in to the voicecall I was having with my best friend, and we were talking about politics. I usually don't bring topics like that up with others, but me and my friend were alone and we're both in the same right wing camp, so the conversation just happened and the acquaintance jumped in. Now I don't mind being friends with anyone regardless of their beliefs as long as they don't plan on killing me, but even then I have a communist in my circle that I have fun with. So this time, the conversation was about stuff like self-defense, gun rights and the counter-mainstream party in our country (AfD in Germany). First our acquaintance just listened in, but he soon threw in his own opinions, classics like "guns cause crime", "AfD are the second coming of Hitler", all the usual viewpoints sanctioned by the media and all institutions. When I corrected him by saying that AfD are merely a centrist party, not even close to right wing, he just left and blocked me everywhere.
The punchline? I don't even vote and wouldn't have any political impact on his life, but having the wrong ideals is enough for a tableflip.
> but having the wrong ideals is enough for a tableflip.
This makes me sad, for the lack of a better expression. Part of being a human is - or should be - that one tries to get along with everyone, no matter what their beliefs are. Agree to disagree and so on.
That being said, I myself have soft blocked a couple of absolute retards for non political/moral/belief reasons. None of them were commies, sjws, trannies or such but completely braindead and/or disingenous, and I feel that any interaction with them would be like talking to a rock. Have I judged them unfairly? Maybe so, maybe no, but unless I see them express a conscious thought, I won't be communicating with them in any manner.
>>61401 (OP) 
>Do you guys have friends in real life?
>If not, do you have friends on the internet?
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easiest life. friends are far too much hassle.
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They dropped me like a fucking rock after the main reason that they bothered being around me disappeared. (i.e we graduated school)
A friend wouldve bothered to keep in touch, so they cannot be considered friends.
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I'm sorry that happened to you, dude. I think I did that to somebody once after we ended up having to go to different high schools and I regret it immensely.
>>61401 (OP) 
>Do you guys have friends in real life?
Hell no. Too risky.
>If not, do you have friends on the internet?
Not for years.
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I met my online friends in real life, we live in the same area and I'm rooming with one. I'm really grateful for the internet, it would be a lot harder to find genuine friends in real life.

What a fag.
>>61401 (OP) 
Both. Took me time to find them though.
I don't have friends, but I'm unsure if I really want any. I don't believe Internet friends aren't real friends, since they're abstractions of people you communicate with text. They aren't real until you meet them yourself.
>>61401 (OP) 
I have one friend I've maintained for 25 years (he knows ALL my darkness and I know his) and he now lives 14.000 miles away so it's a bit difficult to maintain. Skype or email is the only way atm.
People who're incapable of accepting that another viewpoint even exists are such delicate doilies I wonder how they can ever get a (reasonably well informed) friend in the first place. If their base reaction is 'block/ban/ignore' they're not worth keeping around anyway, censors are pathetic children with tiny minds.
>Hell no. Too risky.
Works as long as you know you can both destroy each other. Also an accrued trust you can only build with someone you've known since you were kids,
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>friends on the internet
Is exactly the same as
>a long distance relationship
Which as we all know means 'FUCKING NOTHING'.

If you can drop contact with a 'friend' without feeling like an active asshole for doing so then they were just an acquaintance in the first place.
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