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209c27d1e5ddc67780e5057aad1769c4521a41b559e406c81582a2870840fd42.jpg (u)
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On top of banners there's now the possibility to upload custom flags and whatever other shit for the CSS such as custom spoiler images, backgrounds and whatnot. Post them ITT and I'll add them if I deem them worthy, when I'm around and if I remember to.

Specifications are as follows:
300x100 png, jpeg and gif no idea if other formats work so stick with these
Don't think there's any restrictions in regards to resolution but they will get automatically resized to 16x11 when displayed, so vertical ratio images are going to look like shit, and any big image will get squished until it's just a mess of pixels. Also the filename they get uploaded as is what they will show up as in the menu so kindly provide one. png and jpg only stills probably
>other assets
Anything goes probably

Every file can be 32 MB maximum though try optimize your shit when possible.
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76df22f3aaa108d6b79307df4f19b902444b4494e01a5b7e85507a41ded1f9de.png (u)
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>>61112 (OP) 
Here's a must have for flags.
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346fb37eb2571ad626de5c9a11956a9f569ad0043fefeaef8d0b32b7d004098e.jpg (u)
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e3764f10293d54c27ee33c125edeccca898d8e151141b4875c37474d35cea662.png (u)
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Looks fine, I guess.
88bfd32911d10bad6267054fb65aeca7dafa65a9a039d3088b970dfa6bf39073.png (u)
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Eläköön Suomi
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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nice.jpg (u)
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Sweet, added!
banner_version_deluxe.png (u)
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zzzchan.gif (u)
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zzz-chan-animated-1.0.gif (u)
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Forgot to post the logos if anyone feels like using them for banners or whatever.
i know how to save my shitty dead board lets make some banners guys
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obvious troll is obvious
Shit, better tell 4chan about this place to get the quality memes you want I guess.
Some retard leaked twitch shit to 4cuck yo


hab fun and if you see an ukranian ibee, please dont screw round thx <3
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Replies: >>61197
Not him, but I think he's referring the 128 Niggerbytes of data that were stolen from Twitch recently. Wouldnt dare downloading the Torrent though, who knows how many glowies are lurking.
Replies: >>61200
What kind of data?
Replies: >>61201
Git servers, paycheck information, old and new client applications, and even some CurseForge stuff from what I've seen. They really screwed up this time.
wojak.png (u)
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also info about the unreleased and uniquely named steam rival called vapor...

will this wee wojak work for flag?
Replies: >>61231
bee_mascot.png (u)
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wizard_banner.png (u)
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All these flavors and you choose vapid cancer?
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don't add these. they are from the obese commie tranny.
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melon.png (u)
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I'm not obese, a Communist, nor a transsexual....

But wouldn't it be funny to have an Agatha flag :3
justreich2.png (u)
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Fixed a few things about this that were bugging me.
Replies: >>61726 >>63059
Ken we hab a special flag for Tor bosters? I wanna knoe how many nigs on this site actually use the grand onion.
Replies: >>63059
mio looks scared of hitler
Replies: >>63059
This is a good banner.
bo dead?
Replies: >>61863 >>63059
62ba51d825ef39d363467e6aa14ec169378ec039018a2325fe788fd5d98fcae9.png (u)
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Was he ever alive?
Replies: >>61939 >>63059
0d89d9b64904fb02a03033ae87e6c59ed066785e5cee3690fb837d329754b6a9.jpg (u)
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But I am alive and that's all that matters. Cheers, to life, to neetbux and cheep Evan Williams.
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58ebb12e63605eb07b40b80155e2b10ec5cb0c8b5c41fb21c5d23679378c5b61.png (u)
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>5 hours to finally reply to a post in a stickied thread.
Do you sleep 17 hours a day?
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0a6eca1260bd61b55bace03dbae8d669a7953884e0c8a991707e4ea4432a0a6d.jpg (u)
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I sleep and drink and shitpost whenever I want. I can do whatever I want to do and nothing can stop me from doing so. You are faggot hahahhahahhahhahhahahha
duck_nation.PNG (u)
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Is this flag okay? or too shit.
fox_flag.png (u)
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i don't think that either of these would resize well, but I just wanted to shitpost and demand equal representation for foxes and say fuck ducks.
Replies: >>61983 >>63059
duck.png (u)
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fox.png (u)
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How's this?
Replies: >>63059
mouse.jpg (u)
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Replies: >>63059
faggot.jpg (u)
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Is anyone else having difficulties hiding/filtering?
I kept going to the post opinions to filter out toganigger and its seems like shit's fucked.

Sturgeon, explain thyself.
Replies: >>62948 >>63029
All of my cookies randomly stopped working recently. RIP my (You)s. 

Without cookies you can't hide threads.
Sturgeon is a no-brain fucking gorilla nigger, too stupid to comprehend even PHP and therefore uses this meme software that even the dumbest of indians could operate. GG EZ
ITT: herdniggers mad they will never be women
3d62743df1e8598c8be4e22f08e00e3e001046abb7acedf5640fa20b70a1b3bc.png (u)
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No, but I can't make a thread because the captcha keeps reloading for me until it crashes.
delight.jpg (u)
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Add a logo somewhere and I'll add the second.
Added, danke.
Replaced, again, you turbo autismo
No can do, geo IP flags are disabled by default on /b/ and it's going to stay that way.
His charisma intimidates her.
I live forever and ever, I am fucking immortal.
Don't think these are a the best idea, you can't even tell what they are when they're that small, I suggest ditching the reich flag style and making the duck/fox silhouette bigger instead.
Probably gonna resize like shit too.

Any shot at a custom spoiler image?
Replies: >>63125
c3e2549e5ca0e0b135bbf76b5db77e8d25096d32d715b2a5da398a15e868d6df.png (u)
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0fed871a8e3a2c58c6f1001cb02dfd1ce4844fe8ebb769cb5f346cb7fba3782d.png (u)
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Add these as banners.
55f153e567ca71af3465952be62cbfc4086c98adde4cf9c541fb75c52f7d6e50.png (u)
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New flag for attractive and creative anons.
fatchanspoiler.png (u)
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Highest tier of quality this board deserves
Replies: >>63148
spoiler.GIF (u)
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Remade with size of thumbnail in mind.
spoiler.GIF (u)
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added dot
Just use the "Totally not a virus, trust me I'm a dolphin" image if you want to make that joke.
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