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209c27d1e5ddc67780e5057aad1769c4521a41b559e406c81582a2870840fd42.jpg (u)
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On top of banners there's now the possibility to upload custom flags and whatever other shit for the CSS such as custom spoiler images, backgrounds and whatnot. Post them ITT and I'll add them if I deem them worthy, when I'm around and if I remember to.

Specifications are as follows:
300x100 png, jpeg and gif no idea if other formats work so stick with these
Don't think there's any restrictions in regards to resolution but they will get automatically resized to 16x11 when displayed, so vertical ratio images are going to look like shit, and any big image will get squished until it's just a mess of pixels. Also the filename they get uploaded as is what they will show up as in the menu so kindly provide one. png and jpg only stills probably
>other assets
Anything goes probably

Every file can be 32 MB maximum though try optimize your shit when possible.
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76df22f3aaa108d6b79307df4f19b902444b4494e01a5b7e85507a41ded1f9de.png (u)
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>>61112 (OP) 
Here's a must have for flags.
Replies: >>61118
346fb37eb2571ad626de5c9a11956a9f569ad0043fefeaef8d0b32b7d004098e.jpg (u)
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e3764f10293d54c27ee33c125edeccca898d8e151141b4875c37474d35cea662.png (u)
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Looks fine, I guess.
88bfd32911d10bad6267054fb65aeca7dafa65a9a039d3088b970dfa6bf39073.png (u)
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Eläköön Suomi
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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nice.jpg (u)
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Sweet, added!
banner_version_deluxe.png (u)
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zzzchan.gif (u)
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zzz-chan-animated-1.0.gif (u)
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Forgot to post the logos if anyone feels like using them for banners or whatever.
i know how to save my shitty dead board lets make some banners guys
Replies: >>61139
obvious troll is obvious
Shit, better tell 4chan about this place to get the quality memes you want I guess.
Some retard leaked twitch shit to 4cuck yo


hab fun and if you see an ukranian ibee, please dont screw round thx <3
Replies: >>61195
Replies: >>61197
Not him, but I think he's referring the 128 Niggerbytes of data that were stolen from Twitch recently. Wouldnt dare downloading the Torrent though, who knows how many glowies are lurking.
Replies: >>61200
What kind of data?
Replies: >>61201
Git servers, paycheck information, old and new client applications, and even some CurseForge stuff from what I've seen. They really screwed up this time.
wojak.png (u)
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also info about the unreleased and uniquely named steam rival called vapor...

will this wee wojak work for flag?
Replies: >>61231
bee_mascot.png (u)
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wizard_banner.png (u)
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All these flavors and you choose vapid cancer?
Replies: >>61259 >>63059
don't add these. they are from the obese commie tranny.
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melon.png (u)
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Replies: >>63059
I'm not obese, a Communist, nor a transsexual....

But wouldn't it be funny to have an Agatha flag :3
justreich2.png (u)
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Fixed a few things about this that were bugging me.
Replies: >>61726 >>63059
Ken we hab a special flag for Tor bosters? I wanna knoe how many nigs on this site actually use the grand onion.
Replies: >>63059
mio looks scared of hitler
Replies: >>63059
This is a good banner.
bo dead?
Replies: >>61863 >>63059
62ba51d825ef39d363467e6aa14ec169378ec039018a2325fe788fd5d98fcae9.png (u)
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Was he ever alive?
Replies: >>61939 >>63059
0d89d9b64904fb02a03033ae87e6c59ed066785e5cee3690fb837d329754b6a9.jpg (u)
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But I am alive and that's all that matters. Cheers, to life, to neetbux and cheep Evan Williams.
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58ebb12e63605eb07b40b80155e2b10ec5cb0c8b5c41fb21c5d23679378c5b61.png (u)
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>5 hours to finally reply to a post in a stickied thread.
Do you sleep 17 hours a day?
Replies: >>61950
0a6eca1260bd61b55bace03dbae8d669a7953884e0c8a991707e4ea4432a0a6d.jpg (u)
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I sleep and drink and shitpost whenever I want. I can do whatever I want to do and nothing can stop me from doing so. You are faggot hahahhahahhahhahhahahha
duck_nation.PNG (u)
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Is this flag okay? or too shit.
fox_flag.png (u)
[Hide] (25.2KB, 960x540) Reverse
i don't think that either of these would resize well, but I just wanted to shitpost and demand equal representation for foxes and say fuck ducks.
Replies: >>61983 >>63059
duck.png (u)
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fox.png (u)
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How's this?
Replies: >>63059
mouse.jpg (u)
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faggot.jpg (u)
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Is anyone else having difficulties hiding/filtering?
I kept going to the post opinions to filter out toganigger and its seems like shit's fucked.

Sturgeon, explain thyself.
Replies: >>62948 >>63029
All of my cookies randomly stopped working recently. RIP my (You)s. 

Without cookies you can't hide threads.
Sturgeon is a no-brain fucking gorilla nigger, too stupid to comprehend even PHP and therefore uses this meme software that even the dumbest of indians could operate. GG EZ
ITT: herdniggers mad they will never be women
3d62743df1e8598c8be4e22f08e00e3e001046abb7acedf5640fa20b70a1b3bc.png (u)
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No, but I can't make a thread because the captcha keeps reloading for me until it crashes.
delight.jpg (u)
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Add a logo somewhere and I'll add the second.
Added, danke.
Replaced, again, you turbo autismo
No can do, geo IP flags are disabled by default on /b/ and it's going to stay that way.
His charisma intimidates her.
I live forever and ever, I am fucking immortal.
Don't think these are a the best idea, you can't even tell what they are when they're that small, I suggest ditching the reich flag style and making the duck/fox silhouette bigger instead.
Probably gonna resize like shit too.

Any shot at a custom spoiler image?
Replies: >>63125
c3e2549e5ca0e0b135bbf76b5db77e8d25096d32d715b2a5da398a15e868d6df.png (u)
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0fed871a8e3a2c58c6f1001cb02dfd1ce4844fe8ebb769cb5f346cb7fba3782d.png (u)
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Add these as banners.
55f153e567ca71af3465952be62cbfc4086c98adde4cf9c541fb75c52f7d6e50.png (u)
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New flag for attractive and creative anons.
Replies: >>67578 >>70149
fatchanspoiler.png (u)
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Highest tier of quality this board deserves
Replies: >>63148
spoiler.GIF (u)
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Remade with size of thumbnail in mind.
spoiler.GIF (u)
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added dot
Just use the "Totally not a virus, trust me I'm a dolphin" image if you want to make that joke.
>subject field required to post threads 
this isn't 420chan faggot
Replies: >>63938 >>64035
you can also have custom load bars such as

possible language: css, relevance: 8
.post-file-src[style*='loading'] {background:url(/file/543d3f6baf7486c92b466bd78f470d15cac80627483e6b9bcabb4cbd57600f1b.gif) no-repeat center;
}for example.
Replies: >>70149
knows about how some random gay shithole works = came from there
go back
It sucks there's no drug boards on the webring.
Replies: >>64127 >>64161
4b0ccedbca688808dd49581bc0c49682bb54d2ece6d2b3b42a1238d4f5d30198.png (u)
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Replies: >>64117 >>64376
how to detect them?
Replies: >>64179
616c890249c04dcc36ba1df9ed72a067055535761b2fa8c10977b6766dead2c1.jpg (u)
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62a94fbb894c996cb1cf593f8bf25e727d921ca7af2c1b5bf0443dee488b78c2.png (u)
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Why do you want a drug board on the webring? It would be dead on arrival because of how specific it is. If you are surrounded by junkies I might as well give some advice on overdosing. If you don't know how to do rescue breathing and/or CPR, and you don't know how do administer Narcan, then calling your emergency telephone number might be the only way to save your junkie friend. Be sure to position the unconscious person in the recovery position to help increase their chances of survival.
Here's advice when calling
>Be as calm as possible. If things sound like they are under control then there is a chance that paramedics will arrive without cops supporting them.
>Tell the dispatcher that someone has stopped breathing and that paramedics need to be sent.
>If you get asked if it is an overdose incident, don't lie. Just say that you think the person took something and that you are not sure what it was.
If you are afraid of cops
>Use a payphone if there is one nearby. Those are kind of anonymous. 
>If the OD happened in your house and you don't want people entering, move the OD victim into the street or to the doorway of your building. It makes the paramedics' job easier anyways so it probably won't be seen as suspicious behavior. Don't forget to replace them in recovery position.
>The second you hear sirens, split or something idk.
Depending on whether you are a druggie or not, you probably will need to hide your cookers, cottons, empty bags, and other shit.
Drug based information is extremely hard to come by nowadays because its all restricted. This wasn't the case back then.
94chan has a new drugs board and its pretty good so far go post there
cia_niggers.webm (u)
[Hide] (366.8KB, 640x360, 00:12)
a2233f075f47317d4d5e98f7bb3ef857d39b4e083f92d0e03c15aad67039a670.jpg (u)
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Mr_ZZZ_original.png (u)
[Hide] (514.8KB, 586x407) Reverse
Mr_ZZZ_Banner(5).png (u)
[Hide] (64.4KB, 300x100) Reverse
Mr_ZZZ_Banner(6).png (u)
[Hide] (66KB, 300x100) Reverse
was trying to think of some banner ideas and i remembered gotham villain mr. zzz. fucked about with the text placement for readability. resizing text in gimp can be frustrating. maybe some other anon wants to run with this idea? maybe punch it up with some funny dialogue?
the dialogue already fits pretty well. good banner, I think it should be added.
Spoiler File (u)
(161.6KB, 1280x720) Reverse
I like it. Maybe you should touch it up a bit, but it fits too well to not be a banner.
ba933024-193e-406b-9908-f2b2c57674a7.jpg (u)
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Posting ITT to get the nasty 3DPD shit out of the index
Replies: >>64855 >>64858
zzz_baka_cunny.gif (u)
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/l/olikon board when
when u make it
Why'd you spell it with a k? What cultural descent has made you spell it like that?
Replies: >>65449 >>65576
Replies: >>65582
1633057189802.jpg (u)
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Replies: >>65577 >>65582
Replies: >>65578
You just need one faggot willing to moderate it to ask for a board in >>>/meta/137 .
Tradition is insufficient reason to be wrong. But I suppose I am answered.
Replies: >>65592
spolier.jpg (u)
[Hide] (58.8KB, 258x258) Reverse
10/10, make it spoiler image
voting for this as well
It's technically not wrong as long as it's refering to the japanese ロリコン due to the way letters work.
Replies: >>65680
>mysteriously shaped spoiler bar put in a very weird position.
I sure hope this isn't what I think it is.
Replies: >>65608
Spoiler File (u)
(616.6KB, 844x1200) Reverse
Replies: >>65611
ebin tastes, my fren
By wrong I meant with respect to convention. It is unconventional to romanize that word with a "k" at this point in time. You are right in that all romanizations aren't the proper term (being that they are using a foreign script which does not 1:1 replicate their pronunciation), however, all romanizations aren't equal in their correctness in English. This term in particular is constructed chiefly of phrases which are themselves foreign to the Japanese and therefore it is very easy to say when something is more right or more wrong in terms of translation and romanization. For example, if one were to style it as "roricon" you could strike it right out as the "loli" in "lolicon" is a reference to "Lolita".
>This term in particular is constructed chiefly of phrases which are themselves foreign to the Japanese
But it's fucking not because there hasn't been a single reference that wasn't in name only in over thirty years and the subculture has absolutely nothing to do with some incidental english roots to some wasei eigo.
d08e1ddc60503acde1e773247f5881346ba7149b63fc1eff00f6ea590ede8ee7.png (u)
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Replies: >>66137 >>66230
Replies: >>66243
I assume of the Green and Purple variety?
Replies: >>66841
thanks doc
Выделение_021h.jpg (u)
[Hide] (303.5KB, 1454x494) Reverse
My wifu!
Why has this flag not been added?
Replies: >>70149
I wanna be attractive and creative.
Replies: >>67674
Then be born a blonde, blue eyed, white, and male.
Replies: >>67776
Those don't get pussy.
If I were to be born again, I'd choose to be a mane haired, poop brown eyed, filthy facetious immigrant. Those get plenty of pussy where I live.
badmoodmax.jpg (u)
[Hide] (49.7KB, 500x500) Reverse
Please deal with the CP spammer already. 
Its likely dolphinigger up to his usual antics again, or maybe an actual glownigger. 
We on /monster/ suffered from the usual glownigger spam not to long ago p'orcnigger is suspected too, since that faggot tried to crash smug.
>t. from /monster/
Replies: >>68113 >>68114
its just one guy who really likes masha
b041e8f5fb0bd7516537f56739a083daa2685c801435820be2d269fd039fb212.png (u)
[Hide] (128.5KB, 400x320) Reverse
>>68111 (trips of truth)
this. this shit has to be swept up. i'm as pro freeze peach as any anon and couldn't care less what degenerate shit other anons are into but shit like this left up on a clearnet site endangers the entire platform and can make a site look like a honeypot.
glownigger ops or autistic gay ops, sweep it up.
Replies: >>68129
mydisgustisimmesurable.png (u)
[Hide] (147.9KB, 499x484) Reverse
I should also mention the niggerporn spam in the loli thread. Absolutely revolting.
I'm betting its the same guy, since glowniggers use the common tactic of either spamming niggers or resort to CP when all else fails.
Replies: >>68130 >>68167
>also mention the niggerporn spam in the loli thread

hm good idea, Ill try
7906f1be536274bccfded76f683eb59013a902fbe0103648297b909112c9f0c0.png (u)
[Hide] (468.2KB, 864x864) Reverse
It may be a good chance to revive that BLEACHED thread. I still need to learn how to do that effectively.

By the way,kime is a global here but he doesn't ever bother removing the CP. He loves removing pictures of himself, though.
Replies: >>68168
rent free
bee.png (u)
[Hide] (694B, 16x11) Reverse
Made a bee flag, tell me if it sucks or not.
Add it, but name the flag wasp.
Replies: >>68196
You fiend!
dasfich(1).png (u)
[Hide] (18.3KB, 429x410) Reverse
Why hasn't Fagatha been permabanned yet?
All that literal trannyfaggot does is ruin threads in his autistic pseudo-intellectual spergouts.
Not to mention he resorts to spamming nigger porn, as he did in the loli thread.
Replies: >>68247 >>68293
Sounds entirely within the rules of /b/ to me. What he did in the loli thread does not constitute as spam either, unless you're going by Mark Mann's definition.
Replies: >>68248 >>68268
He's pretty derailed every thread into the same tired shit. The herdniggers got nuked for less.
Replies: >>68250 >>68293
Difference is the herdniggers were an inorganic raid. Agathanon is a sleepy/b/ native.
Commies aren't really organic.
Just because he shits up the place everyday doesn't mean he's native. If this were the military he would be discharged for "failure to adapt." My biggest concern is that other faggots see his behavior and decide to hang around. Like attracts like and all that.
Replies: >>68268 >>68293
erika.png (u)
[Hide] (179.8KB, 697x768) Reverse
nowgit.png (u)
[Hide] (191.2KB, 464x934) Reverse
>What he did in the loli thread does not constitute as spam either
<nigger spam is a-okay because it doesn't break the rules
And then you'll wonder why this place becomes a dumpster fire. But hey, let him spam the niggers he obviously has fantasies of because teh rules. Its no fucking wonder this board turned into absolute cancer again.
>Agathanon is a sleepy/b/ native.
The faggot is a self admitted cuckchanner, from 4/r9k/ specifically. Which kind of makes sense since he's still bitching about the robots here telling him to fuck off Good on them
I certainly haven't seen him weasel in during the early days of this board and site, he quite so literally came this year during spring time me thinks if I can remember his shitfits. 

tl:dr The point is this cunt should have been nipped in the bud a long time ago for being such an insufferable faggot.
<My biggest concern is that other faggots see his behavior and decide to hang around. Like attracts like and all that.
Because attention is what him, like all trannies, crave. He lives off attention because his poor old folks clearly haven't given him enough as a child, and so he turned out to be like this.
>he quite so literally came this year during spring time me thinks if I can remember his shitfits
I usually have shit memory but I think it was at least a few months after the extremely violent capitol walk.
>2nd pic
>no "Pomf" effect
irredimable trash
>implying anyone can be a native of x IB
Everyone came from someplace else at one point or another. I did not arrive as an invasion of more than one person but was an aberration and maverick. Or rather are a maverick. 

4chan died before people even stopped posting there and if you don't admit to ever having used 4chan you're being a fucking liar. It's how English speakers learn of imageboards 1000% of the time. Even if I wanted to be there they do range bans for profit and even if I did buy a pass they go by IP address. It's a jewgle owned javascript using shithole full of spamming. It's stupid to even bring up 4chan. 

There are no robots also, the people there censored me for telling THEM OFF for having jobs and also wanting children. Literally that's one thing that was censored. Guess what? No one has posted there in like a week, the /r9k/ of which banned me for NOT breaking any rules. You sabotaged yourself when you ended up alone like that. 

About attention, everyone goes to a chat reuellette site for the (You)'s. I'm 'sorry' that you don't try as hard for them by just being yourself as I do but not everyone on an IB falls in line like some sheep. There's no point. I'd not be visible if there were more activity, more 'happenings' of any kind even if not political. There never are any so yeah, I stick out sometimes and often the mod calls me out when I'm not just to le trollololo because he's overly vigilant as he's the same mod as the /r9k/ mod I read. What does this mean? /r9k/ mod modded me so hard that within minutes after not breaking rules weeks or months after first being banned my comment would immediately be pruned. He's paying far FAR too close attention. He's probably the one trying to demonize me this entire time and not the whole group, something to think about. 

Also I'm not the one being insufferable and even when I am it's because I got too much vitriol in my direction for no logical reason. If you want it to be le interweb h8 machine then you'll get my spewing of venom right back, don't cry so hard about it when it's what you asked for.  

I've even been accused of derailing my own thread before and on top of that was the OP of that botany thread that slid the nigger into car or whatever thread away. Often I'm liked here and this chimp-out over writing style is autism. You're autistic. 

tl;dr: I'm not spam nor obnoxious  but the responding user to me is perpetuating such negativity. 

Actually I never derail, someone noticing me does that every single time. 

>IB's are the military now
You see, this kinda bullshit is why I end up accidentally shit stirring so often. It's a chat-roulette site for people with no lives of which such sites are dying. They're full of an ass that goes there to try to have a cult and it's the actual problem not me. I don't try to set standards but instead challenge them like I did when I slammed into the /r9k/ here, the only place I intended to post (until I finally gave up on them due to this place's issues with censorship in regards to the /r9k/). 

Herdniggers by the by merely do low quality spamming. If anything I'm not low quality enough of which is why my gratuitous typing causes such ass-pained one-liners so very often. 

Because I left rule-cucked sites and only post on /b/ or /b/ tier boards? 

I don't spam nigger porn faggot. I never did that. I posted zero porn in that loli thread and complained that I had no loli and that loli is illegal. Also grey skin, autist, is NOT nigger, it's objectifying the male role. Muted color is easier to overlook so you're meant to fixate on the female, actual homosexual.
Replies: >>68340
e7d56901b2464cfae282b93da7c70b180cd2c186eacee15099b5bdec335a1c8a.jpg (u)
[Hide] (129KB, 732x1024) Reverse
The above poster is a faggot.
Replies: >>68357
wow_thats_a_lotta_words.webm (u)
[Hide] (626KB, 720x720, 00:10)
ramen_how_its_made.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (903.2KB, 900x1200) Reverse
face_in_crotch is a tag, very nice.
Replies: >>68360
Watching male on female cunnilingus is the gayest shit.
Replies: >>68364 >>69418
autism.png (u)
[Hide] (100.9KB, 351x280) Reverse
It's C. Falcon eating ramen out of a girl so it's not even meant to be serious you realize. 

Not that anon. 

I miss falcon punch memes by the way.
that shit literally gives you mouth cancer bro
Replies: >>69657
WATCHING that shit is gay, doing it is the exact opposite and if you refuse you're a literal honorary faggot and should contract GRIDs.
Replies: >>69662 >>69663
imageboardsareforrichpeople.png (u)
[Hide] (115.7KB, 394x329) Reverse
>doing it
>male on female cunnilingus
<he isn't a gay little anime girl
Replies: >>69683
imageboardsareforrichpeople.png (u)
[Hide] (127KB, 394x324) Reverse
>doing it
>male on female cunnilingus
<he isn't a gay little anime girl
Replies: >>69683
231b3cb14aef8023848daf46053796731c362a4adfa7218c8e1b1131ea5e7d2c.jpg (u)
[Hide] (20.4KB, 420x336) Reverse
Make it a bit darker like spurdo and I'll add it.
Just added this one, thank you.
I would've added these EVENTUALLY but it appears ((( (((someone else))) ))) already took em.
Added this one, beeutiful, indeed.

Interdasting, thanks for the spoonfeeding, now we (you) just need to come up with something for it
Replies: >>70310
e418f8ed0a6d037ea94f471f4abedf854eb78943a57c07aa32b1c95e2e137690.gif (u)
[Hide] (20.2KB, 326x243) Reverse
Bee (you) tea full.
1d7db8ebbabc82396d76e8a56425c307b0c027bba481eaf8a786b91c63f15eab.png (u)
[Hide] (5.6KB, 16x11) Reverse
This good?
Replies: >>70221
10/10 wholesome
>I would've added these EVENTUALLY but it appears ((( (((someone else))) ))) already took em.
shouldn't let that make you not use them, at least the banner. it was made for this board. steal banners from other niggers in retaliation. honestly I just wanna see cunny at the top of the page every now and again
cuckchanproof.png (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 1903x1472) Reverse
excuse_the_language.webm (u)
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1280x720, 00:22)
Make sure to always stay vigilant and call 4um kikes out.
1434503019723.jpg (u)
[Hide] (79.1KB, 466x379) Reverse
This, just be super paranoid about every post and reverse image search everything
That's a timestamp, not a hash, but the point stands
Replies: >>70606
1639027037230-0.png (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
It really doesn't. Anon >>70586 is a turbonewfag that started using imageboards in 2018 or later, and hasn't heard of unix time or vichan. What's he even trying to accuse the gatchaposter of that he's not guilty of himself?
Children who wander in from the front page of google are niggers, they don't have an agenda and their posts are bad because they're retarded more so than on purpose.
The jew cries out in pain as he strikes (you)
Replies: >>70619
You dropped your Judenstern, Shmuel.
Replies: >>70619
ivebeenfoundout.jpg (u)
[Hide] (31.9KB, 363x326) Reverse
Naming the jew doesn't make you any less new
Replies: >>70626
I wasn't the one saging a sticky.
Replies: >>70627
downvotingyourthread.png (u)
[Hide] (412.8KB, 672x404) Reverse
Whether or not it actually impacts bump order rarely has anything to do with why you sage though.
If I'm opening a thread to reply to a post that I saw from the index and I'm not reading the thread or responding to OP I'll generally sage. Do you think it matters what thread >>70606 is in?
He recognized a half filename, googled it for confirmation, and found out it was posted on half '4 fucking minutes prior. 
Calling him a newfag or saying that other imageboards also use that format doesn't mean shit when the time matches you fucking faggot.
Replies: >>74487
zzz_trap.gif (u)
[Hide] (17.9KB, 300x100) Reverse
any suggestions for classy font?
Korinna, but it wouldn't work in white.  You'd need a more dashing and daring color, and perhaps a clever little outline or shadow below the level of being obnoxious.
Like you could take the dark blue from the ZZZ or some nicely meshing similar color (maybe tending toward violate?) and keep the white outline for consistency.
Apple Garamond. For that excellent touch of low-quality.
cum.gif (u)
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Glasses girl a cute.
792b1944784387a78568abd38cf8e60c.gif (u)
[Hide] (686.7KB, 640x480) Reverse
4bcfabf07b43fff976d61e9a1de1eaea.gif (u)
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can't fugging find first one
Replies: >>71790 >>71993
f535bf55633ce9069eec7ea8d1e4d8ad6dd8a4bea0014c864d4ca32298767c02.gif (u)
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"And that, kids, is why you always should wear eye protection"
c44e118a02f84097595ea2fd3be7bae599aa931438514a5c6d9bf9cf79199694.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (699.1KB, 1920x1088, 00:09)
Replies: >>72373
ebinbanner.gif (u)
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benis.webm (u)
[Hide] (674.9KB, 1280x718, 00:08)
Replies: >>72374
fd7f19b75246db7ed6ec94ff9ff8f2dad1bf137d2e5b075aba649785ed8e3959.jpg (u)
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Replies: >>72376
It was done by the original author of the mp4 in >>72191
Replies: >>72379
Still heresy, but cool.
Learn to read nigga
4acabc8a50ee96fcac60ee044e1d4b92788ebad35818dfac1b05b1b364c82ba1.gif (u)
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fuckbees.gif (u)
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New Banner?
Replies: >>74769 >>74907

This too. I lieg Gondola :DDDD
Replies: >>74775 >>74868
fuckbees.gif (u)
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Replies: >>74783 >>74866
02959e5af508863a036ebbe0c58a09199a35efdac15b219ee6c48b8fe370bdf4.gif (u)
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If this one is too large you can use this.
Replies: >>74866
Wait Sturgeon likes bug puss puss?
Replies: >>74869
I like bees, bees are cool.
Replies: >>74871
Smugbob.jpg (u)
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You like bug puss puss don't Sturgeon?
b16f996d7f0afc3c56c9c52dfb78410bcc39d9fed05d66b9f68ff32fa9e52ee3.gif (u)
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I would like to know how this was made. It's almost too good.
Replies: >>74887
Demo reel from 90s.
Ops link is 504.
skunk-ready-to-spray.jpg (u)
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raccoon_thumb_3x4.JPG (u)
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photo-1563036203-8ecb9d80bea7.jpg (u)
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[blocks your path]
Replies: >>74936
>/b/accoon ???
Replies: >>74938 >>74940
dbf4dfd23227881c08ab149d76b32ab57ccf534e2a8a4f6174771c17f0ec3ebd.jpg (u)
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>/b/accoon ???
Replies: >>74944 >>75678
Isn't that just a fruit bat?
98116c98e7460a2c3766539244f1741214f3fb4c5a9dd98f4e683c90399b5be2.png (u)
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I make a motion to change the board header from "Only the dead can know peace from this fun" to "IT'S HIP TO FUCK BEES" All in favor?
Replies: >>74976 >>75110
Can you do your job and ban the underaged avatarnigger already?
Replies: >>75027 >>75280
umad lol
nay, moreover, I think the header should be taken back to something that would act as an scarecrow for the herds. "Gas the kikes race war now" did the trick
Replies: >>75118
You bring up a good point. Furthermore why was it changed? Was it that alexander faggot again?
ce7447b91c7dc2bf6ab2191eb40d91610955f8402c2a9602eb682d6ca29bf970.jpg (u)
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That nigger has so far claimed to be in middle school, high school, and college.
Replies: >>75291
doesn't explain  middle school, but to be fair duel enrollment programs exist for college/junior-senor high school students.
4e41a9565f7ef58ebd19a2665c6db9d1a855fd264ebc62afeebb1f93e30448e5.jpg (u)
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