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19770c91445eee93974234b8548c8639c5be49d3fbbd2942743388e50d2c788f.png (u)
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checked_todd_3.png (u)
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todd_dubs.png (u)
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Request edits, make edits, post edits.
sankaku_6220797_ea9fb2d2d90566d1d4c022477061163d.jpg (u)
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sankaku_6495777_53ce0059aebd2604399faf06501a3948.jpg (u)
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sankaku_6495795_1472ee036addd54cb6909d598120d4b0.jpg (u)
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sankaku_6627920_d586bd534afc9cdff02629d0d90be026.jpg (u)
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sankaku_25489157_e988542fc96b1c65d15df0b585beaf7f.jpg (u)
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Prithee, de-niggerfy these images. If you don't consider the last one a nigger, then aryan-ize him.
fapping to that shit is more awful than the black
61894ac24d3492df317ad36d6975bb02987e02f5573388635e57c432e29c94f3.jpg (u)
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Here's my first attempt at de-niggerfying an image.
Replies: >>60113 >>60221
Spoiler that shit I know your game cuck.
ba09e8c740283a51e7f56248cb8f82f8ad438f706a148023db717e9421d1e7da.png (u)
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d88cf1d3798b50d566a6972b884186b857486ef3fd526a53cabd184649f74886.png (u)
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b87168f08d64249ac5aefffee1554e69df008c7f03a7943ff0f200a18147118c.png (u)
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ebc2e62ce62a51f5bbc37d3689888fba359f9745affe86e5ab4439acfa55abf3.png (u)
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0cdc52ca870cd55de6f8906eb272ad2fd68d14c090be578e887dc8fe65cbf539.png (u)
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>new edit thread
91ea279479bed9178cdefcea8fb1e3acf47ceeb9099d022d786ba68eaf2259de.png (u)
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6a5e9197432847f43f1dd516c05b8eb8bdd59aa6151006aa1be6dcaa029edde9.png (u)
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fabe018bfe877a215812215a44defc1900f3431d4a23cd27c1ac64ca505dc7de.jpg (u)
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5c7cdd8a3ddf0ce926a7f5d10a350dd7a14292adea931ba22765055d760f3623.jpg (u)
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00deeb377aba59063a0d799c6dab67485e72c4e212c6511fda60c90487ab0bda.png (u)
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a61dcfe6225f96117272e861c05e6de745c76b764afd527b73124a6bc9dcbc9e.mp4 (u)
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Can you change the color of the dance guy to be that of orange, to resemble zzzanon? The dance are wicked and would be good material for good banners for /v/ and such. Song is prostitution by yuroshika.
Just throw it onto some video editing software and fuck with the contrast and saturation, it should be pretty simple.
Good work so fat
marching_geese.mp4 (u)
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Erika song?
Replies: >>60172
332f2228ad0ffea400147899caebfb1f0af59e1bf5ec7c233d4b4bb76b2e8b2e.webm (u)
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Here it is, I can make a more compressed version if you want.
Replies: >>60240
I'll start on your request after the other 4 are done, as yours will take a ton of time to complete.
60fc94cc9080ce75993d398e984238a415badeb76f52b91a5d982516a67e60a7.gif (u)
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>for /v/
Yeah, after all that video is so....video game related, isn't it?
yorushika_-_thought_crime.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (25.3MB, 1920x320, 04:14)
yorushika mah nigga
I was looking for an excuse to post this, so, here, have a WIDE mp4. It would probably be good for banner material too.
original.jpg (u)
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greta_see_through.png (u)
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Spoiler File (u)
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I've run into a problem with trying to fulfill your request, I have no idea how to deniggerfy a pixelated object. Here's the half done image.
Replies: >>60217 >>60218
I'll take care of the rest of that image manually. Thanks for the attempt.
If you're using masks, which you should be, you just need to mask over the censored are too, except the mask on that zone needs to be square and which hard edges which is easy but time consuming to do.
Replies: >>60219
I don't even know what the fuck masks are, I've been doing everything by hand.
Replies: >>60220
Fucking how?
Replies: >>60221
2365f84d3ee2e42c666e0d0e614dd04c4291f8f5414d9a5cea05e25df2790a70.png (u)
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I've only pick up gimp in the last 10 days and have been fucking around with my limited knowledge from paint. I know layers exist, but I'm asuming layers are different from masks. I barely knew what the fuck I was doing at >>60055 with my limited accomplishment with the removal of the hand on todd's shoulder as shown in pic 2 of the OP.
Replies: >>60229
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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0334156d20cde9d74216a4521c37b36764315ffee2fe0d9495d66328fa5e561b.jpg (u)
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Masks are like greyscale layers that act as an extra alpha for the entire layer. That is really helpful when you have to match something outline when editing. 
I usually have an edit group and put all my edit layers in that group, then mask it all with a single mask. 
Also, protip: gimp is shit and empty groups will have their masks deleted once you add a layer, so make sure the group has at least one layer before adding the mask, and don't forget to set the group to passthrough.
Very nice
sankaku_6220797_ea9fb2d2d90566d1d4c022477061163d_bleached.jpg (u)
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Trying my hand at one of these. Can we get an info graph on bleach edits?
I opened the picture, quick masked the man, color to alpha - shitskin, new layer of same pic underneath, played with shadows/highlights settings till he looked white.
Replies: >>60347
1_-_basic_mask.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 1712x944, 00:24)
2_-_dodge.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1712x944, 00:32)
3_-_remove_color_and_modify_dodge_layer.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1712x944, 00:36)
4_-_fix_mask.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 1712x944, 00:50)
0ecd877022a679663b35fff6f3249f76114eda17fb36d5140443dd8932357484.png (u)
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There's an infograph on bleachbooru but it's rather simplistic. I might edit a proper TL;DR video eventually, but I'm fucked for time this month so here's a lazy explanation of this pic in specific. 

>Step 1: The mask
It's usually better to start with the mask first. Human senses are pretty shit overall, information is mostly inferred from context. That means the colors around it will affect the color you're editing, and so it's good to see the part you're editing in the final context otherwise it might look odd or out of place. However, this is just a rough start and you'll most likely need to tweak it later, don't waste too much time.
Also, gimp is retarded so first create a layer group and then a layer within that group before adding a mask. 
I usually start with a selection mask because it's simpler. Polygonal lasso tool(F) is pretty useful to make rough outlines to use as base masks. Sometimes, like in vid related, the colors are pretty flat and using fuzzy select(U) is a possibility, in these cases I like to grow the selection by 2 then feather it by 1 (though it varies with resolution) to fix the shitty edges it causes on images like this. Use shift as a modifier to add stuff to the selection and ctr to remove, once you're happy with it just add the mask.

>Step 2:Dodge 
Dodge is usually pretty useful and simpler than the other tools in my experience, however it sucks when it comes to particularly shitty jaypegs. Pic related it a PNG so that concern doesn't apply. 
Dodge is effectively a reverse burn that lightens the image see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blend_modes for the specifics, but it doesn't really matter, usually the guy will be black or dark skinned, in which case you'll usually set it to a darkish brown color with the hue between red and yellow. 
I usually just paint the layer any color, then use colorize, and afterwards hue-saturation for adjustments. 

>Step 3:Add more shit 
Sometimes dodge by itself works well enough, but in this case it didn't. The colors are specially shit and I couldn't make the skin lighter without making the zone bright as shit. When the first layer doesn't work you can either try another path or just add more shit on top, it varies with image. The modes I use the most are a white layer of color (to remove some of the original color or the post-edit color in rare cases), overlay/screen layers (usually red or yellow to add a slight corrective tint to the skin, screen is softer and I don't use it as much),  white soft light (brightens everything but the darkest spots, sometimes useful with black outlines), and multiply with a modified (greyscale then fucking with curves) base layer to fix the lines.
In this case it was just a matter of the color being too much and fucking with the dodge layer, which a simple white color layer fixed. 

>Step 4:Tweak the mask 
This one is pretty straightforward, just select the mask and use greyscale to tweak it. You can right click and select show layer mask to spot holes, which is useful in some cases but wasn't necessary here. 
You're mostly looking for stray bright pixels around the edges caused by the dodge layer, a simple round paintbrush works well (100 hardness for thick outlines, 75 or less for softer lines). 
There's a shortcut to set your colors to black and white(D) and a shortcut to switch between them(X). You can just go in with the paintbrush and mess around until it looks good. Switching the edit layer on and off can usually help you notice fucked zones, which sometimes are from your mask but other times from the original image. 
Unlike better editing software changing brush size is pretty shit in gimp. Sometimes fucking a zone then fixing or using the polygon select can be faster than switching the brush size.
Replies: >>60367 >>60417
doing God’s work, anon
4124998_-_Porkyman_hallow.jpg (u)
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4124998_-_Porkyman_hallow_bleach.jpg (u)
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Thank you very much. Any tips on dealing with shadows? They ended up turning pink so I made a new layer group to darken them again.
Replies: >>60440
out.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1728x896, 00:37)
If I want to darken the shadows I usually just multiply a greyscale(a colored version will add the colors you removed back) version of the original on top, in this case I used an overlay because the original was too dark. You'd have to play around with the opacity of the multiply layer and the color of the edit layers underneath though. 
Not posting the end image because the mask was all fucked.
Replies: >>60441 >>60446
Aw shit I forgot -an. Time to get bullied.
8afd2763c34b60d68ccf797dab5534dd6f833be911dbf0338974912018f8390a_bleach.jpg (u)
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4195867_-_Bea_Greem_Bang_Porkyman_Porkyman_Sword_and_Shield_bleach.png (u)
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1614569240893-1_bleach.jpg (u)
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b133af070b9d4a8892dcac92e1c29e439d40582e95aac6ffde656adf561af330_bleach.png (u)
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__yakumo_yukari_and_mizuhashi_parsee_touhou_drawn_by_zaxwu__83a8af9ebd387f2f02af0c11ed1dca46_bleach.jpg (u)
[Hide] (391KB, 1100x1500) Reverse
I'll try that next time. I'm working on bleaching everything in my lewd folder. It's surprisingly relaxing.
sick jams
reverse(1).jpeg (u)
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reverse(2).jpeg (u)
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reverse(3).jpeg (u)
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reverse(4).jpeg (u)
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bada bing
bada boom
reverse(5).jpeg (u)
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reverse(6).jpeg (u)
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reverse(7).jpeg (u)
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reverse(8).jpeg (u)
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reverse(9).jpeg (u)
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ab720f2360e520f731e8a6b0a0571c334f4c2c4155cc5e7456de2ba4b506e318.jpg (u)
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ec3396f4d6331ab3897596b6693eff04745677f9c99e22d09b497c4d9fd0e428.webm (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1280x720, 00:50)
At :24 this guy said "baka" right before pulling the trigger, so can anyone put on the cirno "baka" right afterwards in a funny way? lol
Replies: >>60467 >>60470
he said "Пока!" (Poka) which means "Bye!".
is he ok?
Replies: >>60474 >>60497
couple of aspirins and he'll right as rain
3f4ea2b28cd21a7d42c30499de2fc60d0f2a701ca88ce722c44cfc095c8fb867.png (u)
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0907adf0c6121134cdcd27e51dedc5dd.gif (u)
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Any idea how do I get background image of this gif? I need it to remake one .swf from scratch.
Replies: >>60897
2c8b733ae34e23e092b531ce3404f67916aca6120a0884e0d1e8e857fdfd54ac.jpg (u)
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Can someone edit her to use her hands instead?
Replies: >>60789
de51f0a715b1ed6230b9abcc9779d15ccf176e8d_00.jpg (u)
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are sure about that
1632894105437.webm (u)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 480x320, 00:58)
Add some feels inducing piano music to this?
1633212308518.jpg (u)
[Hide] (28.8KB, 500x354) Reverse
they live this kike?
You have the .swf for that gif? You can't really extract that from a gif, you'll have to find the original somewhere.
Replies: >>61076
ОВЕЧ.webm (u)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1600x1200, 02:43)
For some reason, it wasn't on boorus, But I found it with reverse image search.
b94df9b987c8e265d085444d7a51b694d78e7ce28be894074ae36d926f58d471.png (u)
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5db9874ce72a8d8a92834f7c45507c5a6ecf9a0e49595c467e7e91c75ca0d8ea.png (u)
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e7172e595781005784a2691c8e4f7812f4d35f6ecec6b5448c469b4cd7026bcf.png (u)
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0602a279ae0c7622ad24d352e14eb44d077063af71ae81c44d4779e5b09fcedb.jpg (u)
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93d5c8492c82d34916cf94322def3513d5e1be3a07131b482011974978e2831e.jpg (u)
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>edit thread
>no results
I thought the thread got killed again for a second.
Replies: >>61567
Nah, its just slow.
Some of us got jerbs.
519f9cffa9bffe4cb6237abe50300a22f0d30b97ec4a7ad8cf39caa1f947bfff.jpg (u)
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305777947c9f08a8b9b05b555b0bb4229e06496471d6c4bb6ad530f9ee8cd677.jpg (u)
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050628452e6739272f47922d3b86dac0e1f5ca84e0da176ceb9b53374bd985c4.png (u)
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c5cc52a4bb90f1ca808215f0403fcd57b378e9a07d349c4c108653690b92347a.png (u)
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atthebeachh.png (u)
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atthebeachh(1.5.1).png (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1535x1644) Reverse
atthebeachh(1.5).png (u)
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cdc6691529572aabaabbeceff81313abd3700791fd573ea851ec83ba506e2652.png (u)
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bomping with moar content.
61611b8a222fe8502afc0c9aeb043c9a15a9f01ff2af3b35a29f949dec2b83a3.jpg (u)
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68ca1051e1ce313488160bc6a394957d390f87ca393c4106be8aec8cca1b2430.jpg (u)
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14066e8f1d3cd009e16bea39f2595d58ed855a67929a8a571cf5a151e37a7042.jpg (u)
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3f8f154582d7ba7af39ad42f5095f53b53c5250834178b9394c0ab84a623fe06.jpg (u)
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a9420eb5c8584d4569ac0de6d74b1c7b72fe3ceaab1f7807c29fd467dab95b34.png (u)
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3fc7aa6bfb14c33393e0db8cb6ba9a5a577b9e1881acfcb6ce4c095ce658336e.png (u)
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be4041a9524a96a48795dadbdea9aa83c88056f09f45ca974f7774a761cacdea.png (u)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1920x1440) Reverse
Replies: >>66324
Doing God’s work, anon
Iowa_1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 1687x2339) Reverse
Iowa_1.2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (689.4KB, 1687x2339) Reverse
Iowa_1.3.jpg (u)
[Hide] (682.8KB, 1687x2339) Reverse
Iowa_1.4.jpg (u)
[Hide] (682.8KB, 1687x2339) Reverse
Don't die on me you faggots.
'There is plenty of work to be fixed'
6FMkzgG.jpg (u)
[Hide] (571KB, 1488x1211) Reverse
wegBV3z.png (u)
[Hide] (282.9KB, 800x600) Reverse
We're bumping this bitch.
1b1ca5c1ad15f76ed90a7360008da038_bleach.png (u)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 2000x2000) Reverse
Replies: >>68566
70b9c2ab7f5c94e684338775c445630cf4f2b6cb25d4634793dfe5dab55f1c61.jpg (u)
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1726x2471) Reverse
2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1726x2471) Reverse
4f521d2e451748a4869f5478bd9a68fd228f01f8aa4d7630cecd3054ef638283.png (u)
[Hide] (487.8KB, 682x954) Reverse
22.jpg (u)
[Hide] (537.1KB, 1577x1958) Reverse
448086b50b2aabab0aed64fc6ccfdffa47f4608925088ed94d9da0d85bc22dcb.jpg (u)
[Hide] (530.1KB, 1577x1958) Reverse
First one is a WIP of the second one, but without a mask. I thought it looked kinda neat.
Replies: >>68567 >>68570
c042c44b8fbd0928357edb8633460b8ea997c205518e2ae05ef7f306329be01.jpg (u)
[Hide] (80.7KB, 622x497) Reverse
c042c44b8fbd0928357edb8633460b8ea997c205518e2ae05ef7f306329be061.jpg (u)
[Hide] (80.9KB, 622x497) Reverse
e8ebb9652aa0a74a9098d213b45702abe5f3620dd368a958620f12b59e132a51.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1720x1469) Reverse
12ff710f27152661786754ce563fffc514e1041cf11f2033cf53355422653839.png (u)
[Hide] (143.9KB, 574x624) Reverse
b108b1ea23b2eea366e9d8a25068e76c6e1bfaadd9b9b708aff5bc680a70aec1.png (u)
[Hide] (400.2KB, 950x622) Reverse
Didn't mean to quote that post.
Replies: >>68612
I like goblins, but I like the degoblinized better. Breaking new ground bleachanon. I'm having trouble spotting the difference from pic 4 and 5.
Replies: >>68571
>I'm having trouble spotting the difference from pic 4 and 5.
removed smell fetish effect
Replies: >>68572
thubbs_ub.gif (u)
[Hide] (93.3KB, 640x640) Reverse
Some next level editing skill there.
e0536acced31c8571d4d37da5be5b7fc.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (164.3KB, 544x816, 00:01)
is there a specific term I can search around panda where a girl is basically a cock sleeve? Without the rape?
Replies: >>68627 >>68628
Probably not, panda is usually pretty gay when it comes to tags.
female:public_use -rape
Replies: >>68629
I'm guessing anon wants a personal  cocksleeve, not just a whore.
Replies: >>68633 >>68651
(you)1.png (u)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1400x1858) Reverse
A whore is fine too.
Replies: >>68636
caa690c0f8fe60c7269d18f71324736d95e811c6767a1f3944f1957584306e76.jpeg (u)
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Legend of korra is pretty close to what I imagine the last air bender would have been like if katara was the avatar. That is to say a colossal disaster, but some pretty good porn.
Replies: >>68641
To this day I can't get through that entire second show they made but yearly re-watch the first show whilst on random drunken binges off and on (not all at once but sporadic  episodes). Thanks for reminding me why we can't have nice things. I stopped watching I think probably due to her letting  the avatar state die off. I might have lasted longer but don't even remember as at least if it were trying to be so 'mature' they should have brought up guns up at some point. They have cars, the older show had old tech weapons, where are the handguns if there's so much  mature drama now? I bet they never came up.
He posted an MP4 of an elf slut spitroasted on two cocks, I fail to see why you would think that he wants a personal one. And whores get paid.
37ef3adc4c0fc014878b396cf4a4ec8ebleach.png (u)
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41b8b068736f34630780b6e8574443b7bleach.png (u)
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De-niggered Shantae, and brought her zombie friend back to life.
It's a christmas miracle.
a9ba98851e0f08f73fa391ad90f52014.gif (u)
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please delete this
0d7c73c4bc6382e39d03915d0bce6803d2197ac833609ab2fe55bc8668fd4df8.png (u)
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53f4cf41fbe35d207083808ac34db34544853419a496c3a81e511d5812c37cc3.png (u)
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1421336325897.jpg (u)
[Hide] (96.8KB, 300x300) Reverse
1425643078979.jpg (u)
[Hide] (52.6KB, 590x370) Reverse
Reflective+disgust_9b352c_9127894.jpg (u)
[Hide] (311.6KB, 1200x800) Reverse
shantae.png (u)
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>deshitskinned genie game
That is neat and all but I wonder if there's changed sprites so I can play the game tbh. I only have it on my pocketgo as they spammed random shit into it they thought I'd like. GBC version. 

Honestly the gba is more 'racist' due to her being lighter in color. On a more ADVANCED console too. Really makes me think.
You could probably mod a ROM.
I always forget Shantae is an actual series and not jus indieshit.
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It's not that far above indieshit. If it wasn't for blatant fan service, and shantae herself I would assume it was.
There is only one version and cartridge, it just has different pallete and some extra features when played on the GBA.
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I won't bother to download the gba version then.....and might delete the game boy 'colored' game.
kill yourself, why don't ya
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Why do that when I can play the gbc game in gambatte and choose whatever palette I want? The pocketgo has gambatte.
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