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I would
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Alright, so you go behind her, grab her left ass cheek and look her in the eye. She smugs at you, a face filled with lust presents itself. You say "Hey, babe. Want to fuck?", She enthusiastically agrees and you both go upstairs to have the sex.
You get onto bed, you put on a condom and start going at it. You're thinking to yourself "Wow, I can't believe this is happening, this is great" while having a jolly ol' time. All of the sudden she uses her giant fucking thighs and starts gripping you dick with her vagina with all of her muscles. You cum from such sensation but you realize that wasn't her only intention. You feel the condom breaks. She smugly laughs. "I'm pregnant now".
You're sweating. "Does that mean I can have a lovely family with her?" you ponder to yourself. "I'm leaving you for your neighbor and you have to pay child care" Your heart shatters. You're dumbfounded and crying.
You've fucked up. You could have avoided this. The red flag was there (tattoo) but you didn't do anything. Shame on you.

Bad Ending B
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>another thread about girls
Child_Killer.png (u)
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If she's a cunt I'll work around it.
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That's a tranny, isn't it?
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>Implying a tranny could ever look like that
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>lusting after 3D
Your ignorance doesn't make you wise. An asian man could absolutely look exactly like that.
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Oh, yeah? Show me proof then.
7faf38bdb5fc95e5941e21e8ccf97779e48c2325945ae64345f7b8e445fa18a4.jpg (u)
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Tranny muscles
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Tranny jawline
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goth.jpg (u)
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You worship men with muscles. I worship women.
>worshiping women
What a faggot.
Stop posting that image from your last birthday faggot.
goth(yuuka_kazami_remix).jpg (u)
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i keep seeing that posted around here and there lately. it's been making quite the comeback. better get an nft going while the getting is still good.
6e738fe173efcecb910b43f97a42a4f129a038d9eb8c76d69f2c7ff25c0561e7.jpg (u)
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There's not a whole lot of images on the net that make me wonder. 

But this.
That entire family is disappointed. Especially grandma.
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she's 13 they probably financially support her choice of fashion
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