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I'm several months, and I believe over 200 hours of practice into my guitr journey, I'm not neither jon bovi, steve vaio or iron maid yet but I've successfully graduated from
<don't even know which way the guitor makes notes from
<ouchie fingy hurties
<why does everything sound bad
<oh my god I'm never going to be a guitar god
>can play an Fuck you and its variations with not much trouble
>thick invincible callouses
>starting to learn scales
>can play some relatively easy single note melodies as well as songs with chords
>the neck and all its frets don't look that scary anymore
>eager to learn more
I'm gonna make it?
d04c44fcfb6927c25f36bd6115068c7a6297e68d2effbde3cd6756939786d16c.mp4 (u)
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Record yourself playing some tunes then, its the best case scenario. Here's mine.
Replies: >>59049
>>59040 (OP) 
> I'm not neither jon bovi, steve vaio or iron maid 

It's nice to see that a man in his sixties can still learn something new.
Replies: >>59049
>Record yourself playing some tunes 
I know nothing besides a few simplified folk songs I've learned from the book, you're leagues and leagues ahead of me
shut up nigger, I'm not 60
shut up nigger he's good
show yourself playing so we can laugh at you
7be72d6f9f82b031f1c4af2f7618ba87a852d720b888e44897b7f7c2b2d263af.png (u)
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lol impotent tranny herdniggers are not sending their best, go back circlejerking on your troon discord YWNBAW
544687c5650b65ce320b740e82be4cc15ce9ea9612e5ed30bd1e65c5543b0805.jpg (u)
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Can you do bar chord anon? What is your guitar? Classical or acoustic or electric? Who are your favorite guitarists? I am obsessed with guitar too but I'm not good at it, though I do plan to get real good in the future to make good fucken music for my games.
Replies: >>59071
nooooooo you NEED to ruin your hearing with retarded shit and heres why its good
6f2e75920aef3a6f70378906bf3b09df12ea62347a90f36b20cbf020fe253aa2.mp4 (u)
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612ef4f202a5f219cdb262b92ffe8b4543816a70a66030bb6a5d47b626e965d8.mp4 (u)
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Some of my favorite guitarists are Marty friedman(superb vibrato), Tommy Emmanuel(acoustic God), nuno bettencourt(powerful riffs and great melodic solos). Lately I have been focusing on the Japanese sides and their playing fits my taste really well.
Replies: >>59066
Damn, I need to actually learn guitar playing. Still, good job, Anon!
wish I had kept playing I could have been a master by now
>>59040 (OP) 
>I'm several months, and I believe over 200 hours of practice into my guitr journey
>I'm gonna make it?
Well done. Just keep playing. It took me around a year of every day practice before I started to have any fun playing guitar. It was discouraging at first, but at some point things clicked and it didn't feel like a chore anymore. That probably took around 1000 hours for me.
>Tommy Emmanuel
I mainly play acoustic, so I appreciate this recommendation. Solid player! I like how the videos are shot on his Youtube channel. I don't have a well trained ear, so I find it easier to pick up new technique by watching rather then only listening.
01_-_Guitar_Lessons-_What_A_Pick_Is_And_How_To_Use_It.mp4 (u)
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02a_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Right_Hand_for_Beginners-_Lesson_1.mp4 (u)
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I finally started to pick up my guitar again and I've been having fun. I'm following this complete guide that starts from the complete beginning. I'll post it in case anybody needs it.
>to make good fucken music for my games.
Same. I want to learn piano as well.
02b_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Right_Hand_for_Beginners-_Lesson_2.mp4 (u)
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02c_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Right_Hand_for_Beginners-_Lesson_3.mp4 (u)
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02d_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Right_Hand_for_Beginners-_Lesson_4.mp4 (u)
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02e_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Right_Hand_for_Beginners-_Lesson_5.mp4 (u)
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02f_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Right_Hand_for_Beginners-_Lesson_6.mp4 (u)
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03a_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Left_Hand_Technique_for_Beginners_Lesson_1.mp4 (u)
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03b_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Left_Hand_Technique_for_Beginners_Lesson_2.mp4 (u)
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03c_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Left_Hand_Technique_for_Beginners_Lesson_3.mp4 (u)
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03d_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Left_Hand_Technique_for_Beginners_Lesson_4.mp4 (u)
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03e_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Left_Hand_Technique_for_Beginners_Lesson_5.mp4 (u)
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04_-_Guitar_Lessons-_How_To_Hold_The_Guitar.mp4 (u)
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05_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Summary_of_Knowledge_and_Skills_GF_1_Chapter_1.mp4 (u)
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01_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Parts_of_the_Electric_Guitar.mp4 (u)
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02_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Parts_of_the_Acoustic_Guitar.mp4 (u)
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03a_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Guitar_Parts_&_Functions-_Lesson_1.mp4 (u)
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03b_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Guitar_Parts_&_Functions-_Lesson_2.mp4 (u)
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03c_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Guitar_Parts_&_Functions-_Lesson_3.mp4 (u)
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03d-Guitar-Lessons-Guitar-Parts-_-Functions-Lesson-4.mp4 (u)
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03e-Guitar-Lessons-Guitar-Parts-_-Functions-Lesson-5.mp4 (u)
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03f_-_Guitar_Lessons-_Guitar_Parts_Functions-_Lesson_6.mp4 (u)
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04a-Guitar-Lessons-Using-an-Electronic-Tuner-Part-1.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (20.4MB, 640x368, 02:42)
04b-Guitar-Lessons-Using-an-Electronic-Tuner-Part-2.mp4 (u)
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fuck this. I still have several folders to go. go torrent it yourself if you want to become a pro.
Replies: >>59088 >>59119
try this thepiratebay.org/description.php?id=4677941
it's what I've been using, progress with it is somewhat slow and has more focus on music theory but it's been getting me results and it's very easy to follow as it drop feeds you stuff slowly. downside of this particular torrent is that it's missing around 2 dozen of the backing tracks if you care about using those, I had to track them down on I don't remember what other torrent site which conveniently had a pack that included exactly just those missing tracks, I'll try to look for it.
Replies: >>59090 >>59093
dea84c691c52d0c888f89263cbf5c950abe9058bc6818a8385c622fa51caa569.png (u)
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stupid site ate my stupid pic
Replies: >>61861
bd03bb29614e50d749ab6d485692c996238295d7c2adf04de62452e2157663c0.png (u)
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I downloaded that exact torrent and thought it was only for acoustic but those are interchangeable, right? I'll watch it after mine, thanks.
I'll also recommend some channels if you want to learn specific songs. Mostly metal and hard rock though.
Replies: >>59105
8994bc982a472d1de53441101588216fd3f323c6913535d85da4e6fcef9c9f28.gif (u)
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>only for acoustic 
nah, that course in particular is beginner oriented and it's basically one-size-fits-all, it teaches you the very basics as well as some fingerstyle, some blues, some rock, etc. I think there is a classical fingerstyle only version of the course by the same brand, it should be on tpb as well if I'm not mistaken
>I'll also recommend some channels if you want to learn specific songs
had a look at them, they seem pretty good, the second one in particular. they'll come useful in the future when I get to the stage of learning where I got enough technique to start learning any song, thanks anon.
>deletes posts calling someone trash at guitar
lel git gud
Replies: >>59112
16491b878d796bc2b501d0a2a72711438fb77ace03f2b838ab3c86a1a0750741.png (u)
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Mods = Gods
>You have to torrent and pirate information in order to learn a new skill
Can't make this shit up.
Replies: >>59120 >>59121
Technically you don't as there's plenty of free information around, it's just simpler to pirate sometimes.
Replies: >>59125
this is why im a communist :^)
>plenty of free information
Pajeet Punjab making a 8 minute tutorial on how to use the guitar does not count as free education.
Replies: >>59128
There's plenty of good videos on various subjects on youtube, but they're extremely hard to find because of Youtube's new search algorithm, that's going to shove a shitty pajeet video rather than a good one because the pajeet video is newer and his channel has more recent view. 
The problem is not the lack of information, but rather the difficulty in finding said information. Search engines are so shit when trying to find more obscure information odds are you'll get flooded with "just google lol, it's on the first link" over the actual answer. Good results aren't a priority anymore.
Currently looking for a good cheap piano/organ whatever it's called good enough for a beginner. I'm planning for an used one.
Replies: >>59407
John_Thompson_-_Easiest_Piano_Course_Part_5_0000.jpg (u)
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John_Thompson_-_Easiest_Piano_Course_Part_5_0003.jpg (u)
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Pianos are extremely expensive. The basic yamaha p-45 keyboard alone is around 500 dollars. You would need to cough up a little more if you want the pedals too. If you are terminally poor like me then you can search archive.org for free sheet music. Check around local libraries to see if they allow free printing.
Oi op I recently found a banger guitar album give it a listen I like it a lot. Hope you get better, I'll try my best too. Album name is 
Masayoshi Takanaka – Alone
Replies: >>60778
Get a torrent of Rocksmith and a Realtone cable once you've got a few simpler tunes down the chords become more plastic in your head (and fingers) so you can be playing tunes you've never heard before competently-ish the very first time you put them on, which is fucking weird and oddly satisfying.

Easiest rune in the world is Blitzkrieg Bop. Then try I Would Walk 500 Miles, most punk is pretty simple if hectic.
Replies: >>61069
If you aren't using a metronome to practice with, you're doing it wrong.
c47446cdb8e43f5f8c3a59b4a58f82d4a88228b7d0df9e749ce16ca48ecad68a.png (u)
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>Masayoshi Takanaka
classic, here's two torrents an anon from plw shared, real good shit

the white goblin - magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d7a9267664523f972bbf79ac47f443c4d37766d7&dn=Masayoshi%20Takanaka%20-%20The%20White%20Goblin%20(1997%2c%20Eastworld-Japan)&tr=http%3a%2f%2fbt3.t-ru.org%2fann%3fmagnet
the rainbow goblins - magnet:?xt=urn:btih:bcf9b605d951d6336024754b0f6ff9ec6d70398b&dn=Masayoshi%20Takanaka%20-%20The%20Rainbow%20Goblins%20(1981%2c%202013%2c%20Universal-Japan)&tr=http%3a%2f%2fbt2.t-ru.org%2fann%3fmagnet
1646048f39b3c17414c07c00c94f51959b1b3e693d39c5a9d5a000bb242d2e31.png (u)
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How's your practice going, fellow guitardinos?
Replies: >>62900 >>62909
complicated_solo.png (u)
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>Blitzkrieg Bop
>most punk is pretty simple if hectic
The first guitar "solo" I learned to play was from I Wanna Be Sedated by The Ramones.
Replies: >>61072 >>62900
80188a74e19dff7d5a3158640d1b775d30c22ff5ef59f99fac6636d4cb06e0b1.png (u)
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Finally, something I can play
the tendons in the middle of my forearm hurt, is that normal?
Replies: >>61624
How's your posture looking? This is either a sign you're holding your guitar wrong, strumming wrong and straining your arm by overtraining your spaghetti arm.
Replies: >>61861
a79e2c4e8024c76c1d08826e972ca1f6bd773cb33f2727337df3c5fa807bb85d.jpg (u)
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I think it was just my body wasn't used to that chord form I was learning yet, it seems to have gone away now
fender actually did make a cardboard guitar like that
27695558bccbfd14476c939cd0fc9751f20dfd36c56fcd698899aff6df3e2955.gif (u)
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>want to play drums again
>can't get my real drumset from home because neighbors would file a gorillion noise complaints
>electric drumset is too expensive
>some "airdums" meme online won't emulate the real experience
be glad you can actually practice, guitarfags
Replies: >>62633 >>62636
0061a12893297e460ba18a7f927518375925a4eba4abd319f12b91d503625257.png (u)
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>be glad you can actually practice, guitarfags
I unironically am, I'm also glad I picked up an electric so I can even practice at night in my room without anyone getting annoyed
I didn't think there'd ever be a purpose to telling anyone about my autistic setup, but you might have an approximate experience by playing Phase Shift. Think Rock Band drums, so not the "real" real thing.
You can use your keyboard to hit the notes, but instead of having to use your hands to also work the bass pedal, you can set up console controllers and rebind their keys to the corresponding keyboard shortcuts (space and shift iirc) via the program antimicro and then put them on the floor with a carpet that provides enough friction for them to stay in place (or fix them using other items like weight plates).
I play songs with double bass pedals that way. It sounds scuffed but works fantastic. The best controllers to use are xbox ones, since they are so sturdy that you don't have to hold back much while stomping on their buttons.
The hands are placed left on the keyboard and right on the numpad, each of the drums is keybound twice so you can alternate hits, e.g. hit the A button  with the left hand for the snare and then the button 4 on the keypad to hit the snare again to do a drumroll etc.
All the songs are free, but they are hosted on various filehosts so you'd have to track them down on your own, the charts are created by the community in various places, though I only used FretsOnFire forum to find my stuff. There are compilation threads that contain all the old Rock Band and Guitar Hero stuff, but charters have their own threads too. Pay attention to whether they also charted for drums instead of just guitar, since not all songs get full band charting.
You can also do a normal intended setup like this guy https://www.youtube.com/user/sodamlazy/videos
But since you don't want to spend money on a plastic kit, you could try my solution for fun.
I think there's a dedicated Phase Shift drummer discord too.
Replies: >>62864 >>62900
Get good, knob muncher. I played some guitar at the park and a pretty girl on a bike said hello to me.
Felt good man.
everybodyknows.jpg (u)
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I'd just like to say: 'Don't burn yourself out on playing', take a few days (or more) off from punishing yourself now and then, your fingers/forearms need time to acclimatise to the ruin you're laying upon them and your brain still adapts to being faster at it even without direct input, you'd be surprised how much easier some shit becomes after walking away from it for a little while.

Warm up tune is the King of the Hill Theme followed by Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden. I've made Party Hard by Andrew WK my finishing tune for the last 2 months, today after a week of not playing I finally pushed it from 86.1% to 88.7% (Rocksmith) I was genuinely surprised, even if it's just a sliver of progress it's fucking great when you get better without trying at it, your muscles learn the speed they need even when you're not grinding away. Human bodies are weird.

Taxing stuff there lad, mind you don't set your fingers ablaze.
Zero_[9ey_q1QziMU].webm (u)
[Hide] (4.9MB, 05:09)
I've been trying to learn Zero for a while. I got part of it down, but picado is fucking hard and I can only play it really slowly.
At first its a bit jarring when a song throws something new at you but once you can adopt it and then (eventually) quickly adapt it into the contiguous flow of movement you've been developing it becomes a joyful jolt of encouragement to your efforts.

I strongly recommend playing music you'd normally never try, while simple enough, Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley taught me to pay more attention to my positions on the D and G strings, which I really needed at the time.
Carnivorebassintro.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 01:19)
>>59040 (OP) 
What do you do to avoid burning out or losing interest in your instrument or favorite styles of music to play?
Replies: >>63172 >>63196
Not OP but taking a few days off is enough to kill thoughts of burnout and I find just having the thing sat in its stand near my bed is enough to encourage me to not go too long without playing it. Keep it within arms reach and you're much more likely to pick it up.
Replies: >>63200
Buy a new instrument to play.
chen_from_touhou_moments_before_being_run_over_by_a_truck_and_getting_pinned_against_a_wall_with_her_ribs_crushed.png (u)
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Keeping the instrument out and within arms reach is really good advice but I can't say the same about taking days off. You 'need' to keep the ball rolling constantly, stopping will only make you want to play less and less. I believe it's much better to power through whatever downward spiral you're going and keep at it. Running water never grows stale, don't break your practice routine ever.
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