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You boys need to get back to work, find yourself a woman and buy a house
>>57950 (OP) 
I tried but they require experience to get a job
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I've thought about making a free fake reference service for wizards with large job gaps who can't get a fake reference themselves. 

There probably isn't that much interest, though. They're all busy trying to get on disability.
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Entry level jobs need you.
Replies: >>57977 >>57982
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The lower the education required the more the competition as it's easy to get into ergo the more experience required due to such competition. 

You often need nepotism to even get into an entry level job. 

The more populated the area the more opportunities but also the larger the crowd to overcome. In the middle of nowhere and less competition but also less jobs. 

It's fucked no matter how you swing it. People with jobs are the go-getters with nice parents that had their parents as a reference that also got their first job at 16ish or if not they went to college and did really well at that nice college and got a job that way thereafter the 'experience' they had (a bunch of fun is more like when it's the 'go-getter' because hw and partying are both easy for them. They are so fueled by such egos).  

Then there's blue collar of course. Often really hard jobs and you get disrespected and it starts with the nigger/redneck/retard being treated like a criminal in jobcorps or similar institution so fuck that third option. 

It goes without saying that with entry level, min wage, you get paid so little along with the precious little hours due to competition that you can't live alone, so you get bullied by normalfaggots that way too. 

So let's review:

>college: stressful hw and normalfaggots to deal with partying
>blue: niggers/spics/rednecks/criminals/retards and bad rules
>entry: no hours, can't even get a job, have to live with niggers/spics/rednecks/etc and they grow weed in ur closet and you all go to prison together 

But oh yeah, 2 more options to the default three. Vagabond and businessman. Capitalism holds back businessman due to the nature of, again, competition, they will out advertise you and you need a hell of a loan to realistically start a business anyway, so that's fucked. 

So le'ts be clear, that leaves one thing. Vagabond.
How long you been employed for champ?
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How long have YOU been made a biased egotistical entity that psychologically projects that if it is successful others must be just lazy?
Replies: >>57985
Because that's the only option available to them. This isn't the 1950s where jobs are everywhere and all you need is a high school diploma to get them. It takes years to find a job and it takes just as long for a disability case to play out. More likely than not if you stick with it and appeal enough times, you will get the bux.
The competition for those jobs are insane even if you have the required education (bachelors degree in whatever). Most college grads don't have enough experience and lack the connections to get them, so they are stuck in a catch-22 indefinitely.
>You often need nepotism to even get into an entry level job.
This is true.
Replies: >>57986 >>58009
Cool word salad, chief but I'm curious how long you've been employed for.
Replies: >>57988
How many empty CVs have you sent out?
Did you include your picture with the dragon dildo in it?
Have you checked in with the unemployment office?
Have you actually done ANYTHING to improve your situation or are you just going to bitch about the world not being your personal utopia?
Replies: >>57988
Irrelevant. Childish moron. And it's a run-on sentence akin to the way Joss Whedon would have spoken. People that hate that sort of shit aren't as good at speaking as they think they are. 

Here's your (You).
Replies: >>57989
so you've never been employed, got it.
Have you ever gone out to reach out possible employers?
Replies: >>57993
Yes I have tried before to get a job and tried the hardest when young, sixteen. No one gave me one and I never got an interview until 17, just one, he gave the interview because he was a faggot, literal one, that liked hiring teens with long hair. I did not get the job as there was another guy cuter than me that ended up getting it and I'm not an actual homosexual to begin with. He had a porn mustache and everything. 

Since 17 I have not felt like I'd ever have a job and are now over 30 and I've even been, as I've said before as we all KNOW who it IS, rejected from SSI three times over and are going for it now a fortth time. Most get it their second try so the thing to consider is that some people fail at things way harder than others and you have to accept that unless you want people like me to lash out in real life. That IS probably what your normalfaggot type wants, to make the witch act like a monster then say SEEE SEEEE I TOOOOOLD YOU HE WAS EVIIIIL :O 'like' a fucking jackass when they break laws and act 'toxic' and such. 

You're not going to give me a chance so stop blame shifting. You're an asshole and you only want assholes in your community so that you can all be assholes together. I wasn't an asshole enough to be hired. i could just kick someone's ass and then a wild faggot would probably give me a job opportunity the same way they do asshole vet's as I'd be 'someone to keep the 'riffraff'  away' because gods forbid the poor ask for money outside your store. 

At my age, even by age 18, I dind't even want to uphold a society this fucked up that did nothing much for me that does nothing but trade freedom for safety all the while acting predictably even more assholish ever single year that passes. I'm not going to beg for a job I don't want then go home and beat my wife and children to vent my misdirected anger like some normalfaggot would and I'm not going to vote like a self absorbed child that thinks they're bigger than the entire world to the point that their vote matters THAT MUCH. 

A month or so ago I filled out a couple of job applications just so I could say 'well for the record they didn't give a shit and I sure as shit am not meant for this society and they can't say I didn't try'. More of them sent out you say? Try harder you say? Someone will always try harder because in the rat race there WILL always be a loser that could NOT try as hard as the others. That is a FACT that society is not built to combat.
Replies: >>58006 >>58014
>rejected from SSI three times
I was denied four times before they approved my claim. Don't give up, anon. I believe in you.
>or if not they went to college and did really well at that nice college and got a job that way
Not really, I don't think doing well in college is enough to score easy jobs anymore. I spent my college years religiously studying which allowed me to finish with high honors. But because of that I had no experience and couldn't get my foot in the door for much at all. I spoke with a handful of Ph.D. students on how they got into their graduate program. To my surprise they said that they had pretty bad and mediocre grades overall, and that they got in through their sheer amounts of experience. 
Experience and connections mean a lot during college years too. I remember trying to get into a research group for metal dichalcogenides and clock genes but I always lost because I either lacked experience or family members that could offer me guidance. It's even worse when the person in charge of recruiting doesn't respond back so you are just left sitting on cold ice. I feel like I did college wrong. I should have just aimed for mediocre grades and spend the majority of my time on literally anything else instead.
You gave up after less than a year of trying?
And you think you were working your hardest when you were a teenager?

How about you stop being a pissant and get a job.
The only way to do it is to fucking do it.
Replies: >>58035 >>58089
job market is absolutely fucked. it shouldn't take even close to a year of trying to find a job.
Replies: >>58066
>>57950 (OP) 
Make me.
Indeed. If you go for 3 months or longer without having a job you're not even part of their 'workforce population' statistic in the USA.
Replies: >>58075
Yes, killing oneself at the the slightest obstacle or challenge is the only way to go.
Replies: >>58077
the idea gets more appealing by the day
Replies: >>58080
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Replies: >>58089
>>57950 (OP) 
the only work i've ever done was sit on a bed and have some of my blood extracted, and i didn't make much but they sent me papers to give to the irs because they paid me over $500 in total in 2019 and i thought that if i didn't report the $500 to the irs they'd arrest me for tax evasion but i now know that you only pay taxes if you make more than over $6000 or so, but because i did that the gov sent me the stimulus checks
>>57950 (OP) 
>get back to work
There are no jobs. Not even supposedly entry level ones.
>find yourself a woman
They're fictional creatures at this point.
>buy a house
With what money?
>How long you been employed for champ?
Poisoning the well.
>The only way to do it is to fucking do it.
What works for you might not work for someone else.
Don't rush things like that. Better to make sure you're dead than to end up as a fully conscious vegetable with locked-in syndrome.
Replies: >>58101
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>>57959 here
Since my unemployment is out and I have no money, I felt it would be difficult to find a comfy office job with such a huge job gap and no experience doing IT and no college. Earlier this week I made a website for a fake company that was going out of business, with a fake employer's (my) contact information. On my resume I claimed that I did computer repair and customer service for the small computer repair business, and that I was currently employed there. If an employer calls my "supervisor," I'll just put on a fake voice. 

Sent ~40 applications since Monday. As of today I've been contacted by 6 companies, had 2 phone screens and 2 interviews scheduled for next week. Recruiters rarely actually check references, so I imagine I'll be back to wageslaving by early October.
>Not even supposedly entry level ones
Just fucking lie

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