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What does sleepychan think of meguca and smug?
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>>5785 (OP) 
The idea of realltime imageboard is cancer. Thankfully, meguca can still be used without enabling JavaScript in your browser.
I also really like the idea of captchouli (meguca's captcha system). It filters all normalfags and people that have nothing to do with anime, therefore imageboards.
However, the /ftb/ threads are really fucking weird and degenerate. They're really something that you'd more likely see on Discord, rather than on an imageboard, but at least they're not masturbating to women getting niggered or niggers themselves yet.
Fuck them for using cuckflare, though.
There's a lot of FUD going on about them, but I do agree that meidos are sometimes retarded (which applies to a lot of BOs), and that /a/ was always a no fun allowed board.
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>>5785 (OP) 
This is all I really need to post, anyone who still goes to smug is either a bandwagoner or faggot who uses the cafe thread 24/7 blogposting like it's a /v/ 4am thread.
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>Grammar n/a/zis fuck the site in the ass
>/v/iggers dumb enough to pre-order an imageboard
They deserve eachother, truly.
what's meguca's address
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Lat fucked up with server upgrades and someone else's server is being used for now until lat fixes their shit.
/pol/ is gone
>It filters all normalfags and people that have nothing to do with anime, therefore imageboards.
>Implying imageboards are for degenerate weebs
Sasuga newfag
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>>5785 (OP) 
Those are exactly my two favorite sites besides sleepy. Especially smug, it has the potential to become a sacred shrine like desuchan.
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this pretty much summed up everything that I would have said.
>>5785 (OP) 
Smug/tg/ is the only good one still around and the general complaints towards meidos aren't relevant since that /tg/ belongs exclusively to Chrow (the meidos don't even have moderation rights to the board iirc)
>inb4 the bo for the /tg/ here starts sperging out over this again.
smug also has /fanfic/ which is high quality but has snail tier post speed even relative to the other boards on there
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/tg/ is the only smug board I go to, but it's also been my favorite board for 5+ years, so I'm probably biased when I say the meidos are based as shit.
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8chan didn't fail us. We failed 8chan.
Only newfags call others newfags.
Please do not come to meguca, /pol/broes.
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I'm surprised at the number of people I've seen say they use meguca, I always just assumed it was a honeypot due to the spam for it.
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>>5785 (OP) 
I don't see meguca on the webring so I don't care. I use /tg/ on smug and that's it.
>>5785 (OP) 
meguca is/was okay while smug is for turbofaggots.
It's kinda unique anf there isn't really a alternative that's not dead. Chen2 was fun while it lasted but the two successors will probably never have any users.
Replies: >>5863
It was good when it first got popularity, before it turned into discord for imageboard users and all the homosexual circlejerkers made it their home.
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I found 2chen.moe, but cuckchanners inhabit that place judging by looking at the index and catalog of all the boards on there [ co / kr / tv ]. They do have infinity mode enabled so someone could create a board.
I remember visiting the other successor you mentioned, but I forgot its name. The content there still sucks just like 2chen.moe. They make the hugely degenerate /ftb/ board on meguca look good.

I saw meguca spam on the 4/g/ archives (it wasn't recently spammed, I just decided to search up altchan names to see discussion about altchans). Meguca is okay and it was very good for like almost a week, then I got bored of it.
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>>5785 (OP) 
the daily threads on /a/ are one of the most autistic anime circlejerks ive seen on the webs
>>5785 (OP) 
I was on meguca for a while because liveposting is genuinely cool, but everyone there was retarded and when I came back it had a weeb capacha that made the site literally fucking unusable.

Everyone who uses smug is an autistic tranny who can burn in hell. Imagine being such a sperg about shitposting or having fun that you create an fucking spellechecker jannybot, and it literally destroys 8chan. I'm still fucking mad. Genuinely, if you post there you should hang yourself.
I'm not a that much of a weeaboo so I don't care.

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