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What do you do when you think of the state of the world and of mankind? Do you laugh, or do you weep?
>>56578 (OP) 
I think shit's fucked and you can't unfuck it for long.
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I gave up on laughing and crying a long time ago. Now I just feel a slow cold burn.
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I think my slow cold burn has gotten so slow and cold I can't even feel it anymore.
Neither. Its more of an apathetic levelness.
I'm just bored and unimpressed, really.
I mostly prefer laughing. It is pure Schadenfreude.
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This. How low retards go for social approval is hilarious.
>>56578 (OP) 
Pity, which is closer to weeping than laughing. Untold millions of lost souls clinging to untold millions of false lights and remaining in abject darkness because of it, and most of the time I'm one of them; rarely, but only rarely and briefly, do I manage to ignite true light.
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I disengage. I read less and less things, I spend less and less time interacting with people. I only work on my own projects. Sooner or later I'll be living alone in a cabin in a forest, sleeping at days, writing stories and making computer programs for my own amusement at night, never showing anything of mine to anyone.
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How do we know for sure what the true light is? What is the nature of that light? Is it all that which is beautiful and good, which brings us closer to God?
I feel that. I want to buy my own land someday and have my own cabin where I can be away from this dying, decrepit society.
>>56578 (OP) 
How about anger and fear faggot?
emo fags
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shut up newfag
>>56578 (OP) 
>Do you laugh, or do you weep?
I don't give two fucks and then post racist things on an imageboard.
Weeping and laughing are useless and masturbatory. There is no meaningful "mankind". Though we are similar to one another in our construction, we are (properly) born with four limbs, ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes and all of that, our characters are far too divergent to consider myself meaningfully similar to other "people". The lies about the brotherhood of man can live when you are only intimately familiar with your village, but the instant knowledge that the global network provides shatters all illusions. The world is mostly inhabited by mouth-breathing pseudo-Humans. They can hold a wrench, they can hit a nail, they can even program a particle accelerator, but they have no wisdom and fundamentally understand nothing about themselves or others. The world is a beautiful place, it is our wonderful garden island in a sea of cold unfeeling death. It is simply a shame that the descent of man lived up to its name. Perhaps we beautiful wizards are simply ahead of the curve, but I don't think so, I think there's been a backslide. Perhaps wisdom is an evolutionary drag. If that's so then I spit on creation, or God, or whatever forces would create such a system.
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>having emotions is useless
Found the autist
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>>56578 (OP) 
We are living in hard times and its up to us to become the Strong Men and change it for the better.
I didn't say feeling was useless, you illiterate.
>>56578 (OP) 
>See a random video that seems interesting
>It's a 20 minute video about how x is destroying the society
>Filled with strawmen and pseudo-intellectual retardation at the level of claiming posting a picture of a girl means you want to be that girl 
>The guy that made it is deleting comments that argue against him
>Even started a stream with only people that agree with him to reinforce his opinion on the subject
>His fans see him as completely correct, and that there's nothing wrong with refusing to even talk to someone that thinks he's wrong
Every day I lose a little more hope for this world as I laugh.
We're living in hard times is a massive confusion on your part and an attempt at living out your belief you're a strong armchair man when you're just a wimpy double chinned neet with atrophied muscles trying to feel important.
You will do nothing. 
You will eat the bugs.
You will continue to complain.
And you will enjoy it.
>hard times
The hard times are yet to come. It's dark and cloudy, but the storm hasn't started.
weep, because of the loss of moral construction, imagines how globalism contributes to the replacement of human moral values to become slaves to capitalism
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Globalism is inevitable. Cry moar
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You're retarded. The end goal for globalism is to collapse and societies that depended on it wont be able to sustain themselves. The pandemic is one of many blows to globalism and the the damage to the supply lines has only begun.
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>>56578 (OP) 
Laugh. Why should I cry?

What comes next after globalism? Probably smaller Russian, Chinese and American spheres of influence. But I know jack about history or society.
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please post more of the memes you got from discord theyre really funny
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don't use kikecord
just sending that to my phone so I could send it to my friends tbh
they are based
unlike you, subhuman
>What comes next after globalism?
decentralization, where no one can control the world, the world before capitalism was born
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>What comes after globalization
Your post made me think of the tracer tong ending, but usually after a great empire falls it leads to balkanization.
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Went from caring anger to laughing to now just brunting the weight of it thinking about how bleak and terrible every aspect of life and the world will become.

Also they were whites that did 'shit' also with niggers invading and them having to run away ever time it happened. The new generations never know why they are sitting there with no real problems until the shitskins come again to invade. 

That image/sentiment is getting a little tired. All lives are hard but we have no real problems due to not being realistic about things, priorities are wrong. It's called being unwise. People can adjust within a single generation especially after the bad eggs, of which are literally 50 percent of any population if not more, die off. Half of all babies didn't make it in ancient times after all and half of all people have hypertension, half of all long term smokers die early, half of all people that do have hypertension don't have it under control, half of them died in the black plague, etc, it's always half. The stronger half made a huge population of geniuses and their tech and culture that evolved in libraries caused such a world that we keep the weak babies alive. That's all. But everyone has it hard, only the weak babies complained about it and made the fake problems. They die and everyone is just fine again.
>>56578 (OP) 
Lift and study.
I've come to realize that conflict is the natural state of the world
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