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In the hopes of somehow raising this dead board's pph.
Is it hopeless?
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>>56569 (OP) 
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PPH isn't the problem. The problem is all the niggers posting anti-fun shit that makes nobody want to stay here.
Replies: >>56576 >>56577
pph would help
raise the pph
Remember they're feds and bots trying to get us to abandon imageboards by posting garbage. Ignore them and keep posting quality shit
a_weapon_to_surpass_meido_gear.webm (u)
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It would help if the board owner gave a shit about /b/ long enough to ban the avatarfags
Replies: >>56598 >>56770
It would be a little bit easier to do that if anything of decent quality wasn't immediately invaded with garbage and then slid.
Replies: >>56598
He's bad at his job then. Jannies do it for free, he does nothing for free.
That is the point of their gayops, after all.
Replies: >>56770
I've been closely analyzing the topic of threads in the last several months to see how much of an impact we've suffered under the heel of the herd. The main problem right now seems to be uninteresting thread creation by 2-4 users, following a response from a group of herdlings who've refused to leave, with other caustic comments that bring nothing positive to the table but arguments and thread sliding. 
If we can fix it (unlikely at this point) its better to ignore the board until its barren and reseed it.
Replies: >>56828
bump best thread
raise the pph
buy gamestop shares
Imagine if this shit site had pph
buy GME
Replies: >>56670
Will GME eclipse gold someday?
Replies: >>56689
>>56569 (OP) 
He's just like me!
GME will eclipse the universe it exists in.
sell gme
Replies: >>56712
buy gme or you will inevitably kill yourself
Replies: >>56718
Replies: >>56719
no idea what that means
buy gme or you will off yourself
Replies: >>56750 >>56754
go marry gamestop you twat
Replies: >>56756
you're a crab
Replies: >>56756
I will.
Buy GME.
no idea what that means
buy gme or you will off yourself
There was only one and he was constantly pruned.
Replies: >>56771
Dont reply to the herdnigger
burger_loli.jpg (u)
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Posting in the thread because someone else posted in it.
well done
posting in kind
Replies: >>56828
Very high quality anime girl hamburger picture, thanks anon.
Replies: >>56828
Now that's a big burger.
That girl is cute, but whoever bought her that burger should be ashamed of themselves. She needs a smaller burger.
was_getting_dubs_part_of_your_plan.webm (u)
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Eiffel_66_-_Dubs_in_Life.mp4 (u)
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hitler_rave.gif (u)
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Posting in the thread so other anons will post in the thread.
Replies: >>57132
noisestorm-crab-rave-[monstercat-release]_480p.webm (u)
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removekebabtupacserbia.webm (u)
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posting because poster posted a post
Posting because a poster posted a post in response to another posters post.
im_sure_this_webm_is_fine.webm (u)
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edguy_and_kankerdemon.gif (u)
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Replies: >>57825
buttered post
Ching_Chong_came_from_Hong_Kong_to_touch_King_Kong_on_his_Ding_Dong.jpg (u)
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A wise man speaks because he has something to say; a fool because he has to say something.
Replies: >>57839
He who speaks doesn't know. He who's silent may know.
Replies: >>57930 >>57934
the_silence_of_the_clams.jpg (u)
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That's retarded. It would imply you would forget something upon saying it.
He who speaks, sucks my dicks.
don't care
can make as many as I want
I made this thread too
stop being so poor and maybe you won't be so butthurt as to need to, poorfaggot mutt.
Replies: >>57998 >>57999
Posting in the thread because an analy ravaged shitposter posted his massive butthurt.
>i-i dont care heres this wall of text of me raging to prove it
>n-no that wall of text wasnt a wall of text you see!
seethe trannyjanny
bu­y g­me

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