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Well boys, I am thinking of getting a lainchan alternative board, without censorship and such.
I already own an IB, for brazilians, but god, I hate the new imageboard culture, theres a reason why they are considered the most cancerous users of internet.
Thought of simple domains, as I dont want it to be a huge thing, just a niche chan, I will be doing my things there, my forks and such.

The domains i thought were related to SEL, of course
>navichan.ch or .in
>accela.ch or .in
>iwakura.ch or .in
Or even host the chan in a subdomain, like accela.iwakura.ch
I am open for new names, thought about something related to wired, but theres already wirechan and wired-7.org, not wiredchan though.
I wont use any CDN, my plans are to get a luxembourg server with ddos protection, as cloudflare is botnet and I want to be full schizophrenic and a chan for hackermans and such, kek.
The actual state of portuguese IBs is fucked, retards only know how to talk about politics and women on a constant huge cancerous cycle, 55chan created a spoiled cringe facebook niggers generation of "anons" that only know to repeat the same shit over and over, I regret deeply making my IB a brazilian one, good content was generated, comfy posting too, but it feels so fucked, maybe its just the lynxchan feeling.
Also wanna reserve a space for lainons that arent trannies with a political bias, the wired is about freedom and autism, fuck lainchan.org
Well, we'll see, we have a lot of time yet.
So, any opinions?
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Also, jschan would be used for it, and the chan would be put up next year, theres a high possibility of my chan become the main BR one, if that happens, this project will be canceled.
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>the chan
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What a gigantic faggotry, want some penis pics?
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based loin
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Yo legit, lainbee is a psyop, WHAT THE FUCKKK
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>tfw no arisuwasp
>no face
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Arisu is NOT a wasp!
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>I'm making an alt board without censorship!
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navichan is a good name
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(20.1KB, 170x160)
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I'm interested in new imageboards but not ones run by normalniggers who call them "chans".
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OP probably isn't normal but he is certainly a nigger.
What are you going to bring to the table.
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Welcome being a lusophone, I wont ever say tábua de imagens, we usually call chans.
Wont be a clusterfuck like a ultra liberal IB, but way less than lainchan.
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I don't believe you.
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Please trust me bro ples fuck I am gona cry so lonly
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My cockatiels smell like cheetos for some reason
Replies: >>5689
fuckers went into your cheetos while you were sleeping fam
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I trust u bro. make the ib autistic lainfags deserve.
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(54.9KB, 500x536)
(38.6KB, 440x625)
(42.9KB, 500x573)
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Thanks Klim!
>>5603 (OP) 
so many chans these days, why not another? sounds like a good concept, lainanon. keep feeding the lain egregore. all of the domains you suggested sound good to me. i'd check it out.
>wanna reserve a space for lainons that arent trannies with a political bias
this would be nice. i know many anons shit on lainchan.org for that reason. when i visit there i usually scroll past the political bias and stick to discussion about coding, tech, and arts.
>the wired is about freedom and autism
another reason anons shit on lainchan is because of the heavy banhammer and enforced effort post culture. it's a weird image board in that respect. would be nice to have an alternative that attracted the effort posters, but let the shit posters have their fun too. how do you imagine you're moderation style to be?
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(33.1KB, 618x464)
>>5603 (OP) 
>retards only know how to talk about politics and women on a constant huge cancerous cycle
They are Brazilians is in their genetics.
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Its pretty ded for the same reasons 99 percent of the chans opened in the last couple years are dead in that its just a general idea with no built in community or targeted community just a chan for the sake of being a chan
Its just another ded chan with no community and no direction which is exactly what the internet needs and everyone should open a chan so the internet becomes a graveyard of 1000s of chans with a hundred or so posts a piece
Good luck navichan or accelachan or iwakura guy your ded board is definitely gonna be the one that ignites the alt chan science with your innovative new features like board creation
Hopefully you act really snarky on your boards with an admin tag never seen that before on alt chan
Thanks for this link I'll add it to the 200 or so ded sites I check regularly cause I have no real life and occasionally no has posted on the webring in a few minutes
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Stop following me.
Light, well, I myself get banned from my own IB, kek.

Would be similar to lain in the organization part, I believe a /b/ wouldnt be a board there, if then, would be for topics that dont fit in any other board.
But the moderation would be way lighter, people deserve to shitpost too, but I believe we would have some decent effort posting.
We'll see, I am waiting for a luxembourg KVM of a certain provider to get in stock.

Lainchan nowadays is strange, it basically reddit with a IB skin, which is kinda LAME.
Thanks, all we need is another failed imageboard.
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(48.4KB, 483x354)
>I believe a /b/ wouldnt be a board there
If you hate them so much why didn't you ban them all and issue a rule about it? IRS almost as if you participate in it as well.
>I myself get banned from my own IB
what a cuck
Replies: >>5747
Gentleman you say, i have tism so my own mods ban me. Gay nigger.
>>5603 (OP) 
rules for thee and rules for me?
based rulecuckery? 
hmmmm... i can think of a few boards i've been on over the years where i would have taken great pleasure to have seen the admin put on at least a 24 hour time out for violating the rules they forced other anons to adhere to
Replies: >>5755
My planned rules are
>No niggers
>No trannies
>No minorities
>No women
>No amerindians
>No indians
>No chileans (this specially)

I am legit.
Replies: >>5766
Also, the mascot would be lain bee, we would have a board the /b/ board then, as i reconsidered, where Lains, bees and lainbees would be posted to harass niggers and minorities out of the internet.
Replies: >>5768
but you're a brazilian. you're going to end up banned on your own board again.
Replies: >>5769
(22.2KB, 500x370)
Someone is drawing lainbee right now on /baaa2/!
Sorry, I am actually a fucking bee and no one can ban me.
Just don't invite your native monkeys to this new imageboard ok, I know you might have some urge to do so because it's your own imageboard. If I see a single letter in Portuguese I'm gonna dox your ass bitch.
Replies: >>5807
Dox me pls, come to brazil
Replies: >>5808
Im gonna send child porn to your facebook an call the popo.
>the chan
>the chan
this. agreed. upvoted. us internet oddballs better start falling into line and using the right terms for things. image board, not chan as short for channel. any anon that uses chan deserves to lose their blue checkmark. conform to this standard before it's too late or risk losing all your facebook friends
Replies: >>5890 >>5891
This. Gatekeeping imageboards through language is bigoted, old fashioned, and to be honest kind of racist. It's time to get with the times ziggers. The modern internet is inclusive, so you're just going to have to cope seethe and dilate yourselves the fuck off if you don't like the direction culture is going, because whether you like it or not we're going FORWARD.
Replies: >>5891
This and checked, using "chan" is normalfag tier, also only implies that IBs are only anime website not websites with anime discussion/fans of anime.
> the direction culture is going
Retarded normalfag reddit cancer like what cuckchan is?
Replies: >>5893
You really need to work on your reading comprehension Anon. Or in this case your sarcasm comprehension.
Replies: >>5896
Come on bitch when will it launch? Do your fucking job you fucking black monkey.
Lain is the linkin park of anime. Only faggots like it and won't ever shut up about it.

Lainchan became a hive of trannies and commies for a reason. If you don't want to cut your dick off avoid this gook toon.

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