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Has anyone used fake reference services such as careerexcuse? I want to move to Japan to be a remote software developer but I can't be assed to earn a degree to get real experience. 

I figure they give visas to working professionals (10+ year exp.), I can just pay some pajeet 200 dollars to say I have been a software developer for the past 7 years.
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is that rozelli? also bumping for interest
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getting the foot in the door is almost impossible without a degree, even with certifications, and my work history is sketchy at best. It's 80 bucks for some pajeet to make a fake reference. Think I'm gonna do it.
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I've actually seen that bitch rozelli on the train on my way to Piraeus. She got off the train at Omonoia station which confirmed my suspicions that it's where she lives. I didn't approach her because I wasn't 100% sure it was her, but as she was leaving I was certain, that cunt face, those greasy hair,, it was her. She was looking half depressed - half angry starring at her phone.
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you're lucky your parents dont kick you out. im on the verge of living in my car if i dont find something
Go on the dole or travel to find a job.
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>fake credentials 
I know it's a cyberpunk dystopia but where do people go to do that sort of movie/book tier thing?

Is there an onion or a flea market or something?
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>has a car
sounds lucky, normalfaggot
>>49230 (me)
>didn't read op
Surface net? Really?
>check op link out
>20 usd per month
<with what money? XD
go for it. keep in mind the consequences are severe if you're caught. and if you plan to work in the same place for a long time, you'll definitely get caught
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>consequences are severe

>if you plan to work in the same place for a long time, you'll definitely get caught
please explain. HR checks employment history by calling the company and asking if you've worked there, would they rehire you, etc. the way these fake reference services work is they will provide a fake company with a fake address and website. some of them will even provide fraudulent paystubs if you ask.

the only way i could see people getting caught is if 1. they obviously don't know what they're doing even though they claim that they have years of experience in said job. it'll be obvious to everyone that you faked your resume if you don't know the basic lingo used in your job. 
or 2. you're stupid enough to use a fake reference to land a job with the government or a hospital.
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>making assumptions just because he's poor
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More like you're going to get detained and deported you fucking retard.
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I really really doubt it. Here's my full plan, and I've decided to go through with it just because the cost is so low.

1. pay some indian 80 dollars to say I've been in IT for 2 years. Not an excessive amount of experience
2. Land coveted 80k/yr sysadmin job  and work there for a year or so while earning more certifications
3. By May 2022 I will have my completed my bachelor's and a CCNP, as well has real experience. 
4. Take fake job off resume
5. ????
6. PROFIT!!!!! (move to japan to be epic sysadmin and have sex with anime girls)
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imagine the smell of such a scitzo unshaven jewess
im pretty sure nippon requires degrees to work
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>thinks he only gets fired if he gets caught with fake references
have you ever worked anywhere? you'll likely get sued. 
>how will they find out
a major fuck up you're apart of, a resentful colleague or boss, a governmental and/or non-governmental oversight of employees even retired/fired ones. these things happen anon. nipponiggers are wary of bullshit references. but you do you. good luck and hopefully they won't catch you.
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>(move to japan to be epic sysadmin and have sex with anime girls)
anime girls are REAL in JAPAN?!!!!!??
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go back to kikebook retard
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someone post rozellis cunt
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What kind of sysadmin stuff? Linux type administration? What exactly does that entail? And what language? Sorry for playing 21 questions with you, I’m just curious. Also curious why you’d want to work a white collar job in Japland of all places. I assume you’ve heard of the work ethic expected over there? Sounds like hell if you ask me. You fluent in JP? What proficiency level, assuming you’ve taken certs?
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I have a couple of memecerts and CCNA. Job market is fucked and I keep getting lowball offers for entry level roles. One even offered to fly me around the country to fix machines for 12 dollars a fucking hour. Like I literally would make more fucking money working the drive thru at McDonald's. Employers get what the fucking deserve
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I recently got myself a CCNA, too. Why do you want to be an overseas coder? I assume you have the skills for it if not the certifications.
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>>49187 (OP) 
You can learn to code in multiple fields/areas with freecodecamp, and all for free. You can apparently get certs from the classes too. All toy have to do to at least get a decent job in burger land is to have a good portfolio with decent enough projects and to be able to answer any coding interview questions.
You can also try Udemy courses, but you have to pay for the courses which are the price of a papa johns, unless you don't reset your cookies.
Good luck anon, I hope everything goes well for you.
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>twitter filename
>it's apu with a girl
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This has not been true for me. I learned to code at a young age and struggled to find a job without a degree. Mind you, my portfolio wasn't that great but it's hard to find actual fruitful projects to work on by your own volition. And being a gamedev, 99% of the projects I worked on, I never finished, but I still had a few projects on my GitHub
The way I got my job is first getting my foot in the door in an IT position and then networking my way into a coding role. Most companies trashed my resume the very second they CTRL+F'd my resume and couldn't find any results for "degree". 
Maybe if you live in a high tech area like Silicon Valley you can get away with it, but in areas where there are more programmers than there are programming jobs it's a real struggle.
I can't stop laughing at that image.

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