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Post American things.
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Name anything more USA than school shootings

Tip: you can't
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yui cheesebarg
Hes_holding_a_sign_that_li….mp4 (u)
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Save that for another thread.
Replies: >>49054
>>49053 no man, >>49052 totally belongs here, that right there is another very USA thing: Absolute lack of self-awareness
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Have some from the last thread.
That's Europe unless you think being retarded is exclusive to America. The European brand of retardation is insufferable preachy rambling and a castration of culture but it's mostly feminization while America's is loud retardation, gross excess, and a parody of capitalism.
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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>Non US electrical socket
>Ancient bait
graduates_from_west_point.jpeg (u)
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Absolute paper tiger, looking forward to see them curbstomped in the next large war
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muh european socket
Replies: >>49085
The funny thing is that America, Russian, and China are all paper tigers. It'll be really hilarious to see everyone get fucked up equally because of their own respective retardation.
Replies: >>49063
I would love to see that. Sadly I am getting the feeling that war between world powers is like my broken oven, it will never be hot again
Replies: >>49072
>unironically linking to Twitter, and not an alternative like bitter, on image boards, in 2021
Replies: >>49074
29b319e06af5d76f0b4874ff989f2688875ca91f15dbbe9ef6a4a3dedc095aa6.png (u)
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>not nitter
>only murika has chivalry
>only murika has fat people
>>49047 (OP) 
>rights are culture
OH LOL AND religion was to dis the catholics, nothing more
as if that is a god thing and the do have media blackouts
zoomer shit
as if they give a shit
>all those icons
a dumbass victim of capitalism made this
098cd4604610604545c826910bba6ea2--triangle-with-eye-for-eyes.jpg (u)
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most_Murikan_pic_I_actually_took_in_real_life.jpg (u)
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>>49047 (OP) 
Replies: >>49082 >>49163
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100kg_of_steel_vs_100_kg_of_feathers.jpg (u)
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Holy shit I never noticed despite seeing this meme so many times. wew
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-35.jpg (u)
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dystopia.mp4 (u)
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When i was a kid i thought that America is cool.
we_want_your_soul.webm (u)
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Mother_Tells_Green-Haired_Daughter_to_Move_out.mp4 (u)
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I've got some reposted content, if someone hasn't seen it already.
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eJ42YGQnafID_mobile.mp4 (u)
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weimerica.webm (u)
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pathetic.mp4 (u)
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modern_arts_final_form.mp4 (u)
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I'm.a.Pedophile.mrgirl.720p.webm (u)
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what_am_i_reading.jpg (u)
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>2nd webm
You cannot convince me that the people responsible for this were not lynched by the kids' parents
Replies: >>49164 >>49165
That multi-level trailer park looks fucking cool.
They weren't. Burgers care nothing for their children, and shit like this is proof of it.
Replies: >>49178
I don't think the average parent treats their kids as human beings anymore since all they do is chuck electronics at them to keep them quiet. They probably treat them as organic furniture when they're young only to wonder why their kid became such a massive faggot once they reach adulthood.
32b4c6eef944334c2e96db88872da79786e1faf57bd2d3f8c5a43ee5eaa3e386.png (u)
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img_026.png (u)
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>333g of carbs
>263g sugar
the us is huge on pedo paranoia so I don't think you understand at all
The pedo paranoia is just hysteria directed at japan while ignoring actual pedophiles in their midst. This is happening because anime/manga has begun to supplant western media like marvel and hollywood.
Replies: >>49529
Shart_in_the_Mart_5.jpg (u)
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Shart_in_the_Mart_3.jpg (u)
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Shart_in_the_Mart_2.jpg (u)
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>the us is huge on pedo paranoia
They're paranoid, yes, but that doesn't make them want to parent their children instead of giving them a fucking screen that may or may not expose the children to softcore pornography.
Give me convenience or give me death.
Replies: >>49182 >>49236
Sometime a decade ago there used to be a trend where women would get children and show them off on whatever social media were around back then for likes.
Then they would go together with other moms to Starbucks or whatever with other trend moms and talk about their babies.
After the trend and the novelty of the baby wore off, they were stuck with a child that wouldnt generate likes, had to be fed actual food and not just suck their boob all day, etc. And so begins a neglected and abused kids life, where he has to be brought up in front of an iPad because mommy can't be assed to give a shit.
>softcore pornography
They're looking at full on dicks in all holes hardcore pornography in the single digit ages, and you're lucky if that's all they're watching.
Video related is not such a case, but its a case of what happens when a child has unrestricted access to the internet with no supervision.
Replies: >>49186 >>49240
bac74f52a32e5ae711f1bff7d03f6a6883cd2edda3e749d925c3acee16b16b53.jpg (u)
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>the video
I'm honestly too tired to think of a response, so have this image instead.
b96651et90ec52a405764a251a545f56460cbd54840fcfbd4be9292cdf4ce7b.png (u)
[Hide] (26.6KB, 169x228)

What part of Bongland are you from, OP?
Regardless, here's what you asked for.
Replies: >>49248
hotus.jpg (u)
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nigsngibs.png (u)
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1441133431643-2.jpg (u)
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1409672070774.png (u)
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Replies: >>49262
>borned American
>everyone in the room claps
>cost my parents $100,000+ 
>mutilate my genitals within minutes 
>another round of claps 
>make it to school 
>can't sit still learning from ipads
>pumped full of pharmaceutical stimulants 
>even it out with fast food 
>gastrointestinal issues ensue 
>school gets shot up
>everyone claps as they're released from the bondages of debt 
>survive the shooting
>turn to heroin to cope
>fired from my mcjob after showing up high on heroin
>end up homeless 
>overdose from fentanyl
>suck dick to feed my habit
>clap after each mcjob 
>parents have to pay +$20,000 for my funeral
Replies: >>49219
u2v0ftayax371.jpg (u)
[Hide] (153.8KB, 819x570)
Fuck, I love America.
stunning, brave and beautiful, I got up and clapped after reading this
>pedo paranoia
Americans will freak out when a 15-year old (female) dates a 19-year old (male) but be perfectly fine with an 18 getting fucked in every hole on camera because "she's legal". They'll scream pedo and animated child porn and Euros are pervets but vote a literal pedophile into office. It's the most pedophilic country on Earth, they brought back fucking little boys when they liberated Afghanistan from the Taliban.
I'm still wondering how the hell this fulfills half of your daily fiber intake.
>softcore porn
is not real 
9 year olds fucking is actual pedo you morons

Replies: >>49237
>>49236 (me)
<the person in power I hate is x buzzword durr
I mean really, you fucking obnoxious idiots.
>expecting children to not have sexual curiosity
>abusing them over it while recording your abuse 
The kid will just pass down the negative emotions later, perhaps in a bdsm setting because of a need to sexualize the negativity given to them that their mind will now pair with their sexuality.
tmntdonatellowut.jpg (u)
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>invidious won't download it
>youtube-dl won't download it
What is the video, anon? Could you upload it here?
That thumbnail has got me intrigued.
Replies: >>49834
>the final goal of civilization is to genocide nigs in a humane manner
ok i guess
Replies: >>49266 >>49287
The ultimate goal of humanity is to have the technology to synthesize niggers en masse so that we'd always have more to kill.
Replies: >>49268 >>49287
wasn't that just the plot of the matrix
Replies: >>49269 >>49297
To prevent the robot uprising, you must become the robot uprising.
Replies: >>49270
wasn't that just the plot of metal gear revengeance
cave_explorer.jpg (u)
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Is it American culture to die for one's wanderlust?
Replies: >>49287
03f712907cb5ab355c7698d7e7467a807e96a515b5788ac43c994ce3ffe0d73f.webm (u)
[Hide] (2MB, 360x640, 00:12)
To have to rent pills and tech to keep you very unfree is the goal, or die. Slavery aka wages is the goal and it already happened. 

>he thinks rape-caves are a meme
Replies: >>49291 >>49296
>rape caves
I've never heard of this before. Enlighten me please.
Replies: >>49303
wigglytuff_retard.jpg (u)
[Hide] (70.4KB, 400x551)
I know what the goal of modern society is. I was making a joke.
Replies: >>49303
Matrix was about being trans.
Replies: >>49303
You have never heard 'anon fils his raepcave' in a meetup thread b4?

>le niggarz :DDDD
I'm not the retard.

>le trans :DDDD
Replies: >>49304
Back to reddit.
Replies: >>49306
>>back to reddit
Back to 4chan.
Friendly remember, majority of users from webring/cytube are canadians and europeans pedos and furfags.
Replies: >>49453 >>49502
kot.jpg (u)
[Hide] (6.5KB, 260x194)
Yes my fellow mutt, Canada is the only other country with english speaking population with internet access.
Replies: >>49414
177733172_3779667842162422_1827912216133814839_n.jpg (u)
[Hide] (55.7KB, 960x720)
Why are Canuckistanis so prevalent among >us, and among the more 'hardcore' users of the webring, for a lack of a better term? You Canucks are breddy gud, even if you are a bunch of L*yalist scum.
Replies: >>49466
Canadian cuckolds are not pretty good, you weasel. They're the most poisoned of all new-world colonials. Even Mexicans, with their severely polluted genetics, have a better understanding of things. Fuck Canada.
Okay, I can't argue with that time and digits. Yeah, fuck them Canucks, motherfucking Anglo scum.
this, look at /cow/ and their cytube, same about /japan/, both are a circlejerking with furfags, trannies, lolifags and 90% are europeans and the rest are canadians.
2nd_Nazi_flag_in_Alberta.webp (u)
[Hide] (148KB, 1200x939)
Most of Canadians are from Ontario or Quebec, this means  Ontarians have a higher representation in government then effectively rest of the provinces and territories this means all of the taxes go to Ontario projects and laws that are supported by Ontario. Just nuke Ontario, let Alebrta be free from the Ontarian thrashland province.
nambla and pizzagate, epstein, lolita express, clintons, hunter biden proves americans are the biggest pedophiles on earth, of course jews and the niggerficated culture has a lot to do with it but that doesn't excuse the amount of americans that 110% who unabatedly go along with it.

When I was in the states i was shocked to learn shops like walmart are open 247, mostly empty at night torturing people inside emplyed there just so that some subhuman with no forethought can go buy food or another useless item at a whim, completely meaningless, im not joking it filled me inside with sadness.
I used to feel this way about canadians too, but I've actually come to like them with time. We have nice candians around the webring, they're good people.
pedojust.png (u)
[Hide] (218.2KB, 561x649)
Replies: >>49534 >>49827
JC.png (u)
[Hide] (349.9KB, 500x540)
Why did you post a picture of yourself?
Replies: >>49543
JoeyBlowJab.jpg (u)
[Hide] (248KB, 1280x960)
Why did you post a picture of yourself?
Replies: >>49545 >>49549
280264599119ed79be1588ece262aa002952c22a77163d76bbc31aeffa65dbb8.jpg (u)
[Hide] (45.7KB, 580x650)
Why did you post a picture of yourself?
Replies: >>49612
I'd love to be JC Denton, personally.
the_unibomber.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 832x592, 00:21)
This thread twisted my soul and my faith in this country in the worst kind of ways.
America is dead and the jews fucking killed her.
Replies: >>49832
9e40407c9b07d18972c55e3d109edbc528522da0206a2d8c7bdf2b825d0a6597.jpg (u)
[Hide] (493.1KB, 1000x1069)
Why did you post a picture of yourself?
>32 fl oz
Thats one big drink
Forced_memes.JPG (u)
[Hide] (41.6KB, 800x495)
Go back to /cow/, you quadrafaggot
What was his major malfunction?
Old white lady being vulgar whilst 'singing' a rap song. She hunches at one point and it's age restricted of which is why it would not load for you.
Replies: >>49848
Shit_mask.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 720x720, 00:21)
>it can load for me
If that was the case you could, you know, upload it?

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