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SA_Thug_shootout.mp4 (u)
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Modern_problems_require_modern_solutions.mp4 (u)
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Seeing as there isn't a board for this I'll just make a thread here and see how it goes. This threads about /news/ so this isn't a place to post your manifesto. Sorry in advance if I've missed anything

>Darkie South African President is arrested and chimp out ensues
>England gets BTFO'd by Italy in the Eurocup causing england to start lynching again
>Wisconsin is wanting to join the audit on the US election
>Kikes bombed some more sandniggers
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cat_rescue.webm (u)
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This one doesn't qualify, but whatever.
I don't get it, forced bath?
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The water is boiling, hence the burns later on. I've got my doubts about the fluid being some sort of transparent oil instead.
fc166dd804521e613490677d910876d25dd28617e5859bca97c92f513acb805e.webm (u)
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Why? What is the point of pouring a hot liquid on a cat? I'm not even moral fagging here, I don't like cats. They're an invasive species in many areas but why torture them like this? To get a reaction online from people you'll never see? To fulfill a desire to harm something? It's puzzling to say the least.
da8326c3.jpg (u)
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>what is the point of pouring a hot liquid on a cat?
The videos were filmed in China, where logic flees and everyone is a psychotic cunt, so the need to hurt was granted.
Besides, cats are the jews of animals. They do nothing for you and expect everything from you. Plus, they spray cat hormones everywhere so everyone is binded to them so you'd never be able to try and hurt them. Fuck cats.
t. owner of 2 cats
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Woooooo another generic 4cuck tier thread.
Too retarded to make your own thread? Stop attention-whoring like faggots on pride parade.
wow how amazing what the fuck you just said, but in this animucucked board what's in the threads?
Some hominids, like the jews and the chinese, get off from exerting brute force or strength to other living things to feel superior.
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>/news/ thread!
>Gets derailed with animal gore
Fuck off FBI, let the people at least check what's going on outside
Blacks as well. It's sobering how rare sympathy is outside of whites, which is exactly why they all hop on the "make the whites feel sorry for me" gravy train.
น่าสงสารจังเจ้าแมวน้อย.mp4 (u)
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>this shit is illegal in the US
What's illegal about this video?
peak_white_confrontation.mp4 (u)
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>>48947 (OP) 
White men expose their ways to combat their authoritarian governments and the Jew menace.
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cd7262338cd1f73b6781f3ec367a4a0a1b8568dc86ba61a8bdb9fb342b3b1186.png (u)
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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It is sad how emasculated the modern man has become.
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i'm sure travis "two-knives" would change that
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ed7cb7a6a0bf4aaf88ce5aaebc28e974e889be2e37097d8f3c213c0683cffa78.png (u)
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is that thing about the hormone spraying true? have my moms cats changed by brain chemistry?
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>is that thing about the hormone spraying true?
I don't know about hormones, but you should look up links between Toxoplasma gondii and homosexuality.
There's a reason why pregnant women are advised not to handle cat feces.
This guy actually lived. Looks like he can even walk again.
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6a8141_5506606.jpg (u)
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Post proofs, I don't trust (You).
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may_the_living_crave_the_sweet_release_of_death.jpg (u)
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Jokes on me, I posted cat torture videos for the lulz and now the videos haunt me every waking hour.
Specially kitten HD.mp4
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Searched it up out of curiosity and found this.
It should pass in a few days. Sorry anon.
The real lulz are that we have to share a planet with these people.
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>archive.is uses captcha
Ah shit, sorry. Just search the name devyn holmes though if you're curious. That's the name of the guy who got shot.
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If it means anything I didn't care  I'm op btw
Devyn+Holmes+celebrates+28th+birthday+with+family+and+friends-cr_HhbRNHIQ_(1).mp4 (u)
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>>49160 >>49161
>brain turned to mush
>still somehow alive
It seems that you're right. The human body is much more durable than one might expect.
that's one less nigger reproducing
african_culture.webm (u)
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>Calling them human.

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