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Goodnight /b/. I'm off to bed to wageslave some more tomorrow morning.
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Hope you have a good sleep, and sleep at lest 8 hour a day, I certainly don't.
shut up patch
Earn some good wages man.
Good morning /b/. I slept well and nearly shit myself before making my coffee. I will earn good wages as the poster above me said.
Goodnight /b/. Another day of wageslaving awaits. And more dreams to come. 
Last night I dreamt about driving, then walking around an old town I lived in, then meeting some sperg who did a bike race with live gps tracking, and I visited some toilets. So I woke up and took a shit. The night before I had some gnarly dreams of walking through run down toilets and woke up before taking a piss and sleeping.
>>47448 (OP) 
today and tomorrow is my day off but I work on the weekends. It sucks working on the weekend but I have not much choices, restaurant work sucks but at least I don't have work with the customers as I am cook. My legs and forearms hurts so I am just relaxing today.
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shut the fuck up retard
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Why do we have so many bots making posts like "shut up"? I've been seeing it happen in random threads here.
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shut up, retard
fd8472816ec786bcdc959c7615e1567ed1e923ccbe59f3771b9de1adef1fac8e.jpg (u)
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it's not a bot, but it might as well have the brain power of one, it's one of the freech/kc/9ch herdniggers trying to ruin the board because he felt wronged by something or someone so he, along with his discord tranny friends, have been spamming impotently for weeks trying to ruin/subvert the board. just global report posts like that, mods usually delete them when they're blatant enough.
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Meanwhile you have been so out of you mind mad about it that you have been mindlessly repeating that phrase for well over a month now. Keep seething you dumb ass furfag weebtard zigger.
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And you're a pedophile too btw. Shut the fuck up.
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someone do this man a public service and start cunnyposting
Good morning /b/. I slept and dreamt well. One another two days of wageslaving before the weekend.
i found one
Goodnight /b/. It was a hard day of work. Just one more day and I'll buy a tub of ice cream and watch movies for the weekend.
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Now that's a simple pleasure!
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you'll probably read this in the morning so good morning and best of luck
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Good morning /b/. I did not sleep well due to my drunken roommates thinking they were smarter than the rain. I threw a lot of things against the wall and had to yell for them to shut up. 2 hours of sleep lost, but no biggie.
Thank you. I hope you have a good day too.
It is. Double chocolate swirl or french vanilla eclair are my go to's.
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>I did not sleep well due to my drunken roommates thinking they were smarter than the rain. I threw a lot of things against the wall and had to yell for them to shut up. 2 hours of sleep lost
Hello, wagie friend. I'm sorry to hear you couldn't sleep that well. I hope the rest of the day fares better and you don't tire yourself too much at work.
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Hello anon, it was fine. I always wake up to go to work even with minimum hours of rest. I brewed an extra strong coffee and got off work early because its Friday. 
May all your dreams come true. I'm going to go get me some ice cream.
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happy weekend wagie anon. hope you find your favorite ice cream. have a good one! 1488
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shut the fuck up
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I wagied for a week so now I can buy food and this lava lamp.
Bitches be coming up to my room and saying "ooh the aumbeyonce is pretty cash, my dude"
Then my mum would come in with her cookies and hoes be like "sheeeeesh yous got caterering wired up here too, bro I'm drippin' from all this drip, bro"
That's when I pull out my Card de blanche, my Coo-de-gra, my Tabula Raisa. I whip out my Wiimote and whisper in the farm equipment's ear "Wii would like to play"
good thing my dad gaffa taped garbage bags all over my walls so pussy juices don't stain my Ultimete Spider-Man wallpaper
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ur not funny
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Heil my brother. I smashed out 2L of ice cream beside the fire a
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I can approve that you're not funny.
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I can confirm that you're still wrong, kiddo
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Goodnight /b/. Another sixty hour week awaits me.
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Good morning /b/. I wonder where my life went wrong.
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You were born just in time to see an anthropocene extinction event courtesy of the jews.
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>60 hours
> I wonder where my life went wrong.
if I had to guess, bad parenting
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It's so easy to be a bad parent these days. I would say it takes more effort than feeding and clothing your child, but (poor) parents don't even know how to do that. They have no concept of nutrition. Clothes are less important but it is kind of dumb that now you get kids who wear the same graphic t-shirt 5 days a week instead of some basic stuff like a plain shirt and jeans that doesn't stick out as much. The other issue I have is that poor parents like to spend money on expensive clothes but won't even attempt to stretch their money and will use it all on one pair of shoes that will look like shit in a year because they're going to be worn every single day.
I wish I could sleep. At least I like my job.
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>At least I like my job
How is that possible? Do you work night shift security or smoething?
Goodnight /b/. I had an acceptable day at work despite forgetting my lunch. Had I not spilled my coffee, I'd have remembered to pack it. 
I can't wait. It's all so tiresome being sober. 
I don't blame my parents, I blame myself for being a lazy cunt earlier in my life. Now that I have drive and extreme focus, I'll be sure to succeed whenever I return to college/uni.
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Hey dude, for what it's worth, this has to be the most interesting/entertaining (yes I just did that fuck you)  work blog I'll ever come across.
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Good morning /b/. I'm too tired to remember my dreams. Another four days until I can do nothing on the weekend. 
I'd say its rather mediocre but consistent. Thanks anon. I hope your day goes well.
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Hi, wagie friend. Hope the day finds you happy and smiling.
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Goodnight /b/. I had a lovely walk today at work and didn't make more than minimum wage. Tomorrow brings better trails.
Hello anon. Today was good because the weather was perfect and my coworkers weren't intrusive. I hope you also had a good day too.
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glad to hear it was a good day. keep those bad thoughts away anon. there's nothing for you in the past. only the future. cheering for you
Good morning /b/. I dreamt I was on a spaceship going to war with tigers, cheetahs ans no energy drinks aboard. Somehow the lack of energy drinks is what made me go nuts ans start slaughtering tigers and cheetahs until I left the ship and drove to a store. 
Anyway, my supervisor is picking me up early today. I don't like it since I'll have to rush.
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what kind of job do you work?
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Goodnight /b/. I couldn't shit all day because I got picked up early and I had no toilet paper to poop in the bush. I met my boss today and I think he's a limp wristed cocksucker.
Forestry job at the moment. I like getting a new job every few months when I get bored of it and my coworkers.
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Good morning /b/. I'm tired and don't want to go to work today but I will because I'm a good wagie that likes to be abused.
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Guessing if you stay at a place long enough, sooner or later that thing that made you like that job will inevitably be taken away. Best to have fun while you can.
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Goodnight /b/. I bonded with my jock supervisor during the ride back home. He's rather crass, but a good honest worker who's loyal despite being smacked time and time again by his boss. An Animal Farm Boxer if I've ever seen one and a mouth filthier than most five dollar prostitutes. 
Exactly. It's all temporary. Always savour those first few moments of freshness because that false amiability is often a guise to make you work harder through your faults or abuse another worker.
Good morning /b/. It's Friday and that means its the last day before the weekend. I think I'll play some vidya and have a good rest tonight. 
Have a good day my friends.
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are you on antidepressants?
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I don't know how to tell you this anon, but it's Thursday.
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Good evening /b/. Friday is finished and I didn't have a good day at work and broke my patience, but I still persevered through it. Now I'm going to mash 2L of cookies and cream ice cream. 
No. Those ruin your brain. Work is my antidepressant. 
Not in the better part of the world.
Goodnight /b/, gonna head off into my wagie hypersleep chamber. Leaving some advice, don't let life or anyone bring you down. It's ok to feel bad or shitty every now and then, but its important to remember that this world is too beautiful to pass up, plus how lucky can you be to be a human instead of a fungus? Enough of my rambling, goodnight /b/
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Goodnight anon. May your dreams be peaceful and your day at work prosperous.
Goodnight /b/. Another 60 hour work week commences and I don't know how to feel about this.
Good morning /b/. I'm not going to work today because its raining and I know I'll be unable to make money, so I will drink coffee instead and take it easy.
Good morning, enjoy your day off so you can be refreshed and ready for next week.
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How's the day going friend?
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Jazz_bar_new_combo_by_tenkichi1212.jpeg (u)
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>so I will drink coffee instead and take it easy
Do you drink it black or with sugar? Still I hope you've been enjoying your day wageanon.
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Thanks anon. I hope you have a good day.
It's been good. I learned a new blues lick on the guitar and played silly scales.
I can only drink black coffee. Sugar makes me want to devour the bag, which is unhealthy.
Goodnight /b/. I had a killer nap while watching a movie (Throne of Blood) and dreaming about mountains and driving. 
Tomorrow I'll go to work for sure.
Good morning /b/. It's a cold morning and I find myself yearning to be unemployed, but if I was, I wouldn't have anything better to do.
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Ever seen any cool/weird shit in the forest? Like a guy trying to bone a deer?
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You should enjoy your work anon, you sound miserable.
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Goodnight /b/. I did well at work despite nearly shitting myself. I had fun walking across slash and bantering with my foreman on the radio. 
We caught a maimed deer last week. Some of the boys flew after it as it was trapped in some barbed wire. The older drunk whacked it, and I refused to dine it because it looked a bit ill.
I do enjoy my work. I don't enjoy having no social life at the moment or for the last few months. I'm going to go live in the woods at the end of August and smoke some weed because that's all I can think about.

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