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So i jumped into a dead vanilla server a couple of days ago. I waited until someone joined and then others started joining. I rinsed and repeat this because when you're alone in the server you can change the map to your liking and then just wait for others to join. Now this is where the problem happened. Because i waited for people so many times the server got popular. Its actually retarded. From 0 players to constant players. Now i cant even change the map whenever i like. Absolute trash. I cant believe i made this server popular. Fucks sake.
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lol what are you even talking about
what game? you refused to tell me last time.
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Killing floor
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just play single player
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but thats no fun.
FUCKING MONKEY! Always from fucking mexico. Every single time. They fucking suck at the game and are shit and uhh. I hate them.
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>always had a disdain for gmod DarkRP and the rulecuckery that goes with it
>convince friend to find a random server and go on a hobo murder spree until we get banned
>find a server, spend 20 minutes downloading the 5000 mandatory Miku reskins and god knows what else
>become gun dealers, go into a back alley in the corner of the map, buy shipments, then head back to spawn and become hobos
>when we return to the alley to recover our funz some fags have somehow found our shit and stolen our guns
>mfw they advert a mug on us while holding us at gunpoint with our own fucking guns
>refuse, they sperg about failrp
>admin comes, bans us for three days
it's gotten so rulecucked you can't even murderhobo anymore
>>45201 (OP) 
The glow must flow
Took me 10 hours to finally kill the boss on farm map. Fucking finally..
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About a week ago i triggered a wave of activity on some 8moe's board and straightway it got overrun with spammers, pedos and summerfags. Newfag BO with 0 patter recognition ability figured that boards reanimation happened thanks to spam and embraced it. Organic posting decreased soon after and spammers being faggotlike exhibitionists soon noticed lack or organic audience and left, now the board is back to being "dead" again. 
I'm gonna post some pictures that are not worth saving now.
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>you are a ghost driving meat coated skeleton made from stardust
hey that's kinda cool
I really really like this tonk picture.

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