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you can't hide from poverty
not even if you hide the thread
see for more info
buy gme
bump for gme
buy gme
buy gme
buy gme
Replies: >>42502
stay asshurt poorfag
buy gme
Replies: >>42514
buy gme dubs
I don't think another thread was needed.
Shut up
Replies: >>42528
cry more baby man
buy gme with your tears
jk they won't accept them
you would need money
*hides thread*
purchase gamestop before the ftd pump near market close
buy gme
ftd pump didn't happen
idk why
buy gme anyway
buy gme
buy gme
Replies: >>43215
buy gme
Replies: >>43257
market is closed
buy gme
Replies: >>43332
buy gm­e quads
Replies: >>43400
quads of buy gme
Replies: >>43401
dubs of buy gme
buy gme in pm
buy gme
buy gme
buy gme
hey guys
buy gme
hey guys
buy gme
buy gme
buy gme
buy chicken nuggets
Replies: >>44093
buy gme
Replies: >>44094
buy pizza
Replies: >>44095
buy gme
Replies: >>44097
buy pineapple pizza
Replies: >>44099
buy gme
Replies: >>44100
dubs of buy gme
Replies: >>44101
dubs of­ buy gme
if singles
buy gme
Replies: >>44103
singles of buy gme
buy gme
purchase gamestop shares
buy gme
buy gamestop
Replies: >>44436
quints of purchase shares of gamestop
Replies: >>44445
aesthetic_gme_chart.jpg (u)
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chad gamestop investor quints
quints.png (u)
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already capped so no you can't do anything about my digits, janny bitchboy
Replies: >>44451
Replies: >>44452
quints.jpg (u)
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quints_2.jpg (u)
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quints_3.jpg (u)
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quints_4.jpg (u)
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quints_5.jpg (u)
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purchase shares of gamestop
Replies: >>44455
fake, inspect element, not buying, fuck you
Replies: >>44456 >>44460
based dubs of not buying gme, gme shill on suicide watch LMAO
Replies: >>44460
butthurt poorfag
can't buy g­me because poor
will always be poor because he didn't buy g­me
the poorfag's dilemma
Replies: >>44463
butthurt shill that bought the top because reddit told him to and now is holding the bag desperately trying to shill so he can get out lmao imagine  being this guy
Replies: >>44467 >>44470
Please don't give the spammer attention.
gme.jpg (u)
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I posted my average already
I'm up
stay shittershattered peasant
Replies: >>44471
fake, inspect element
Replies: >>44472
cope fagholder
I'm not selling below millions a share either btw.
No getting out.
I'm trying to get your dumb ass in before you end up in a situation where your death is the only way out.
Because even retarded faggots should have a chance to live.
The entire market is gonna eat shit like John McAfee in heaven when GME goes so whatever garbage you have that isn't it will be on discount for me afterward btw.
buy g­me
hold g­me
cope with g­me
your boomer market and shitcoins are dead
buy gm­e
Replies: >>44741
I'm from the future, Gamestop's stocks crash in a week and a million redditors commit suicide, PULL OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!
Replies: >>44769
k retard
heard that bullshit for 6 months
still waiting
buy Gamestop
buy g­me
Replies: >>44874
buy gm­e
Replies: >>44923
dubs of buy gm­e
market is closed for the weekend and also on Monday in the U.S
buy G­ME
buy gm­e
Replies: >>45356
dubs of buy gm­e
buy amc
Replies: >>45362
buy cdc
Replies: >>45362
AMC is garbage for retarded boomers who feel like they can't afford shares of G­ME when a 0.01 GME fractional will be worth more than a thousand AMC shares, AMC shares at a theoretical peak that AMC could never achieve unless G­ME set off chain reaction liquidations of market-wide short funds (in which case every other shorted stock also goes.) It was a good flip from Jan's prices to 70 for G­ME ammo though. If you set aside the squeeze (which AMC is not  going to ever cause on its own) and live in a world where it's all fundamentals (they do matter, even if you take the squeeze thesis as granted) G­ME has the ability to pivot into e-commerce and has been undertaking that using its stores as fulfillment centers while still maintaining a retail presence. G­ME has 2 billion in liquid capital, a team of ex-Amazon and Chewy, Ryan Cohen at the helm of the board, no debt (bankruptcy end-game for shorts is now off the table entirely) and I could go on. It's undervalued even now, AMC is not, and cannot pivot into jack shit but wishing it was Netflix 10 years ago. Not to mention AMC has been doing major dilutions repeatedly and in a less above-board way, the AMC CEO is literally in bed with Citadel professionally, and movies (especially movie theaters) have been on the downslope even prior the chink plague whereas gaming has been exponentially growing. They also constantly drag AMC up on MSM to pump it while silent treating G­­ME whenever not taking shots at it because it is an actual threat to their paymasters while AMC is not and never has been.
never heard of it
purchase Gamestop
Replies: >>45433
buy gm­e
Replies: >>45602
buy Gamestop
buy gm­e
Replies: >>45667
buy Gamestop
premarket soon
buy g­me
buy Gamestop
buy Gamestop

Replies: >>45837
dubs of buy gamestop
buy gm­e or you will kill yourself
lmao having to get up and force this joke everyday
Replies: >>45952
buy g­me or you will kill yourself
buy gamestop
Screen_Shot_2021-06-15_at_2.14.24_AM.png (u)
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>bought puts
>sold some today and covered costs
Replies: >>46066
nice peanuts
build a circus
buy shares for real money
I've made more on options with this shit than you probably
I had $25 in 300 calls when the price ran 40 > 200 in Feb
shoulda gone harder on that hunch but it became my position anyway
buy gamestop
It was $25 into 16k at peak and every dumb nigger in the world was saying gamestop was dead at 40 like a media fucksleeve
buy gamestop
1 share as a hedge against missing the squeeze even would set you up if you have the nuts to hold it when it really starts going up
but zzzchan cucks will probably paperhand at 1k even if they're in is the sad truth
Replies: >>46081
buy gm­e
>zzzchan cucks
you mean you?
Replies: >>46083
No, I mean you. If you are even smart enough to listen to me when I tell you to buy and hold for millions. If you aren't you'll off yourself. Either way I will revel in my own glory and success, decide if you want to come along or be a doormat media fucksleeve for the time between now and when you kill yourself.
Replies: >>46094
b­uy gm­e
or you will kill yourself
Replies: >>46091 >>46092
you will kill yourself even if you do tbh
Replies: >>46096
but you're too posting on zzzchan so, logically, you're a zzzchan cuck
Replies: >>46096
nah I just visit you losers
buy gm­e
Replies: >>46099
I'm not the one samefagging 1.5 threads just because he wants his stock to go up, budy

tfw ywn samefag for days on a half-dead shitboard
Replies: >>46100
>he wants his stock to go up
I don't care what my stock does on the daily, GM­E is the most valuable commodity on Earth and if you can't see that yet you're a retard and should count yourself lucky I bother to tell you. Hold one share min or you'll kill yourself. Best advice you ever got.
Replies: >>46111
That's it. I've had enough. I am selling all of my bitcoin to buy out gamestop just to destroy the stock price. Fuck you poorfaggot.
Replies: >>46103
sell gme
Replies: >>46103
If you want to kill yourself.
bu­y one share of GM­E min or just start writing the note rn
make sure to mention that I tried to save you so your family can laugh at how gay and retarded you were when they are pawning your weaboo toys
ok mate did you take your meds recently? asking for a friend
Replies: >>46112 >>46122
trips of gme meds
Seethe retarded peasant.
Replies: >>46123 >>46124
buy g­me dubs
take your prescriptions
move on with your life
Replies: >>46128
Seethe retarded peasant.
Buy g­me.
I bought more puts tbh.
Replies: >>46328
Buy shares
Piddly shit gambler retard
Shit is a free ticket below 200
You'll kill yourself if all you did was get pennies when you could have bought in
Shortsighted cucks
Replies: >>46386
Although at least you only miss out on theoretical gain if the puts goes wrong vs. assuming infinite risk
so that's still more responsible than what the short hedgefunds did
not that your broker would ever let you short it anyway
Replies: >>46334
buy Gamestop trips
Replies: >>46379
buy Gamestop singles
Even at $190 and down from 400 or so gme is still far too overpriced for me.
Replies: >>46394
GME is massively undervalued regardless of how poor you are.
GME at 500 is more undervalued than Bitcoin at a dollar. When you see this in the rear view you'll eat a bullet, maybe a whole box.
How many GME should I short to become rich?
Replies: >>46405 >>46409
200 at x100 leverage
Replies: >>46409
see >>46405
if they let you do it I say go for it
add your money to my jackpot nigger
buy shares if not suicidal though (you'll be suicidal if you don't)
but again most retail brokerages either won't let you short it at all or it's pricy as fuck considering the hypothetical payout is ass.
If you aren't smart enough to listen to me and buy G­ME at least self-harm for my amusement.
reminder to hide this thread :D
Replies: >>46520
seethe poorfag
buy gm­e
Replies: >>46521
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Is this your new get rich quick scheeme AJ? I thought shilling SHEELL taught you a lesson.
Replies: >>46562
no spics in this thread
spics can't afford gme
buy gm­e
(if you aren't a spic and have money)
buy gm­e or you'll kill yourself
no spics
Replies: >>46645
dubs of buy gm­e
dubs of no spics
I don't need GME, I'm fine without GME, fuck GME and GME buyers
Replies: >>46661
>I am poor, I'm okay with being poor, fuck every good investment and fuck everyone with money
K now stop coping and buy g­me.
Replies: >>46673
buy g­me quads
Replies: >>46667
quads of buy gm­e
are you a schizo? no one said that, take your meds retard
Replies: >>46676 >>46680
seethe poorfag
little poor poorfaggot man~
little man with no moneywunnies~
UwU so poor >w<
Replies: >>46680
buy gm­e or you will kill yourself
Replies: >>46678 >>46680
dubs of buy gm­e
Replies: >>46680
based chad gm­e buyer samefagging
pitiful cuck with no money
Replies: >>46711
buy g­me
bme_guy.jpg (u)
[Hide] (99.6KB, 643x800)
bme guy
Replies: >>46752
dfv.png (u)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 3840x2160)
g­me guy
buy gm­e monday
no spics invited because they don't have money
Replies: >>46917
bump buy gm­e
Replies: >>47186
dump gme
Replies: >>47231
no thanks, don't want to be poor like you
hurtcore is based
buy Gamestop
Replies: >>47288
Replies: >>47311
dubs of buy gamestop
Replies: >>47314
dubs of buy gamestop
buy gm­e
buy gm­e trips
Replies: >>47334
bu­y gm­e trips
What will happen first the short squeeze or the Qstorm?
Replies: >>47371
Retarded false equivalence.
B­uy g­me.
Replies: >>47372
So it's 50/50 then.
Replies: >>47374
seethe poorfag
buy g­me
buy gamestop or you'll kill yourself
Replies: >>47523
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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You seem to be particulary angry and projection-enthusiastic today.

How much money have you lost in the last 24 hours with your Reddit meme stock?
Replies: >>47526 >>47535
You seem to be particulary angry and projection-enthusiastic today.
Replies: >>47530
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (38.8KB, 960x288)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (607.7KB, 700x700)
The OP of this thread was made the 22 of june.

Oh snap, seems like someone has lost quite a bit of money and even more so in the last 24 hours.

That explains why you're even more insecure and butthurt than usual
Replies: >>47531
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (394.7KB, 500x500)
yeah that's what I said, why are you repeating it?
gme faggot loser absolutely btfo by avatartranny faggot loser
infinite.webp (u)
[Hide] (38.4KB, 640x729)
Zero because my average is 176 and I haven't sold through 513 to 40 to 345 to 170 to 250 to 124 to 344 to now. Because I have grapefruit sized balls and my shares are worth a fortune a piece. Cope.
buy gm­e
Replies: >>47539
I've also been reminding you that you will kill yourself if you don't buy gm­e for weeks now, it's not new.
It doesn't apply to the spic though because never having had money to buy gm­e with they won't feel like they missed out on the opportunity.
But if you aren't a spic you're gonna definitely kill yourself if you didn't buy g­me.
Replies: >>47539
spic.png (u)
[Hide] (370.4KB, 640x640)
Replies: >>47539
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1080x811)
You have grape sized balls toddlefucker, that's why you rape fetuses
Seethe some more
Replies: >>47540
just butthurt you didn't buy in early because you're poor
and butthurt you're still too poor to buy in
stay poor, spic
Replies: >>47541
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (931.5KB, 640x640)
I'm richer than you'll ever be, toddlerfucker

Replies: >>47543
then short GME
peasant spic
Replies: >>47544
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (45.9KB, 200x150)
I don't believe in shorting stocks, I'm not a kike
Replies: >>47545
Yeah sure, you think you have it figured out but don't want to risk it because you have no confidence in that opinion. Pussy spic.
Replies: >>47546
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (920.5KB, 1000x562)
you're funny toddlerfucker, keep projecting your insecurities
Replies: >>47550
>100% confident that it will go down
>just doesn't want to short it for full value/share when it does
Yeah I'm sure the trannyme spic that RPs about being an edgy serial killer/cannibal is just 2virtuous for a boatload of guaranteed money.
I'm balls deep in GME, I'm not insecure in it at all or I wouldn't be, it's the most valuable company on Earth right now and you'll only see it when it's too late.
Replies: >>47552
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (290.3KB, 400x400)
please make your rants shorter
Replies: >>47553
Short it pussy.
Replies: >>47559
Buy G­ME trips.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (878.6KB, 542x1501)
what if I don't want to AJ?
Replies: >>47561
Then you lack conviction in your uninformed spic opinions.
Replies: >>47564
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1028x1024)
Replies: >>47565
Because you can't care, you'd be admitting you lost.
Buy G­ME
Replies: >>47566
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (566.5KB, 600x480)
not how dialectics work but whatever

you're funny AJ
Replies: >>47567 >>47568
Short it pussy, you're boring. And stupid.
oh shit it's trying to sound smart
Replies: >>47588
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (68.5KB, 1372x509)
memestock memeposter ignore
Replies: >>47573
>muh memestock
keep watching CNBC retard
you don't know shit about Gamestop's fundamentals
Replies: >>47575
Replies: >>47577
made money on it
buy seethe
Replies: >>47580
purchase gamestop shares
>made money on i
That p cool, anyone who'd bought SHLL when you started shilling it would have lost monies tho.
Replies: >>47581
started shilling it at 25
went to 60
Replies: >>47583
Pretty sure it was like 40 and it closed at 45
Replies: >>47584
60 pre-merge
It might have been an intraday high though, keep in mind historical charts primarily display close data unless you pay for the closer examination. But I was watching it on the daily, it hit 60.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (311.2KB, 350x490)
>this shit
good laugh

nah kike, you're just dumb as a rock so everyone sounds like a pedant to you
BTW, imagine calling others "it" when you are a hurtcore goblin
Replies: >>47589 >>47593
Then short it pussy.
>replying to a second anon as though it were me while also projecting your spic mutt sadism
Butthurt spic.
Replies: >>47591
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1024x683)
only sad pathetic cucks with no lust for life use sadism as an insult

makes sense you'd use it as such
Replies: >>47592 >>47593
>It makes me butthurt so you can't do it
Making you butthurt is the point, spic.
Replies: >>47596
Also you literally just used it as an insult in this post >>47588
Despite being a sick fag into sadism being your own problem.
Since you lack self-awareness due to being a retarded spic.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (570.2KB, 483x600)
reading your projections never gets old
seethe harder AJ
Replies: >>47598
buy gamestop
>projecting your projection
buy gamestop dubs
Replies: >>47600
dubs of buy gamestop
Replies: >>47606
dubs of buy gamestop

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST the both of you fags are just going saround derailing

Replies: >>48667
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1280x720)
Replies: >>47612
buy gamestop
you have your chance
you'll off yourself if you don't
and it won't be my fault tbh
bump buy g­me
i dumped lol
Replies: >>48655
U-USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST the both of you fags are just going saround derailing!
Replies: >>48655
tell me how the suicide pans out tbh
oh heckin' no don't ban me janny
buy g­me
Replies: >>48656
dubs of buy g­me
80 IQ thread tbh
really speaks what kind of cattle the elites are milking
Replies: >>48678
About time. /b/ needs better moderation.
Replies: >>48678
everyone not smart enough to buy and hold GME
those are the cattle being milked
seethe and buylate
shiould i actaully buy this shi>?
no, what are you retarded? why would you buy some meme stock because some retard's been spamming it like a mongoloid?
Replies: >>48727
Take into consideration of the market right now. You'll be losing money trying to catch a double bladed knife. Crypto is bleeding, stocks and commodities are doing slightly better, but I would wait until its clear that we're either at the bottom or entering a new bull market.
Replies: >>48727
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (979.1KB, 1419x751)
Hurtcore is based
Replies: >>48690 >>48727
>meme stock
nah just buy it and hold, there is no rest of the market
seethe spic
Replies: >>48780
singles of buy gme
Replies: >>48897
this but buy gme
market is sending you a message
"oh god I'm dying"
buy gme
buy gme
buy gme
buy gme
purchase shares of gamestop
Replies: >>49202
>investing in an extremely unstable market 
i shiggity diggity doo
Replies: >>49239
no pussybitches in my thread
go dilate elsewhere
buy gme
Replies: >>49370
buy gme
>gme lost $20 since Odin's day
Replies: >>49717
buy gme
a lower price is a gift you don't deserve, but you could have if you stopped being a shortsighted crab bucket nigger animal
if you don't you'll kill yourself when you see what the real price is tbh.
And it won't be my fault.
Replies: >>49738
buy emg
is that your final cope?
Replies: >>49739 >>49743
Shut up.
buy gme poorfag sped
Replies: >>49833
buy gme
seems like you're trying to kill yourself with those posts, when's the suicide stream laddie?

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