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Why do spics breed like anthrax by having sex before marriage?
>>39644 (OP) 
First off, does anthrax reproduce that quickly?
But to answer your question, because they're your typical third-world mestizo shitskins.
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>>39644 (OP) 
Same reason in old world white people bred a lot, no feminism nor gay shit. Their age of consent still goes down to 12 last I read about it and they still kill gays. 

It's a spore isn't it? Fungi doesn't fuck but it does split into literal millions of new cells does it not? The point of anthrax being so deadly is that it kills you in like a few days so I'd imagine it's fast. Then again the deathcap mushroom kills you in a week or two so it's really a mitosis thing.
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>not bacteria
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1510526090980.jpg (u)
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My point was not that they both aren't fungi but that a mushroom does not split in two. It has many babies from one shroom, it sends off many spores and that's why rings are formed with mushrooms often. Anthrax isn't a fungi anyway though, indeed. I remembered wrong. Regardless, bacteria does the mitosis thing too, and it uses spores as well though I think of fungi when I think of a spore....
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because they love to breed their daughters, nieces, cousins, etc..

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Consider the following

Fuck spics, but fuck Amerimutts too, 56% get the bullet too
1492283640348.jpg (u)
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Only the poor spew out babies unwisely, they tend to be dumb and dumb people tend to be shitskins. 

The only time I see whites spewing forth spawns is when it's some wigger girl fucking a shitskin and then la creatura's are all over rahter than niggers and spics. IN such areas rednecks reside so even if they're not doing that they're sill shit to be around. They call their kids boy a lot and beat them as a nigger would too harshly. These people fetishize being dumb and violent. They live in bad areas, fly over states, the hot south, generally. Places no sane person would want to be. The white people will be come worse than the lesser race due to being physically weaker and then also only the dumb breeding. Nothing to be proud of. We are what we are due to pre-(((abrahamic))) culture in white nations. When pagan we'd have done post birth abortions to get rid of bad eggs, enslave our own if it could not follow the rules, etc. Now we are backwards.
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>He says while posting a cuckime picture
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parrot.jpg (u)
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when_normalfags_lose_their_shit.mp4 (u)
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Dildofag, these pictures don't put sense into anyone's mind.
The meaning behind it slips through most users as they only manage to clutter the thread with cookie cutter responses.
Please refrain from using them if you love yourself and this board.
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a70864bbcf23ab4f865654df519685c552fa4e09e050155da5cc740b65203596.png (u)
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Fuck off back to /tv/, faggots.
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>liking roasties
Don't worry, after spending another 10 grand MAYBE she'll have sex with you.
07126eabf380f1c87619e5d708edf3e59b99bc99652cdfa6d410fc0cc21e49f1.png (u)
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Ad nauseam.
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wp2179248.jpg (u)
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Why are you trying to arouse us with these pictures? Pretty gay of you, fagimer
>he doesn't have a male arousal fetish
Lol what a loser lmao
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You gotta find a girl that's mostly white with enough spic blood in her to turn her into a babymaking machine. Do your duty by bleaching her bloodline even further, until the spic taint is gone and your descendants aren't horny minorities!
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iY6Xc8I.jpg (u)
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patchouli_full_body.jpg (u)
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post-346435-1620407667.jpeg (u)
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yuichihiiragi.889867.1.j4TTAB9HLSqsVPkxxuCcBfNf.jpg (u)
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>poor people tend to be dumb and dumb people tend to be shitskins
so you're a shitskin?
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4010188097c0f6c3cfad24f6af20bb78c1704cd5f00aa927920f24a59465cfe0.png (u)
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>Why are you trying to arouse us with these pictures?
The general assumption is that /tv/faggots like you turn into shitflinging niggers at the sight of a scantily clad anime girl.
>Pretty gay of you, fagimer
>>39644 (OP) 
When you have easy means to feed kids and you love your girl, you reproduce.
Otherwise our white ancestors were utter shitskins too for having 8 kids in the homestead or farmland.
how many generations does it take to convert a mutt back into one race or the other?
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penis-size-by-countries.jpg (u)
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So you're in middle school?
Replies: >>40696
lol shitskin did you learn that comeback in high school or did you drop out first and learn it from your gang?
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eea91fc482b13b8c8c2367a340e6b4ef095c4ebb5f7dfeff247eb79577f284ce.png (u)
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Zoom!? The 1989 Sega Genesis (Known as Mega Drive in Europe) game? The fun arcade-style puzzle game? The game that doesn't look very exciting BUT looks are deceiving and it's excellent? The game that reminds me of a cross between Q*bert and Pac-Man? The game where you control a little skating monster who skates around levels surrounding blocks making them blink where you have to fill everything to move on to the next level? Are you refering to that 1989 Sega Genesis game, anon?
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gen z plus car commercial is the actual joke zoomer
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Catholicism and nigger blood.
coolsunglasses.jpg (u)
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Yes, I'm a zoomer. What are you going to do about it?
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Back to 4cuck.
43-23.png (u)
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Cry to you how I wasted my 20's and now wasting 30's, and you did not.
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he did not yet

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