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>8chan.moe's /v/
<Rulecucked beyond belief, run by Mark, disgruntled fags still posting

>zzzchan's /v/
<Markchan-lite, headed by a power hungry despot

>Smuglo.li's /v/
<Rulecucked even harder than markchan

>ProLikeWoah's /v/
<Slow/dead even by webring standards

Now rank them. I'll be posting /cow/ slash /tv/ repellant until then.
A_toast_for_Vivian.png (u)
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They are pretty much the same with slight differences. I generally prefer this site's /v/ though as i'm not bothered by the "rulecucking" since I don't mind not being able to post wojacks.
I feel like there should be different /v/s that perform in the different extremes though.
One where the only rules are no spam and no cheese pizza.
Another that has more but lax moderation to avoid extreme derailing, cuckchan templates and a catalog filled with bait threads and e-celeb attentionwhoring.
And maybe another that has even more moderation and is basically a hugbox.
As it stands every /v/ now is almost identical. Although maybe it's useless to try this as there'll be complaining regardless of what is done.

<gigantic trash heap
<95% of posts are templates or corporate attempts to promote things

<wage war against new york's press articles
<and delete opinions they don't like
<gooberglackers weren't geniuses in the first place

<hi eden

>smug /vg/
<Videogames must be fun. My opinion is very well articulated. Thanks Hoihoi!
<everyone without this opinion is violently murdered
<murderbot's tyranny continues without end

<YEARS of bitching about the jew instead of content
<it's easier to bitch
<still least worst option
<pph is only a single digit away from zero (mostly)
Replies: >>39186
8chan.moe is the best! It is the true successor to 8chan and our true home.
sports /v/ is picking up
nigger_bridge.jpg (u)
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Thanks Pewdanon, your posts got me thro
>>39175 (OP) 
/v/ is a normalfaggot board so it's never to be the judge of a site. The /b/ is, or lounge when something like wizchan, or it's depression board, or on other sites it's /r9k/ board. 

But never /v/ nor /g/ or some shit. They'll all be the same really. 

For the record they are all shit, IB's, due to moderation or the lack thereof generally, and when not there's no traffic at all.
Replies: >>39194
we've been through this, fatty
Replies: >>39197
>a-apostrophe! APOSTROPHEE ApOpsoSSveeveeveavaVAVAVAVAVAVAophjf *garbled speech intensifies* 
If you want anal retentiveness you can go to lainchan, or wizchan, or etc. Bait and banter and hostility only? 4chan. 

Too retarded to realize you're the faggot? After having been over it? You're insane then and I didn't convert to society's norms just to act like a crazy person's norms on some chan site. Give up.
Replies: >>39198
>didn't convert to society's norms 
Bad grammar that..

*I didn't convert to society's norms so why would you expect me to convert to some crazy person's online?!?
Was what sounds more grammatically correct. 

Also if you're thin and have a job you're blatantly 90+ percent likely a facebook using total normalfaggot.
Replies: >>39210 >>39792
Patch will never be mark
>Also if you're thin and have a job
What? How does your real life looks matter when using imageboards? This isn't lookism forums last time I checked.
And job? You can't have some looser dead end job that's barely enough for food and roof above your head, while still having no social life besides imageboards?
Why? What is the point of this pointless crab bucketing.
Wasn't imageboard made to be a place Where anyone can talk about there hobbies or whatever, and you wouldn't be judged by your social status, appearance and other real life shit?
I swear this is the last time I reply to (you)
Replies: >>39211 >>39212
Post daughter pic
The real crabs are normalfaggots that try to force people to get jobs, normalfaggot. Take your money and call up a cab and use meetup.com to fuck off from neet world. 
>I have anxiety
Bullshit nigger lover. You'd have no job if you could not play their games. Want to talk? Well, go live your life, normalfaggot. You're thin too after all so surely a girl will be all over your dick too what with that plus having a wallet.
Replies: >>39213 >>39375
N-No I cant get a job its for normalfags!!!
What a fucked up life LOL.
Replies: >>39214
>my life is great
Where's your real social life then that would replace this place? Hmmm? If you have one then fuck off like I told you.
Replies: >>39215
project your shit life harder
Replies: >>39219
He has a point though, unlike you he made an actual argument. 

Also work sucks faggot get real, imagine not literally having to go to work to live paycheck to paycheck and there is normie seethe. Anything below upper middle class normie life is fucking pitiful and you have to wear rose tinted glasses to not see it.
37ad3cf9f4a3d9e1ba49753c7556c6e15c4d5a34211c0b2b8228213bebc511dd.png (u)
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1234167.jpg (u)
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>/v/ in an imaginary imageboard ruled by me
<All threads are allowed as long as they're videogame related and don't use a soyjack in the OP
<Implement a system where you get banned if you complain about 4chan/reddit/mark/tv/cow/etc boogieman more than once in a single day
Replies: >>39241 >>39447
while the former is retarded the latter idea would actually fix a lot of things
Replies: >>39447
All the others
>kikechan /v/
>base whole board around /v/
>circlejerk of kike fellators seeing glowniggers and shills behind every post that doesn't conform to their bullshit
I stopped posting there a fair while back as that obese juden just gets worse and worse. When he's not shilling the site to normalniggers on twitter he's getting his disgusting waddling ass in some tard tier 'documentary', Switch glued to his stubby claws, it was always bad but he's off the rails now by the looks of it.

Typical experience:
>asshat derails thread with spergout/attention whoring 
>call asshat and asshat and try to resume 
>post gets deleted for being 'off topic'
>original shithead's post stays up
>call the mod/janfag a dolt
>get banned and all on-topic posts delet
>swiss cheese threads with all the intelligence removed
confused_octopus.jpg (u)
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Does anyone of you even play games?
e9093a57671acea89946ef930feb32e826be01c333bbdaaaef63d41edbd67840.jpg (u)
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Replies: >>39268
>D-Does anyone of you even play games?

shut up dumb faggot
vidya.png (u)
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You know, vidya
Replies: >>39269
wide_confused.jpg (u)
[Hide] (98.7KB, 850x478)
I don't know what the hell you're talking about, son
Replies: >>39281
wide_confused.png (u)
[Hide] (50.6KB, 850x478)
Look it's a png now.
Replies: >>39283
I don't care
>>39175 (OP) 
Better then the current state of /b/
Replies: >>39308
cirno-profoundly-bewildered.jpg (u)
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I like it right now, what would you don't like?
Replies: >>39312
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My opinions > your opinions. 

>4chan /v/
<4chan lol

>MarkChan /v/
<Has chronical shitposters 
<Mark's pet mod will ban you at random and samefag if anyone calls him out 
<Mark will nuke your entire post history if he thinks you broke a rule 
<Posting anything negative will get you mistaken by a boogeyman and banned
<Unusable without TOR, using with TOR means your posts get deleted at random even more often

>Smug /vg/
<Mandatory captcha 
<Few users, even for a small IB
<Admins are fags, will possibly ban you for bullshit reasons 
>Video games only
<Video games only
>Cuckchan culture is verboten 

>Sleepy /v/
<Just enough users to be usable 
>Cuckchan culture is verboten 
>Mod isn't a fag as far as mods go 
>Video games
The amount of hypocrisy in this post makes me wonder if it's bait or not. Not everybody uses imageboard as a way to cope for a lack of goals in life. Some anons use it for fun and to have conversations where people won't chimp out if you say nigger. It's hilarious that when you got here you complained about the hivemind, but that just meant that you want everybody to think like you and be as miserable as you.
You don't want to be a fat fuck either but you won't stop shoving food down your throat so you have to blame it on others for putting the effort on eating healthy and working out. 
I thought you said losing your virginity didn't make you a normalfag as well, but i guess it does now? Because you'll marry the first whore that didn't puke the second she looked at you doesn't mean every anon would. 
You keep calling out those who have jobs yet it seems you would want one if it was decent enough and was given to you in a silver platter. Even if that wasn't the case bragging about the NEET life while hating your situation is retarded. 
You're the definition of a failed normalfaggot. You want so badly to have a regular life but can't because you're to much of a lazy cunt that will rather tell others that they don't belong here when in reality is you that doesn't belong here. You belong in a hugbox that congratulates you for being a dildo-shoving fat commie faggot or that will give you pity for wasting your life away until you end up dying in the woods.
Replies: >>39377
say normalfag again retard
Replies: >>39381
Replies: >>39388
not opening your spoiler post again without it.
Replies: >>39394
Replies: >>39395
that's a good bitch. do what your told.
Replies: >>39397 >>39398
that wasn't me.
kill_us_BO.png (u)
[Hide] (81.1KB, 350x160)
<template threads all over
<soyjaks all over
<the moment you make a thread it's gone in 2 minutes and no real discussion can be had
<get banned for "trolling" and "racism"

<if you post on tor all your opinions are invalidated because "torpedo" bad
<if you don't you can only have the opinion of the hivemind else you get banned and your posts deleted
<anything said against mark, the board, the site or things mark likes equals spam which in turn equals banned and posts deleted
<literal redditors
<literal twitterfags
<goobergub cult
<mark and acid attentionwhoring and ignoring their own rules
<mark sockpuppeting and samefagging whenever he's criticized

<eden embarrassing himself over and over

<muh grammar

<seagull deleting on a whim not following the rules
<"go back to x" every other post

they all suck but sleepy sucks the least
Replies: >>39404
nobody cares retard shut the fuck up
Replies: >>39405
Replies: >>39406
shut the fuck up retard
Replies: >>39408
Replies: >>39409
shut the fuck up retard
Replies: >>39410
Replies: >>39412 >>39413
shut the fuck up retard
Replies: >>39414 >>39415
You're scared easily, huh?
Replies: >>39414
r*nt fr**
Replies: >>39416 >>39418
shut the fuck up retard
shut the fuck up retard
Replies: >>39420
1623256331735.png (u)
[Hide] (424.1KB, 672x777)
>he honestly expects /v/edditors to actually play vidya and not bitch about games they've never played 
In all seriousness, I just spent this week so far playan Shadow of Chernobyl, Tropico 4, and Yakuza 0.
Replies: >>39419 >>39430
Can you say it without censoring? What are you scared of?
Dont care and stop replying to yourself
Replies: >>39421
Replies: >>39425
Hey, if you're the Floridian faggot bitching about everything, I'll have you know that I'm still self-improving and losing weight. What's your excuse, faggot?
Replies: >>39424
Aww is the bitch tits still mad at me?
Replies: >>39428
shut the fuck up retard
Replies: >>39427
[Hide] (16.5KB, 692x417)
My ritual circle is now complete, mortal. Say hello to Satan for me, you'll be meeting him soon.
Replies: >>39433 >>39448
>he thinks I'm mad and not laughing at him while I improve my life for the better
Lole, good luck with your crab-bucketism while I live a better life than you.
>Yakuza 0
I got to the end of 0 before my drive ate shit and nuked the save. It's a fun game the first time you play, but it's a pain in the ass to replay so I threw it back into the backlog.
Replies: >>39471 >>39620
Oh i'm sure you live a better life than me. Keep telling yourself that. Love this shit.
Replies: >>39441
shut the fuck up retard
you are fat.
Replies: >>39471
The both of you are faggots.
Replies: >>39471
>complaining is bad
>you cannot be negative
Redditor tier crab bucketing. 
1436167576238.gif (u)
[Hide] (620.5KB, 500x363)
<gigantic trash heap
<every single other poster ITT is correct about everything they say about it
>at least threads are over quick

<same trashheap as 4cuck
<threads linger in the catalog forever

<can't even say geimu without saying 'gay'
<'nough said

Let's face it: nobody gives a shit about smug,it was never even an option to begin with

It's a thin slice of hell i have found myself in and i don't even know how i ended up in it in the first place.
stop replying to yourself thanks
hi eden
Replies: >>39522
It can be a pain in the ass, especially when you're doing the Real Estate and Cabaret Club minigames. I swear I won't finish this game until next year, assuming that ever comes for me.
Yeah, and I'm working on not being fat any more. What's your point?
Unlike your mother, who's vacuum suction rivals a Hoover or Dyson, I don't blow nothin' but my own breath, friend.
Replies: >>39475
>>39175 (OP) 
RPG Codex is the only good place left, assuming you just want to talk about Western RPGs all day. Beyond that, maybe some other semi-obscure forums based on particular series or titles. 
Of course, forums are gay because they have no anonymity, and if they're small enough then it eventually gets to the point where it because a tight-knit clique where your username matters more than your argument but at the very least you'll be surrounded by faggots with good taste.
>I don't blow nothin'
You can't lie. You inhale sausages by the second! The speed you suck them is amazing! Maybe because of all the practice you get from sucking cock, you chubby cunt McManTits.
Replies: >>39517
Lole, nice joke, I liked it. But seriously, you can't possibly win against my hope and desire for change.
Replies: >>39520 >>39521
960d7691103f10f7ec6ec45a6477d08a98a7e44109311df4535fdb91580dbfd1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (62.7KB, 571x852)
Good, because I want you to become ripped, healthier and a get all the pussy that commie faggot will never get.
he_can_do_it.jpg (u)
[Hide] (426.1KB, 1040x1351)
Never give up.
d801cd4a68d146a6294cee44de2a394dac22cf6166ab0fdef0321b62d6e58728.png (u)
[Hide] (276.4KB, 490x630)
That's not me, I'm me. Everyone and their mother should know well by now that if you want to talk about vidya within reason and not be banned, you go to /geimu/. If the PLW site itself wasn't so obscure even by webring standards, it'd be the most happening place around. Not even /cow/ards visit it anymore after tengu got ousted. Speaking of him, has he made any appearances since getting an IRL-visit from some /cow/ schizo?
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (792.4KB, 524x961)
I've been cozying up to Animal Crossing
(you)_v.png (u)
[Hide] (24.5KB, 549x611)
__uzaki_hana_uzaki_chan_wa_asobitai_drawn_by_hungry_clicker__6b928c5f25257a94f7390e8dff872b11.jpg (u)
[Hide] (49.7KB, 433x650)
>within reason
>v-videogames guys
get the rope
>how you got here
You died in 2012 and this is IB hell.
Replies: >>39539
shut the fuck up
Replies: >>39583
what an embarrassing post
fce097f9404fe35dca574d756c098f34f9b9f767555fabcc1a9b73fa6b2686d9.jpg (u)
[Hide] (14KB, 252x255)
>he's STILL here
>he's STILL responding to every "hi eden" post he sees in a desperate bid to stay relevant
Here, take my (You). I'm sure (You) need it more than I do.
Replies: >>39607 >>39614
Uuhhh im not the one mentioning me in every thread, it's you faggots who do it. Most of the time it's not even me who people 'point out'. Were I a typical /b/ poster here, I'd probably tell you I'm living rent free in your heads.
buy gme
Replies: >>39612 >>39613
1568817029514.jpg (u)
[Hide] (56KB, 704x540)
How many more 'id fags' are you going to harass/enable anyway?
Replies: >>39618
All of them.
Honestly, I didn't enjoy it that much. It was hyped to hell, and I didn't like that the plot was sympathetic towards chinks. Fuck West Taiwan.
You herdniggers are fucking retarded. But I guess that's why you're so entertaining, eh?
Replies: >>39630
>i dont like a specific thing therefore you cant post it on the random shitposting board
Rulecucked autism to the max
Replies: >>39632 >>39633
Only what admin says is random qualifies as random, everything he dont like is trash and cant be posted cause its not random, its trash. Idk how you are confused its very simple
>spam is free speech
Replies: >>39634 >>39648
>you're a rulecuck if you don't like it when I interrupt discussions, post off topic inane shit, or act like a flaming fucking faggot
Replies: >>39635
>1-2 threads is spam
Also thats why i asked to make a board, to not interfere with your approved shitposting
Replies: >>39648
Not allowed to have contained threads, not allowed to post in other threads and not allowed to make a board either. This place is cucked to hell just like marks /v/
Replies: >>39637 >>39648
>this place is rulecucked
>this place is rulecucked
>this place is rulecucked
>this place is rulecucked
>this place is rulecucked
Yet you keep posting. If you don't like it, why don't you leave?
Replies: >>39638 >>39648
>if you dont like it just leave
Thats always what it comes back to and its why there are no good imageboards anymore. Imageboards are just playthings for autistic people now. Organic chill communities cant form and imageboards are only as good as the people using them. Judging by op and my own dealings with the site owner i can tell the users are shit as they allowed it to get how it is or excused it from the start.
Replies: >>39639 >>39648
>and its why there are no good imageboards anymore
>Organic chill communities cant form 
That's completely wrong. Chill communities can't form anymore because faggots don't leave even after getting butthurt or banned, and soon the entire boards turn into low quality shitposting driving the actual posters away. 
If you find a new imageboard first you lurk then you get the fuck out if you don't like it. Spending the entire day being butthurt in an IB you hate isn't going to turn it into a place you like.
>That's completely wrong. Chill communities can't form anymore because faggots don't leave even after getting butthurt or banned,
That's precisely why imageboards are good. That's BECAUSE they don't leave you disabled man. You propose using FEAR (of dingdongbannu/social pressure) to control POSTING QUALITY. That's what some people call "chilling effect" by the way, that's the same thing you are describing.
>If you find a new imageboard first you lurk then you get the fuck out if you don't like it. Spending the entire day being butthurt in an IB you hate isn't going to turn it into a place you like.
Smug's /a/ might be more your speed. I hear their cafe generals are pretty fast, you should go there. Alternatively, you could fuck off to PHP forums. You'd have to have an avatar, a signature with a pretentious quote on it and/or a small banner and a good postcount, but I'm rooting for you!
Replies: >>39646 >>39648
Your logic is busted. This is a private clubhouse with arbitrary rules. Thats why an organic community cant form. A curated community can be picked but thats not the same as organic. 

Admin bans who he wants for what he wants arbitrarily and keeps who falls in line around. Its a hugbox, not a chill organic community. People like you ruined imageboards.
__suiseiseki_rozen_maiden_and_2_more_drawn_by_kamishima_kanon__sample-a86aabd99635ea2f4538845dde3805b1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (178.4KB, 850x920)
It's a waste of time arguing with these "people". They always want to feel safe, secure and unbullied at all times. For that to happen, all the evil people that can call them faggots and "ruin imageboards" must go away, even if they're the ones that cannot hide or ignore posts they do not like. But when they are away, they're left with 0 PPH or a hugbox - that cannot tell them off because mean things are a no-no, they're moderated thanks to their very efforts!. It's a losing game to even entertain them.

Instead, post some content for the rest of us.
Replies: >>39647
>You propose using FEAR (of dingdongbannu/social pressure) to control POSTING QUALITY
I propose niggers fucking off when they are told they don't fit in. IBs have culture, and you either adapt or fuck off. If you're too incompetent to lurk and retarded to the point where all the users call you a faggot, maybe you should just leave and try another place. 
You can't have a chill place last under anarchy rules. 
>hurr durr why don't YOU leave
I like this place, I never said otherwise. 
You're the one that keeps complaining, yet you've to even consider that maybe this place isn't for you. 
And why do you stick around a "hugbox" where an "organic community can't form"?
All the good posters really were chased off by autism
Replies: >>39648 >>39650
cope patch
>why do you even try to enjoy imageboards
Because i like them. The problem isnt imageboards its the type of people who tend to run them and their orbiters.
Replies: >>39665
[Hide] (795.5KB, 1113x862)
>I propose niggers fucking off when they are told they don't fit in. IBs have culture, and you either adapt or fuck off. If you're too incompetent to lurk and retarded to the point where all the users call you a faggot, maybe you should just leave and try another place. 
And who's the arbiter of that, the ye oh mighty gatekeeper, you? And who's the "all the users" here, again, you? Content builds on itself, you should have known that if you were an ebin oldfag and even lowest form of shitposting can help. That's all there is to say, now shut it, go wait in a corner if you hate talking to MEANIES on the INTERWEBS

Like I said, you can't reply to these people, next time you see them just tell them to fuck their dog and go to sleep or something t. fell for the bait not once but twice
If we dont have cyclical conversations about shit moderation all this site will ever be is cyclical conversations about boring nothing by people who seem to post because its some obligation not because they enjoy it
>Content builds on itself, you should have known that if you were an ebin oldfag and even lowest form of shitposting can help
Cope seethe dilate patch is not content. You might get content despite such low effort shitposting, but that doesn't just magically appear from the aether. Someone put effort into it.
Replies: >>39655 >>39658
>IBs have culture, and you either adapt or fuck off
I remember when imageboards were counter culture, now they just perpetuate herd mentality. You perpetuate herd mentality. There is no culture here anyways.
Replies: >>39656 >>39665
A post literally can not not be content. Anything you talk about is content when posted on an imageboard. Also this is a random board but you arent allowed to talk about random shit. Funny.
Replies: >>39659
You have no culture.
Replies: >>39657
It was killed by people like you
Replies: >>39658
1bdc4e7cb9e91d9918462bd2a3352e1eeb08b80029371b144b30e3b92c558b60.jpg (u)
[Hide] (70.8KB, 998x1080)
Ok patch, but people put effort into content for FUN. I can't have fun if you have neckbeard wannabe-janny NO FUN squads which you seem to be a leader of.
It's one guy on a shitty no-PPH imageboard. It might not hurt to take things less seriously.
Replies: >>39660 >>39664
>arent allowed to talk about random shit
What are you even crying about? What got banned? CP? The id faggot has been shitting up every thread for months and he's still around. We got a schizo posting his ramblings in the ban me thread, gme shit splattered around. Seems pretty free to me.
Replies: >>39661
962861d2e21961c8f46274bc6a4872160c71b13d9935f6d319e0cb11128d6415.png (u)
[Hide] (387KB, 601x382)
>waaaaaaaaaah I should be allowed to spam 30 threads with some dude's face and call everyone patch
>waaaaaaaaah rulecucks rulecuks 
cope patch
Replies: >>39661 >>39666
[Hide] (262.4KB, 549x598)
just imagine, in CY+6, someone is STILL holding the bags from GME squeeze and is intent on treating this half-dead shitboard like 4/biz/ just to get some extra pennies
ok patch
Replies: >>39663
cope patch
All "altchans" are this and that plus 4chan irrevocably damaged any possibilities of imageboards making a come back. Thanks to you dipshits discord and reddit and tik tok and blah blah blah absorbed everyone.
Replies: >>39678
There's different imageboards for different people. 
If you believe that rules are bad why do you stay here? 
If you want pure anarchy there's darknet IBs. 
If you want legal anarchy to post 4chan maymays and not get banned there's 8moe's /b/ (which isn't Mark's), and 8kun's /b/. 
Instead you come here to this imageboard where you know, or at least would know if you lurked, that anons look down on 4chan shit that is allowed pretty much on every other IB of the webring. And then you get banned. And then you complain that the mods are rulecucked like every other fag that gets banned. 
If you don't like the rules fuck off. You're not going to start an autistic journey to make reddit better I hope, why do it here when you hate both the rules and the people that run it? 
>And who's the arbiter of that, the ye oh mighty gatekeeper, you?
The user himself for the most part. 
Faggots need to learn that they aren't forced to browse IBs they don't like. Yet that seems to be the most ridiculous idea given how many faggots are just here to bitch about the site.
>even lowest form of shitposting can help
Spamming pepes because you're butthurt and 50 weekly threads of "I hate this place it's rulecucked and the mods banned me >:(" aren't going to help. 
If you honestly believe that IBs should allow any type of content why don't you go to an IB that allows any type of content instead of this specific one that doesn't? 
Both 8kun's and 8moe's /b/ are extremely permissive, and though you might dislike the people that run it you're also bitching about the people that run this IB, so it's not that different. 
>IBs don't have culture 
>IBs are counter culture
Pick one and only one.
Replies: >>39667 >>39669
>30 threads
It was two and when they were deleted asked if a board could be made to not harm the integrity of the /b/ hugbox
Youre mind is twisted against freedom. I dont have the power to change you
cope patch
Replies: >>39672
>there are hundreds of obscure cancer chans
Yeah there are
Why not go to an IB where board creation is open instead?
There's literally nothing keeping you here.
Replies: >>39673
So why don't you get a vps and make your own chan?
I dont know why you force that name into this conversation to make it look like this is about a perspn and not about op and the state of things in general.
Replies: >>39674
>go somewhere else
t. All imageboards now
cope patch
Also funny how the
because the few people spamming replies to everything are distracted and 100% focused on this thread
Replies: >>39683
This place isnt even a community. Its like 2 or 3 people talking among themselves
>be jew
>be kicked out of 109 imageboards
<Oy vey, why do they persecute me so
chang_da_worl.png (u)
[Hide] (536.1KB, 960x613)
I've been fucking mad about that too, but we had a 4chan (m00t cucked, hiroshim00t, insane mods but really low response time, constant drought of good posts) versus 8chan (crippletires betrayal arc STRAIGHT into Jim's opioid addict management into QRESEARCH immediately kills the site) paradigm. Most of that was centralized, there was mostly no moving out. We have this place now that Jim finally ran 8kunt into the ground where you can talk shit mostly without getting beleted. With enough momentum, we could probably spin the webring up and if we get some janny purges down the road, it could be even better.

Oh yeah, there's also meguca and nanochan. They're really nice, but out there.

the only defense against these people is realizing they're hurt by your presence and also incorrect
it is your god given duty to spam paragraphs that basically mean "cope" at them but not in an uncultural way
Replies: >>39679 >>39681
>really low response time
really HIGH response time
as in they're not fucking there as if they do NOT want to be fucking there as if it is their job
don't ask me how I know this or the fucking SWARM, the utter HORDE of self-proclaimed oldfags will detect my presence and home in rapidly on an easy enough target to bring them even more influence than they already don't deserve
8kun's board creation is open and the admins won't delete your board for existing.
Replies: >>39682 >>39684
Im not interested in imageboards anymore tbqh, i just saw this thread and gave my 2 cents about what ruined the experience for everyone and why itll never be revived. I dont have the energy to try and take candy from the autistic, chans are their toys now. 

You dont have to know how to code. Thats what really ruined it all. Simple as that. The barrier to owning an imageboard was substantially lowered. What happened to the whole of technology happened to imageboards. 

Even a monky/autistic/retard can do it. 
Rip imageboards.
Replies: >>39688 >>39693
They actually will and have. Tried to make /b/ when it was created and it was deleted and replaced with /random/
Replies: >>39685
bfafaee3be85c14645980290399b202ab5dbdedbbb35b5937bab9eaa11b6adcb.jpg (u)
[Hide] (214.2KB, 1058x1220)
>tfw tbh
Replies: >>39691 >>39696
[Hide] (171.9KB, 1280x720)
Factually incorrect.

>On 8kun, any board may be automatically deleted if it receives no new posts for four (4) weeks. A board may also be deleted, blocked, or banned by the 8kun Administrator if the board is found to have been allowing and / or encouraging illegal content under United States law, per the 8kun Global Rule.

>Alternatively, at the discretion of the 8kun administration and in compliance with promises made to the United States House Committee on Homeland Security in 2019, the board in question may be set to read-only mode or restricted by the 8kun Administrator during an emergency.

tl;dr if you don't post once every 4 weeks in it it's gone
if they want to for ANY REASON AT ALL they can read-only your board and you can't do shit about it


>You may lose access to your board if you fail to log in for two weeks. Furthermore, you may lose access to your board if it is reassigned as a result of noncompliance with one of the conditions for board reassignment.
>tried to make /b/ 
I'm pretty sure they nuked /b/ because of all the pedos. Literally just make a board with a different name. 
>logging in once every 2 weeks and not posting illegal shit is too much
If you want to be a nigger just go to an onion anarchy board.
Replies: >>39692 >>39695
>no one has posted in board for 4 weeks
>4 fucking weeks
>gets deleted
Oh, the humanity.
it's simple monkey see monkey do and you're getting pissed at the monkey for ruining your perception of things
I mean it's fine and all but eternal september isn't getting canceled, this year or the next one
bout time you took the hand you're dealt and played it, it might even be a good one
chans are as only good as the users and in this case the moderators too
I honestly dont understand what youre saying
There were no pedos i had it less than a day and there was just like 10 posts
Replies: >>39697
>Even a monky/autistic/retard can do it. 
>so I'm just going to sit here and complain instead of making my own easy as breathing chan
Replies: >>39694
I dont think that's what you were saying in the post im confused about
yeah one thing is logging in once every two weeks and the other is being obligated to do so to not lose your jan powers, as for board freeze they can declare an emergency whenever they fucking want, they can get fucked
Replies: >>39697
I see those obligatory nothing posts on other threads now that
Was posted
Replies: >>39698
8kun was 8chan, back in 8chan pedos started shitposting a bit too much and Jim decided to fuck with /b/ multiple times. 
The reason your board was banned was probably because the admins are still scared pedos are going to come back if they see a /b/ board listed. If you make a board with a different name it probably won't get nuked. 
>as for board freeze they can declare an emergency whenever they fucking want
From the rules you've quoted it seems they can only do so if you're either doing or encouraging illegal shit in your board.
Replies: >>39699 >>39702
Who doesn't enjoy a live show at the zoo?
Replies: >>39700
Thats anchient history pal, /b/ was around till 8chan was nuked. The only reason pedos posted on /b/ for a while is cause jim nuked hebe, pedos still never got over it lmao
>im here cause i wanna be not because im compelled to be by my own autism
Replies: >>39701
Complaining isn't going to get you a new board patch.
emergency is really vaguely defined and "in accordance with" part is just an implication that this rule was adopted thanks to Jim getting towed to US congress, it's really meant to be read like this
>Alternatively, at the discretion of the 8kun administration [...] the board in question may be set to read-only mode or restricted by the 8kun Administrator during an emergency.
as you can see, they can declare an "emergency" whenever they want, so they can shut down your board whenever they want too
not that it really matters now that it's dead as FUCK with disclaimers everywhere further preventing the rotting corpse from getting breathed life into
a8d23a5219e72ce004a584f788acf97b1cadf4fc8e353dee3a06a9974f0bd9e5.jpg (u)
[Hide] (23.2KB, 400x400)
Lonley autistic people want freinds on their own terms simple as that. They see imageboards as a way to accomplish that goal. 

They ban who they dont like and allow who they do. Imageboards arent about freedom or conversation or whatever the fuck. They are private clubhouses led by an autistic who hand picks members.

Imageboards had their golden age, find a new thing and enjoy its peak while it lasts. Theres only pain and metadrama and stale threads on these things. (Imageboards)
asl? i want to put you in my PRIVATE CLUBHOUSE
Replies: >>39706
going_down.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (6.7MB, 640x368, 02:20)
Replies: >>39707
hot, post more anons getting entombed
This entire thread is just all you faggots whining about muh /v/ when you always self-destruct and destroy each other, and it is because of that fact that you will never have anything.
Replies: >>39711
>none of the criticism itt is valid fuck you guys
Replies: >>39716
This entire thread is a huxbox, it liturally looks like a slightly different version of the #gamergay general.
Replies: >>39769
8moe doesn't have those requirements. What if you create a board there?
Replies: >>39770
042b7971f18217.jpg (u)
[Hide] (805KB, 1536x2048)
>>39175 (OP) 
>cuckchan's /v/
How do people even use it? It's more a glorified chatroom.
>8chan.moe's /v/
Run by CakeJew and his retarded cronies. Even if we ignore the rulecucking of /v/ itself, the site is constantly involved in some shady underhanded practices and is likely scrapping your IPs to the FBI. It's banned from the webring for a reason.
>8kun.top's /v/
Glows harder than Mark's anus. Thankfully dead.
>Smuglo.li's /v/
Completely dead because nobody wants to use an insanely rulecucked shithole. Anything by /a/ was never an option.
>ProLikeWoah's /v/
Dead and rulecucked normalfag echochamber.
>zzzchan's /v/
The least awful of the bunch though I wouldn't mind a better place. There's a niggergate thread sadly. Makes OP seeth hard, this is like his 20th thread here trying to "BTFO" it.
>sportschan's /v/
Utterly dead but can blossom if an exodus from all the above happens.
Used to be great but since everything on /cow/site is run by absolute retards, was run into the ground by the administration. Now renamed to /kong/ and is dead.
It wasn't 1-2  times. He said IF you were then leaving he'd not prune it. Learn to read. Spamming inanely is the only real shitty thing you can do to a site. It's more faggy than cp bombing.
9ba99eb647ea2f212e77baac9ed262ae7379b47c1edef5f4d7f898f2d28c1e75.jpg (u)
[Hide] (70KB, 900x506)
9ba99eb647ea2f212e77baac9ed262ae7379b47c1edef5f4d7f898f2d28c1e76.png (u)
[Hide] (114.2KB, 1416x1078)
9ba99eb647ea2f212e77baac9ed262ae7379b47c1edef5f4d7f898f2d28c1e77.png (u)
[Hide] (36.2KB, 640x960)
9ba99eb647ea2f212e77baac9ed262ae7379b47c1edef5f4d7f898f2d28c1e78.jpg (u)
[Hide] (36.1KB, 1000x600)
9ba99eb647ea2f212e77baac9ed262ae7379b47c1edef5f4d7f898f2d28c1e79.png (u)
[Hide] (73.3KB, 1333x600)
I dont have enough bait images for your terrible post.
Replies: >>39760 >>39764
9ba99eb647ea2f212e77baac9ed262ae7379b47c1edef5f4d7f898f2d28c1e80.jpg (u)
[Hide] (54.7KB, 900x453)
9ba99eb647ea2f212e77baac9ed262ae7379b47c1edef5f4d7f898f2d28c1e81.png (u)
[Hide] (211.6KB, 640x480)
9ba99eb647ea2f212e77baac9ed262ae7379b47c1edef5f4d7f898f2d28c1e82.jpg.jpg (u)
[Hide] (271.7KB, 1158x873)
9ba99eb647ea2f212e77baac9ed262ae7379b47c1edef5f4d7f898f2d28c1e83.jpg (u)
[Hide] (42.8KB, 800x600)
9ba99eb647ea2f212e77baac9ed262ae7379b47c1edef5f4d7f898f2d28c1e84.png (u)
[Hide] (260.9KB, 1600x1612)
Before I finish posting sufficient bait reply images, mind telling us whether you came from /cow/ or /japan/? I'll bet it's the latter but you can never be too sure, the lines are blurry these days.
Replies: >>39760 >>39764
Normalfag-gate isn't the only cancer general they have. There is other crossposted cancerous generals. When the catalog was locked I saw the Friday thread gets spammed implying that the zoom that runs this /v/ actually spams the generals when I also read gossip that he hated generals on the same board. 

Also I got pruned for posting in the Friday thread about what I fap to. The greentext triggered him, it's not just the word zoomer. The fag actually deserves to be annoyed by pepes and wojaks though I wouldn't spam them myself.  

Also it should go without saying that when a site's /v/ is the only one populated that that is a bad sign, and that's all the alt chans pretty much, this one included. You want to talk so you talk on the active board, you talk about what you are supposed to, bam, censored over being vivid in what you fap to. He oversteps his bounds. So does the /r9k/ faggot but is far worse, unless it's the same mods of which would mean they are terrible and having none would be better. And no I'm not letting it go. 

Replies: >>39781
cope harder
If this was the case then half the responses here would lead to deleted posts
truly_exceptional_indeed.png (u)
[Hide] (95.4KB, 1366x768)
why indeed
001fbd7dfb4662a1578dce7342045a4cce7d48ee67ee47119965393e1e9e0198.jpg (u)
[Hide] (38.6KB, 500x500)
>what do you mean I can't post pictures of children I totally don't fap to? 
>I'm gonna do it anyway lol suck it janny
this song and dance again? cope harder pedo
Replies: >>39777
00a81763fd9515c6e11ea4caab8d4be5bef71446c41192efd52e765d6ae18f75.png (u)
[Hide] (8.6MB, 4093x2894)
8978622395b4b12f2d4d5321cf4a6947ff956706b297566569a025043376276c.png (u)
[Hide] (3.6MB, 1447x2177)
90890ecbedb852a853a27b81e42b6c716c0519a5106746a718246d6ff712e296.png (u)
[Hide] (5.5MB, 1460x2200)
Post more cow/tv repellant.
302f68ed315272cbd2fbf384dee67c620266f21e1eeae2fa78824ec420239b9b.png (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 893x1136)
d826cf0fd9c5770b351abbf32f86534b18a615d993e7eea14a07631c22bada1c.png (u)
[Hide] (6.8MB, 4208x3120)
5abc8e4949334061ae5cf91b1a2ef26e68ec1fcce24df5cf199daf7918a395a5.png (u)
[Hide] (5.1MB, 1339x2000)
fuck_pedophiles.jpg (u)
[Hide] (27KB, 635x92)
fuck pedos am I right?
Replies: >>39779
Loli is allowed though, faggot
c.jpg (u)
[Hide] (59.5KB, 395x401)
>the blogposting pedonigger is still mad about his post
>I also read gossip that(...)
How trustworthy, please tell us more gossip anon.
>I got pruned for posting in the Friday thread about what I fap to. The greentext triggered him, it's not just the word zoomer.
Everyone in that thread especially me called you a colossal child-loving normalfaggot, don't pretend it was just seagull. 
>alt chans
They're called imageboards, you dumb normalnigger
Replies: >>39782 >>39788
Replies: >>39797
27f1e0892d6b35d53e91b5fdbd0f03b8f009e4519e5af52d03f877036cc6caff.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 919x1300)
f1ecc508b79cd1f8e5a9dc511fb3cf548d7a88abfabcade0fab9b1ab653cfd5f.png (u)
[Hide] (6.6MB, 2322x2975)
4f909ffc0783baae7d3eb8572aebf28f6be771e6d299b9f2d26f26992d6d149f.png (u)
[Hide] (20.6MB, 2480x3508)
Replies: >>39787
Hello transister!
Replies: >>39791
go back
Replies: >>39797
7d7d6db2a9ecc5b7489c5cb0ba17acebfe604d1df1335eb632a40abcb4e6cca9.png (u)
[Hide] (965.6KB, 991x1400)
c7d79263789976d373a492518cb765ed65d923406245a0ffb0343692ecda49bf.png (u)
[Hide] (6MB, 2482x4000)
What even happened to that thread? Did he delete it?
>Also if you're thin and have a job you're blatantly 90+ percent likely a facebook using total normalfaggot
Loose some weight you obese fuck.
Replies: >>39868
Away_You_Go_2.png (u)
[Hide] (38.5KB, 566x261)
Replies: >>39798
>n-no uuu!
kek, seeth harder
Replies: >>39799 >>39821
LOL.jpg (u)
[Hide] (136.2KB, 1599x999)
>uses a word straight out of cuckchan
88f1578d81b515c9be2af2698df51a0a6f049c3a988557e7483e66fa9b6e26e2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (30.9KB, 640x360)
>uses an edit straight out of cuckchan
Replies: >>39802 >>39821
proofs? :^)
Replies: >>39821
>n-no uuu!
>can't have a reply without a cuckchan image in it
kek, seeth harder
Replies: >>39821
8f6bdd2b38b8b58ddc1400a898e7ad7de11a5cfba951199aa591faf1474255d3.png (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 900x1200)
34be15eefed2b36977b69dd8399e36a22f63117ac712cd54733c4f97bde0de33.png (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 765x1500)
Go away.
Replies: >>39824 >>39836
img_043.jpg (u)
[Hide] (10.4KB, 255x197)
no u
Every /v/ is filled with overly hostile, LARPing newfags that pretend they've been around since 2003.
Its pretty obvious looking at the /v/ on here that a lot of posters barely enjoy games and are more concerned with criticality, drama, and politics. Its filled to the brim with 4chan buzzwords like "seethe" and "cope" that'd be banned pretty much anywhere else, and its got a /pol/ slant for some reason.

Don't like Mark because he's a fat faggot datamining pedophile? Don't talk about him or his honeypot. 
Don't like "journalists" talking about forced diversity and "problematic" games? Don't talk about them or visit their websites.
Think there's an invasion happening on the board? Stop bitching about it and make a thread in /meta/, talk to the BO, volunteer to do it for free, etc.
089765432.png (u)
[Hide] (361.6KB, 1600x1600)
> Its filled to the brim with 4chan buzzwords like "seethe" and "cope" that'd be banned pretty much anywhere else, and its got a /pol/ slant for some reason.
be81dc8ca799a96b0a2ee4f4a0d6665fc8f266fbd5e4994fb9a896fcbed17b09.png (u)
[Hide] (3.5KB, 1047x82)
1fba5e22408647c388598d4429257d48be040127c5af34578a15d80a67df3835.jpg (u)
(30.4KB, 225x225)
>1 PPH
>8 users
>on Friday
>"I saved /gaymoo/"
Replies: >>39872
Are you in yours 40s?
frell_the_greater_good.png (u)
[Hide] (447.5KB, 801x598)
>ad hominem
How 'like' a normalfaggot.
cope, seething faggot
Shit moderation chased all the users away man. Nobody wants to stick around now that its evident the admin just cherry picks people and posts to allow based on his own whims.
9chan is unironically the best imageboard right now. The mods wont delete your posts etc
Replies: >>39880
yuno_gasai.png (u)
[Hide] (309.9KB, 1280x720)
>(((christian))) board
>incel board (a redditor meme)
>discord board
>patch spammers there on top of it
>pepes and wojaks too
It's dogshit. Utter dogshit and you should hate yourself for making me click into that.
Replies: >>39881
how is this place any better?
Replies: >>39882
Why post here?
Replies: >>39883
I don't
that's why it's dead
c00c25fc640b9a51bc4e7edeb86aaf716b940db8ae53f8869cd35d77a2ac0582.png (u)
[Hide] (169.8KB, 750x750)
>>39175 (OP) 
>/cow/ & /tv/ repellant
>Something posted often on sites /cow/ and /tv/ raid
<Somehow, this repels them
carl9.png (u)
[Hide] (397.3KB, 511x440)
Exactly, it won't repel me.
Replies: >>39927
yeah they love it OP is new for not realizing
>>39175 (OP) 
come to endchan /kc/
There is a video games thread there.
Replies: >>39944
No. Its dead.
15e2a197ab19fb394e00fa1539fa9e1d8c9a6fddd9f71ebe00b7e443435788b7.png (u)
[Hide] (361.4KB, 672x936)
fb9c1df021204f1c4cb093d7443566b69ae0e70d4448635be3af1730efacb969.png (u)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1200x1600)
>>Something posted often on sites /cow/ and /tv/ raid
Doesn't mean that they like any of it.
Posting it on /tv/ brings out all of the >cuckime parrots.
Replies: >>39951
Replies: >>39952
24a214511ae1157303912514e856bc4473c52b02141dfa30f2402b91b535c3f0.png (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1000x1414)
3fb565567e718404511c6d6168c9471a5f90607a8e4d975e897b14fc74143cb6.png (u)
[Hide] (5.7MB, 2587x4039)
As you can see.
Replies: >>39955 >>39956
Hello transister!
OP is a faggot who forgot to so much as mention sportschan /v/.
Replies: >>39981
Its mentioned in the thread already. READ NIGGER READ
queen_anita_2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (100.1KB, 1200x1200)
cuckeo games are dead, cuckeo games boards are dead, you cannot stop the rot you pedokike.
Anti-slide bump
Holy fucking shit this thread is being slid hard. The truth is out there and (((someone))) doesn't like that
good morning i hate rulecucks

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