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Breaking_Bucks.png (u)
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Breaking Bucks goes in ALL fields.
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084d20e06a27fb932484ad0c27e862474d514f3c2f9c767a96fdaced992a0059.png (u)
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Is this about /biz/ or
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Tariq.jpg (u)
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>Tariq Nasheed, the supreme leader of American BLM and black activism, made a documentary about how homosexuality is the white man's invention and LGBT is an evil created by the white man to emasculate and turn all black boys into slaves for white cock, destroy the black family, and thereby destroy the black race. It has blown up like a wildfire across black Twatter, and LGBT is either megaoffended or laughing its ass off going in on the jokes that write themselves. Black race was never homosexual before white people "buck broke" their black men according to Tariq and his large group of respected academics, scientists, and intellectuals.
>It's also the greatest comedy movie I've seen in years. Hollywood outdone by one mentally ill black man. S M H 
This repressed homo nigger is also saying that his entire race was selectively bred (and not just mind broken) into being a bunch of fags.
This shit is catching on FAST.
/tv/ is in a state of chaos.

Basically BBC posting is dead forever.
bb.png (u)
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To the front of the line, Bucko. Someone shoulda broke you a long, long time ago. I have nary met a chick'n I can't be pick'n with this here long and mighty Pressure Fryer! I tell ye back in aught-4 I met a real mean one. He had big, air stealing nostrils, monstrous, boot lips, muscles that rippled under his deepfried skin so it’d look like my patent pending chick'n wangs as he’d be twisting here and yonder. T’was an older gentleman, the owner d’ye ken?, that had hired me to break this particular buck. Was some half-dozen breakers what had tried and failed! I tracked this this big-assed baboon, by fallerin’ the sounds of his impressive proud buttocks, clapping as he capered to and fro on yon gentleman’s land. There he be, proud as a damn peacock, black slave’s body framed by yon settin’ sun, just begging to be broke. I approached from the east, formerly Kentucky. Seduced him with a 12-Piece Bucket as he were sat alone out front a shack, mending a loincloth or some such. Knocking him to his glistening buttocks produced a thund’rus CLAP, and I mounted from the front. I tell ye boy, but that buck began to FIGHT! This unbroken, proud negro was ornery I tell ye, but I ain't ne'er been denied, d'ya ken it? I had my cock out in an instant as he scrambled onto his black belly and began ta’ wrigglin’ this way and that. And bucko did he began to wail! As loud as my kitchen fire safety systems. This buck could tell the breaking was coming, and I tell ye, he did BUCK. This obstinate cur could turn on a dime and give ye some change! I tell ye as the winds were my witness, he were a right Kentucky Fried Wang, struggling and flopping as he did, gyrating his unbroken black anus and dodging my breaker man’s Secret Recipe. But he broke, and I finished the job. D’ye ken? That buck broke. Say sorry, boy. But they all break. By the man Jesus and his snowy white pappy, now say hallelujah, boy, you'll break, too!
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46b5b9a06281e9be08034f7584be6e7b12bcf5247f096380e44e2c2da7300f14.jpg (u)
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holy cow that's some inter dimensional hysterical shit
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1623106913191.jpg (u)
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Here's more, bucko.

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e5f29fbea3c9da5c74ec2c44b59873243139f182df2eff1acad916bd2e1f783c.png (u)
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the memes just write themselves don't they
Screenshot_2021-06-08_tv_-_Television_Film_-_4chan.png (u)
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A timeline:
>Tariq NaSneed makes a documentary about his repressed lust for Buck Breaker Cock (BBC)
>dozens of pictures of black bucks holding their copy of the homo documentary are found on twitter
>they are proud to watch this shit with their family
>yesterday buck posting started appearing all over /tv/, first signs of OC
>over the next 24 hours more and more OC starts piling up
>more and more threads are made
>threads are made all over 4chan
>/gif/ (famously known for the BBC spam) gets inundated by buckposting
>a few hours ago the jannies on /tv/ were deleting threads so fast that the board went from 10 pages to five
>the remaining 5 pages are overwhelmingly buckposting anyways
>now they seem to be overwhelmed and threads just stay up, the pages are back to 10, looks like pic related
>jannies do it for free
>slaves do it for free
Janny status= Buck Broken

1622906688931.jpg (u)
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>the documentary is full with pictures like this one
>Tariq literally payed illustrators to make Buck Break rule34
Wasn't Tariq the wash your ass guy?
Oh wash mah ass massa UwU
Post vocaroo as audio file here, if you are so smart.
I can't fucking download it without js
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Vocaroo_1428ei5nlgwD.mp3 (u)
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Vocaroo_13KE5THsKaHx.mp3 (u)
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Vocaroo_1k4MbSTg34xr.mp3 (u)
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Vocaroo_1cXd1AO8ZPVH.mp3 (u)
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>>39032 (OP) 
I was thinking, is this happening going to destroy any relationship between fags and niggers?
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buckbreak.png (u)
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[Full_Song_Official_Lyrics]_Devil_Trigger_-_Nero's_battle_theme_from_Devil_May_Cry_5.mp3 (u)
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I was banned by 4chan trannies for posting this OC, so here it is.

[Intro: Buck Edwards]
I'll endure the shame
I'll endure the shame

[Verse 1: Cliff Breaker]
The darkness of night falls around my fields
And the breaker within loses control
Gotta let it out, gotta break the buck
Gotta let it out, gotta break the buck
This bonded slave has ahold of me
Clenching its anus, trying to break free
Gotta let it out, gotta break the buck
Gotta let it out, gotta break the buck

[Verse 2: Buck Edwards]
Move fast master, don't be slow
Step aside, next buck, time to go
I can't seem to control
All this lust that's inside me
Pullin' shorts, takin' dongs, freedom I don't miss
Branded by fire, carried in the slave ship
Red hot temper, I just can't resist
All this white cock inside me

All of these thoughts runnin' through my head
Anus on fire, veins burnin' red
Frustration is gettin' bigger

Embrace the white rod that's within me
No hiding in the closet anymore
When this wickedness consumes me
No more rebellion and only massa's cock

I was a wildfire you made tame
Igniting my bum put out my flame
There's only one way to contain
This breaker swelling inside me
I have a box you can abuse
Might just accept I'm gonna lose
Can't turn down, I refuse
To fight back anymore

All of these massas behind my back
Whipping my ass in a curtain of red
Frustration is getting bigger

When the night ends, he's still bent over
We fight through to get deeper
Like a silver bullet piercing through
I push myself into you

All of these massas behind my back
Whipping my ass in a curtain of red
Frustration is getting bigger
I mean if it is, that's still good, D&C on the other side.
someone needs to sing this
Can confirm. This film literally destroyed the bbc posters on 4chans /tv/. Its brilliant. Also i tried to google image search "buck breaking movie poster" and couldnt find it. "THE MOVIE GOOGLE DOESNT WANT YOU TO SEE"
Kek what reason did they give for the ban?
Replies: >>39131
the_fuck_mayne.jpeg (u)
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Replies: >>39093
Kind of amazing it slid under the radar until they made the movie, where that was two years ago. Also, the fact that this held enough weight to produce a movie two years later, rather than being some weirdo one-off tweet is equally extraordinary.
cbceaf9800d662fb5c0c802bc1c3f05bbc383e1217e67891087baacc754bc594.jpg (u)
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Magnet link?
Screenshot_2021-06-08_4chan_-_Banned.png (u)
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Trolling, lol
d53ec3db7c2a91c81c38506a5c34f30aedc5d0a1ca818d954f87f348ca425a81.jpg (u)
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simply eric, why would you even post there in the first place when you can't use tor, have to solve jewgle craptcha and tranny mods ban you for literally anything, are you stuped
Replies: >>39137
1623132227866.jpg (u)
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Yeah I know, but the place can still be hilarious sometimes, like today with this buck breaking shit.
Also I'm there forever.
tabamac.webm (u)
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>banned from /v/
Fucking kek never had that one before. Dont they realise 90% of 4chan is trolls?
tewi_ignored.jpg (u)
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4chan exist in CY to be datamined
Have fun looking at what they do for free.
I've said it before, and I say it again, I cannot imagine a more pathetic creature than the tranny janny, to choose to spend your free time deleting mean words on the internet when the system is structured to automatically do that for you once a thread slides down on the pages far enough.
Replies: >>39170
jesus christ
Full movie for those of you that want to suffer:
Don't take ANYTHING said in this piece of shit of a movie seriously.
0ab.png (u)
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Holy shit.
buck_breaking.webm (u)
[Hide] (14.8MB, 854x480, 03:10)
>tranny janny
my meme
pay me
Replies: >>39223
Bucks love breaking bucks, it's a show of dominance.
This "black-trans lives matter" bullshit was all thrown together by the (((usual suspects))) as a way of shoe-horning all their pets together. Niggers are savage beasts, incapable of the abstract thought required to justify the delusions of the mentally ill. But they went along with it because their tribal leaders did, and at the end of the day they got to steal and destroy without consequence. I take this "documentary" as a sign that their is a growing segment of niggers that are tired of putting trans-faggot shit all over what they view as their movement.
It's funny because some retard put so much effort into this. But it's never going to find traction because it's so anti-gay. This could've gone mainstream if it weren't.
>woman experiments with slaves
>makes tranny crab people
This is the documentary we need, she cannot be a footnote in history any longer.
it's actually mine
Can someone post this on the DMC thread on /v/? Include the picture.
Still banned.
Replies: >>39228
3n5.png (u)
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It is done
Replies: >>39229
2a0.jpg (u)
[Hide] (145.8KB, 1080x1185)
Thank you very much.
Buck_Breaking_2021_Full_Movie-watchv=3QrbNseBQqI.mp4_snapshot_00.00.06.840.jpg (u)
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Replies: >>39306
go back to 4cuck retard nobody cares
1623182625354.png (u)
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Replies: >>39309
go back to 4cuck retard nobody cares
Replies: >>39314
go back to 4cuck retard nobody cares
Replies: >>39316
>g-go back to 4cuck retard nobody cares!
Replies: >>39332
soy.jpg (u)
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not an argument
Replies: >>39336
>n-not an argument!
Replies: >>39338
>->n-not an argument!
Replies: >>39339
>im gonna do the same thing he does when i get btfod thats gonna get him
Replies: >>39347
The fuck are you trying to say faggot?
Replies: >>39349
just lol
Replies: >>39350
Yeah that's what I thought bitch.
>Y-yeah that's what I thought bitch.
Replies: >>39355
>look i did it again
>So rent-free you think about what I'm about to do next
That's what I thought bitch.
Replies: >>39364
Stay on my balls faggot.
Replies: >>39367
>wanting to fuck a dude
Holy shit what a faggot.

Some of the most absurd mental gymnastics, but I can understand their need to bait audiences. Nasheed is a grifter who's sole objective is swindling money by playing on basic emotions.
Good entertainment with some murky half truths hidden in the woodwork.
Isn't this basically what wignats say except with Whites swapped for Jews, and Blacks swapped for Whites?

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