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I will now put into place my plan to subvert the /v/ on this imageboard slowly but surely. I'll explain this plan in detail so you can subvert an imageboard of your own later. These are tactics me and my colleagues use often for other imageboards, and are tried and true. Granted, they haven't found this place officially yet but I figured I'd let everyone know what the strategy is before we do eventually make it here and fuck it up beyond repair. 

NOTE: This subversion method is only possible due to the fragility of the individual webring imageboards, if they were all united and friendly with eachother then this strategem would not work. 

>Step one
Find imageboards or communities which have less-than-stellar reputations with the anons of the imageboard you're trying to subvert. In this case, 4chan, discord, 8chan.moe, prolikewoah, tvch, julay, etc. 

>Step two
Pick a certain opinion or statement you see somewhat typically on the target imageboard - or perhaps you'll get lucky and find someone who makes a simple faux-pas like forgetting what the TOR ID looks like or forgets how to format text in a certain way (since the method changes with every imageboard iteration). Another good thing to call out is when someone makes the mistake of using the words "we", "us", or "our" in any context. When someone uses such a word, they have effectively opened themselves up for pedantic ridicule. 

>Step three
Single that person who made the statement/faux-pas out, the more passive aggressive the better. Good subversive responses to such a person are
<[opposing imageboard/community] spotted
<Go back
<Go back to [opposing imageboard/community]
<Fucking retard, kill yourself
<You stick out like [insert clever simile here]
And many other such examples. For [opposing imageboard/community], simply fill in with whatever you feel like, it might not even make any sense but don't worry, it doesn't need to. Gaslighting is an important part of subversion, after all. 

>Step four
Report the offending post. This normally wouldn't count for much on a good imageboard, but on one which has such a trigger-happy moderator, you can't expect him to check out the context for whatever you reported, and he's dumb as a post anyway, so he will likely delete whatever you singled out - advancing the subversion strategy even further. Bonus points if the person who got his post deleted comes back and complains about it, in which case you can report for ban evasion and not even have to worry about arguing with him anymore

>Step five
Repeat until death of imageboard, or at least until everyone else starts doing the subversion job for you. The gaslighting will spread far enough so that normal anons will believe the bullshit you're saying, and start applying the tactics unknowingly against other normal users. Eventually the paranoia and excessive moderation will become to infuriating to the average anon that they will either leave or join in on the crusade leading to the board's death. 

And that's all which is really needed. If you have any questions or need specifics, ask ITT. Together, we can subvert /v/ and fuck it up big time - hey, it's already halfway there!
Why are you reading the Talmud to me?
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>>36431 (OP) 
>Step three
I've been saying that people saying 
>go back to x
and such retarded shit were always either gigantic retards or bad actors from day one and that mods are so fucking spastic they might as well be actively TRYING to subvert their own boards and help said bad actors. either way, I fully agree with the point you're making but this won't fix anything, the damage is done, people have become the monkeys of that ladder experiment that was compared to imageboards and will parrot that trite as if it's god's word until there's literally no one left. hell, retards will come to this thread, miss the point entirely and tell you to go back to whatever
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I used to have a knockoff pol board on 8 with the express goal of stopping shit like this. The goal was to remove any ad hominems and irrelevant posts that could potentially drag a thread off-topic to make room for actual debate. It was actually doing pretty good but then the site got shoah'd.
pol3: gone but not forgotten
Replies: >>36440
I like that idea. Do you remember the specific wordage of the rules?
Replies: >>36443
Not specifically, it was centered around actual debating instead of endless "no u" and calling everyone else a niggerfaggot. threads get dragged off-topic very quickly by just one post of cuckchan/faggot/reddit. I advertised for it across several boards, including main pol and leftypol and it was going pretty good.
Replies: >>36446
If I can convince sturg to get off his lazy ass and add a /pol/ alternative to this website, I'll have you as the emperor of the board.
Replies: >>36448 >>36450
/pol/ should have it's own imageboard so it won't compromise anyone else. We've entered dystopian political age so you can't just make a politics board and not expect to get attacked from every direction, especially if you're actually putting effort towards making it actually productive and not just shitposting and shilling and jewish pilpul and "6 year olds can consent" garbage.
gahogre_has_entered_the_thread.webm (u)
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I'm ok with ogrechan/dup/, it's (almost) the perfect balance between politics and shitposting.
You don't need to have a politics board to get 'attacked'. If you're scared of starting a /pol/itics board then you are proof that the kike's plan is winning. What are you gonna do, just be content with not discussing politics anywhere on the internet? Or derail unrelated threads with it? Or maybe you'll want to go to 8moe and visit their perpetual off-topic GG thread. 

My point is that there will always be bad actors, you just need to put rules in place that will make ignoring them easier.
Replies: >>36457
Nice LARP, retard. I'm sure that the seagull is real scared. I'd bet he's absolutely, surely shaking in his boots right now reading this tripe. But seriously, quit crying you bitch nigger.
Replies: >>36472
>just be content with not discussing politics anywhere on the internet?internet? Or derail unrelated threads with it? Or maybe you'll want to go to 8moe and visit their perpetual off-topic GG thread.
The answer is in the post you replied to nigger.
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>>36431 (OP) 

yes, this makes you a massive faggot, OP
Good plan, OP. Seems to be working flawlessly.
>OP gets banned for being a faggot
lol what a gay
Replies: >>36470
>/b/ is one person
Replies: >>36474
Stop using the word larp wrong. 

not him btw
>consent is your age and or wisdom
So people with low IQ's should not have rights?
I don't know why I wrote this post. But I'm sorry I did.
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>>36431 (OP) 
>cirno in tea/coffee
So this is the true reason behind why Cirno has become brown. Don't worry Cirno, I won't let you become a part of the 13%! I'll suck all the tea or coffee out of your skin myself if I have to!
Anti-shill bump
You don't even have to do this. Webring/"alt-chan" users are already eating themselves up without malicious intervention. Any particular opinion or meme that could be possibly construed as coming from somewhere else is already assumed to be.
Replies: >>36647
I like to push it. Make sure everyone is always ruining everything out of paranoia and im beeter than you ego dumb shit
OP's foolproof guide on how to be a massive fucking faggot:

>Step one
Be OP.

>Step two
Suck at least a hundred cocks a day.

>Step three
Get mad because some people don't use/like the imageboard/forum you use.

>Step four
Make a shitty thread because someone told you to go back to said imageboard/forum.

>Step five
Choke to death on a hundred more cocks.

Good job OP, you're almost there!
Replies: >>36869
8a09e1c47b94ba51c26011cd2ff563fc13a9119cc7fb0cc681d558a437f2cc49.jpg (u)
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80 iq retard or one of said people attempting to D&C and subvert? you decide
Replies: >>36874
>go back
That's already every other post on this board lul
Replies: >>36872
Go back to boogiechan.
Replies: >>36882
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lurk_moar.webm (u)
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And exactly who is being divided here? OP, who created this obviously histrionic thread? Or perhaps you meant the websites he listed that he so clearly wanted people to stop telling him to go back to?

Learn to fit in with a community beforehand, and you won't be ridiculed for making an abhorrent post. Gatekeeping is not a new concept on imageboards and for good reason. It keeps out crossposters and newfags who can't even be arsed to lurk before posting.
Replies: >>36875 >>36878
9-11.jpg (u)
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>Learn to fit in with a community
I seriously hope these retards are paid shills and not actually this braindead.
Replies: >>36893
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there's no hope for you
Replies: >>36893
I like that one
>liking squidgirl
zoom zoom 

not him by the by

>low quality drawing doing a gif tier dance
>song does not even finish
>only 44 seconds long
>thread creation locked
Is a rulecucked /b/ even possible?
the only one I know of is on pissu
Don't be niggerfaggots constantly spamming your worthless fucking threads then, niggerfaggots.
>someone so ass devastated by their picture being deleted has started a one man crusade on the entire site
This kind of asshurt is legendary.
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alice_violent.png (u)
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1c8385e5d7cd4e811ac2c4deb3fb02b51a1ae75331b83b2171f00950a4165492.gif (u)
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anti shill bump
>>36431 (OP) 
too long, didn't read lol
also cirno is an idiot
Bump, this actually works. Tried it earlier today
>I am going to destroy every image board I ever use because I can't post child porn in every thread
But where will you pedos end up after you destroy this place?
Replies: >>39714
The pedo shit is a red herring. The issue here is shit moderation. Ive never seen cp here.
Replies: >>39719
>there is no child porn here
>there are no pedos here
CP has been posted here and mods were lax about it, they took a while to delete it, also plenty of threads here of pedos discussing wanting to fuck kids but of course it's okay since they post loli instead. 

What I found interesting about those threads is the contrast of the lolifags who agreed that they were pedos and the lolifags who whined it wasn't true even though the pedos were technically right since all their disgusting material are drawings of said children but with googly jap tranime eyes. which somehow makes it different
ba4e9aefee16aa7aac6a7bee6cba2cf431918af5dfa7285740ed988bd6661dc8.png (u)
[Hide] (557.1KB, 1075x989)
I didnt say there were no pedos here. Pretty much all adults who look at anime are pedos and or gay. I said ive never seen cp here. 

Youre just using that to distract from the fact the real problem is moderation that removes things that dont break the rules. The problem with this site is the admin picking and choosing what can be posted or talked about based on his personal preferences.
Replies: >>39723
8c242524886d01357401f723e080c9dc3d3bea59f318a8dd376dbbb09813bc2d.gif (u)
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What do you want to post that keeps getting deleted, anon?
ClipboardImage.jpg (u)
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I don't give a shit about your /v/ crusade you vermin touhoufag since I am NYPA.

I want to drink an Ice Fairy Coffee, she looks like a tasty meal.
Replies: >>39731
>CP has been posted here and mods were lax about it
I've reported actual cp here before and it gets deleted pretty quickly. Sometimes not but there aren't that many mods so what can you do? Plus a report might go unseen if it's not a global report. This definitely isn't a pedo site. One of the global rules are no child models even. I remember reporting a post of what LOOKED like a real kid but actually ended up being a 3d model. It was a spam post anyway though.
>also plenty of threads here of pedos discussing wanting to fuck kids but of course it's okay since they post loli instead.
Not saying that's not true but who cares? This isn't a pedo forum where actual child abusers talk about fucking babies. It's a normal imageboard. I wouldn't care about actual illegal content being posted if it was legal either, though it would certainly bother me just like videos of people being murdered and whatever other horrible legal shit that gets posted online.
Mods just aren't around a lot of the time, specially on /b/. Just look at the fucking ban thread, it even got unstickied because the fag fish is lazy.
>also plenty of threads here of pedos discussing wanting to fuck kids but of course it's okay since they post loli instead
That's like comparing erotica to actual rape. Fiction is not reality and vice-versa. 
As far as real kids go any picture of an actual kid is verboten. Talk is grey zone but will probably get you banned to cover the site's ass. If you want to talk about diddling kids there's always 8moe.
1597466492378-1.png (u)
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>I want to drink an Ice Fairy Coffee, she looks like a tasty meal.
My apologies, sir, we are all out of coffee. Would an ice fairy daiquiri be alright?
Yeah. Zzzchan is dead
Replies: >>39734
how can it be dead with all my friends here like you
Replies: >>39735
I'm not your friend, buddy.
Replies: >>39736
I'm not your buddy, guy.
Replies: >>39744
I'm not your guy, friend.
14055697346.gif (u)
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>>36431 (OP) 
That's a great 5 year plan OP.

Be sure to tell everyone here how it went after the fact.
Replies: >>39759
>5 years
>implying it hasn't already begun and is already well under effect

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