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(10.8MB, 4525x5952)
Sup faggots,
I have come to bring forth more fap material, due to a request from another anon.
Post me your cute 2D girls and I'll give them a darker skin tone, at your requests.
Allow me bring you what I have currently.
Embrace the chocolate
<No niggers, NTRshit, furfaggotry, and other untermensch-tier fetishes allowed.
>>3135 (OP) 
sexual content is the primary mechanism for destroying any /b/ board
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(329.7KB, 724x974)
(676KB, 848x1200)
(1.4MB, 1000x1349)
(87.2KB, 566x800)
(686.1KB, 1050x1829)
>>3135 (OP) 
Are you the anon who did this? Dog bless. Here's a few requests if you're feeling up for it.
Replies: >>3143 >>3499
(807.5KB, 992x1168)
(2.5MB, 1570x2500)
(5MB, 3600x2700)
Gonna get to it then, and fire up the old machine.
Did some of my wife too.
Blow it out your ass, niggerfaggot
Replies: >>3144 >>3147 >>3290
>Posting lewds of your waifu
>>3135 (OP) 
<No NTRshit
Pick one.
Replies: >>3145
(12.7KB, 200x177)
Its called an example, you stupid faggot.
Since you have brought no contribution to this thread, I suggest you leave.
Replies: >>3146
>Its called an example
There were already examples in the OP
But I didn't deliberately enter a thread full of things I don't like. I entered a thread with cute chocolate anime girls in the OP only to discover OP posting his lewds of his waifu half an hour later.
Replies: >>3148
>Gonna get to it then, and fire up the old machine.
Danke. Tried to pick some things that were relatively unusual because nicheness makes my dick hard. I feel like the last image was a poor choice in that regard.
Replies: >>3148
(1.4MB, 1000x1349)
(1.3MB, 1000x1349)
(1.3MB, 1000x1349)
2nd pic done. I have three different shades. Hope you enjoy it.
Really? So, how exactly are you contributing to this thread other than trying to stir shit? I have yet to see you post pics.
Replies: >>3150 >>3151
(98.6KB, 1896x2048)
(464.3KB, 587x900)
(5.6MB, 1024x768)
(292.1KB, 1528x2168)
Very nice
(27.2KB, 661x601)
>how exactly are you contributing to this thread
I'm having fun.
>Censored nipples
Super gay.
Replies: >>3154
I will never not be mad about Roberta
Replies: >>3210
currently working on uncensoring the nipples
Replies: >>3177
Kill yourself tranny, dont lump us with your fellow degenerates.
Replies: >>3157
>another porn thread
You're all the same.
Replies: >>3159
>Another retard
Replies: >>3160 >>3168
Who? You
Replies: >>3161
(2.1MB, 469x283)
>No u
>Another retard
Replies: >>3169
>>Another retard
>Another retard
Replies: >>3183
God speed OP
>>>Another retard
>>Another retard
>Another retard
(148.5KB, 657x890)
(250KB, 782x1500)
(1.6MB, 1240x1753)
(202.5KB, 1280x915)
(1.1MB, 824x1160)
gave them a tanned look, and a  light brown look
Replies: >>3498 >>3499
(474.7KB, 540x600)
(139.3KB, 894x1268)
(7.2MB, 3166x5737)
she was just trying to degrade herself
Replies: >>3499
(403.1KB, 2048x1384)
(6.1MB, 2453x3237)
(621.6KB, 800x1103)
(394.8KB, 1132x1600)
(2.3MB, 1488x2105)
>>3135 (OP) 
Do mine anon.
Replies: >>3335 >>3499
(99.3KB, 1300x957)
>Blow it out your ass, niggerfaggot
Replies: >>3341
Draw 1st pic sitting on someone's face
Replies: >>3328
(467.5KB, 870x1200)
(1.1MB, 1046x1479)
(424.4KB, 667x800)
(2.1MB, 1181x1748)
i'd really love that
Replies: >>3499
>Brown Sylvie
ew, she's already damaged enough.
Replies: >>3360
(397.4KB, 587x900)
(389.7KB, 587x900)
(381.7KB, 587x900)
Here, I even made you an uncensored version. 
My apologies for the long wait, work is a bitch
Nice self portrait
Replies: >>3344 >>3355
(74.7KB, 200x229)
>chocolate revy 
I didn't know I needed this
This is pretty fuckin impressive, but it's kind of weird that her nipples are still pink in the third one.
Replies: >>3358 >>3479
Fine I'll darken them tommorow.
>not wanting to see a tanned Sylvie with swimsuit lines
I hope you haven't caught the homo, Anon
>>3135 (OP) 
What sort of madman would turn beautiful anime girls into shitskins?
Replies: >>3374
Anon. Don't mix up 3dpd and 2d girls.
Replies: >>3506
(380KB, 587x900)
Nice double dubs.
Replies: >>3493
(164.9KB, 850x1143)
(123.3KB, 718x1014)
(691.8KB, 1060x1500)
This is the only shit I have on hand that I feel could use an edit. Take a crack at it if it wouldn't be too difficult for you.
Replies: >>3498 >>3499
(339.8KB, 1001x347)
Doing God's work, my negro.
Replies: >>3498
(945.4KB, 1115x1500)
(897.4KB, 1115x1500)
(539.9KB, 657x890)
(370.4KB, 658x890)
There's already a tanned version for the first pic.
I got the first pic done, i'm trying to do everyone's who posted in this thread.
Glad you enjoy, fellow aryan
Replies: >>3517
(1MB, 1149x995)
(708.8KB, 829x793)
(3.4MB, 1144x4744)
(9.2KB, 300x100)
>>3135 (OP) 
I don't really have any images of this kind to contribute i just have a legitimate question
I'll try not to disrupt the tread too much and sorry if any of my points are straw men
How is this different from acidman posting blacked porn on cackechan ?
>That was a black MAN fucking an anime girl
So it's ok when it's a white male and black female ?
>These are just drawings not the real thing
Agreed, so were the images acidman posted
>/b/ is not one person
I know, but there is a certain consensus when it comes to posters here, this is like saying that Tumblr is not a leftist site since not absolutely everyone there is a leftist
I'm not saying we should ban such content, I'm just trying to understand what seems like a blatant double standard
(162.9KB, 756x1650)
>So it's ok when it's a white male and black female 
>not spoilering that faggot shit
>immediate concern-trolling
Couldn't be more obvious.
Thanks for the bump regardless, retard-kun
>but there is a certain consensus when it comes to posters here, this is like saying that Tumblr is not a leftist site since not absolutely everyone there is a leftist
Maybe you should go back where you came from instead of being a mass-replying sperg, niggerlover.
Art imitates life.
Replies: >>3509 >>3524
>Other people fucking your waifu is wrong & cuckshit and you fucking chocolate anime girls is a-okay
It's that simple.
>Art imitates life.
It's a vague platitude and not a universal and explicit law.
Whites are considered to be the most attractive males by far. The majority of people don't want to look at niggers, especially niggers. There's a reason black women go for white men 9 times out of 10.
Replies: >>3530
I need the rest tanned
Hello /b/ mod, please do your fucking job and delete retards that think tanned anime girl = cuckoldry. You were very eager to delete my hentai thread but somehow normalniggers like this get to bark. Where is justice?
Replies: >>3520
>You were very eager to delete my hentai thread
Probably because there's already a hentai thread. Lrn2CatalogNgr.
Replies: >>3522
It's not a nigress you stupid fucking normalnigger, it's tan. TAN. MOTHERFUCKING TAN. Does the girl have nigger lip? Does she have the facial feature of a nigress? No you dumb fucking buffoon. Do you call teagan a nigger or is it delicious tan? Many asians have skin darker than niggers in America. God you are so fucking stupid it bothers me too much. You just fucking know it when its beta racial cuckold porn, this isnt one of it. Dumb fucking retard, how the fuck do you even live your life? I became a nigger for a while after long exposure to the sun too. How about you go outside and see for yourself. It's delicious tan, not shit nigger skin.
Replies: >>3527
No retard, I made it moments after /b/ was first launched. The retarded mod admitted it himself that it was de mistake and totally not because sturgeon is scared of porn.
No it's not normalnigger. The whole point of art is to make fiction, to stay away from normalnigger life. Do videogamea imitate life? Do you play call of duty to shoot people? No you don't, and never will because you dont have the balls to kill people and off yourself. Shut the fuck up retard.
(17.5KB, 826x261)
Chocolate nipples are a tan?
>Do you call teagan a nigger
Replies: >>3529
Yes, if she sunbathes nude all day.
Replies: >>3531
(499KB, 480x864, 00:06)
>There's a reason black women go for white men 9 times out of 10.
lol, almost never.
Replies: >>3862
>Yes, if she sunbathes nude all day.
They darken, yes, but they don't turn chocolate. Hell, heavy tanning can't result in most of the darker skin tones shown in these edits.
Replies: >>3532
No one cares white boy. Your women are fucking niggers and there's nothing you can do about it since you care so much about muh reeeeeeeeleeeeesism. Lol white boy lost ww2 to mutt and nigger. Lol you're gonna die serving Jews and sea your sisters sacked by a nigger. Lol realism idiot. Muh realism
Replies: >>3536 >>3584
(46.7KB, 600x410)
>all that autistic drivel
I see cuckchan has arrived in this thread.
Replies: >>3535
Fuck no I love op but i cant stand disingenuous normalnigger like you labeling this as race cuckold porn. Way to put the blame on ME, retard normalshit.
Replies: >>3536 >>3539
Just like you will see your sisters dateing white guys.
Replies: >>3539 >>3543
(1MB, 824x1160)
>immediately plays victim when found
Sure you are, faggot.
>i cant stand disingenuous normalnigger like you labeling this as race cuckold porn.
I never claimed it was cuckshit faggotry, you colossal triple kike.
Ignore the sperg, anon. Let the faggot autistically squeal in this thread. Its frankly amusing at this point.
Replies: >>3540 >>3543 >>3682
(1MB, 824x1160)
forgot 2nd file
Replies: >>3682
Anon you say we like "race cuckhold porn"... But you're the one that has it downloaded.
I'm cool with that. Are you cool with your sister fucking a nigger though? 
>never claimed it was cuckshit faggotry, you 
This is your brain on Jewish chemistry
Replies: >>3551 >>3593
Anon my sister is like 11 and there are like three niggers around 100 km. If you don't count qipsies.also stop with the niggershit.
Replies: >>3552
>pls stop
Then why did you blame op for race cuckold porn in the first place?
>implying niggers dont want to penetrate a small qt's pussy.
Your sister is most likely a normalshit slut anon. She watches pornhub everyday and indoctrinated by jew shit. One day she's gonna get raped by a nigger because she wants to taste life and theres nothing you can do about it.
Replies: >>3555 >>3556
Anon, do you know where I live?
Replies: >>3556
>Then why did you blame op for race cuckold porn in the first place? 
No I didn't. I just hate niggers and shitted.
(186KB, 653x561)
(71.9KB, 698x658)
(428.1KB, 589x465)
(98.9KB, 328x281)
(215.1KB, 500x500)
>desperately trying to spin liking tan the same as cucking your wife to niggers
Why on earth are the images censored? I am so confused. Is it taken from reddit?
Replies: >>3565
I guess to adhere to SFW board rules and not give Mark an excuse to delete them. Not that I think he would bother these days anyways.
But my sister is dating a white guy right now?
Replies: >>3586 >>3588
>not dating your own sister
how could you let this happen
All white femoids who fuck niggers used to date other whitoids. Your sister is just a stupid slut anon.
Replies: >>3592
Nice job, cuckchanner and a ultra cuckold.
anon i hate to tell you this but dude you just posted cringe
(48KB, 218x321)
>calling others kikes
>is obsessed with niggers
Stop projecting your degenerate fetish, cuckchanner
(27KB, 504x380)
>>3135 (OP) 
>mod STILL hasn't cleaned this holy thread
What the fuck is your problem retard? If you couldn't do your job why do it in the first place?
Replies: >>3656
(2.4MB, 3000x4000)
I need this one as dark as possible, if you'd be so kind.
Replies: >>3695
>having rules on post/thread quality
Are you retarded, anon? The only rules /b/ has is no CP.
Replies: >>3658 >>3695
Maybe because keeping a thread on topic is common sense to anyone who doesn't have a fetish for beastiality.
Replies: >>3669
bestiality* I don't know why it's spelled that way though.
edit the rest of my pics.
Replies: >>3683 >>3695
He said he's going to do everyone's. Be patient, oil driller.
(2.2MB, 3000x4000)
>what are unwritten rules
If you're going to behave like a stupid niggerjew, at least do it in another thread.
I'll get to them as I can. There's other anons waiting too.
Don't mind if I do...
Replies: >>3697 >>3767
Replies: >>3698
She's just really tan.
Replies: >>3699
Replies: >>3767
10/10. Chocolate edits of generic anime girls are nice, but chocolate edits of particular non-chocolate characters are special.

Got a chuckle out of me, dubsman.
Replies: >>3886
That's incorrect actually, nigresses love white men. Considering the black dick meme is just that, a meme, there's nothing worth it for qweens. They beg to be colonized and bleached.
(15.3MB, 480x206, 02:41)
I was simply going to pass by this thread. I have no fetish for this and I find it contemptible as this sort of generic corruption damages the landscape of fantasy (or the memescape, if you prefer). However referring to this nonsense as "chocolate edits" really chips my teeth. Nigger edits. Subhuman edits. Corruption edits. They are not chocolate, they are not made of chocolate, they have not been foodified nor are niggers and subhumans chocolate. They are not even poetically chocolate, they are not sugary in any way, they are much more like spice. The inferior races of man are not candy, friend, were it so they would historically have been kept as food and not as tenders of food or labor. Were they metaphorically sweet then historically they would have been kept as breeding stock and the men would have been simply killed (the "Genghis Khan" method). Anywho, I just think you're a big fucking idiot for using such soft language. Carry on having a boner, my obnoxious kin.
Replies: >>3889 >>3894
(8.8KB, 255x143)
Asians can have black skin too dude.
Replies: >>3890 >>3909
>asians are niggers
stop posting nigger media
Replies: >>3892
No dumb dumb I AM an asian.
Replies: >>3909
Anon this is just an edit thread of characters with no cuckoldry nor even shitty non-vanilla fetishes. There is nothing to be mad about.
Replies: >>3895
when will you stop being naive? hes taking the piss out of you.
Replies: >>3896
Maybe you are right.
(6.7MB, 4326x6796)
(256.6KB, 512x512)
The amount of butthurt in this thread is fantastic, and we're at 99 replies already!
haha u r monki asian MONKI
Replies: >>3914
Nah I'm honorary aryan since my skin is very pale. Everytime I show off my thigh people always ask how I got my skin so white, especially girls. Some of my friends have darker skin, I'm not sure why. Must be a different breed of asians somewhere else.
Replies: >>3915 >>3917
will you show me your thigh, anon?
No pedo
Replies: >>3918
fuck u den i didnt want to see your thigh any monki
I don't get why people need to ruin every thread.
>Hurr dur u r buthurt
No I'm not. But why we cannot have an actually productive thread once and while? Or atleast one that doesn't devolve into offtopic shit. 
I get that this is /b/, but let's be serious what does this board make it better then any other and doesn't simultuasly make it worse. 
Also why this board can't be called /b3/?also why there are 3 /b/s on the webring?let's also not talk about why there are four vidya gaim boards on the webring too.
Replies: >>3920
Blame op, hes slow and make us wait. bird as dghyuetcyiu koe
(484.9KB, 870x1200)
(426.6KB, 870x1200)
still alive, been busy
Replies: >>4055 >>4348
It's your life mang.
(2MB, 500x377)
you should do them with tanlines TBH
(716.1KB, 718x1014)
(725.8KB, 718x1014)
(653KB, 718x1014)
(714.8KB, 718x1014)
OP here, still not dead.
Replies: >>4750
(685.7KB, 1212x1616)
He lives!
(1012.4KB, 852x1164)
make those two dark-skinned please
Replies: >>5274
(411KB, 667x800)
(518.9KB, 667x800)
Replies: >>5064
(397.9KB, 707x1000)
(168.5KB, 946x1503)
Replies: >>5274
You wouldn't happen run or be a member of Brown booru, would you?
Replies: >>5274
The first time I saw my 9-yo long-blonde blue-eyed niece with her glowing golden after-summer tan, I....
Replies: >>5093 >>5179
(140.3KB, 800x639)
>unironic pedo post
Fuck off glownigger. Go shut down SHITTEDchan if you're so bored.
Go on...?
Replies: >>5106 >>5179
Kill yourself, samefag.
(841KB, 950x900)
(166.9KB, 910x329)
(585.1KB, 1000x840)
(418.3KB, 1806x787)
(148.3KB, 625x455)
But /tv/, only your BO would be able to watch it from that point of view.
(1.1MB, 852x1164)
(1004.2KB, 852x1164)
(760.3KB, 707x1000)
(689KB, 707x1000)
(254.5KB, 965x925)
Here, my apologies for der wait. It ain't easy working 7 days a week with two jerbs
Got the first image done.
No, but I just checked it out thanks to you. Place seems deader than dead. We ought to try and revive brownbooru and bleachedbooru together.
Nothing better to do, than to try and shut down another imageboard, glownigger-kun?
Nice samefag too, faggot.
and if you're the dolphinigger, then please do every anon a favor, and become anhero
>using kohlkike screencaps
>t..this is y-you!
>unironically saving fag porn
Thanks for the bump regardless, penta faggot.
Haven't heard that in a long time. Isn't that some old shit from somethingaweful goons? Funny how they all turned out to p*dos and trannies in the end.
Did you know that the "lucky" guy getting a pigjob in the 4th pic is the former BO of /tv/ before he passed it on to gay hole because of this video?
nigger fucker
Replies: >>5286
Good. What will tell next faggot.
(3.1MB, 1650x2500)
(3MB, 1650x2500)
Replies: >>5704
>Fetishizing Cummunism
Replies: >>5726 >>5761
I thought it was coronachan until you point it out.
Replies: >>5759
Hey dude please chocolifiy my Sylvie, its been a while.
Replies: >>5761 >>5767 >>5798
>Alunya in the filenames
>7/18/19 in the images
(2.1MB, 1005x2000)
ok faggaloid. I can 'fetishize any ideology' 
This, OP is a faggot for being so slow.
Replies: >>5889
(1MB, 1132x1600)
I managed to get one image done in my hectic week
I haven't forgotten about your stuff or the other anons.
Replies: >>5802 >>5837
good shit bruh.
(119.8KB, 999x999)
(97.6KB, 622x900)
(224.1KB, 1280x1899)
(628KB, 1239x700)
OOOOH me next!
Me next!
Replies: >>5831 >>5995
That Keine's breasts are so gigantic, that for a second I've thought that she's pregnant.
>The burns are still the same colour
Does this mean if I pour acid on a negress she'll turn white?
Replies: >>5844 >>5849
(923KB, 900x823)
Apparently some niggers literally turn white when burned. Though it doesn't seem very common based on my search. Might be a chemical burn. I know there's a massive as fuck industry built up around selling nigger women "skin lightening" bleach products.
Replies: >>5876
A subset of nigs just scar white in general,it's not specific to burns.
Picrel is vitiligo not a burn.
Google it
(1.9MB, 1005x2000)
Not OP but commiekot powerful 'tism compelled me to give it a try.
Replies: >>5892 >>5898
Can somefag proficient in tech wizardry explain to me why it looks so dark?
Original edit has a totally different color balance
(20KB, 327x251)
(174.2KB, 1200x1691)
(908.6KB, 1200x1600)
(1.4MB, 1499x1871)
(929.7KB, 1181x1540)
nice, I wish OP would deliver faster. Could you do these and more?
Replies: >>5909 >>5914
(1.7MB, 1005x2000)
(1.4MB, 1005x2000)
(1.6MB, 1005x2000)
I have the Alunya edits finished.
Replies: >>5939
>these and more.
That's starting to look like work and I'm a lazy faggot.
May gib on of those a shot tho
Replies: >>5939
(1.8MB, 1181x1540)
def not making more of those.
Hope you'll like this one tho
Replies: >>5939
(4MB, 1411x1743)
make her a darkie pls
Replies: >>5940
Ok, why the green hair? 
>No name.png
Why not QoH black Alunya?
Replies: >>5940
(3.8MB, 1411x1743)
You know when you say you won't do a thing but then it's been 9 hours and you do the thing anyway?
I could so I did.
I fugged it a bit around her left shoulder so maybe a shouldn't have?
Replies: >>5942 >>5943 >>5946
Yeah, now that I've notice it since pointed it out rusbro, I think blonde hair is better on her.
Replies: >>5959
that's not very well done
Replies: >>5959
white hair is kinda based ngl
Replies: >>5952
cuckchan's the other way, faggot
Replies: >>5955 >>5968
This thread is a cuckchan embassy, friend.
Replies: >>5957
>try and shit up thread with obnoxious shitposts
>use cuckchan terms
>get called out
<nuh uh, its clearly the thread at fault.
The hair is kind of a pain to do right, still haven't figured a way to do it that doesn't requires to edit  small details.
Could have spent 1 hour getting it right but as stated above i'm a lazy nigger.
Not him but everyone said based all the time on 8chan. When did this stop being ok?
Replies: >>5969
Speak for yourself, faglord.
>>3135 (OP) 
Replies: >>6258
(1.3MB, 1280x1899)
(1.2MB, 1280x1899)
Got the third one done
Kudos to the kind anon that is helping out aswell.

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