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>>31066 (OP) 
1. /loli/
2. /delicious/
3. It's not 8kun

Also Acid is the owner of that shitty site. Mark is merely lording it over their shitty /v/.
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I don't use the /v/ or /b/ there but boards like /co/ and /fast/ have no alternative anywhere else in the webring. So I use those.
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I check /loomis/ from time to time.
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I go there to laugh at Mark.
>>31066 (OP) 
Why would anyone use patch chans?
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I didn't know anyone did
Multiple personality disorders don't often realise their personalities can't communicate very well between one another.
>people are lazy to make a board so they would subject themselves to Mark's IP honeypot
how do you call this
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for some reason any time you go there to any address other than 8chan.moe, you get this error
you can't even copy/paste the url of a thread you're in to a new tab, same error
you can't even f5 the page you're on, same error
only way to get back to anywhere is through the home page and the internal links in the program
That's FBI scrapping your IP, anon
From what I tested in the past that only happened with some boards and not all.
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yeah, I haven't had the care to try any others tbh, so it may be
had the weird thought it might be to block archiving, since it effectively does
and they had some CP dump/report issues in the past, that shit gets used for that all the time
still though what a pain in the ass
<8kun is the legitimate successor of 8chan according to Wikipedia.
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Acid did this to block normalfags from /loli/ boards-tier, it doesn't really make any sense since you could see loli-tier shit on the overboard.
what, you didn't know?
fuck cakejew
>>31066 (OP) 
they're a pedo
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>/threading yourself
nicely narrows the field; knowing one can instantly dismiss the opinion of one who /threads themselves
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pedo detected
holy shit the trannyjannying happening there right now
deleting text posts en masse and shit

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