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She used to be my waifu....
<also I figure I may as well post this with how le site is toast anyway and bottom of cat is gay-shit currently
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Waifuism is for faggots. 
Heroes should only be fictional or dead, because your hero is not a person, but rather an idea. Real people change, get corrupted, lie, and sometimes are just misunderstood. To have a hero that is a real breathing person is to set yourself up for failure. 
Same concept applies to waifus. A waifu is an ideal born from fiction or reality, not the other way around.
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>saging in op
Also I never understood obsession with le one and only girl/boy/whatever, can any waifufags tell me how do you become obsessed with one person?
For me to get attracted to any person all it takes is certain body type, and not deformed face.
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I hate waifu faggots. Theyre all obsessed autistic weirdo try hards
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Waifufaggotry is about an ideal of exterior(looks) plus interior(personality). It's what you see as a perfect girl, or the closest one can be, and you devote yourself to that ideal like a marriage where you can't get fucked in a bad way but also can't get fucked in a good way. See Pygmalion, the original waifufag. 
That's as far as I understand it though, because while I am autistic I'm not autistic enough for that.
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>thinking that this is going to ever be funny
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It's for monogamous men with big hearts that want to love someone. we love deep and narrow rather than like normalfaggots of whom love shallow and broad. 

Having a moon face plus looking homely is not 'deformed'.
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>>31025 (OP) 
>you will never go to a harbor/beach/port/whatever with an Ellen Page gf
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>>A waifu is an ideal born from fiction or reality, not the other way around.
Hang on a second that doesn't make any sense... what do you even mean?
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>being so autistic an animu lover that it turns you literally effectively gay
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>What? You don't worship roasties. You must be a faggot, then!
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Actually that's really good explanation, thanks for your efforts, anon.
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>he can't get it up to hot women but thinks he's a heterosexual
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>implying anime is perfect
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>>31025 (OP) 
>his waifu hit the wall
I'm sorry anon. Don't judge me. I saw The Princess Diaries as a kid and I thought she was so pretty...
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Read the image again, retard. That's literally the opposite of what I said.
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She did more than hit the wall, she's going ftm after she pissed me off at first late in the game becoming a lez. 

And I was liking Umbrella Academy..
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I put some thought into it now anon.
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She's pretty before transforming into a prep/princess, that girl. Every dweeb liked her including me as well as you.
2D isn't a constant like 3D is, no one pretends every single drawing of a girl is his waifu, which is why object oriented waifus exist.
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>2D isn't constant
Tell that to the remakes that the capitalist pigs keep making. Anime from the early thousands gets remade into widescreen or even from the 90s that's really old into shit like DBZ that looks awful and soulless later on. Even if you like both it's not like it doesn't change.
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>Tell that to the remakes
No one even pretends they're the same except filthy ironic weebs who haven't seen the originals.
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Why pretend old 3d images age when they too are frozen in time? 
>there's a real person
And real artists an authors out there too but I don't follow the animu creator's life/lives. I'd like to have never followed Ellen's but people used to consider her 'queen of weirdness' before she was gay and she's my age and all.... that's a mistake, but she's not all 3d waifus. Also my thread was made in obvious self depreciation as i said "used to be" of course, but that doesn't negate all 3d waifus.
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>raid is over and quelled
Well my Ellen Page thread was fun while it lasted, I guess now it's time to let it go. 

Not for nothin' but I replaced Ellen with  Jewtuber that lives in Canada as Ellen did, has  a moon face, funny personality, left winger and not totally straight, I wonder why it's Canadians with me if this is forming into a pattern....She's not well known so I'll leave her to stay not well known, her videos are in the hundreds with views and I accidentally 
discovered the chick. 

>actually I don't care here's a secret image of her, my new lover that I ironically like the real life personality of that isn't a movie star, send help

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>>something broke
>no image
show cute grill
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>dyed hair
>anorexic-looking body
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>Why pretend old 3d images age when they too are frozen in time? 
Because they're of real people, or else you wouldn't say "She used to be my waifu" and get disappointed she's going to be a tranny. 
>And real artists an authors out there too 
A creator is not his creation. Just because JK ROLF wants to retroactively change stuff it won't bend time and space to change everyone's original experience. 
>she's not all 3d waifus
Yet she's a prime example of why turning a live 3d girl into a "waifu" is retarded.
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Her name is also Kenya and she's vegan and bisexual. 

But she likes anime and ferrets and has a personality. What can I do? I'm a straight male. :(

Thread theme to be honest.
>>31025 (OP) 
Ok "simp" for the lack of a better word I'll use "simp".
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>using a nigger word that means "you're being a slave to the wrong pussy!"
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>it's ok to be a slave to an internet whore if it's my favorite whore
Replies: >>31374 >>31375
Imagine her in ten years. She's either going to be dead or four times as ugly.
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use beta orbiter instead. same meaning, no correlation to twitter whatsoever.
Replies: >>31376
That's what you're saying when you use "simp".
Or I will make a better thing "lopéz syndrome"
>beta orbiter
Or this.
Replies: >>31390 >>31438
>lopéz syndrome
I don't get it.
Replies: >>31438 >>31635
Just say whore worshipper.
Replies: >>31437
Call them tampons, because they're all stuck-up cunts.
Replies: >>31438 >>31441
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Boxxy effect makes more sense considering it's IB's, if not then Lopez, who was that? Do you mean Lindsay Lohan (mistaking it for Lindsey lopez)? You don't get the /r9k/ (original ones, not the autistics that took over) type crowd if you think we ever liked her. Back in the early, very early, thousands people like Lohan but that was extreme normalfaggotry. But Lopez? English IB's are for white people, fuck off. Bad enough that the British and the rest of the Old World are here. 

>people that worship stuck up cunts are stuck up cunts
Not how it actually works, and the ones that /9rk/ (original ones) would target were never stuck up thot alarms. Well, they were thot alarms but they weren't overly stuck up in their overall... 'appearance'...
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I'd start calling them tampons but nobody will get it.
Replies: >>31468
It's way better than simp and it actually makes sense, so go ahead. 
If people don't get it just bully them.
Replies: >>31468
Replies: >>31468
>hmm should I use something that makes no sense or nigger lingo hermmm

Why do people like that beanor?
God, imagine how many men she's been fucked by over the years. Must be in the dozens at least. Someone call the deli, because we've got roast beef down here.
Replies: >>31570 >>31577
Page is lez so not really. 

Then again the ferret chick I'd have to agree.
Replies: >>31575
Every woman is a lesbian until she gets her first dicking.
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<every guy is straight until he gets a deep dicking
<this is not gay projection
Anyway she was gay then turned gayer after pretending to like guys and fuck a few throughout her youth, in like age 25ish she suddenly said 'fuck it' and went for women only. It was a career thing I suppose.
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Holy shit, my fucking sides.
Stay classy, anon.
Ricardo lopéz.
Also know as the Björk stalker.
Wrong. Every Hollywood whore is straight until she gets dicked into feminism.
If she hadn't worked with pedophiles she would most likely not be as broken.

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