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>>30726 (OP) 
Pepes and Wojaks are the big gay but word.
Replies: >>30748
what did he mean by this?
Replies: >>30749
word is something people used to say....
>>30726 (OP) 
going on 2 years now mate
it's time to let it go
hell I'm at the point I've let go of anything replacing it even
this is just the reality we live in now
8chan was a dump and poorly mismanaged from the get go
I'd kill it again if I could
Replies: >>30809 >>30823
>>30804 i didnt say this but harvey weinstein going to jail is the only way americans could chill the world perception of jews as unnormative rapists because no one really watch Fox news or even Biden's twitter.
Hello fellow 8channer! Did you know that we moved to 8kun.top? One of the top boards there is /qresearch/ where we diciper Q drops and rally to dismantle the Deep State. Hope to see you there!


hey Mark
fuck you
Replies: >>30875
excellent schizo posting, keeping this thread pinned to page 1.
Replies: >>30848
for what?
>>30726 (OP) 
16chan is dead tier like z but is okay with fakebook lizard and depression soygoy.
Replies: >>30860
>>30726 (OP) 
8chan was always going to die, if not by Fred's goblin hands then by its own user base. Being the edgiest site on the clearnet paints a pretty fucking big target on your back. 

When it died for good it was already declining, at least it didn't continue shambling on in a zombie state like 4chan has. Now if only 4chan had died when the webring was at its peak and image boards as a whole would be far healthier. All the plebbit cancer culled and contained in their areas while the remaining anons would find other sites. Could've been a new golden era of image boards.
Replies: >>30917 >>30943
Don't ever call me Mark ever again, faggot.
Replies: >>30882 >>30890
Spoiler File
(105.4KB, 640x360, 00:02)
Replies: >>30886
That's it, I'm opening up a gofundme page to assassinate Mark.
Replies: >>30889
okay, Cakejew
id say where is your god now but casually you arent that clean to begin with either
[Hide] (322.8KB, 1011x1018)
I hate this timeline.
>>30726 (OP) 
>another imageboard ran by an actual autistic
So another safe space for the owner and whomever he approves of posting with him
Replies: >>30944
>Being the edgiest site on the clearnet paints a pretty fucking big target on your back.
That was the effect, not the cause.
> Now if only 4chan had died when the webring was at its peak and image boards as a whole would be far healthier.
No they wouldn't be. Cuckchan has always been the safety net protecting 8ch and the rest of the imageboards from the onslaught of normalnigger locust. Good thing that it's still up and all the PPH junkies can stay there and leave this place alone.
Replies: >>31547
how new are you
Replies: >>30946
Found 4chan in the early 00s. How autistic are you to ask that question?
Replies: >>30948 >>30951
2019 isn't early, queer.
Replies: >>30954
>Found 4chan in the early 00s
Might as well just post "hello, I'm newfag"
Replies: >>30954
Alright i just found this place and imageboards today. 

This is the autism, this site is doomed
Replies: >>30957
Lurk before you post
Replies: >>30958
I did and i came to the conclusion imageboards can only suck if the users do because its all user generated content
Replies: >>30979
you didn't, eslnigger
Replies: >>30980
I did, look this imageboard is sucking right now as we speak
Replies: >>30983 >>30992
you ain't helping
Replies: >>30988
I couldn't if i wanted too,  zzzchan is terminal, time for the permanent sleep
[Hide] (427.5KB, 484x640)
>this imageboard is sucking right now as we speak
for the uninitiated, this guy is James "Jole" Banks, and his whole schtick is getting (You)s by bitching about how everything and everyone that isn't him left on these sucks, or picking some target and making up a bunch of bullshit and spamming it everywhere
actually, I correct myself, he is not James "Jole" Banks, because if you say he is while he's not using his tripcode, you're suddenly schizophrenic
he is one of the absolute worst kinds of cancer you can get cursed with
Tbh you shpuld dedicate like 50% of all your time sniffing him out and making him obvious so the rest of us can avoid him
Replies: >>30997
>sniffing him out
you can smell him from the next state over with a head cold
Replies: >>30999
Good, dont let us down brandon
Replies: >>31000
keep horcruxing sweetie :)
Replies: >>31002
Idk what that means tbh
Replies: >>31008
it means he's obsessed with me, as you can see from this thread >>30947
this man has literally spent 48-72 hour meth binge sessions making app generated "memes" to "BTFO" with
Replies: >>31009
Idk wtf youre talking about, what does btfo mean, what memes?
Replies: >>31011
>Idk wtf youre talking about
cool, I envy your lack of knowledge about all this incredibly gay autistic shit and won't spoil your virgin innocence any further tbh
I'm not that cruel
Replies: >>31014
Im not your headmate, not whoever u think i was, take your pills.
Replies: >>31015
>Im not your headmate, not whoever u think i was
where in my replies to you did I imply knowledge of your identity?
Replies: >>31020
>if you say he is while he's not using his tripcode, you're suddenly schizophrenic
Then you just kept on
Replies: >>31021
>actually, I correct myself, he is not James "Jole" Banks
it's been scientifically proven through multiple studies by the Banks-Fortes-Eichmann commission that any post without a Jole™ tripcode is not an Official Jolepost™, and made the necessary textual adjustment as per the sealed settlement of the lawsuit
so talk to my lawyer and bite my ass tbh
Replies: >>31030
every time I see this it makes me avoid it longer, and I think that's the effect with most
Replies: >>31024 >>31029
Good, please don't go there. We need all the users here on zzz we can get.
They've been doing this since before 8chan went down. They make a shitty half assed imageboard, shill the fuck out of it absolutely everywhere, then it goes down and they repeat with another imageboard with new name.
Replies: >>31032 >>31034
>wall of text
dude wtf
Patch owns freech and zzzchan
Replies: >>31035
As a certified expert in the field of Patchology, I can say with a 99.9% certainty of expert opinion formed over months that this is not a Patchan.
Replies: >>31036 >>31038
t. patch
Replies: >>31039
which would be the reason I find it so comfy and keep getting drawn back tbh.
Well it is now
Replies: >>31040
No, one of the only other Patchology experts. It's a very specialized field that pays nothing so there aren't many applicants.
it's not suddenly closed, so signs point to no.
Replies: >>31042
Metadrama says yes
Replies: >>31043
This metadrama says "Butters"
Replies: >>31047
Honestly at this point it feels more like you just seeing ghosts and calling people jole
Replies: >>31050
You sure did, Butters
At this point I just assume any popular thread is full of stupid shitflinging or nonsense metafaggotry nobody cares about.
Replies: >>31057 >>31119
a sadly true assumption vast majority of the time
absolute state
can someone kill me before i have to watch a cringefuck "realistic" movie like yesterday? fucking hell just kill me cringe as fuck
The unpopular threads are just herd trying to make the site look like its not just a core group of samefaggots who all share a discord server
Replies: >>31140
i hate forgeting just kill me
i hate waking up and still not figuring out yesterday s problem just kill 
i h.          kill me
actually you fucks can just extinct. i dont see anything good in the future and neither you or me can possibly benefit each other in the not so cringe af way
yeah yer all so fucking cringe
did all background checks on me and still cringed so fucking bad. i thought you are holy as fuck. turns yer judt smelly
at this rate theyll just cut my hands for typing in anon boards. 

yeah gods does that. hope you suffer forever
well, you guys never do "real jobs".
Replies: >>31127
Youre a loser
Replies: >>31129
yesterday "indie" movie is like "past forty you wont be able to do many anymore"

i cant even do any good shit at forteen.
fucking shit. so fucking many, "professional advice". eat your own shit
uh huh, sure, anything else? 

arent you gonna say anything smart that actually save anyone else? nope? yeah i thought  so.
Replies: >>31132
Loser mad he got called loser sneethe
>t. massive discord faggot
Replies: >>31141
Arent we all?
ok just dont bait anymore actually avoid my prefs tx. i honestly find it uncomfortable to look at.
or whatever zzzzz
baiting u fuck
maybe its

terminal sleepidity
10 million more corona forthese stalkers then

 a short worthless life
do it. fucking do it
haha dramatics. fear. fear. the fear you started. you are the god. what is there but fear in this life? no way to survive this. 
cringefucking hell
love. haha. gtfo. you only care abt yourself. 
sacrifice. hahaha. what the fuck. what a fucking smartfucking liar. hahahaha. 
what a cheat. i dont care abt you too, so dont worry about that.
big win? this life is only for faggots.
helllo? im 28 now. shouldnt you kill already? pussyfuck. hahahah. go ahead.
pissfuck. jail? yeah gay. just hurry the fuck up of yer saints 

dont tell me your lords actually hated you.
fuck come here. faggots 
you call faggots but you are the fucking queer. come now. hurry the fuck up
i did half your job alrrady. 
you just need to stab like a pussy you ve always been. fuckers. 
come on. how saint. 
how holy. you are just vile dogshit. 
come now you gay fucks.
you broke it anyway. arent you just communist?  half assed democrates.
eat your own spit. what do you know? huh? you know nothing. you never knew shit.
what do you care to know?
nothing. nothing important. 
just bleed it.
putting stuff in my room. you fuck.
actually pissed me. fuck you.
fuck you. fuck you forever
pussyfuck. what do you goddamn care. 
hurry the fuck up.
you done playing? you done? then finish up.
you are all so fucking disgusting. actually sharing the same fucking air with you disgust me. gee, you actually feel all you gave is super extra? wow. biggie.

come come come.
come come. do your worse.
come come.
hurry the fuck up
fucking hell. come now? afraid? huh? gee. pussy.
i dont get it. just kill it.
come you fuck. since you are so holy.
isnt this what you want? die and change?
it fits. your fuckign motive. hurry the fuck up. get someone else. hahaha. go ahead. you piece of shit.
have a life.
you need me to go to war too huh? thats all you fucking care. send my corpse then.
haha. so cringe. i cant sleep trying to win. didnt you notice? yeah guess not. no one does.
so holy. so sacrifical. humhum. fucking hell. sitting down your arse haha
heh dont you always want me to leave? heres your chance. it s permanent and triple the salary. no? what are you retard?
come come. war. suffer indefinitely
isnt this what you want? being in complete control? go ahead. have a corpse. haha. 
thats all you know. torture and alienation. 
always very good.
arent you just trying to push me to dirt? well i cant pick myself after spending so much time doing your shit. ha.
cant work now. u must be glad. haha
you win. you fucking win. whatever fuck 
there, victory. wooo, you did it, hurray!
no fucking point. im harvey weinstein now
bless you woooo jail time coming haaaaa
well yer all helpless too. need me to find "friends". how disappointing.  bigass
im following you now and somehow it s wronf

wtf ya all fucking care
you wanna come meet me in jail? have someone break your skull first. and them dont bother coming
religion of peace"
all loving god"
yeah whatever. your butt is on the line. 
you d say all kind of shit i guess.
just die. lame as fuck
arent you just running away from the fact that you are a twofaced pissfuck who couldnt give a fuck anymore? how sad. 
and somehow you still does this. 
just show some nobility that you actually say to everyone you have. hiding your fucking skin
your butt. all for your butt. and now you stop giggling. have fun.
[Hide] (49.4KB, 795x720)
Is this thread Q's vacation house?
yer finished with your responsibility. 
how rich. quaint. and then asking for more. 
"you should go to real world where people dont spare you like us" werent you trying so hard to push me off like most sicko anyway? my worth has been less than 0 considering i am the spoiler dirt.
getting friends and winning by not having debates 

you won me alot by winning my debates mostly.
you are so high up there it s impossible to consider anything important
shut up
these days im feeling good but you are always trying to burn my mojo for this...this god of yours. your one true child rrally.
haha, ironic. i thought you are way better

i thought wrong. dont call me dirt overpromising such crucial things and then flip on your own shit. fucing smartass.
you ve grown into needy twats. sit it like a goddamn god you wanted and actually say the whole thing. but i guess you dont want to be the "all caring"
come kill. then twll everyone i started it. 
wtf u care
>stop taking me for granted
You add nothing of value to anything and the world would be a better place without you.
>implying worse threads
I'm bumping our new friends thread because their schizo ADHD posting is more entertaining.
Replies: >>31533 >>31534
>replying to anon's post in other thread
Replies: >>31551
>ur a bad person
El oh el faggot.
>That was the effect, not the cause
8chan went down because of extremist content. Being edgy gave 8chan it's fame and was the reason for it's death
>Cuckchan has always been the safety net
It smothers imageboards by taking the traffic that could potentially be useful elsewhere. Several smaller, 4chan-esque containment sites would be far better than one massive shithole
[Hide] (3MB, 1024x1920)
what the fuck
Isn't that a redditor meme?

Anyway, it's pathetic is what it is to be all over my cock like he is.
Replies: >>31561 >>31586
afraid of god.

more like afraid o your own ass. ha
after winning so good. you still fuckd up me over. wow, so dramatic. 

is this why hollywood didnt hire you? 
too good for a blockbuster, a pope in the making
[Hide] (993.5KB, 400x300)
>implying it isn't everyone on the board bullying you in shifts
Replies: >>31564
you need a sacrifice goat that bad? 

after fucking me over?
arent you a saint?
sometimes you just. lol
<I'll get him to post how I personally want eventually and if not he'll leave!
I hope you are prepared for disappointment.
Replies: >>31586
dont you just want to see my worst? as if we all can be "equal".
decency. haha. a loser will never  be decent.
Post however you want but don't expect anons to stop pointing out your faggotry.

>Isn't that a redditor meme?
You would know.
Replies: >>31588
<let me try to bump this pepe thread over rose post
>gradeschool tier 'you would know post on top of this'
Grow the fuck up. 

Replies: >>31592
Sage negated
Replies: >>31594
impolite saging intensifies
[Hide] (2.6KB, 705x77)
Replies: >>31643
maybe the people's idea of justice is only as solid as their existence really. 

in which case, isnt very solid. like

a god
completely maleable.
>>31639 i thought everyone has a life
justice in Asia can suckle ots own tits.
being you all have expanded my unhapiness.

you robbed anything goodi could ever have

i hope you have none yourself
you definitely can imagine cracking open my skull without playing a goddamn violent video game. dont you? you are not that "unimaginative"
you wont ever be happy
may you suffer forever
all will fail

just like your dense noises
may your god fail too
...i guess by a certain relativity people dont change much.
Replies: >>31896
People can change if there is a desire to change. But most of the time people are happy to live in the same old rut, even if they deny it. It's easier to keep doing the same old thing than it is to try to change.
Replies: >>31924
i ve heard this. but then there s the other saying where things are easier to break than it is easier to keep; means changing for the worse is easier than for the better. 

everyon likes doing the same rut, esp if it is better than the other shit. so ironically you cant always change or follow your heart s desire.
Replies: >>31930
i did gve up life to support the family, didnt i? 

but i guss that s never enough.

funny by being worse i actually "get" 
life s dumb indeed 
only money matters in the end
everything else comes with price tag
not much makes sense

i wanna make cool programs and earn
but will i? im abit old.
Replies: >>31930
looks like friendship and family is mostly about choking you with the worse thing you dislike. 

i hope humanity unexist right now. 
gayass to begin with
That's why a persons desire for change has to be greater than their desire to stay where they are. I've never heard that saying before, I like it. You're right, there are more worse changes than there are better. Just another reason people don't want to change, I guess that counter push could be a good thing, considering.
The heart is deceitful above all things. I know my heart's got me in trouble more than a few times. It's better not to follow sometimes.

You're never too old to make a positive difference. If you want to make cool programs, do it. Maybe the money will come, maybe it won't. But money isn't the sole indicator of success.
Replies: >>31933
>>31930 you can just change for the worse which is easier. and some people just "does" that without wanting. 
to stay in "a rut" thats good, usually is impossible to do even if you "desire" it

the point is there are things you cant/wont get even if you want it because you dont have what it takes ever. change is easy
the good change is the hard one. and i think most people want the same good rut but you dont just get that of comfort 

for me is money 
at least for my family
it s about giving back.
Replies: >>31935 >>31937
*that kind of comfort

>giving back
but i cant seem to get it no matter how hard i want. and that s life. otherwise people can always get stuff and we wont have this discussion.
>for my family
>it s about giving back.
I can understand that sentiment. I'm trying to find a way to do the same myself.
Replies: >>31940
>the same
i wonder.
Replies: >>31944
i hate being forced to these..  "multicultural" shit. i just wanna be alone
i hate the ** fucks and whatever saintness they fucking give 

i wish i never existed
i am the "boss' child" but i dont feel like i own anything of my own.
i hate these 6 people.
That it's never enough and never will be enough? Like you just keep slipping further in the hole and you'll never be able to make things right. Yeah, I understand that. But despairing doesn't do any good, I just do what I can when I'm able.
Replies: >>31945
>>31944 what, i should giggle and say it ll all be fine in the name of the lord or whatever cosmic allignment is? im not a fraud. but yes, maybe i shouldnt b too noisy but i cant help it 

im lost and IRL isnt a good listener to begin with.
Replies: >>31950
Well, since you brought it up, God can help. But, I was speaking as a man. Worrying about anything insurmountable won't get anything done, even a little is better than nothing, so don't get so down.
And I don't mind if you want to vent, I understand we all deal with things in our own way. I'll listen and give advice, if you want, I won't respond unless you give me a (you).
Replies: >>31953
sorry im not just confused. 
well, not worrying didnt get me done either.
always behind and late no matter what. 
if false confidence had worked so well with me i wouldnt have gotten here. usually i just end up bein a fraud by default.
Replies: >>31954 >>31958
*just confused
sometimes i just wanna bash skulls and let this life burn to nothing. 

cant unexist the cringe. 
might as wel just die then.
no one will understand. explode already.
>(you), vent
I meant, if you want me to reply, reply to me. If you want to get everything off your chest in an empty thread, then go ahead.
>always behind and late no matter what. 
I know that feeling. I'm a world class fuck up. You don't need false confidence, but real confidence. Just start small, doing what you are able to achieve your goals and build from there. It sounds to me like you are needlessly downplaying your strengths. It's important to know ones strengths and weaknesses. You mentioned programming, that's a strength. Not everyone can do that, most people I know can't do it at all. Surely you could get a job using your skills to make some money, to get closer to your goals.
Replies: >>31960
will it matter if you listened or not? do i owe you? do you vent regularly to keep in motion?

>programming, get a job 
i wonder. market is bad right now, and the pay scale is always higher as a doctor or engineer? profit seems low too. not that i truly know. It's just a gimmick isn't it?
my dad tried to do so too, and couldn't make it. why would i be any special?
the job seems like a world class benefit than a real work.

get a job, closer to my dream. yea how does that work. 10 years in a "job", lots of benefit, some really terrible downsides but not much, still dont know how to get IT. 

im afraid to be told a retard and just stick to this hellhole, but what choice do i have.
Replies: >>31961
>will it matter if you listened or not?
It might make you feel better.
>do i owe you?
>do you vent regularly to keep in motion?
In my own way.

I don't know much about job opportunities in programming, but it is a marketable skill. Better than working at a gas station. If you looked around you could probably find something you could do from home. But, like I said, I don't know anything about the field. I was just bringing it up because you said you could do it and needed money.
If you don't want to do it for a job, maybe you could find a site for programmers and make some stuff for fun. Experience tends to build confidence, real confidence.
Replies: >>31964
well. feels like trashed 

it s not like anyone has feelings
religion or whatsoever, i dont think 
you feel that much. 
feeling is a sign of weakness.
>>31961 this "do for fun" thing hasnt been working for quite some time. i feel like i have been "having fun" enough and i havent got much experience or return from it. 
why if the skill is more marketable anyway?
the market is pretty shit already...
Replies: >>31967
this psychology marketting hasnt been good
You've had some success, right?
Isn't that experience? You should draw confidence from your past successes.
Replies: >>31968
>>31967 just personal project. nothing big. and mostly isolated from most markets. 
connecting with the crowd and winning big money like most big company... i wonder if i ll ever do that. it s cringe af.
Replies: >>31969
You don't have to be with a big company. I mean, it would be nice if you found a 100k a year job doing something you liked, but you could start small. Find something easy you could do to begin with.
Replies: >>31972 >>31973
why would i be able to start small when i cant even deal with big company/public biz?
Replies: >>31974
edit: "start small" quote on quote
Then work for yourself doing contract work. It may be harder tracking down jobs since you have to advertise yourself. Or find a small company that will take care of that for you, paycheck will be more steady. Either way, you'll be completing your goal of supporting your family.
Replies: >>31977
What the fug happened to this thread?
no one can ever truly yourself better than you
not your friends, lovers, family, no one. never. nobody. the universe was never your friend, and your god has no responsibility upon you

such is a family

come here universe
end your fucking shit
what kind of contract work? small company? example?
gee fuck that person already
keep your expectation low
why put so much energy for things that dont consider you a priority too?

might as well be extinct now and be rid of the dramatics
if the god is weak
then i suppose i shall be too. 

reap and plunder
and decimate the world

what is thy order but to consume and feast? may the eternal host of chaos 
be seated on the peak of suffering forever
it s understandable when "M" folk gpt angry that jerusalem was robbed from them out of a peace treaty or long years of alliance...

but i just dont get the part when they also find it to be a must to have as much and say freedom not welcome... you have to be that much of a faggot to begin with?
doesnt NS just stands for ngai siaw which means naught and craze like everyone come out from it will b fkd

oh well
now what
...guess we will be eternal enemies in the end
live s business is too trivial for the lord

what is a missing eye to the heaven's worth? or a crushd head? or a world of strangers? the unlimited languages?

will 1000 year of praying frees us from it?
or a billion year of war? truly the lod has descended in all of us. the eternal owner
the destroyer of babel, the judge of the apple!

now the lord shall hunt eternal!
spare us lord! for your wrath is eternal
i fear i will not even be thwre to recognize you

and lucifer cackles from the depth of hell
losing its minds, ah greatfather
have you come to mock me again
oh no. we re not family
master of all tortures and suffering.
why dost thou hurt? those my pain showeth you nothing? 

very well lord. 
a million years of wrath you shall become
lucifer curses, and it burns still
what is he but the lord's mirror image
eternity does not end.
maybe i should whine about affine 3d transformation matrices and how confusing it is including sin cos tangent instead and how confusin all these geometric stuffs instead

abit anti climactic but
i definitelyimagined the low graphical fidelity makes the subject more of secondary to all these, worldly bizness

why use anything else but raycasting again

everyone is so smart so they say that i am not "focused and dreamy" while they also are not interested to deal with mcd jobs
i have no aspirations

if i had read ODA were in industry at 17, i d have quit school myself.

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