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In lieu of having no biz board technically one exists but it's on blacked.gov and also ded as it should be for being on blacked.gov here is a biz thread. ITT, post about your calls, your puts, your memecoins, how you know BTC is going to crash next week, how you know BTC is going to hit 100 grand next week, how the whole stock market is jewish, how crypto is jewish, why your charts are smarter than everyone else's charts, why you're a secret millionaire but spend your time posting on a manchurian doll collecting forum for some reason, etc. etc.
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Bought a couple shares of Oracle a few months ago, ever since they went public in the 80s its been nothing but upward trends. If you want a long-term investment look into them, everyone is going needs databases and Java will never go away whether you like it or not.
Still waiting for BTC to go above/below a certain point before I sell/buy, for the past couple of months it's been hovering around the same mark. I just wish it'd do something already.
Replies: >>29134 >>29390
Huh. You're right, it didn't really get smacked by chinky flu like most of the market did, other than a really fast crash that it recovered from pretty quick. Looks like you made a good financial decision anon
Replies: >>29136
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forgot to post, picture to corroborate anon's statement.
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no need to thank me
Replies: >>29169 >>29293
I was a poor loser and now I drive a lamborghini, all thanks to your advice
How do I participate in stock trade? I heard that the phone apps were forced to go full kosher after the great gamestop shoah.
Replies: >>29176
I've been using Vanguard and it's been pretty straightfoward. Takes a while for any funds you deposit to show up (about a week in my case), so I tend to leave a couple hundred unallocated funds in there in case a stock is about to spike. They haven't jewed me either, the most I got was a warning when I bought some GME that basically said "just so you know this stock is going apeshit right now and we're not responsible for your fuckups"
I'm too chickenshit to buy shares and crypto. Im going the boomer route and putting shit in a 401k and a IRA.
You changed my life man.
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What certain point are you waiting on BTC to reach before you buy, and what point to choose to sell?
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Right now I have ~$500 worth, it fluctuates daily but never goes above or below 500. If it goes below 500 I'll buy, if it goes above I'll sell some of it. It's been sitting on its ass for about two months now, very frustrating.
Replies: >>29431 >>34938
They do say that if you didn't get into BTC early you're playing for scraps. I'm enjoying stocks a lot more than I did coins right now, since coins just seem to do whatever bitcoin does and mine both tanked, so they're at about 60% of what I bought in at. I'm actually on track to make some real money with stocks though, verses just a smidgeon above breaking even with coins if the upwards trends of my current stock selection holds, anyways, and it looks like it will.
Strange animal. The financials look atrocious, nonetheless people buy it. Even before chinkyflu it was taking in like, $.32 a share, not particularly stellar by any stretch. Last quarterly earnings was like, negative $2 a share, maybe more. Just a stock that seems to live purely on speculation that it will return to its pre-chinkyflu prices, I guess.
Replies: >>30593
looked at it earlier today as well, even before the wuhan wheeze it was going in the shitter, they've been on life support ever since and I truly don't see it making a comeback. Probably a slight spike after shit reopens but it won't be enough to save them. It's a shame though, A-List was pretty good especially since it was made purely to shit on MoviePass's corpse.
Replies: >>30605
Yeah. Trouble is, I'm locked into 5 options for it over the next two weeks. Will be looking to dump it asap, because I'm sure I'll get it since I'm locked into $10 strike marks, and the individual on the other ends will, I'm sure, execute if it's even a penny below $10. 
Hopefully I can dump it for ~$11 apiece, pocket a little bit of return and find some better stocks. Wouldn't have gone into it to begin with so blindly, but my PhD holding brother was raving about it so I hopped on in too, since it has been treating him well, at least in the past.
Replies: >>30607
>PhD holding brother 
in redditnomics?
Replies: >>30616
electronic engineering
I personally don't trust it at this point. Alt coins and Monero are better options. Plus, (((Buttcoins))) aren't even private like Monero is, for ex.
i'm just here waiting for it all to collapse so i can laugh my ass off to you retards.
Replies: >>30758
I hope you have precious metals, it's not like dollar or any other currency is backed up by anything right now.
Replies: >>30759
>muh metals
Metals won't do shit in a societal colapse, and they'll keep being worth jack until the rebuild period.
Replies: >>30761
They're still worth quite a bit to people who expect to reach the rebuild period. And since most people in that category tend to be the ones with a lot of survival resources at hand, that makes them not useless.
That aside, currencies failing doesn't mean societal collapse so your sentence is irrelevant anyway.
Replies: >>30762 >>32648
>They're still worth quite a bit to people who expect to reach the rebuild period
They'll be worth increasingly less until then and due to the low demand the price will quickly go to less than you bought it for. Unless you run out and sell it as soon as shit hits the fan it won't be worth it. 
>currencies failing doesn't mean societal collapse so your sentence is irrelevant anyway
>i'm just here waiting for it all to collapse so i can laugh my ass off to you retards.
If you think he's just talking about the current currencies you're retarded.
I too have always wondered how gold is meant to be a currency against disaster, since you can't eat it, build shelter out of it, or wear it for warmth.
Replies: >>32655
Gold has always been a convenient resource of trade since time immemorial. The value of gold is also fairly stable, it can buy the same amount of goods today as it could in the roman era. Or so I've heard.
But if the bottom ever really fell out, I'd rather have cartons of cigarettes and bottles of liquor to trade than gold. In a barter economy you need intrinsic value.
Replies: >>32664
>if the bottom ever really fell out, I'd rather have cartons of cigarettes and bottles of liquor to trade than gold
wish I could find the cap of the guy talking about serbia (I think), knowing some guy during that was getting fucked by guys' wives for disposable lighters and canned food
Replies: >>32671
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>bought 15 shares of stock in some random pharma company because the ticker was the same name as a show I really liked
>they're pushing into the CBD venue which will only grow in the next few years as weed goes legal
it was a very stupid decision but we'll see where it goes

got it
>that article
Scary stuff. Hopefully we never have to deal with that, but be armed and have people you trust are the main lessons to be learned. I've been meaning to learn how to make wine, that would be a valuable commodity, I should go ahead and do that.
My brother bought some cbd stock recently, hope it does well.
Replies: >>34434
>elon musk says thing
>cryptocurrency market explodes in value or tanks in value according to whatever he said
50.8k BTC right now, if you reckon it'll go back up in value in the future.
Replies: >>34422 >>34426
this post aged poorly
>almost bought some crypto 
>market dumps
phew missed out on losing moni
Replies: >>34437
Why would it be hard to make alcohol? As a neet it's seems easily done, though I've never had to catch wild yeast in some moist flour before, I imagine as long as you don't have rats (I do) you could just leave it out until it starts to rise next to your window, the flour, then throw a bit into the 'wash' you have. IF society ended you'd ideally use honey of which only takes following a bee around and blowing smoke all over the hive to make them drink their honey so they can hardly fly, not that I've done that either. 

Anyway, booze is easy to make. Too easy really. You can make a strong brew in like 2 weeks vs the many months if not over a year other drugs take to make all the while the plant might die from various things, fungal, viral, poor watering, ph balance of soil, etc. All the vat of sugary yeast water needs is to be no more than 1/3 sugar as more than that and the yeast can't perform mitosis, well mixed, cleanly to avoid bacteria turning it into vinegar over time, and some sort of air lock to let the co2 escape, like thick cloth at the top of the mouth of the container made really thick (and tied on).

But drugs? I have no experience in that. They cost real money. My nigger food card can make with sugar in contrast to honey like 2 dollar a gallon strong wine. I try to avoid making it as I'll die otherwise. 

>start to read article
>police are gone and gangs destroy everything
Police are a gang. Stopped reading. Why would the new tyrannical leader destroy his own property? 
So idiots don't have a ferro rod or three? Magnifying glasses? E-cig lighters nor solar panels? 

Oh people make me sad. I'm neet and have all of that. Neet's be lazy so I'll pick on the rest of that article later. Bet he doesn't even know you can eat acorns and shit if you wash the tannin out.
>non reusable dishes and cups
[thinking face]
buy it now
Replies: >>34440 >>34465
nope, what i want to buy is still crashing
i love catching falling knives
okay maybe i fucked up buying earlier as the market has rebounded but I'm hesitant its going to decline even more
Replies: >>34471 >>34479
I suspect many people will end up holding for ages again like that last time, but time will tell.
Replies: >>34472
agreed and with so much uncertainty now, there's going to be a lot of holders waiting until more scrubs enter the market to be liquidated
I was thinking of investing in some precious metals, probably silver, how does that work? I asked someone about it and they said to buy it online, but where can I sell it for market price?
Yup, agreed, time will tell, etc, pp.
it's gonna bounce, we're near the bottom
Replies: >>34480
dead cat bounce more like
remember if you didn't buy years ago you're playing for pennies
Replies: >>34482 >>34575
t. kike who doesn't want anons to get rich
yolo it all into gme
Crypto is the easiest way for me to move my money from country to country without risking theft by officials, street nigras and banks charging obscene rates.
Replies: >>34699
That's true. In hearing about it only ever being thrown around as a money "making" thing, I forgot about its original and intended use.
>If it goes below 500 I'll buy, if it goes above I'll sell some of it. It's been sitting on its ass for about two months now, very frustrating.
Did you decide to buy?
Replies: >>35189
etherium_death.png (u)
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Here we are anon, even eth has committed seppuku. Were you able to escape with your holdings intact? Are you obligated to ride this down into the graveyard to hold for however long until it hopefully recovers?
any of you guys kill yourselves over crypto yet
don't reply if yes
ps. buy gme
Replies: >>35195 >>37937
OOOOOOO I'm getting in on the bottom soon
Working on it, all the buy offers right now are through bullshit channels like Amazog gift cards or (((Zelle))). USPMO is the best way to go right now.
Replies: >>35190
Righto, I may or may not buy once the dust settles, right now I don't particularly care to gamble on whether this is the bottom or just partway through a crash. I'll just be sticking to muh stokz for a while yet, looks like.
980189c4d59db685cbd7170d108badfe602f201c42066634c664cf71e4a87a47.jpg (u)
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>mfw I bought in early and I'm down 30%
What coins?
Replies: >>35222
5d065835ebee68127553620a7ea7d5465fcd80ca686e341b40e1fea9189cdf74.gif (u)
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I like it when normalfags lose money, but it's not so fun when anon loses money.
Replies: >>35222 >>35233
Buy more and average down.
Replies: >>35222
4406e179375e891cec6ab6c6bb695b897ab931be4bacc689fa99c66a03bc1769.jpg (u)
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was thinking of doing that
it's ok, it will recover probably, maybe, I think, I hope
Replies: >>35237
>biz thread
>implying anon isn't a normalfaggot
buy gme
What shitcoins, shithead?
c901e4f4616508293ae0de0631f8ac1c5d27da44d4370686beac635a516594d3.png (u)
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>he bought
buy gme
haha funny dogecoin
Replies: >>35284
buy gme
Replies: >>35285 >>37937
cut it out, merchant
Replies: >>35286
buy gme
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>3 years ago
>some anon shilling a coin by sending free amounts
>finally remembered to check
>coin dead
>website gone
Getting a buddhist feel from this.
I'm down a few thousand myself. Here's the thing, as long as you HODL you don't lose shit. I'll jsut HODL until it goes back up and then some. Simple. Nothing to cry about.
jew-chan.jpg (u)
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You really don't need biz board, you just need to datamine 4/biz/
buy gme
Replies: >>35526
Replies: >>35528
quit spamming threads bag-holder
Replies: >>35900
technical_analysis.png (u)
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buy GME
it's time
buy high sell low
Replies: >>35911 >>35912
I fear this rocket has taken off without me. Will have to keep an eye on that though, I do enjoy bideo games.
Replies: >>35911
buy low sell never
nah it hasn't
grab one at least and hodl
this is financial advice
6d798c16fe9119b9485518e952f819b6d897ed8bd2ac391884ff7aa491842352.jpg (u)
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I did it again
Replies: >>35944 >>35974
1599627222070.jpg (u)
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buy gme
Replies: >>37937
421837ca8496cfbe68ba5cedcf644260acefedfacd900aa92511d4be107bcb38.png (u)
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Rough life in the crypto world, I hear that "averaging down" is smart but I don't know why.
buy gme
(on Tuesday)
Replies: >>36016 >>36049
It's got to drop a ways to catch my interest, although I am watching the thing. Just really up there right now, 'specially since it was about $29 pre chinky flu.
Replies: >>36019
Average means fuck all where it's going, but it's your funeral, cuck.
Replies: >>36038
mmm. lots of rockets that haven't set off yet, just going to find one that I don't have to chase down, you see.
Replies: >>36047
nothing like gme exists but gme
sell gme
Replies: >>36110
if you wanna kill yourself
buy gme
Replies: >>36112 >>37937
trips of buying gme
sell shitcoin
buy gme
buy gme
Is HODL the most retarded meme of all time? What's the point of HODLing if you can sell and immediately acquire more of the same coin a couple weeks there after. Austistically HOLDing a coin so you don't "LOSE" makes you lose more no matter.
My portfolio is 100% Softbank. I thought about diversifying but Softbank does it for me in superior PE markets.
hodling makes sense but buying makes more sense
this only applies to gme though
Replies: >>37932
a90d8b5004c7d5274c2dd4e4052f6da99738214c71f982c63b581d418db7ede1.png (u)
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I'm hodling because I bought in too early and I don't want to sell at a loss, that's all
Nah. If you know you have a great asset, than just holding onto the thing nixes transaction costs in and of itself. Whether any "digital coin" counts as a great asset or not is another question entirely.
If the goal of HODLing is to hold onto a given resource, it makes more sense to sell it if you know reasonably well there's going to be be a BEARISH phase because then you can just buy more of it and HODL onto more.
Like if you sold bitcoin at 50k instead of HOLDing, then you could more than double your bitcoin when it drops to 20k, and HOLD twice as much bitcoin in the long run. That's what I'm talking about. Too much HODLing is really gay in a bearish market.
91863e4a52ae84b3043414a766fcc1e1.jpg (u)
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>buy gme
How? I'm a complete newfag when it comes to /biz/iness, but I guess that probably means I shouldn't bother.
Replies: >>37945 >>38973
6gorillonshuffle.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 480x480, 00:15)
There's no reason to bother with stocks unless you have a moderately large initial capital you know you can invest. Stock market is slow and heavily regulated and has some entry barriers. Get into crypto instead.
Replies: >>38973
lineup.png (u)
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Replies: >>38663
803c3c1465b5170f4b4a8d68dbe2e0028a8bac2c3c9bc67c96411270491a033d.gif (u)
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>missed three dips two 20% and one 40%  ever by FOMO'ing not once but twice
>still can't break even
>still can't get out
hold me bros
shut the fuck up and go back
Replies: >>38668
9da0f83e3827d1b959897293d6d446b7b4f69098af0ec5a0fc1ef57f0a4a42bb.png (u)
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don't you have a discord in to be crying about patch?
I think there's going to be an even worse dip soon enough.
It's a rough life in a sideways market that seems to be trending downwards
I bought at around 30000
Maybe hasn't been such a good idea but I wasn't interested in investing, just needed some to convert and I have been waiting for months.
Thoughts on Uphold as a crypto broker? A boomer friend of a boomer relative's been using it and recently suggested it.
open a Fidelity account and buy gme
1 gme is worth more than your entire wallet
mope cryptard
Replies: >>38978
8a0eab495ee2b3b0eaedd8a2e1e55e82aa0ec92813ef5d738b718f78e8e8754c.png (u)
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Is there a way to guess which candle comes after?
Replies: >>38978
try my method
if you bought it's gonna be red, if you sold it's gonna be green, it's just the way it is
Replies: >>38984
>I'm the boomer
>trades crapto and gets fleeced by institutions liquidating on repeat
try not to kill yourself every time you remember I told you to buy gme
oh look they rugpulled crypto again
for the 5th or so time in a month
Replies: >>39046
8727d8ae3015a1a96bb5f6fe1f7e8bb9c69f83a6afc7cf06cb2ae0531e8b18b6.png (u)
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>he didn't sell the top
>he didn't short the top until the bottom
>he's not rebuying the bottom
>he's gonna miss the next pump
LMAOing at you
Replies: >>39057 >>39061
The next pump is after a few years of crabbing.
Replies: >>39060
LOL.png (u)
[Hide] (174.4KB, 363x377)
>few years of crabbing
>when it moved over 50% in both directions in the span of few weeks
LOL this is what the delusional stock boomer actually thinks. imagine autistically holding stock that moves .2% a day for years and then accusing crypto of being slow
Replies: >>39062
I'm 100% in GME which is skyrocketing off about 0.01% of its true power atm, cope crypto peasant. 2011 was 10000 years ago, that's when shitcoin was relevant.
get_fucked.png (u)
[Hide] (22.7KB, 637x430)
get_fuckeder.png (u)
[Hide] (28.7KB, 631x446)
>.2% a day
sell shitcoin buy gme
or you will kill yourself
buy gme in the next 25ish minutes
also buy it tomorrow
Screen_Shot_2021-05-28_at_10.37.07_PM.png (u)
[Hide] (760.6KB, 1021x572)
I'm getting some SPACs that don't have merger targets yet so I can sell covered calls once they do announce a target. Right now I got SVFA, SVFB, SVFC, and LDHA. We'll see how it goes.
Replies: >>39187
Replies: >>39945
buy gme
Replies: >>39479
butthurt and singles
buy gme
based chad gme singles
buy gme
Replies: >>39550 >>39553
buy gme
Replies: >>39550 >>39553
Replies: >>39555
It's a bad time to buy gme as the stock is at a high price.
Replies: >>39555 >>39562
inb4 your inevitable regret and suicide
nah it's not
you don't even know what a high price is
buy gme
Replies: >>39556
trips of truth
buy gme or kill self in a year
2 options
Dropped 21% so far today, down to $236 now. The time is approaching where the price might finally be right to buy gme.
Replies: >>39564 >>40325
any time is the right time
another time is another time and it's also the right time
but eventually you run out of chances and then kill yourself
so buy gme
ITT: coping bag-holders
Replies: >>39566
baby rage more projecting poorfag
Replies: >>39567
buy gme
Replies: >>39642
What am I, Rockefeller with access to after hour markets?
Replies: >>39720
buy gme in pm
buy gme
Replies: >>39804 >>39805
Replies: >>39805
all me
buy gme
buy gme
buy gme
Replies: >>39835
I found out my wife is betraying me with this "gme" dude. What should i do guys?
Replies: >>39859 >>39879
short him
Replies: >>39879
buy gme
buy gme too
reopen the market and buy gme
I sure wish reddit-kun would leave.
buy gme on a saturday
or kill yourself 7 days a week within the year
is it monday yet
buy gme
still saturday
buy gme
1623566519125.jpg (u)
[Hide] (32.8KB, 350x332)
Replies: >>40098 >>40107
me_looking_at_my_binance_portfolio.jpg (u)
[Hide] (97.9KB, 650x896)
stop being a crypto crybaby and become a gme man
Replies: >>40137
I ain't buying your dead company's stock, schlomo
Replies: >>40150
>forcing a (((biz))) general to stay up
>it's about memecoins
A future suicide statistic, too dumb and gay to read up on anything. Enjoy your life of poverty, retarded mutt.
buy gme
Replies: >>40189 >>40198
Replies: >>40198
reddit shills plz, gme is going down is price
Replies: >>40200
not an argument
Replies: >>40201
at least you admit it's a bad time to buy
Replies: >>40203 >>40204
take pills
Replies: >>40206
not even me
it's a good time to buy whenever
bitchmade peasant
buy gme
or you will kill yourself
2 options
Replies: >>40207
buy_gme.png (u)
[Hide] (23.1KB, 1152x648)
Replies: >>40213 >>40214
Replies: >>40214
all me
buy gme
can you be funny
Replies: >>40220
Cry more faggot, your life is a tragedy. Buy gme.
buy gme
buy gme
7034ac7fea6dd6e24118ca7bcb60b845c06996b6bf1b8d184aacb2804c20b167.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (23.3MB, 1280x720, 01:23)
unironically posting memes from Reddit because you newfaggot scum are inferior to Redditors in 2021 and being clowned on by them
buy gme
Replies: >>41868
The way I see it
I have given you a chance
I am a good person
but I pose it in an unpalatable way so your asshurt steers you astray
because you are a prisoner of your asshurt
and so you will kill yourself instead of taking my advice
which is ultimately much more pleasing to me
buy gme
Replies: >>40249
3aa798397cee58dbb7fbce029a2903d6927e20125046c1b46f48c73192bf188d.jpg (u)
[Hide] (150.8KB, 948x950)
>the gme faggot and the schizoposter are the same person
it all makes sense now
Replies: >>40250
The butthurt newfag is the eternally poor suicide in waiting.
buy gme or you will kys
fair warning
buy based gme
Replies: >>40280
buy gme
but only if you want to buy gme, i wouldn't want to make you feel like i'm pressuring you into buying gme by telling you to buy gme, so just do whatever you're comfortable with doing.
good because gme is a bad bet right now
Replies: >>40287
kinda based
words you will regret saying for the rest of your life
Replies: >>40305
dubs of buy gme
Replies: >>40289
gme dubs
I would regret investing in it now.
Replies: >>40371
The ship has already sailed on gme.Whoever buys GME now is just throwing away their money.
Replies: >>40371
GME is gonna crash harder than bitcoin. Gamestop is a worthless company with an outmoded form of business that could go bankrupt and be shuttered at any second.
Replies: >>40330 >>40371
the_last_blockbuster.jpg (u)
[Hide] (88.7KB, 696x442)
>Gamestop is a worthless company with an outmoded form of business
>that could go bankrupt and be shuttered at any second.
No. It still has properties it can sell off. And less properties will mean less overhead so the profits from their sells will stretch further each time. They may even become an online retailer and try to compete with steam or whoever sells those plastic dolls. It will be a long drawn out death, like blockbuster. https://archive.ph/ZjbH9
>GME is gonna crash harder than bitcoin
The stock was undervalued by short-sellers who got their dicks caught in the door when the gme meme happened. Now it is hilariously over-valued, like a lot of companies, because the market is not as rational as wallstreet would have you believe. Funnily enough, gme stock would make a better memecoin since it actually has some real-value underlying it. And, similarly, is only where it is because people believe it will make them rich.
Replies: >>40371
best goyim
2 bil in the bank, cut operating costs by half in one quarter, bringing on a bunch of ex-Amazon higher ups and still being undervalued at 350. That's not even the squeeze thesis, shorts never covered and you are apex goyim if you believe the narrative they have.
Buy gme or you will spend the rest of your ill-fated life baby raging at everyone who did.
buy gme
buy gme
but remember money isn't everything, some of the most happiest people i've met were vagrants.
Replies: >>40376
>Implying GME isn't the single most valuable commodity on Earth
top kek
buy gme because money is everything and we will have all of it
buy gme
buy gme 
unless you're not interested
buy gme regardless of your shit opinions
Replies: >>40482
1c307391ae78a2e5c6e714859f0ef4b7f5582727269313123e96976a23824f85.png (u)
[Hide] (72.3KB, 279x279)
>ctrl+f gme
>84 matches in 207 replies
holy shit dude give it a fucking break
Replies: >>40484
buy gme
Replies: >>40485
>buys gme
>lives a happy life as a multimillionaire
one option
>doesn't buy gme
>kills self while poor
other option
buy gme
buy gme
but not if you're prone to suicidal thought.
Replies: >>40527
It's a man's stock, little babies that sperg when their numbers go down and lose the plot can buy shitcoin and sell at a loss.
buy gme
Replies: >>40565
i'm gonna keep making this post it will be funny eventually
Replies: >>40669
1cd03c573e37bb421edcf405650e2f13f97b596249891c9bceade60cffdfe572.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (80.8KB, 1000x636)
Replies: >>40669
buy gme
or not, it's your money.
Replies: >>40669
It was never meant to be funny.
A buying op and keeping that IV in check for next week's t+21 FTD cycle and cheapo weeklies.
Buy gme.
guy bme
Replies: >>40723
buy gme
after you've done your own research, and know that buying gme is the right choice for you.
Replies: >>40743
Buying GME is the right choice for anyone not looking to kill themselves in regret when they see GME's true form.
1411401744575.jpg (u)
[Hide] (86.5KB, 640x512)
Can someone explain why Monero's inflation rate will asymptotically approach zero once tail emission starts? The only reason I can think of is that while the supply of currency will only grow at a linear rate, we assume that the amount of goods and services will increase logarithmically, thus resulting in inflation always going down. I have no idea if this is correct or not. If there is a knowledgeable anon in the thread, please opine.
just found out Brock Pierce is behind Tether
Replies: >>40874
Hidden thread.
Replies: >>40875
you what?
buy gme
buy gme
buy gme
as a disclaimer, you should know that i do not have any financial credentials what so ever.
Replies: >>40905 >>40909
buy gme
muh credentials
muh expert kike advice
I love being directed to pump and dumps and never doing research on my own - you
buy gme
buy gme guise  if you trust kikes 
Replies: >>40967
being poor forever is based and redpilled
Replies: >>41007
buy gme
There is no shame in poverty. There is sin being greedy and believing grifting kikes like you.
Replies: >>41125
fuck off mutt peasant
buy gme
Replies: >>41212
What do you even buy stocks on?
Replies: >>41196
Get a brokerage account. There's lots of options that suit different tastes, avoid shit like Robinhood though. If you're in the U.S I recommend Fidelity as they are established and actually have customer support/decent policies/don't fuck over their users.
buy gme (on Monday)
Dirty grifting jew, get a real job and stop believing your lies.
Replies: >>41230
Working is for people that don't own GME, so that there is something to distract them from their innumerable failures and inability to escape the media narrative pod that they live in. Maybe you can even afford to eat bugs if you work hard enough, retarded mudskin slave.
It's Saturday and you faggots can't buy GME at all
Buy it anyway.
buy gme
next week or whenever you're ready, but for now have a pleasant weekend.
Replies: >>41270 >>41271
but buy gme on Monday
Replies: >>41271
Show how much stock you've bought.
Replies: >>41710
What's that supposed to mean?
I'm 100% balls deep in GME and your lil sister.
Buy gme.
Replies: >>41712 >>41718
this but restated again moments later
Show us how much stock you've bought.
Replies: >>41746
6de9bdd9c9bab3e940e789162a9079c1a23101b4ad4778a7b0e07becaef916f7.jpg (u)
[Hide] (28.1KB, 1213x40)
buy gme
Replies: >>41762
Nice, that's actually quite the stack you have there. For GME, $176 does still seem like a very high price, but perhaps with all that new equity money that flowed in they're able to slap together a more efficient business model.
Replies: >>41778
I got most of this position by buying $25 worth of OTM calls in February the week it went from 40 to 200 then averaging down from my entry in January in the 300s - then I averaged up, and it was still a bargain at 312 in the long term (especially without RH's fuckery at the time.) Could have swung it into more shares a few times by now since I've been on board for the 345 and 344 runs but I am in here for full retard money not a double. They have like 2 billion on hand after the most recent offering and are still shorted to hell despite what you may have heard, there's a fuckton of synthetic shares diluting the SI% being self-reported by the counterparties that stand to get viciously raped if they are forced to cover. The transition to a tech company and the transition into e-commerce are both on the table, Ryan Cohen as chairman pulling in talent from Amazon and Chewy (his former company that he built, competed with Amazon's pet supply arm on and beat them at) and it all looks fucking stacked. I'm buying more, I don't give a fuck.
Go to r/superstonk, abandon all preconceived notions about what Gamestop used to be (keep about half of your preconceived notions of Reddit) and read the DD. This shit is gonna change the world, you can still get in and you're gonna be so asshurt if you don't.
Replies: >>41864
If you forget to buy GME though I will be here continually reminding you to do it on a daily basis. It will start as a plea, it will evolve into a warning, then it will become bullying to even remind you I said it.
692ad78507fbf0e211fd498f02ef6b6cc8eb754847cf6a588a2f3556f19eeada.jpg (u)
[Hide] (100KB, 640x640)
I'm pretty sure anything put into near money calls is gonna print decently on Wednesday when the t+21 FTD cycle hits, sure enough to broadcast it at risk of being wrong, but I'm gonna get myself some weeklies. Last t+21 was like a $40 straight up run smack at 3:30 PM EST and all of last week was glacial volume and IV is low as fuck now going into Monday for them low ass premiums. If it prints I'm then loading it into more shares. If I didn't have shares I'd buy shares first since right now everything being sold is a counterfeit share in all likelihood and adds significantly to the apocalyptic squeeze potential, but it's something to think about and things are lining up well for it imo  for boys who can tolerate risk. There's possible news this week relating to GME's most recent offering out there as well, as after announcement we saw a steady but low volume downtrend while OBV held consistently sideways similar to the sideways trend at $180 that took place when their last offering was underway, and it popped up at announced completion. I'm going like ~300 strike for a nice balance between low premium and feasibility. This is not financial advice, but I am autistic in the extreme.
0fd71181f658a3850b50642b5098078a989c31b51f2a3e3e2696437da1eaa8d2.gif (u)
[Hide] (409KB, 400x296)
>Go to r/superstonk
at last the faggot reveals himself, this is the guy telling you how to invest your money, a filthy redditor
Replies: >>41868
If your furious newfag ass was capable of processing information you would have realized I first posted something directing you there in this post >>40246
Where I also correctly noted that imageboards have been so thoroughly ruined by the invitation of newfaggot garbage as to make them an inferior platform to Leddit.
It's your suicide to commit, retard.
Replies: >>41870
d88f7220e646bdee76a679a8f404bf2e8ed25033fff764876162d3115ace1c8e.png (u)
[Hide] (328KB, 507x652)
yawn, anything you say is irrelevant redditor, you make me sleep
Replies: >>41873
You're gonna sleep forever when you end your life seeing where GME went without you. I won't attend the funeral.
Buy GME or die in pover-ty
kind of rhymes
for a reason
Replies: >>41878 >>41879
based dubs of buying gme and making newfag weabs cry their bloodshot eyes out
Replies: >>41879
based samefag samefagging and self-checking to enrage them even more
buy gme
buy gme
but i won't bully you if you don't, because i'm sure you'd have a very good reasonable explanation for why you wouldn't buy gme if you didn't buy gme.
Replies: >>41898 >>41900
bought :)
Replies: >>41900
It is probably some latent desire to self-harm being expressed by denying oneself the best investment they could possibly make, they actually want to kill themselves already and are preparing a reason for them to do it when GME launches without them.
buy more gme
almost gme buying time
gme isn't buying time but it's time to buy gme
buy gme in premarket
it's premarket
buy gme
holy fuck the market is open and I just bought a gme call
buy gme
My call is down 34%
buy gme
buy gme
>gme steadily walking downhill 
>btc crashing 
>hurrrbbuygme morans
Replies: >>42164 >>42167
yet OBV remains sideways
yet the SI is unfathomable
yet they have to deliver a shitload of FTDs on Wed.
What's an FTD he says
who is the stonk market? - you
cope poorfag
shitcoin retards deserve it though
My call is down 46%
buy gme
I bet your ass wishes you had the nuts to buy GME at $38 though
and $4
and you're gonna wish you bought at 200
then say 'oh 400 is too high I'll just wait'
and so on
can't help cucks
Replies: >>42167
chad buyer of gme dubs
pitiful poorfag w/o gme singles
obv.jpg (u)
[Hide] (83.9KB, 828x437)
look at all of that selling no one is actually doing
but nothing weird about that says uninformed retard weaboo
buy gme
even if you can only afford one share because you spend all of your wagie peanuts on tenga cups, used panties and animu dakis
even the weabs deserve to be rich so they can afford the gun they'll use to kill themselves
Replies: >>42174
sell gme fren
bag holders need to be put in their places once and for all
Replies: >>42175
you will be
buy gme
Replies: >>42177
a hole in the ground for every pussy bitch that doesn't buy gme
a brighter future
buy gme
Replies: >>42177
sell gme
cash out buy a gun and shoot urself
your brighter future is spamming obscure shitboards alone for imaginary profits from forcing gme past the initial rush
sell gme
Replies: >>42178
stay butthurt
gme isn't even at 0.001% of its true power
you're gonna opt to eat a bullet like you had damning info on Hillary when you see what this stock can do
Replies: >>42181
unlike the Reddit cucks I will celebrate all of your demises because I have zero sympathy for cowards
buy gme
cope with gme
Replies: >>42181
just like star citizen is always in beta for their cult/audience amirite
sell gme and don't waste your time on it
sell gme
drop the bags right now
Replies: >>42182
still up cuck
you would be too if you had a pair
too bad for you, peasant mindset, peasant life
buy gme
Replies: >>42185
give it time bud, it's gonna crash and you'll be back working mcdonalds shifts and posting red wojacks back at /biz/
sell gme and cash out while it's good
Replies: >>42186 >>42190
I've never worked a day in my life and never will. I'm better than you. Buy GME or die in poverty, 2 options.
Replies: >>42189
also remember when it "crashed" to 40
I bought more and averaged down then it went back to 345
got flash crashed to 170
bought more
went up to 344 again
'this is totally it this time' the seething, coping little cuck cub cries.
Replies: >>42190
I've never worked a day in my life and never will, I'm also better than you. But you are gonna work those shifts after gme sinks so keep screeching, you'll cope harder in the end.
Replies: >>42191
chad dubs
cringy wageslave singles
You'll have to steal more than just my lines to get by when the economy burns to the ground around GME's space elevator candles.
Replies: >>42192
I'm not the one that'll have to steal to get by when it drops friend
Replies: >>42193
I don't associate with poor people.
Replies: >>42194
you hold the bags, that is association
Replies: >>42195
Yeah sure sucks being up and being in early. I'd much rather be a seething manlet with no money like you.
Replies: >>42197
buy gme or you will inevitably kill yourself
you're gonna seethe plenty in the end, can't wait to see your red wojack collection
sell gme
Replies: >>42198
I'll put a red wojack on my lambo just for you, tiny man.
buy gme
Replies: >>42200
dubs of buy gme
Replies: >>42201
dubs of buy gme
sell manlets into slavery
buy gme
sell gme and cause spammers to off themselves
Replies: >>42205
imaginary manlets imaginary poverty imaginary profit
sell gme and lead happy life away from impending disaster that usually follows
spam is free speech
buy gme
rulecucks lament
their money is spent
due is their rent
they live in a tent
Replies: >>42207
buy gme
imaginary rulecucks
imaginary tents as they picture all sorts of things
sell gme or trade with these fools
Replies: >>42209
sell gme now
doesn't even rhyme
stunted mentally as well as physically
buy gme
Replies: >>42213
buy gm­e
buy g­­me
Replies: >>42212
dubs of buy g­me­
seethe cuck, absolutely delusional
sell gme
Replies: >>42217
sell gme
short gme and sell it again
tell your friends
Replies: >>42217
implying you can even short it
If you actually can short it as retail def do though, more rocket fuel is good even if it's only peanuts
be like that cuck on Reddit that shorted it, lost 90k overnight and then deleted his account immediately after.
If you can't throw yourself on the pyre by shorting it, buy it I guess.
Really whatever value you can give me whether equally beneficial to you or at your expense is still the most value you've ever had to me, which is what matters, me.
Buy or short gme
ken's bags are the heaviest of all and he needs good goyim to help hold them
short gme
or buy gme if you actually want to benefit from your investment
but short it if you don't care and just want to be kindling
and you actually can short it since most retail brokers won't let you since they don't want to deal with retards with no collateral taking on infinite risk on a losing bet
but buy it if you don't like to stay poor like that one manlet
Replies: >>42237
'it' being GME
just to clear up any confusion
buy GME
"spam makes me cry" - anon
buy gme
*unhide thread*
hes still posting to himself
*hide thread*
Replies: >>42241
butthurt as fuck
suicide in proggers
buy gme
get butthurt at my twatch terminology
you seethin'?
You thinking 'that's not to code'?
Remembering your newfag 'how 2 fit in' handbook?
Too bad faggot, babyrage
buy gme
buy gme
shitron.png (u)
[Hide] (58.6KB, 605x388)
muh crash
any day now
for 5 months
Replies: >>42257
this was at $36 by the way
it's never been there since
not even when RH turned off buying at the end of Jan
but any day now
buy gme
contrarian gaybears will burn in the fire of their own autism
buy gme
My call is back at 42.53% down up from 56% down and what I bought it for hasn't even begun yet
so hey that's funny
GME makes you immune to the color red
buy it
Replies: >>42282
buy gme dubs
buy gme singles
buy gme
Replies: >>42324
buy gme dubs
the market isn't even open rn
buy gme
Replies: >>42400
buy gme dubs
Replies: >>42401
buy gme dubs

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