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I can't deal with the dysphoria anymore. Not gender related though, I just can't stand not being swole, although the extreme anxiety is making me feel for the trannies. Anyways, I've been lifting like a madman for almost two years with very minimal progress, so I'm taking it up a notch and buying 1000mg of anavar, which I'll be taking in 20mg doses daily for two weeks, with alternating 2 week/4 week rest periods.
Ask me anything.
>I just can't stand not being swole
i dont need to ask you anything, i already know you're gay
that's all i need to tell you: an hero, please
>steroids to cope with lack of progress
lol look at this insecure faggot
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Eat well and get a lot of protein instead faggot.
Replies: >>27869
I've been doing my best to eat a well balanced, low sugar diet with enough calories, and I've supplemented protein and creatine for the past year. I'm not trying to take a shortcut, I'm looking for options after exhausting all the standard ones
I've got a supple pair of tits thanks to gynecomastia. Its caused me to stop going to the beach and worry about removing my shirt around others out of fear they'll pin me as a tranny or a faggot due to how I stir feelings of eroticism in their heart. 
It really sucks and I've tried lots of chest exercises without going to do the surgery due to covid and the cost. 
Being free of these hairy boobs will be a life changing weight off my shoulders and ill be a happier man as a result.
Replies: >>27958 >>28790
Most steroids cause and exacerbate gyno, but there are exceptions, of those, the safest I've found is Anavar. Because it doesn't aromatize, it doesn't cause the same estrogenic side effects. It still has some negative side effects like baldness and acne, as well as hypogonadism if taken over long periods.
>>27861 (OP) 
I remember in school being told that steroids make your dick and balls shrink?
How are your dick and balls doing anon?
Replies: >>27987
I'm still waiting for the bottle to arrive, but Anavar does cause the balls (not the penis) to shrink, for increasingly long periods depending on how long you user it. I expect a month of hypogonadism after all is done. The reason I'm doing 2/4 week rest periods is to decrease the impact of hypogonadism. I'm not using enough to cause my balls to shrink permanently.
Replies: >>27988 >>27989
Nigger, you're sacrificing your body in vain.
I have a friend that takes steroids and he complains of not being able to get his dick up. What good is attracting the babes if you can't perform and it makes you a bald, acne-riddled, titty monster with little nuts?
Replies: >>27990
What's he taking and how long has he taken it? he sounds like he's been abusing it.
Replies: >>27991
I don't know.
He rattles off a bunch of shit I know nothing about and I just tell him it's not a good idea to fuck around with stuff like that. I'm not a doctor. Neither is he. Even if I were a doctor, it's not a good idea to fuck around with stuff like that. He just reads stuff on the internet and regurgitates it, I think, to convince himself and others he knows what he's doing.
I'm just saying, he wouldn't listen and now he has problems. You probably won't listen either. But if someone reading this is on the fence, just fucking don't.
Replies: >>27993
Honestly I agree, it's a very fine line I intend to walk on, and most people can't fathom that, if the first week or chemical didn't kill them, it doesn't mean the next one won't either.
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>>27861 (OP) 
Are you eating enough protein
Are you able to see a cardiologist
Are you giving yourself at least a day's rest before working on your upper body again
Are you skipping leg day
Are you able to understand the benefits and risks of taking an anabolic steroid
Are you going to be able to overcome your own anxiety about your body image and put the drug down after you've reached a level you are satisfied with

Will you ever be satisfied?
Replies: >>27998
I hope so, I want to believe I have a good track record in parsing info
I don't drink or smoke neither tobacco nor weed even though I've had a lot of social pressure to do so.

Maybe not, but I will make sure to try something else.
>buying 1000mg of anavar, 
RIP OP's kidneys and liver, hope you have a good Urologist and a gastroenterologist if you are extremely tired and can bruise easy OP stop taking it and head to the emergency room immediately. Liver damage is a silent killer
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Are protein supplements good or should I eat 12 egg whites intead?
Replies: >>28049
Depends on what you're going for.
Get whey if you must have supplements. Most protein powder has carbs in it, which can help or fuck shit up depending on what you're going for.
Egg whites are just pure protein that you should be cooking you goddamn animal. Preparation is a time waster so whatever, pick your poison.
Just remember to get some fat in your diet too or you'll shit yourself to death.
>>27861 (OP) 
lmao imagine being such a weak willed faggot you can't just do bulk and cut cycles and eat a fuckton of protein. t. somebody who used to be 300 lbs on antipsychotics and mentally ill as fuck lost all the weight went from skinnyfat to ottermode and is now bulking up and is mentally stable now. if I can do it nobody has an excuse bro.
Replies: >>28791
>>27861 (OP) 
What do you plan to do with your new body?
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Is it as bad as pic rel?
Replies: >>28792 >>28966
>>27861 (OP) 
So none of the normalfaggots in this thread is going to call him a nigger for this? Well okay then. 

<I let doctors play with my brain and are an egotist that thinks everyone is me to this day!

You let yourself blow up to 300 lbs yet you sit there judging other people.
Not even close. That's fucked up. At least my gyno is minor.
That's not real.
I refuse to believe that's real.
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You are a fucking idiot. The ideal male body is one that is tall and slender and ripped. Literally nothing else matters when it comes to body. As long as you're taller any swole retards shorter will be seething like they're about to die inside and there's nothing they can do about it. You're focusing on the wrong thing idiot. You need to make yourself taller, not wider. Tall rip slender man is the ultimate body. The only reason you work out in the first place is recognition, lust from women and respect and jealousy from men. The sooner you realize this the better it is. As you most likely already know, steroids fuck your cock up hard. Use that money to buy some good drug to make yourself taller. I remember some basketball atheles inject some expensive growth hormone and grow 20 cm taller or something. You're probably around 20 and haven't married so that's why you're so insecure about your body.
In other words don't take steroid.
>Posts anime
Sure it's ideal, but not every woman (see: very few) knows that.
Replies: >>28972
You're stupid. Women all love tall men. No man respects a short man's stature. The muscle is just the cherry on top. That's why so many short guys are obsessed with bodybuilding, it's their cope out from what they really want. I remember a conversation with my mom. Once there was this wedding taken place near my home. My mom said that the groom is handsome. When i saw the guy the first thing came to my mind was that he's shorter than me and immediately afterwards she said that too bad he's too short. So basically face=height,height>swole.
Replies: >>28975 >>29275
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>The only reason you work out in the first place is recognition, lust from women and respect and jealousy from men
That's the normalfag reason to work out.
>Use that money to buy some good drug to make yourself taller
Don't actually do this. If you're short, OP. That's too bad but don't take shit that will mess up your body. Rather embrace the dwarf and build muscle (without steroids obviously).
I personally prefer some width.
>like they're about to die inside and there's nothing they can do about it.
What's funny is that they're actually dying. There are some articles out there that say that shorter people are twice as likely to commit suicide than men with normal height. Man, being a manlet fucking sucks.
Replies: >>28980
If I wanted to just ruin a woman's day and crush her self esteem, what is the minimum height + fitness + face attractiveness? Like if I hate women and dont want them to touch me and just want to make them feel horrible to the greatest extent possible without giving them victim status points.
No you idiot, there's nothing wrong with being a manlet. What wrong is that one is insecure about his height and other men flamboyant insecurity projecting it to other men. A man is defined by his action not by what he looks like. You're a typical idiot of the modern world obsessed with the shallow physical and never anything mental. And short men tend to live longer, look at the old japs. They live to over 100 while being like 5'. 
You aren't different anon. I am highly sure that you aren't that noble of a person as to work out for muh philosophy and posting picture of statues of ripped hairy men like the gay faggot you are. You're just using that shit to cover up your insecure reason for working out. Ask yourself this, if you were to be stranded on an island with no chicks and no men would you give a fuck about working out? Would you give a damn about working out if you were to spend all your days working in the field for your wife and chilren? Fuck no. 
>i prefer some width
Nothing wrong with that, just that height is much more important than width.
Replies: >>28982 >>28989
>would you care about working out of you spent all day working out
You're an idiot lol
Replies: >>28983 >>28984
read again lol check your eyes
Replies: >>28988 >>28989
press f5 too while you're at it
>mess up your body
No it will not. If OP had already made up his mind with steroid then he must have already prepared the money for the drug and the doctors. Human Growth Hormone doesn't do the same damage as steroids, they inject that shit to kids who find it hard to grow vertically like Messi for example.
>Would you give a damn about working out if you were to spend all your days working in the field for your wife and chilren?
What did I miss
You're going to have to explain to me as well because I don't understand what you mean. Why would I need to work out after doing physical taxing labour for several hours? Otherwise let's say I'm stranded in an island with no one around but with luxuries and no need for physical labour. Would I still work out? Absolutely. Stop projecting your insecurities onto me. No woman or man is my reason to stay in shape.
Yeah and if you're stranded on an island chances are that staying in shape would be imperative to your survival
>Why would I need to work out after doing physical taxing labour for several hours? 
Because working like that will only give you a fit and slender body like nature intended, unlike the mass lump of meat you desire so much.
Easy to say.
Replies: >>28995 >>28998
When I said working out I mean like OP which is spending hours everyday in the gym and eating like a pig all day long and injecting yourself with drugs to become like the photoshopped male models in lewd picture books for gay insecure men. Would you do that if you were to be stranded on an island with all the necessities that you need but no one around to look at you an judge you? I doubt it. Working out like that is a mental illness and degenerate.
Replies: >>28998 >>29094
I have never stated that I want a body with absurd level of muscle mass. I just said I prefer more width. If you're refering to the greek statue I posted, you don't need drugs or specifically gym equippment to get a body like that. I don't know if you're aware but steroids didn't exist back then. I even said in my previous post to OP to not use steroids.
>Would you do that if you were to be stranded on an island with all the necessities that you need but no one around to look at you an judge you?
Not specifically like that but yes, I would work out. That's my point. Just because there are no other people around that doesn't mean I would let myself get fat. I would continue to stay in shape unless maybe I was 70 and my legs didn't work anymore. Again, stop projecting your reasons to work out onto me.
Replies: >>29000
It's a statue of a god I think, so doubt you will ever get that buff without drug, and not like drug will work out well for everyone magically. Nothing wrong with working out itself though.
>The only reason you work out in the first place is recognition, lust from women and respect and jealousy from men. 
I just want to not be weak and also women. Then again I don't use steroids.
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I saw a guy with moobs once and nobody gave him shit.
[Hide] (44KB, 329x399)
Man you greek-LARPers are one of the most annoying motherfuckers on the internet right now
Replies: >>29284
>good drug to make yourself taller
no such thing, after growth plates lock, nothing can make you taller except bone lengthening surgery, which cripples you forever, growth hormone for teens who already have normal levels or adults doesn't cause bone growth, and also causes organ growth, which would be extremely dangerous.
Also I'm not a manlet.
>Would you do that if you were to be stranded on an island with all the necessities that you need but no one around to look at you an judge you? 
Who cares, we're not there. I'm not gonna be like women who say they "use makeup for themselves". I lift to increase my social standing. I am a social being.
>>27861 (OP) 
>Men are sexy based upon what my mom likes
>My mom likes tall men 
>I am tall
Tell me more about your mother.
Replies: >>29284
He's not even role playing as a Greek though is he?

Also christfaggy right wingers are what's more annoying. 

People are only motivated to lift weights for one of two reasons: attacking others or vanity. 

Freudian psychology is a good and normal thing despite how triggered the sjw feminist world is by how it works. Mothers and fathers are supposed to be all to do with how your preferences work. If your mother is into short men she's flawed as men are to be the strong, dominating, hunter sex of whom is larger. She's basically mentally ill, and though I am not that anon my own mother is taller than my father and who'd have thunk she's diagnosed with munchausen by proxy [insert shocked pika-face here]. If a woman doesn't have penis envy she's a slut and the death of a nuclear family and all of her society. If a man doesn't want to fuck his mother at some point he doesn't like her and won't know how to have a stable family that is meant to be passed down as culture is throughout the ages of his empire. It's just how it is.
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OP here.
first day:
>taken half an hour before workout, it's the first day and way past noon so I'm only taking 10mg, or half a dose
>nausea after the first 10 minutes, lasts about a minute, if it repeats I might take in 5mg doses from now on
>10 minute into my workout, I don't feel tired at all
>15 minutes into the workout, my muscles feel extremely pumped
>20 minutes, I feel straight up gigantic, I take a quick break to go look at myself in a mirror. Obviously I look normal, but it was pretty trippy
>eh, might as well do a full body, steroids help with recovery massively and if I can't do another full body tomorrow I'll just go back to normal
Overall excited for what's about to happen. Wish me luck.
Is op died yet?
Take pictures of your balls every week to see how hard you got hit by testicular atrophy.
Replies: >>29715
>wanting pictures of my balls
[Hide] (91.2KB, 560x560)
>Doing two full-bodies day in and out
Nigger, where the fuck do you think the protein and calcium is coming from to build those muscles?
Your digestive system can only pump so much fucking protein into you in a day, so where the fuck do you think the protein's coming from to magically make you recover so quickly?
Replies: >>29805
yeah noticed it wasn't tenable first thing in the morning, gonna do light exercise today. Felt tempted to push some chest exercise, just to chase that pumped feeling, but it's definitely not a good idea to push myself to hard.
definitely feeling better taking 5mg increments instead of 10, 10mg hits my stomach like a stone and gave me some nausea.
i hope you have rest days in your schedule
Replies: >>29811
of course, tho I'm not sure whether to take the full dose, cut the dose in half, or not take it on rest days.
how tall are you?
Replies: >>31048
OP here, still alive, I'm extremely surprised with the efficiency of anavar when it comes to packing on muscles, but somewhat disappointed with it's fat burning. My muscles are huge, but my belly hasn't shrank noticeably. I guess I'll cut my food portions a bit more, I'm going to take a break starting this thursday, 1 week on anavar 2 weeks rest feels more reasonable.
Average? Slightly tall?
Replies: >>31054
Post pics or it didnt happen
Replies: >>31130 >>31131
[Hide] (917.4KB, 816x612)
>clipboard image
lol low t loser
Replies: >>31135
>tfw you actually are so insecure you feel you have to prove yourself to complete strangers on the internet
Fucking sad
Replies: >>31137
>Actually thought I'd give you my metadata.
Replies: >>31136
Cope callan
I'm not trying to prove myself to anyone. I'm happy. I'd post a complete photo if it weren't a terrible idea to dox myself.
Replies: >>31138 >>31142
>im not trying to prove myself 
<right after posting a proof pic
Jesus christ
Replies: >>31139
All his muscles ate up his brains
Callan was already doxed
Replies: >>31183
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Imagine that that's the best your body can do even with enhancement drugs. I dont work out, my arms naturally look like that
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1536x863)
Replies: >>31724
Living the life
If your body can't even do that without drugs you clearly haven't been trying hard enough. 
Drop that gay shit and go do prison conditioning.
Replies: >>32672
I have never once been to a gym and have bigger biceps than you you're fucked also give us more updates
I'm taking a break, I'll consider doing 1 week on 4 weeks off instead. The first few days after coming off of the drug I really felt the backlash, but now I'm better.
Also, if anybody is thinking of doing anavar, (don't, honestly), use ketoconazole shampoo, it blocks the absorption of DHT in the scalp, slowing down the effects of steroids on the hair.
>drop the gay shit
>prison conditioning
anon I
'gon die

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