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>go to supermarket
>want to buy juice to drink something healthy
>look closely at juice
>it's actually "juice drink from concentrate"
>ingredients: water, legal minimum amount of fruit substance, artificial flavor, artificial color, artificial vitamins
>spot organic juice nearby
>look closely at organic juice
>ingredients: water, legal minimum amount of organic fruit substance, artificial flavor, artificial color, artificial vitamins
>pass by soda aisle
>sudden flash of insight
>look closely at soda
>ingredients: water, corn syrup, artificial flavor, artificial color
>it's all the same
This is why you should just drink water. Even if you do drink pure juice, there's still a ton of sugar in it. Better to eat the whole fruit so you get all the fiber and shit.
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This. I only drink water at this point besides the rare lemonade when going out to eat.
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>>25044 (OP) 
Most breads have added sugar as well. I started making my own, kneading in garlic and spices. Great for sandwiches or toasted with butter or cheese.
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>>25044 (OP) 
Fruit is healthy, juice nor milk ever was faggot. There's no fiber to hold the sugar back.
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>>25044 (OP) 
>lives in jewmerica
>surprised by the blatant kikery
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Its amazing how low good standards are in america and what (((companies))) can get away with selling. Like there's so much gm shit on the shelves and Americans actually ingest that stuff. Absolutely disgusting.
>be usa 
>eat bacon bits 
>they all have red 3
>get thyroid problems
mmm. Share your secrets, baker-anon, I think we'll all want to make our own food before too much longer because supermarket consumables really are breddy bad as op has observed.
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I felt like one of these during work. 

OP, you could always brew your own jun or kvass or kombucha, if you desire a healthy alternative beverage.
>>25044 (OP) 
Like other anons have said, there essentially are no healthy bottled beverages. If you want something flavorful to drink that isn't especially bad for you, my choices are usually lilt or ginger ale. Both have little added sugar and the flavorings actually came from a plant.
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2.5 cups warm water (can substitute milk)
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp dried yeast
5-6 cups bread flour
1 clove of garlic, oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme
>put water, sugar, yeast in large mixing bowl
>watch for yeast to bloom
>add flour
>knead for 10-15 minutes, if too sticky add a little more flour
>half the dough ball and let sit for about an hour
>peel and mince garlic, sprinkle in herbs, herbs will soak up garlic juices and start sticking, give quick stir to break them up
>Using rolling pin, roll out each dough ball and sprinkle half the garlic mix, continue to fold and roll until evenly distributed
>Fold the edge and roll it up like a burrito, long as your baking sheet
<alternatively, cut into 3 equal pieces as long as baking sheet and braid them
>wrap in dish cloth and place on baking sheet over night, keep it slightly tighter on the sides than the top, it will roughly double in size
<if you want to get fancy, brush on some egg wash (stir up egg in bowl + 1-2 tbsps water) and sprinkle parmesan on top
>Score top of loaf and bake at 400F for 35-45mins, should be a golden brown with specks of herbs, tapping bottom will sound hollow
>Let cool 5 mins

Makes 2 loaves. Can use more garlic if stronger flavor is desired. I usually put all the garlic into one loaf and leave the other plain. Also, be careful taking the loaves out of the cloth they will stick, gently roll them off it onto the sheet. If they deflate you'll have a flat loaf.
Bulb of garlic, not clove. Like, the whole fucking thing.
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>>25044 (OP) 
Soft drinks are great when partnered with Pizza.
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You know there is a faster method than this right.
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>>25044 (OP) 
teas are actually the best since it's nearly impossible to make quasi-tea
tea is just flavored water essentially anyway
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Baking soda. Always works -Mom
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I've never cooked with baking soda. I found a recipe for irish soda bread that uses it, looks simple and quick. I guess if you didn't have time to let the dough rise baking soda works.
Looking for a picture I found this korean garlic bread. Might have to give this a go next time.
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Isn't milk good for you?
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Milk actually has a decent amount of sugar added to it.
But how about the other stuff in it.
Even almond milk?
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I like soy milk. The ingredients are mostly fresh. You should try it.
t. lactose intolerant
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Nah. I actually love milk. Im just stating the fact that regular, store bought milk has around 12g of sugar per 8oz serving.
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Is the /cow/ eat too much sweets?
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sugar and/or salt is added to virtually everything
if the additional was removed from everything, almost nothing would taste recognizable
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>1 tbsp dried yeast
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Have you tried raw milk, tastes like powdered breast milk.
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Yes. Use metric you dunce.

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