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>dream I'm playing SM64, except the villain is a group of color coded bad guys 
>they attack me, I defeat the green one 
>the other 4 show me a recording of a room full of horny Samus Arans, tell me that I could fuck them all if I sided with them, then leave
>notice the sides of the green guy's pants are torn so I sew it back
>"you helped me, I'm your ally now. btw that samus thing is a trap"
>fuck around town for a while before heading to Bowser's castle 
>walking around advancing through the castle, enemies stop to show me a video of the Samus room, except they're all pregnant and dripping with cum, "this could be your future, you could be doing this to them right now, come to this room and it'll all be yours" 
>stop right before the last room, the one they told me to come to whenever I wanted to surrender
>guy I'm playing with says "that room is a trap, if you go in there they beat Mario into a coma and you get a game over. I got that ending as a kid and I was really upset." 
>ignore the room, break down the fake wall to my left and slide down rainbow road 
>that causes a monitor with ascii porn to show up and all the baddies to just die 
>wake up
Post dreams.
>>24808 (OP) 
I'm no doctor but maybe lay off the porn for a bit
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>>24808 (OP) 
>Get ran over by a truck
>Become a robot
>Shit with exskeletons taking over bodies and a really high hall.
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>>24808 (OP) 
Dreams are gay just like the posters on this thread except me of course.
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No the only faggot in this thread is you. 
Rent free
sounds radical
Rather than porn, what really makes my wrist hurt and caused part of this dream was God Hand. Fuck the midget 5 that fight is bullshit and only gets worse in the arena.
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>>24808 (OP) 
This is a dream from mine at the age of 7:
>school playground
>kids I know congregated in the playground
>the school is going virtual (green wireframes showing)
>the floor has collapsed everywhere and there are some pits now
>random thing I don't remember pulls out an alien gun
>shoots ginger kid and transform him into green alex muck liquid
I woke up afterwards.
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I dont know how you guys remember your dreams in full like this. Do you keep dream diaries? I only remember the gist of dreams and lately it’s been just me dreaming about killing everyone in my office or getting fired before I can fully explain myself - that sorta stuff.
not an expert but I've written down some of my dreams so here's some of my experience
>when you wake up IMMEDIATELY think about the dream you just had and try to remember it
>write down whatever is your most immediate memory of it and proceed stepping backwards 
>linking the older bits of it will prove to be a harder task and odds are you'll never fucking remember how it started especially if it's one of those weird-ass, multi-part dreams that take 2704406 different twists and turns
if you do this you should be able to piece together a decent summary of it that's about 60-70% complete and accurate, if you keep doing it you'll also notice you might get better at remembering details and such. don't ever wait even a few minutes after you wake up because you're sure to forget it.
Replies: >>24960
This >>24958 . Just write whatever you remember as soon as you wake up. Paper is better, but using your phone is still better than nothing. 
At first you'll struggle to even remember details, but in time your memory will get better. 
Why is captcha still on? It's been like two days.
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I don't keep track of dreams I had, that one just stuck with me because it was plainly stupid plus I had a trauma with people that transformed into illogical things, like dust or liquid.
Additionally I also remember one dream I had when I was much older about me hiding in a bathroom in a raunchy motel where some killer Jirachi was let loose searching for me.
Replies: >>25181
I usually don't keep logs of my dreams but this dream was so strange that I had to type it down and save it in a file.

I was walking upstairs with about 6 other people to go to our respective rooms. We were originally downstairs for some conference meeting. Every one of us was numbered through a pin on our right shoulder. I was #17. At the end of the stairs was a long corridor with doors only on the right side of it. The corridor stretches in a straight line, all the way behind the stairs. Looking downstairs, I noticed that the lower floor is oddly fancy when compared to the upper floor. I wandered upstairs for a while until some Russian guy approached me and said that I was his roommate. He only spoke Russian but for some reason I understood everything he said. He was numbered #20. Our room was the one to the far back, the one that hides behind the stairs. The room was dark, covered with random scratch marks on the walls, and didn’t have any windows. The room had a computer, a closet, a ceiling fan, and only one bed. My roommate immediately moved to the computer and started checking out what it had on it. I didn’t have any reason to stay there so I left without a word. When I left the room, I turned to the right and noticed a hidden and empty hallway that had a very clean white door at the end of it. I saw papers peeking out of the bottom of the white door so I decided to pull the papers out. What I find is a document about an “anomaly” with a picture of what looks like glowing cyan-colored powder. The document lists people in an order that corresponds to the numbers on our pins. There were apparently 20 of us. Under every person is a “trigger” to activate some weird anomaly. The trigger that was listed for me was “orange” and the trigger for my roommate was “branch.” I then looked back at that hidden corridor with the white door and noticed that it was wide open. I saw a desk with a dead potted orange tree sitting directly on top of it. I quickly looked away, but it seemed to be too late as I started to feel immense pain in my eyes. I scrambled to my room in pain. My Russian roommate paused his “how to dance” video and asked if I was alright. Through the pain I explained that we are in danger, and that he should not think nor see anything involving branches. I blanked out due to pain and woke up being completely blind in one eye and nearly blind in the other. My eyes felt extremely dry as if I haven’t blinked for hours. I found my roommate on the computer trying to contact the other numbered people on the imminent danger that they are in. He first tuned in to a lady who was swimming in a pool. He spoke to her through a microphone and tried to alert her, but midway through the explanation the girl started to vomit violently. She vomited impossible amounts of liquid and with every passing moment her puking grew more violent to the point where bile started coming out of her nose. Her stomach then began to grow even though she was expelling tons of vomit from her body. He tried to tell her to lie down on her side, but she didn’t listen because she no longer had control over her movements. Roommate and I just stood still and watched her die from violent puking. He then switched to another person who was presumably that girl’s roommate.  She was in a bikini outfit, trapped in a small see-through barrel, and was also puking violently. What was odd though was that she seemed to be in an underground man-made place like a sewer, bunker, or basement. The two of us just stood there and watched as the barrel slowly got filled with her puke until she drowns from her own vomit. After that I told my roommate that I will go look for help while he warns the remaining 16 people. When I left the room and headed to the stairs, I heard strange gurgling and burping downstairs. I anxiously went down step by step until all the sounds of gurgling and burping suddenly shifted all at once into someone calling my name. Then I woke up.
That’s a weird killer, I always found Jirachi cute, bordering on fuckable cute...
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>in a hallway
>meet an ojou-sama with golden hair, golden clothes, and a golden wine bottle 
>invites me to a room with another girl 
>sits across from me, smugs at me and offer me the wine
>try to grab it but she tilts the bottle forward, motioning me to drink it from her hands 
>move forward to let her hold the bottle
>she turns the bottle upside down and I drink it
>usually don't like wine that much but it tastes really fucking good, it's not  that alcoholic but that's somehow really pleasant 
>other girl asks if I want some other drink
>seems like the wine bottle is almost empty, so I ask what she has 
>ojou is slightly surprised and upset that I didn't refuse 
>pretend I don't  want the vodka and refuse the drinks she offered 
>ojou is trying to pretend she isn't pleased 
>faggot alarm clock wakes me up
>try to go back to sleep but dream that my shitty car is broken and keeps going forward even while turned off with the gear in reverse and the handbrake pulled, and there's 200 people standing in the middle of the road instead
I never thought I'd like ojou-sama characters, but I guess my brain knows better.
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<When you're trying to be a good boy but your truck thirsts for nigger blood
Replies: >>29609
I've been dreaming I have sex with women I haven't seen in years. Mostly just before waking up, it is hyper-realistic and I can almost feel real interactions with their and their real presence. Is it sorta succubus attack?
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>dream someone is making a biological computer that can cause immense improvements to AI
>it's based on a bag of special genetically engineered flies 
Today I learned that I wouldn't exactly fuck anything. A race of fly computer waifubots is out.
>alarm clocks for wage working slaves
>being a good goy that works 
>being a good goy that works with a broken car
As slow as a semi moves how retarded was the nigger to get caught inside it? Did a wild jew push him under it? 

>>24808 (OP) 
I had a dream about a dolly but I forgot the rest form last night. Seemed important at the time. What was so heavy? Such a mystery.
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>>24808 (OP) 
Dreams are quite a blast to reminisce about:
>deep into my sleep cycle
>anime grill is walking into a forest
>that's the entire course of action
>3 seconds worth of footage of some drawing walking
>thinking to myself inside the dream it was the greatest dream of all time
>promising to myself I would never forget it
I haven't forgotten that dream up to this day. I still don't know what to make out of it.
Isn't it strange how logical dreams can be? You would think they should mostly be an absolute mess, but they will make sense in their own way. My dream last night

>dream about The Simpsons
>a show I haven't watched in quite some time
>the scene is set in Mr Burns' office
>Smithers is going on vacation
>chief wiggam is there to tell him that Mr Burns will receive private security
>lunch lady Doris is there to provide him meals for some reason
>Homer is there just to ask Mr Burns where he gets the Cornish game hens for the cafeteria so he can get some for himself 
>the hens are plastic wrapped and Homer brought some in for an example

It was weird, but at the same time it was on point. The voices, Homer's gluttony, the settings. Everything made sense.
Lately I've been dreaming about work. Like, I spent all day doing that, can't I get a break while I sleep? Go do something fun, like be a submarine pirate or something?
Replies: >>30483
It's your brain's way of letting you know you work too often.
Replies: >>30716
On your advice I took a break yesterday and it worked. Thanks.
>At home, 4 grills hanging out with me
>some kind of festival in my front yard
>one girl recognizes guy in crowd as thief that stole something from her
>go out, invite him in, tell him I'm interested in buying some gifts for my ladies
>he pulls out a bunch of cheap jewelry
>tell him to return everything and apologize, he laughs
>I break his nose
>get a call from my mom
>he tries to leave while I'm on the phone
>punch him again, solid connection on the chin, he goes down, tell him he's being rude
>he tries to get up but falls back down, I finish phone call without mom having a clue what was happening
Replies: >>30717
>dream you're stealthily fucking a guy while your mom is oblivious on the phone
Gay tbh
I once dreamt getting ntr and woke up sweating bullet. I have had plentiful of gory nightmares but it aint shit compared to getting cheated on.

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