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(((remove))) Richard M. Stallman (PEDOPHILE)


(((support))) Richard M. Stallman (PEDOPHILE)

[BREAKING NEWS] But, Tor Project does NOT allow the pedophile!
>The Tor Project is joining calls for Richard M. Stallman to be removed from board, staff, volunteer, and other leadership positions in the FOSS community, including the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project. Sign the open letter: rms-open-letter.github.io/
>>24473 (OP) 
Yes He's a Paedophile scum also >>>/tech/ is that way
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Yeah and Israel is legitimate.
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Replies: >>24486 >>24496
Just look into his past records.
Replies: >>24487
ok, you look, I'll wait fren
Replies: >>24489
Look into its early childhood and you'll see.
Replies: >>24495
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no, you look, then post and I'll see
Replies: >>24498
As far as I remember, someone else was found out to have paid jailbait for sex, and RMS said "I mean, they willingly accepted the money right?" because he's an autistic fuck. And thus he got kicked out of the foundation he himself made for wrongthink.
I'm not too fond of him because he's a commie, but as far as I'm aware this "RMS is a pedo" shit is baseless. Unless some other proof I'm unaware of came out, OP is just being a fag.
Replies: >>24656
Fucking Biographies of (((Him)))
Replies: >>24501
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ok, so post them here with precise quotations
Replies: >>24508
Nigger for the last time the biographies are right there ready to search with the tip of your fingertips. He doesn't fully outright say that I like to diddie the kiddie.
Replies: >>24521
>>24473 (OP) 
Stallman is a Pedo that's for sure.
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ok, so post them
Replies: >>24522
IRC logs and the fucking Wiki.
Replies: >>24523
ok, post them
Replies: >>24527
>proof is he's getting booted from Tor
The Tor devs are really fucking gay nowadays, ether it's bullshit or it's some "that 20 year old looks too young, you fucking pedo!" bullshit.
Either way it paints Stallman in a better light.
Replies: >>24526
You mean a better jail.
You know where to look yet you don't do anything.
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you wanted to show people the TRUTH right? then do it
or don't it's really up to you
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Replies: >>24546
Okay the Holocaust is actually real.
Replies: >>24551
I've already stated what is the source.
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It is wierdo joke or you wanna tell something agains Emacs, lmao?
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Replies: >>24557 >>24566
Emacs/Stalljew keeps saying that Itself is not a pedophile so I'm saying things that false and stating that those are true and real.
Kill yourself.
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>>24473 (OP) 
he really was a sperg, but the devs of TOR should at least acknowledge that within the uses of their fed ibfested application cp exchange is a vital service they enable.
how many of these faggots are willfully ignorant of the queer theorists they idolize being openly pro pedophilia?
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Replies: >>25010
>>24473 (OP) 
RMS is unironically autistic and said that if a child can consent then it's probably ok. He later said that other people had explained him that children can't consent and that sex at that age causes severe damage to their mental health and development which is why RMS changed his mind. OP is a faggot.
>>24473 (OP) 
Children can consent and pedophilia is cool. RMS is a victim of mass hysteria over feminist laws.
>>24473 (OP) 
>"cancel" culture and caring about what shit like (((twitter))) has to say
>caring about x random person
No one man is special. 
>communism is bad
How original of you.  Back to reality people into progress tend to be left wingers. It's time you faggots accepted this. 

And he's not being autistic by sardonically pointing out that someone was paid for a service. That makes the underage individual a criminal too and it's thus retareded to prosecute someone over that forgetting at the start that pedo as an issue was retarded to begin with and then beyond that jailbait isn't even real pedo.... so...
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Mao Zedong was very progressive.
Replies: >>24740
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>Back to reality
>maybe if we sabotage the communist revolutions the sheep will think that inequality is a bad idea!

Good goy I guess? Do you really think people only starve during x thing you don't like? 

It's literally how economics works unless you want to say south east on the quadrant would be more progressive, of which I suppose it could if we went full blade runner rather than devolve into even moar fuedal systems like back during slave trading days and such, that was anarchist capitalism too, so yeah.
Also, about the jewish, funny how they were being exiled by Soviet Russia and how they hate equality, yet you zoomers want to believe that it's the jewish trying to make you a left winger when they invented the abrahamic religions of conservatism. 

I mean really.
Replies: >>25019 >>25089
>>24473 (OP) 
>removing talent because someone like girls who are younger than the AOC.
now that's homosexuality.
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You post this as though starvation is a bad thing.
Replies: >>24721
So do you like your nation getting starved.
Replies: >>24764
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yeah, america could use it a bit. I think we're at about 31.5% obesity now.
Replies: >>24766
America needs to be on a Diet not on a Famine.
Y'all niggers are missing the point of why RMS is being dogpiled despite his jewish roots, austistic spectrum, and possible complacency of pedophilia. Removing him from the FSF and other boards, denounces these groups as saviors of any free copyright, thus allowing corporations to manipulate free code into purchasable products and their own copyright. 
I'm very scared how any horde of trannies and twitter niggers can easily rile up their respective groups in light of supporting corporations to satisfy their bloodlust to shame and demean others despite trying to inclusivy those so called marginalised into their sectors of faggotry. 
It scares the shit out of me how easily dissuaded an organless body can bite the hands the feeds it or be manipulated.
Replies: >>24815 >>24818
The SJW crowd are just useful idiots, just like socialists.
>manipulate free code into purchasable products and their own copyright
That's like bending the laws of physics. It doesn't make any sense. FSF promotes democracy and you know how democracy works you ape.
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>and you know how democracy works
Replies: >>25101
>promotes democracy
Democracy can also present itself as a benign system, but there's still the market influencing votes and its leaders. And don't give me some spiel about no board members being corrupt because lol what politcian or board member or average man doesn't lie nowadays to save face?
Replies: >>25101
>cherry picked images with very few people mean that a revolution that involves millions was not worth it
Replies: >>25287
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he doesn't know
Replies: >>25101
What's queer theory even supposed to be about? Anarchy would have rapes, no duh. What was the point? I don't feel like listening to women interrupt a guy's thought process over and over again so I'm not watching that. 

Though yes for the record pedo =/= rape historically as if not a sex slave you were to give consent at the very least through your father. Fathers were always the dicks. Now days they freak out at people in the opposite direction even if they are of age just to be controlling assholes over their daughters. Then again, maybe when they gave them away too young it wasn't a, you know, big deal? Starving was though.

But we already know that I'm sure. 

But why do you care about an ethic made from toxic femininity?
Replies: >>25019
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Queer theory is about pushing society as a whole to not only accept degeneracy but to openly celebrate it at every occasion lest they be outcast as *phobic. Part of queer theory is "queering up" facts, by ignoring anything negative about faggots and instead spinning it as a positive or blaming it on white straight men. See also, math is racist.
This isn't limited to only queer thery, however. It naturally happens to any person that disregards the truth to push an agenda.
For an example, see >>24715 Note how he brings up the perfidious jew, and then ends by making conservatism and christianity the ultimate evils. The logic isn't even internally correct.
Let's not forget the Doctor's Plot where dear Uncle Joe rid his team of perfidious doctors.
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Yes I know which the result of pic related getting to the office.
People have this thing called "Trust and Belief" that's the sole reason it is easily exploited.
You've taken out of context on what I have said.
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>>24473 (OP) 
Death to the (((Jews))) on a beautiful day,
Rotting up roadkill on a lonely highway.
You should just get out of the way and call them fake.  Go further and say that no one ever starved. It makes you look really good.
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>>24473 (OP) 
>The Tor Project is joining calls for Richard M. Stallman to be removed 

looks like he pissed off the spooks
Replies: >>25306
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TOR is compromised from the beginning. Look up DARPA and USN.
Replies: >>25319
how about you explain the comprise
Replies: >>25349
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>The users
Are you blind or what?
Tell me that pic is fake. I mean, it sounds like something (((they))) would do, but I can't believe they would actually bring up eating grandma when they haven't even convinced anyone to eat bugs yet.
Replies: >>25490
Nope. And also what is wrong with eating bugs? I like lobster saute with butter.
Hans, get the flammenwerfer.
>that pic
Shock factor aside, I'm 99% sure there is serious risk of very severe illness from necrophagia. That said, I've always thought the coffin should be foregone, humans should decompose in the earth just like every animal to supply the cycle of life.
Replies: >>25660 >>25729
If you prepare the meal properly I mean PROPERLY then there's nothing to worry about besides your morals and ethics.
nice try fed
Replies: >>25774
The kikes that made that image should decompose in the Earth first.
Replies: >>25744
Please, we should support their wishes for a more green planet and feed them to their family.
It's literally a public archive of the website unless you know some other thing. Also you're paranoid.





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