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>update computer
>wine stops working
>reinstall wine
>add every dll in winetricks
>update OS
>update drivers
>reinstall wine again
>add all the dll's and fonts
>fiddle with settings
>eat sandwich in defeat
>find post on a forum saying to type wine64
>it works
>and with only dxvk installed
I spent the whole day working on this shit. I wanted to complain, but I'm just too happy I can play my vidya again.

Let's celebrate small victories /b/!
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>Install Windows 7
>Never do anything again
>Video games
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>updating anything
Practically begging for everything to get worse.
Indeed zoomers are that dumb. 

>tfw call someone a zoomer for trusting an update on zzzchan's /v/
>comment deleted
Have fun with newer dolphin on ur Linux hax0r machine zoomers, XD "deeeleeeeete"

inb4 I was the faggot
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Windows 7 can't run new hardware. If it could, I'd probably still be using it. Now I have to """learn""" stuff and """adapt"""
Fucking bullshit.

Believe me. I learned my lesson. If it ain't broke and all that.

I don't want this thread to be about me or my retardation. What are your most recent small victories? I want to celebrate with you all.

Did you? Is that... well, congratulations anyway!
It can, and with less effort than doing anything on Linux.
But optimal lack of any effort is using a few years old hardware with it because absolutely nothing worth playing has been released it won't run anyway.
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My latest small victory was realizing it actually was just a fart, and how glad I was.
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>absolutely nothing worth playing has been released it won't run anyway.
That's the truth. Newest game I played was battletech, the turn-based one with pronoun selections on character creation It was fun for a bit, but even on the hardest mode once you get 5 assaults every mission is piss easy. I wouldn't have upgraded from my windows 7 machine if it didn't break.

Fuck yeah man! I'm ashamed to think about how many times that's fucked up my day.
>>win7 can't run hardware made for win10 bloated spyware

>>did you get censored by a wild zoomer that does it for free to make himself feel less of a loser? 
very yes
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>fagging with wine instead of decompiling into tcsh
its almost like your retarded or something
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That's why I'm not using botnet10.
Don't let it get you down, I got a jam for you.

Yeah, I am retarded, but I'm not going to be nigger cattle.
Also, I've never even heard of tcsh. Should I?
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you probably dont even shebang properly
child of a lesser god
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Ricky Martin?
I'm trying, any tips?
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you obviously dont get the joke, im pretending to be the typical 'unix way / posix compliant'  linux elitist
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Well, congratulations! You fooled a retard! I'm very proud of your small victory.
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>that's why I'm using Linux to use windows!

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>responding to the attention whore
Todd, I...
Is wine fairly robust nowadays?
Seems to be so. Which reminds me, I haven't downloaded Tribes 2 on my Loonix yet.
I've had issues running some cracked steam games, they crash after about a minute of running, probably a simple fix. Other than that, no problems.
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>install xubuntu
>internet isn't there
>after half an hour find out that my new PC has a wifi adapter that linux doesn't like
>I have to install a driver from github
>but I have to install something in order to install it that requires the internet that I don't have unless I want to deal with dependency hell
>wifi tether my phone in order to install the thing that'll install the thing that'll allow me to use wifi
>the driver is shit and my internet barely works
I miss Windows so much, /b/ros.
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Wine today is slightly less shit, with games the compability is fairly high assuming there is no fuckery going on such as rootkit levels of DRM/Anti Cheat measurement and other such niggerlicious shit. With tools however its still a mixed bag, recently I've tried to get City of Heroes ouroboro version to work as a server as its the only way to apply modifications and fucking wine dumped on me with odbc32 error, though I've tried some tools made for C&C modding such as SHP Builder and the Palette editor and they work alright. 

It's a damn bummer I can't get the server to work because I would like to make a new firearm set so that I can bug DrBrain with it.
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No crying, you got it working, right?
A better solution is just around the corner, I'm sure.
Hello gramps still using XP, eh.
>>24390 (OP) 
Use windows 10 just works.
>Windows 7 can't run new hardware
Do you work for Microsoft or why do you spread such blatant lies?
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>Blatant Lies
Nigga its true. I can't run my AMD.
Replies: >>24658
Also the drivers fuck up.
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>>let me just buy new hardware as a kike enabler then complain about how software is bloated spyware later and that I have to use autism OS aka Linux distros

I like Lubuntu anon to be dual booted with lakka. That's all I ever need. It's not great though. Lakka is in beta and Lubuntu has some weird video codec issues that randomly pop up that broke a fav putlocker site I use for example ergo I still use windows 7 for lack of autism and my netbook has me locked out of the bios anyway and I don't want to break it removing the cmos potentially when it might not even work to reset the password and also might fuck up the drivers to the point that the keyboard won't even respond.

I unlike OP only need what lakka and lubuntu do though, no windows pc gaming for me and lubuntu seems to even have a bitorrenting client already on it and everything you'd need. Both are light weight too. Also they sound nice together even, both L's, even Lakka and Lubuntu are both OS's, not that I've used it as I don't have a pi 3.....yet. I'm jus' sayin'.
Replies: >>24727 >>25026
>let me just buy new hardware as a kike enabler then complain about how software is bloated spyware
I didn't complain about the bloat I was talking about compatibility issues.
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Compatibility issues with newer shit to older shit, why did you buy newer to use with older tech? That's just stupid. Feature creeping is meant to force you to buy new things and Windows is both the gaming computer and very much not free. They want to make money, how could you not see that coming? Using linux to use windows, why not just give up on new games as they are cancerous?
>Windows 7 can't run new hardware
you shouldn't run any "new hardware", retard
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I've been using Kubuntu for over half a year now, the switch from Wangblows 10 to Linoox was a bit rough, but I think it's for the better so far. Wine surprises me every time I use it, it's amazing how well Windows programs work under it (Big proprietary programs like Mixcraft 8 load up and workn perfectly, but tiny independent 8MB tools don't work for shit, funny how that works). Thinking about switching to Devuan soon to get away from systemdicks but that will take a lot of testing to make sure my shit still works.
Shill Lakka to me.
Replies: >>25032
>Let's celebrate small victories /b/
I just jerked off to a prepubescent girl and shot a big load on my stomach then ate it.
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It's only 500ish mb big so you can pair it with 700ish or 1gish big lubuntu to have lite tier OS's that can do everything you need from torrenting, video watching (maybe with lubuntu) book reading, and gaming nes/snes/gb/gbc/gba/n64/psx(even dolphin I read but not my machine) ergo it has all in all what you would need. They both can be ran on a pi 3 or an x86 machine, both have 32bit and 64 bit versions. 32 bit version lakka CANNOT use n64, but 64bit can they say. Don't use a pi zero, you will be angry at at it for having missing snes layers and gba being either slow or not working at all, psx hardly works of course at all, my pocketgo is better than that option as you end up with such form factor and not having to flip flop OS's to book read, then again the pocketgo is not on topic and has no bookmark i am aware of nor search feature as a raspbian/raspup/picore/lubuntu os probably WOULD, so if you want to have a clunky book reader that's probably not even a handheld device despite the small chip(s), anyway, lakka is okay. 

Lakka is k for x86 64bit but not really 32bit due to n64 issue. Why do this? Because downloading all of debian's packages is huge for no reason and who can even use a console anyway? Lubutnu coming with a torrenting client is why I say that one also, I failed at installing things before when playing around with a linux machine. 

Also lakka has a pretty gui, but at the same time you have to set it up in a weird way, but it's not that hard considering it has all it needs, and if not you can look up how to link a bios file. it takes some sorting through files in other words, but once you know how it's easy. 

If I recall
>load content
>click into archive
>load archive
>choose emulator
>it plays if properly mapped and if bios is properly chosen a link for
>if sound not working you can choose with right vs left a different sound driver
>with pi zero lakka refused to laod for composite, had to use nightly then broke gba
>had to try sever times to get the sound to work until realized it glitches easy if you don't KNOW to press left vs right and do something like enter it shows a keyboard you don't even want to show up and breaks to where you need a fresh install
>black globs happened when adjusting text size with zero
*shrugs* I played around with a  zero but with a dead i5 I put lubuntu on and also flash drive booted lakka on it worked just fine. Dell latitude 64bit that was. 

I hate sudo apt-get nonsense and having to be connected to a network in short, those two negate my having to worry about that. I hear debian can have everything with it but I didn't know that when I moved on to those two things. Downloading gb's of data when it could be 1.x gb is better anyway for two smaller OS's. 500 and 700/1000mb. 

....It's in beta though.....and one is light ubuntu of which ubuntu is based on debian......whatever

I like modest things. It's why I bring up my pocketgo as well as tiny SOC's you make yourself. Yes I am a neet
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>all of this autism just to attention whore and tell random strangers you use Linux for upvotes
Replies: >>25054
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So it's, like, Retroarch if you're too lazy to setup Retroarch or an individual emulator, but also not too lazy to partition hard drive space and then do all of that shit? I still don't understand the appeal of a linux distribution that just emulates stuff. Does it run games better?
Replies: >>25054
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There are no upvotes for this site and I actually said I hate Linux. Learn to read nigger. 

With how bloated and convoluted shit like retropie is and how slow retroarch was on android when I tried it it can go fuck itself honestly, though yes it is all from libretro or whatever. 

Linux being free is the only appeal. Having to copyright infringe kike-rosoft is a pain in the ass and no geek ever liked apple. 

If linux were so bad jewgle'd not have made android from it and take the world over with it. 

At the end of the day you feel less watched, or did before systemd.
Replies: >>25058 >>25064
>there are no upvotes for this site
maybe for you I get them all the time
fucking loser
Windows > your shitty autistic os
>>24390 (OP) 
Should have stuck to wangblowz after all. Linux is just trash.
Does systemd actually spy like wangblowz 10?
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Replies: >>25073
I believe you, but can you provide some proofs anyway?
Replies: >>25100
Of course not, stop with the conspiracy. 
It just has huge binary blobs that you shouldn't worry about and totally don't do anything. Goes against the unix philosophy and does everything in your system, from managing files to passwords even though it shouldn't. Forces google shit on you by default. Lets processes run on your computer after you log off. And adds a bunch of vulnerabilities to your machine.
But this is all completely safe.
Replies: >>25081
No of course not. It's fucking open sores its transparent.
No of course it wouldn't give any proofs its basically the equivalent of TOR is compromised.

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