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Never thought I'd be happy that I'm approaching my 30s.
>>204423 (OP) 
They increased it from 24 to 26. Who gives a shit?
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>you vill die for jewkraine/israel and you vill be happy
Thank gods I'm not an amerimutt.
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>Who gives a shit
When the draft officer comes knocking with a group of 10 men.
Replies: >>204428
But that was already a possibility IF they ordered a draft. This bill didn't do anything except increase the age limit by two years.
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>m-muh land of the free amirite
My europoor country has a fucking ton of US bases, you guys can go and die for israel if you want to. But leave me alone please.
>>204423 (OP) 
What's up with the "TO GO TO" bit? Hasn't the US been in a state of perpetual war since at least WWII?
Replies: >>204449
Does the Cold War count as a war?
Does the War on Drugs count as a war?
Replies: >>204524
Just do what Mohammad Ali did, burn your draft papers.
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What the fuck is pic 3 supposed to represent?
Replies: >>204481
imagine dying for this
>US Air Force promoted drag events on military bases, internal documents show
> GOP Attempt To Ban Drag On Military Bases Gets 'Epic' Comeback By Garcia Feat. Trump-Guliani Callback 
However most draft-aged Americans are probably gay and got groomed on discord by trannies so this is right up their alley.
The fall of Christendom.
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How naive we were, thinking that was the current thing to worry or laugh about, just before corona happened.
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I really like this video.
Well... at least there's a positive thing, all the fatties will get fit and if they don't die in the war they may even reach past 40
great stuff
Zoomer genocide lol.
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>>204423 (OP) 
Replies: >>204582
I also really like this video. It's cute.
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What the fug did I just watch?
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Kek, that's a funny picture. Upvote!
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depends who you ask
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i like the fact that this is shitting on trannies but it's also clearly made by a femoid who hates all men and is feminist bullshit
the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend
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Oh shit bros. Is it finally happening? Or is it just another nothing burger? Although with most countries in the west pushing conscription/drafting now, it feels like it's nearly the end.
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Nothing ever happens.
I'm at low risk especially because my country is pretty small and irrelevant already, and there is already a problem of a lack of young people due to them emigrating to countries with more "opportunities".
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Look buddy the Jews these.. Zionists, they're going to start this big bad war... And they'll kill us all.. you understand. And its going to totally happen NOW cause that news site said so... Unlike the other previous 5000 times they've said so. This is it, this is the big one. They'll risk everything to make WORLD WAR 3!!!... Or maybe its just some more fear porn like always.
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yeah better ignore it, their insatiable jewish desire to kill you will just go away bro
Well the president of serbia said it will happen in a few months, so it must be true.
Replies: >>204846
I don't know who is the president of serbia, but if is the president of serbia, he must be based. He and Ron Paul should do a livestream announcing the happening.
Probably. I'm 50/50 myself, which is more than I've been since the start of Russia's invasion. Ukraine has the USA's blessing in using Western supplied weapons to attack Russia directly. Russia is more or less promising to respond in kind against military targets in NATO countries that have been confirmed to have attacked Russia proper. Now it's just a waiting game to see if Russia follows through with its this-for-that threat, or not. Moreover it looks like Russia no longer has any interest in a peace deal after the Swiss Peace Summit, but now exclusively wants Ukraine's surrender.

Oh, and Israel wants to start a fist fight with Lebanon.
want russians and ukrainians to stop being slaughtered, dont care if kikes and mudslimes keep blasting each other to death so long as Whites arent involved (and i know that isnt the case), in fact the world would be a lot better if most kikes and 'muddies had new holes made in their bodies that led to them not breathing anymore.
t. shart
I will inflict severe bodily harm, possibly [redacted] the first recroooooooooter that tries
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They'll be very dissapointed to find out  nobody wants to fight for Ukraine. And sure they can try to pull a false flag, but that play is getting old and worn out.
Replies: >>204902
These narcissist ((( politicians ))) think people are stupid enough to fight for a nation they've helped kill. Some will, but most wont...
I think
Replies: >>205031 >>205258
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>>204423 (OP) 
Congress weighs adding women to the US military drafthttps://archive.is/oNO2w
Replies: >>205057
I don't think they can actually force anyone to go fight overseas. But, hyphotetically speaking, would you Americans fight for your home in the case of a Red Dawn type of deal? USA vs. South America and Russia making an invasion?
Replies: >>205036
Not him/them but fight for what home? Anyone that owns a house is too old for a draft therefor no one would have a home to fight for lol
Wouldn't be suprised if like china and north korea you reject conscription/drafting, you won't only get locked up, but your family members will be punished, perhaps being denied food and water.
Replies: >>205042 >>205043
China has conscription on paper only but conscription hasn't been called on since 1949
Meh, i dont think that many west men have a family to care about plus the biology that makes men care about thier family is being selected against
Like after my mother dies i have no one that could be used like that for me
Replies: >>205118
super retard
S       R
>>204423 (OP) 
for once I'm happy to have been born with a vagina.
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You really think they wouldn't send women if they want? Lol. They're doing it rn in jewkraine as a beta test

Looks like since we're all dodging the draft shlomos big plan appears to use women and guilt trip. 
>Women dying -> making men join the army 
I doubt it will succeed but again jews will do anything to to kill all white people because they're spiteful retards.

Just remember, If you're retarded and get drafted I'm not dying for your pussy lmao.
Replies: >>205556
tits or gtfo
prove it
Or perhaps just plain torture til you agree to go.
Replies: >>205142
>>204423 (OP) 
You dumb fucking niggers all of you. This is clickbait garbage. IT WAS MANDATORY TO REGISTER BEFORE THIS SHIT. THIS SIMPLY AUTOMATES IT. DUMB FUCKS.
And would you look at that. Roughly a week later and nothing has changed fucking retards
Just don't be born in a hospital like cattle.
That would only make me go to war against the government.
Okay, but was 24 the original upper limit or was it not?
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>another CIA nigger post
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I can tell you're not from here
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>another zionist dog
you're naive at how gullible the population is. they comply with whoever has the authority, regardless of the logic behind it.
hence why they injected themselves with mystery science fluids with no question because the government told them to do so.
I bet niggercattle would kill their own infants if the gov came up with some barely plausible excuse for doing so.
Replies: >>205262
Being asked to take an injection which almost 50% of America refused btw is worlds different from being asked to die in war.
Replies: >>205298
True, but then again most people are drones.
Replies: >>205308
Then they'll raise it to 28, then 30, then 32. Eventually they'll raise it to retirement age.
And each time you'll say "who gives a shit?"
Replies: >>205555
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The ones who took vaxxx will not even make it through boot camp. It's a place where your heart is under constant stress every day. They won't be able to handle if physically, and mentally they've already shown themselves to be weak.
The others already know what's up and won't go to war for some jewish bankers. The only war that's worth it is to defend your own borders from invaders. And that's precisely the only war the federal government isn't interested in. But they're more than happy to ship you to Bumfuck, Egypt to die for nothing (other than the further enrichment of military industrial complex).
Replies: >>205324 >>207875
stfu dad
i am 40 years old and young people deserve this. too many faggots and minorities
what makes you think women wouldn't just avoid being drafted too? i don't think a single blue haired fatherless bitch wishes to be on an active war.
Replies: >>205561
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Reminder that if you invest in the stonks and other fiat currency derivatives, then you're part of the problem.
Replies: >>205559
so, how many NFTs do you "own"?
Replies: >>205560
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I'm not sure wtf an NFT is but it sounds like some kind of digital derivatives crap. I only buy gold and silver coins.
>what makes you think women wouldn't just avoid
women are comformist by nature
Replies: >>205572
They will get pregnant to get out of it dude
conformist does not mean it's self-sacrificial, no matter how much the group wants you to do it
You're not in the position to worry about it. They have no interest recruiting fat balding men who can't even lift a pen.
Replies: >>207867
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>a pen
Look you silly old golem grandma... you're not convincing, I know how it makes ((( you ))) nervous but we're all dodging the draft, we will tell everyone about the upcoming war and the upcoming draft. No buts no coconuts.
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I thought it was a book, it's more like a leaflet. Funny enough, this very sentiment was expressed by Aristophanes in the comedy "Peace", showing how the Peloponnesian War was perpetuated by the blacksmiths, carpenters and ambitious politicians of Athens who had a lot to gain from continued conflict to the detriment of everyone else.
I think war profiteering is a terminal disease that only ends when it eventually kills the host organism (like what happened to Athens) because if the nation wins the war, all the bad actors are emboldened to plan and force the next war and the one after that ad infinitum.
Replies: >>207879
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Actually Smedley Butler's idea probably wouldn't work today, because we don't even have real money anymore. They can print as much fiat as they want, and there are no immediate consequences.
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