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 Dress to impress!

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It's fine and completely normal to feel absolute disgust when seeing a cute anime girl.
>B-But muh small amygda-
Is a pseudoscience meme created by neet, virgin, incel, altchan dwelling, weebs to make you like their shitty flavour of the month moeshit.
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Nyahahaha!  OP lost!
Replies: >>203231 >>203239
Seeing that cat woman fills me with absolute rage and digust. Makes me want to skin her alive. Liking moeshit like this is so fucking gay.
Replies: >>203233
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Just you try.
Replies: >>203239
>>203228 (OP) 
You sound like an animal abuser.
Replies: >>203241
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Stay Kawaii! <3
Replies: >>203239
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Rawr!  🐯
Replies: >>203239
Falseflagger from pedochan
Replies: >>203244
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>>203228 (OP) 
Yeah, the fact that you used this "word" is more than enough to know that what you're saying is complete bullshit. Go fuck your discord trannies, mr. sex-haver.
I mean I torture moths but who cares about them.
Replies: >>203245
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Replies: >>203244
At least the pedo spammer isn't here, that troglodyte fuck.
Replies: >>203244
He's right here:
>>203239 (4 posts linked here)
>I mean I torture moths but who cares about them.
Dude what the fuck?
Replies: >>203246
I haven't done it in a while though.
Replies: >>203247
The pictures you autistically make of you anime-boyfriends torturing anime girls shows that you still have an urge to torture weak entities. At least it was just moths and now technically nothing (drawings), because if you actually tortured kitties or something it would be more cruel.
Replies: >>203250
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Insects are a lesser life to mammals?
Replies: >>203251 >>203253
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Yew wish <3
Replies: >>203252
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That is true, but the fact that you find torture interesting (regardless of the subject) shows that there's something wrong with you.
Replies: >>203256
That video of the women in high heels crushing those kittens skulls was pretty funny.
Replies: >>203260
>>203228 (OP) 
Kek its the shonen-nigger gokuspic again. Ignore the gokuspic OP he literally has been confirmed to have the smallest amygdala here.
Replies: >>203263
Dude, you are proving the amygdala poster’s point. Please continue not torturing anything and listen to how you sound.
Replies: >>203263
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Nyaaa?!  (ミↀ ᆽↀミ)

I already won.

I'm going to find out where you live and send a pack of feral niggers with aids fresh off the boat from africa to rape you and your whole family to death.
Replies: >>203265
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Nice trollin'
Replies: >>203267
I'm not trolling, how can I sound more serious then I already do?
Replies: >>203268
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Proof of the cute aggression theory will not be lost to time now
Replies: >>203270
I didn't give you permission to archive my thread.
Replies: >>203272
Truth about Moe and cute aggression is more important than some small amygdala spic's demands.
Replies: >>203279
>Everyone I don't like is a spic
Look, I know you're upset that mexicans are taking over the united states of mutts, but just calm down ok?
Replies: >>203284
>Everyone I don't like is a spic
No, but Dragon Ball is notably popular in Mexico, and spics are notably cruel people, so it's easy to think that a Dragon Ball fan that hates cute things and finds animal cruelty to be funny is a spic.
Replies: >>203291 >>203302
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There is nothing healthy-minded about wanting to skin adorable girls alive.  Your lack of vasopressin makes you less of a man.
Replies: >>203291
Pedro Gonzalez (OP) absolutely hates realizing he's inferior to Aryan supermen in yet another way (small amygdala like small pp that smells like cornstarch and rancid grease).
Replies: >>203291
Wh*tes were pretty cruel when they colonized north and south america and genocided many native groups there. Now that they've become domesticated, feminized, and fat, and are low t beta wyt bois who get their shit pushed constantly by brown latin chads like mexicans.

Cum skin cope.
Replies: >>203295 >>203302
It's not cruel to kill demons (non-whites)
Replies: >>203298
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>This is demonic
Small amygdala moment.
and she prefers white dick lmfao
Replies: >>203300 >>203301
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This is unfunny bait thread is now a colonizing thread.
Fuck you.
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>Dragon Ball is notably popular in Mexico, and spics are notably cruel people, so it's easy to think that a Dragon Ball fan that hates cute things and finds animal cruelty to be funny is a spic.
Dragonball is also very popular among niggers in burgerland as well. It's impossible to tell if OP is a spic or nigger till we here his opinions on niggers. His identity as a shitskin however is undeniable because of >>203291 however.
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This is an idealized depiction of shitskin not corresponding to how they actually are in real life
Replies: >>203307 >>203335
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>They're having this same old argument for the millionth time
Fuck this noise, here's some Caligula.
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That's why 2d is superior. Brown is horribly ugly in real life outside of a few exceptions to that rule.
Brownchads won btw.
Replies: >>203312
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>few exceptions to that rule.
No exceptions unless you are a filthy niggerlover.
Replies: >>203313 >>203335
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Here's some pics of the darkie from Fate. Enjoy.
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Replies: >>203316
Spoiler File
(46.4KB, 950x475) Reverse
>Brownchads won btw.
He said there were exceptions for 3DPD browns. Shantae is 2D
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Replies: >>203321 >>203322
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>he's posting pedoshit again
You should be banned for getting me addicted to loli hentai.
Replies: >>203341
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2D shitskins are much much better than 3DPD shitskins, but they still fall flat very hard compared to non-shitskin 2D girls.
Maybe I'd have a bigger amygdala if cute girls were nice to me and wanted to have sex with me.
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Don't fight it. Just relax and enjoy some more coon cunny.
Replies: >>203342
>Interracial homosexuality
/fascist/ won't like this.
Replies: >>203343 >>203345
[Hide] (813.2KB, 848x1200) Reverse
Who cares what they think? Just enjoy the coony.
Fascist here.
Personally, my problem is the fact that a shitskin is present, not that they're of different races. I wouldn't like shitskin x shitskin any better.
Cute feminine lesbians should not be equated to AIDS-spreading prolapsed-anus shit-dicks.
Replies: >>203353 >>203401
OP sounds latinx.
>Cute feminine lesbians should not be equated to AIDS-spreading prolapsed-anus shit-dicks.
But some cute shotas just frotting and kissing is fine though.
Replies: >>203359
Kill yourself pederast.
That's what your father and uncle were thinking when they tag-team traumatized you to the point of rendering you incontinent for life.
Replies: >>203363
Lol too ugly no one loved u huh?  u lost 😁
Replies: >>203365
> u lost :D
>t. impotent pedo who spams boards hostile toward it
Lol he mad
>start OP with basically "cute animu girls SUCK"
>thread gets flooded with animu girls
I can't see why people don't take advantage of this more often.
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Those anti-anime posts reminded me of the idiotic expression "tranime" which I haven't seen in a while, which reminded me of something funny.
I find it a bit ironic that one of the most popular (among fake weeb trannies) of the few tranny characters that there are in anime (pic not related) is a literal zombie. Pretty accurate.
Replies: >>203388 >>203389
"Tranime" isnt posted anymore because jannies wordfiltered it and the shitstirrers moved onto a different word. I get the hunch that the guys forcing amygdala here are the same guys who were crying tranime and "you get no bitches"-posting months ago.
Tranime as an expression was also never disproven either, btw.
Replies: >>203392 >>203398
[Hide] (223.8KB, 2063x1472) Reverse
...It was never proved either? It's a literal soynigger meme.
There are very few trannies in Japan and in anime. Aside from some terminally online westoids on discord and twitter using female fictional characters for self-insertion (anime being included), there is no link between anime and trannyism.
Replies: >>203402
[Hide] (26.2KB, 250x250) Reverse
To be fair, it's moreso hentai that plants the seeds of trannydom.
Granted, you can't make a catchy portmanteau out of hentai + tranny, but it's important to make the distinction.
Replies: >>203422
>((( fascist ))) is pro-miscegenation AND a nigg/u/r
Replies: >>203423
You can fuck off wirh the other invaders.
Replies: >>203421
You're the invader here, "tranime" soynigger.
Elaborate. It doesn't sound very convincing. At most it's only a few genres/fetishes. And even then, I used to fap to futa (on female or on futa) and yuri, which I can imagine some people considering to be gateways to troondom, but I never felt anything like that. I can imagine traps and maybe gender bender being gateways to troondom, though.
Replies: >>203428
I'm not really pro-miscegenation, I was just saying that to me the presence of a shitskin is a more immediate problem than the more vague concept of miscegenation.
I don't want to be one of those "if you don't like my fetish you're literally gay" retards, but you should reflect on whether it says something about you that you are repulsed by seeing cute girls together.
Replies: >>203453
>he doesn't know about the fujo to fakeboi pipeline
A more prevalent theme among trannies than anime obsession is porn addiction. Considering that anime is generally more sexualized than other animation and that its style is incredibly prevalent in pornography, it's pretty simple to explain the former phenomenon with the latter.
If you don't believe me then try to find a troon that's obsessed with anime but not porn at some level. It's impossible.
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>>203228 (OP) 
This post is truly awful. It is painfully obvious that you do not belong here. But that is okay. There is a positive solution. Rather than trying to fit in, you should strongly consider going to a site most suitable for posters like you, such as Reddit, Twitter, or maybe even 4chan. You have plenty of options. You will be happy and we will be happy. Best of luck, but don't come back. Bye!
Replies: >>203447
>>203228 (OP) 
>britbong spelling
OP has shared a picture of his Goku figures or whatever before and it had the britbong timezone in the EXIF data. It's not a coincidence, right?
the fact that you don't think lesbianism is gay is tranny level cognitive dissonance
Replies: >>203457
It's gay as in general homosexuality, but it's not gay either as in male homosexuality, or as in "lame"/"cringe"/etc.
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