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So I've been keeping a journal for almost 4 years now (it's supposed to be daily, but I hit maybe half the days in a year), and sometimes I go back and read an entry from the same date last year or the year before. And very rarely I leave a comment if whatever I wrote 2 years ago is particularly cringy or incomprehensible to current me. And recently I came across a comment I wrote last year about an entry from the year before.
So I got to thinking, what if I just commented on stuff every year and commented on the comments in subsequent years and so on? It would be like having a conversation with myself. Eventually after a few years I would have a lot to read and reply to every day.
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>>200399 (OP) 
Unironically, that sounds like a fun idea. I also keep a journal where I like to preserve memories/impressions but I haven't thought about doing comments years after.
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>>200399 (OP) 
This sounds interesting but I am conflicted on it. I can feel shame or disgust from not just things that I have said or done, but even things that I have thought of in the past. Actually writing down and materializing my thoughts... doesn't sound like a good idea unless I tried to filter them.
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> I can feel shame or disgust from not just things that I have said or done, but even things that I have thought of in the past.
like what
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That's inherently a question that's not getting an answer.
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>anon says that he's ashamed and disgusted of his past thoughts so he doesn't write them down
>you ask anon to publicly post those thoughts
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what's the issue with that, not like we know him, plus everyone's gonna forget in a week time
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Maybe a locking journal can help you with feelings of being "found out." Writing without a filter is like the icing on top of the cake of materializing one's thoughts. With having my own journals that sometimes include shameful secrets in them like how I want to fuck my 13 year old niece, a list of other fetishes I masturbate to, and how much I fucking hate my parents, especially my mother, and brother,  I now realize that keeping these feelings bottled up eats at me a lot more than my fear of doing something "immoral" because I'm indulging said feelings.

Journaling is a strange, but effective, kind of relief. Because it is not like the Sudden Revelation kind of cure one might commonly find in the Self Help industry. Rather it is more like a Slow Burn kind of relief, that may take hours, or days, to realize itself after expressing it in a subtle way that can sometimes feel like it's not the journaling that brought the relief (though it is what brought the relief.)
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>locking journal
you're kidding right? I could break that thing looks like it can be broken in like 2 seconds flat or bruteforced in a couple minutes at most. if anyone wants to read your diary they're going to bypass that shit pronto and you're delusional if you think a pathetic chinese piece of shit 3 digit "lock" is going to even deter them, hell, if anything it'll make them more curious of the nature of the contents of the diary.
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>> 204739
> bruteforce locking journal
> turn to the first page
> it's written in some kind of alien non-euclidian gibbering runes
> lose 1d6 SAN points
The lock was there for your protection!
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true, i think the best is just use a .txt and save it on a usb
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Life can be stressful. Sometimes things get bottled up leading me to write out a bunch of thoughts into RAM just to externalize them. I don't see any point to saving most things I write. Rarely I'll save a particularly pressing thought or feeling on my hard drive but I guess they'll all get deleted sooner or later. I've found I can't relate to my past selves and I become more and more distant over time. The price of progress. I used to post my thoughts and ramblings on imageboards frequently but I've mostly abandoned this habit. It seems like they don't tend to be taken the way I intended them and the dialogue aspect just turns into a weird game of self-defense or shitposting which just leads to further misunderstandings. It seems like it's not that the thoughts are complicated as much as it's a communication issue. At my job I do try very hard to be unambiguous and comprehensible when I communicate but often I'm ignored, or I somehow give people the wrong impression, or it seems like they didn't read or understand what I wrote. It takes me a while to write things correctly and so often it feels like wasted effort. The words come out all wrong when I speak too. It's all very alienating. Even in self-communication my thoughts are half-formed and I have to keep struggling and pulling myself back to come to a definitive conclusion. Things appear and things get forgotten. Sometimes I still get this feeling like I want to communicate things to people. I think it's a silly urge but maybe I can indulge it occasionally.
And where would you put the usb for safekeeping?
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stick it up your ass
is small... so basically anywhere. I'll just put it up on a pile with other ten USBs, the best way to hide something is to leave it in plain sight.
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>it's written in some kind of alien non-euclidian gibbering runes
You mean this?
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You could probably write in Latin or an obscure language, they will just get bored trying translate handwritten text
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If it's a real language they can probably use some software tool to translate it. It needs to be completely alien and illogical, like it was designed for another reality.
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like a code or something? 
#dkd%8 390aks?
Then how will you be getting whatever’s bothering you off your chest if you’re more focused on trying to write cryptically instead of just letting your feelings out?
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cryptography is the OG austism
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