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Stop watching anime about cute girls going to school.
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>Stop watching (...) cute girls (...)
Replies: >>200063
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>>200047 (OP) 
Shut the fuck up, Kristian "Varg" Vikernes. You impregnated a high functioning autistic woman, and thus propagated autism. Your children may not be autistic, but they may have dormant autism genes.
Anything you say from this point no longer has any value, including your little justification video.
I will watch anime about cute girls going to school, and I will like it.
Replies: >>200055 >>200060
The guy on picture 2 is me
You can't just watch anime about cute girls going to school for the rest of your life. You should watch more manly stuff like shonen.
Replies: >>200532
Essentially the cig meme is ignoring something too mature you saw on sleepy, you realize that, right? It's shameful and spammy. At least watch good anime like OP told you, but no, you can't pay attention so you won't. If you can't make sense out of a paragraph you can't understand any plot a good show would have. Go ahead. Ignore your own ignorance. I'm sure it's super fun, so long as you hide that shit personality away when you're outside and remain friendless.
Replies: >>200065 >>200066
>>200047 (OP) 
I miss varg so much bros
>At least watch good anime like OP told you
Moe is the point of anime, and non-moe anime are redundant. If I wanted to watch something non-moe I could watch live action or westoid shit or read a book or whatever.
Replies: >>200070
>ignoring something too mature you saw on sleepy
Even though the origin of this meme was ignoring christschizo spam?
Replies: >>200070
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>>200047 (OP) 
Anime for stunted infantile millennial trash and zoomer mutts. Only death is real.
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>Anime for stunted infantile millennial trash and zoomer mutts. Only death is real.
Replies: >>200070 >>200079
Way to prove my point about being immature. The point of anime was expression to the max, as in of all kinds, not being cute and only cute. It's why tentacle rape is popular along with loli, it's everything or used to be, before normalfags got ahold of things (as usual). Retardu. 
There's no excuse as it happened after the mod upgrade. Fighting spam with worse spam is two wrongs and neither of them make a right. Christfag was better as he stayed in his own threads, this spam is by far worse as it's not blog posting and instead actual spam, dumb ass. 
Considering when we die likely we are delet death is the only thing that is not real.
Replies: >>200076 >>200091
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>Way to prove my point about being immature. The point of anime was expression to the max, as in of all kinds, not being cute and only cute. It's why tentacle rape is popular along with loli, it's everything or used to be, before normalfags got ahold of things (as usual). Retardu.
Youtuber-tier opinion of someone who watched some slop from the 80's and two trigger shows. Most of those "all kinds" are covered by westoid and non-2D Japanese media. Moe is basically the only thing exclusive to anime, and it's the best thing.
>Fighting spam with worse spam
The "ignored" pictures are way more valuable than the pretentious facebook ramblings they're used in response to
Replies: >>200077
>moe was propagated by normalfags
What? Even in Japan normalfags will make fun of you for loving 2D girls.
Replies: >>200267
Why do you act as if you were asian or something
Replies: >>200078
Westoid doesn't necessarily have to refer to the west or to western people in general, it's referring more to cancerous ideologies/philosophies most prominent in the west (and western people affected by it).
Replies: >>200244
Black metal guys are cooler and have a better subculture than weebs ever will. Cope and seethe, manchild faggot.
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>Cope and seethe
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>accepting your manly desires for cute girls is being a manchild but doing edgy LARPs is so heckin mature bro frfr
Don't need to tell me twice. They're always fucking boring.
Stevie posting Mads Mikkelsen is funny, the gay pedo posting dumb essays about jewish cock aren't.
Who? Please update me on the e-celeb lore.
Replies: >>200101
did not imagine that a board could become worse than lainchan but here we are lol
Replies: >>200267
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I don't think she goes to school, just stuffs her face and shitposts.
Replies: >>200100
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Does she post on this board?
He is a Southern US boy from Wizchan like the christfag spammer on b. I have seen him complain on other sites about getting banned here for posting the Mads ignored picture. Not sure what the deal with that is. The christnigger refusing to use the designated board and posting several threads during its routine manic episodes is a lot worse.
Replies: >>200102 >>200700
Get Andrew/Fagdrew/Big Gay Andy to come here.
Replies: >>200103
The wizpals hate me for being an alcoholic sperg now.
Replies: >>200107
what happen and who is the schizophrenic femboy?
Replies: >>200105
Some insane Russian pedophile that always posts images with long pseudocode filenames relating to babies and horsecock.
Replies: >>200106 >>200110
is he hot tho?
Did you say something bad about Sanrio?
>The wizpals hate me
Replies: >>200109
I think it's because I would get blackout drunk and rant about niggers and kikes in party/guild chat every weekend.
I have first seen him on 4chan's /g/
Replies: >>200116 >>200205
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Replies: >>200120 >>200205
Saw him in wpsg on vg complaining about getting banned for camping a certain NPC or something and how raiders are boring players. Granted, he does have a point in that regard. Best part of WoW was the leveling journey on PVP servers. Having spontaneous battles made the game exciting. Areas like the Nesingwary camp were bloodbaths since they were neutral quest hubs. Probably the most fun I ever had on that game was when I would camp the boat that traveled between Booty Bay and Ratchet and mind-control enemy players shortly before the loading zone and walk them off the boat so they would have to waste time swimming back on top of missing the boat.
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when you're drivin' in your chevy
and you're feelin' something heavy
Replies: >>200231
Black metal is for tryhard fags.
Based old men listen to Heavy metal.
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why are You talking about me like i am some rare type of wild animal
>>200047 (OP) 
Varf coon
>using halfcuck
>current year
>admitting to using halfcuck
>admitting to using halfcuck's /g/
>using a /g/ at all on any imageboard
Replies: >>200221
noo you cannot have fun vavava
Replies: >>200225
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Why are you speaking like a toddler?
Replies: >>200226
i am imitating you nigger faggot
Replies: >>200229
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No, that was your post and it was (You) speaking.
If you hate the west so much then move to japan, faggot.
Replies: >>200245
No, I respect Japan and don't want to be the equivalent of a sandnigger moving to Europe.
Replies: >>200248
What do you respect about Japan?
Replies: >>200253
Japan is the only country on earth inhabited by real human beings and running on a cultural operating system relatively unmolested by judeo-christian slave morality.
Replies: >>200256
so you arent human?
Replies: >>200257
That statement was generalist. There are plenty of non/sub-humans in Japan, just like there are some humans (such as me) in the west.
Or maybe they just hate zoomers and their moe? 
The cig meme is the same as posting touch grass, interesting an anon has a thread about that sort of behavior. Just don't post if you have no argument nigger. It's trying to shame one into behaving different you faggot and it is not funny any more than posting touch grass is funny to a literal redditor. 
Lainchan does not allow for talking at all so you can shut the fuck up now.
I wouldn't call posting essays of interchangeable stream of consciousness rambling "having an argument" either, dipshit, but keep (poorly) gatekeeping the shitposting board like an overcompensating faggot.

You're really bent out of shape about the stupid "touch grass" phrase to the point you deliriously see it everywhere. I'd tell you to take your meds, but I'm sure you'd cry about that, too. Petulant, diaper-shitting manchild.
Replies: >>200286
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>touch grass
>take your meds
Not that faggot but when your entire span of discussion funnels into the same three memephrases you can't expect but for all sentience to flee from the boards you post on.
Who would want to talk to (You)? This is a parasocial hangout site at the end of the day, and there will always be undesirables no matter how outcast the audience is.
Replies: >>200303 >>200362
>The cig meme is the same as posting touch grass
Two VERY different things.
That meme is just an alternative way of saying something like "retarded niggerfaggot" because you personally found the post to be dumb. While "touching grass" is about shaming people that don't adhere to mainstream society's decadent values.
they never banned my username on lainchan tho, this is just new level of pathetic
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> touch grass
I just mowed my lawn yesterday faggot.
>this and that is for manchildren
>black metal is where its at
what is manchildish about being horny for teen girls. its not like it makes you the king but most faggots are afraid of even thinking of teen girls. anime is redpilled in this sense
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I'm not reading this conversation but I agree with you because of what you stated and having done so in a concise manner.
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>>200047 (OP) 
You like to torture kittens.
>ctrl+f "amygdala"
>0 results 
>just the thread derailer screencap 
Replies: >>200345
Nigga, Varg Vikerness is a dork who hates mediterraneans
It still applies.
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>>200047 (OP) 
I'm not the one who brought "touch grass" up. I'm saying it's retarded to the point of obvious derangement to think posting Mads or some character smoking captioned with "ignored" is the same as telling someone to touch grass, and I felt like throwing "take meds" in due to how much of a tryhard faggot the retard I was replying to is. Only time I have ever made mention of either phrase, ironic or not, was in the single post you replied to (and I guess this one now, too).
Replies: >>200677
Moeshit and shounen shit are soo tiresome, but at least aren't isekai garbage.
I stay up months without watching or reading anime/manga and spend it by reading books and I don't regret it. Only yesterday I decided to see what i've been missing in the last three seasons and I barely find five anime that are good enough to watch
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[Hide] (12MB, 600x332, 04:35)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1280x720, 00:22)
>>200047 (OP) 
Caligula is all about rejecting and abandoning that sort of escapism.
If you're looking for a TV anime that doesn't suck, that's the one I'd recommend.
Replies: >>200394
Hello fellow Caligula shill.
Replies: >>200395 >>200396
At this point I don't mind him, seeing him sticking around after all of these years.
He's not malicious, he just really likes this one game for some reason unless he brings up the sequel.
Replies: >>200396 >>200397
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1280x720, 00:24)
Hi there.

I enjoyed the sequel, but the original game is definitely still my favourite.

That aside, I think the anime stands well enough on its own. So if you don't happen to be a gamer, don't be discouraged from watching it.
I don't mind either and I don't know why would anyone consider him malicious. I just find it curious (or cute in a non-gay way) how a guy on an obscure imageboard shills for a specific literally-what game/anime consistently from time to time.
I did watch it like a year ago because I was asking for anime suggestions and (presumably he) he recommended it. I guess it was OK, though other than that girl rightfully hating on fat pigs I forgot a large portion. I don't own a Vita (and I don't know if my PC is powerful enough to have a good experience with emulation) so I can't play the game for now, though lately I haven't really been playing a lot of (non-VN) games in general.
Replies: >>200500
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>>200047 (OP) 
But what if they live in a small rural village and go to a small school with only one (mixed-grade) class?
>an 'ur wrong meme' vs another 'ur wrong meme'
Replies: >>200418
No. One is 'ur wrong', the other is 'ur socially unacceptable'. Two very different things.
Replies: >>200444
[Hide] (39.5KB, 919x502) Reverse
>replying to me
<guess he wants  another meandering tangent! 
One is 'ur post deems you socially unacceptable'  on reddit and the other is 'ur post deems you socially unacceptable' but on zzzchan. The difference is culture and cultures don't mix. It's why they would hate one anothe, the users would. Like "race" being an issue. Afghans are fnei for ages while being multiethnic, culture is an issue not ethnicity. A social construct is as it does, and thus race issues cause Russia to bully their own slavs just because they have slightly different values and cultures and languages.To unite England they simply made them all tyrannically obey. In Afganland you dei if you denounce faith in allah or sleep around apparently. They get shit done. Do crime in Russsia, die, hence their being able to bully. To have  a strong country you must be....united and have harsh rules. To defend a site you act harsh to the degenerate, the same sort of issue, and yet it's just a post on the Internet so not really and I'm wasting my tiem trying to explain how to think to someone on the Internet yet again. To argue is like court, everyone hates it. Better to just call someone  nigger, censor, go to war, but never does a person want to agree to disagree, to compromise. It's bitch behavior so we must now be told to touch grass. OH, I know what to do now. I'm telling the cig memer to to touch grass and ya can't stop me! Fire with fire!
Replies: >>200446
Ironically enough this is a "cig meme"-deserving post. Though all of your posts are, you're like that christschizo but without the "christ" part. Consider interacting with the voices in your head instead of polluting our places.
Replies: >>200448
No post is a cig meme deserving post, hence I did indeed waste my ime. Pollution is spam and the cig meme is spam. If you're afraid of thoughts, non npc kinds of thoughts, you're the bad guy here not me. Also, why assume what posts are mine? Ignorant fool alert.
Replies: >>200450
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Here, I just made a new variation.
Replies: >>200453
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[Hide] (30.3MB, 854x480, 03:42)
My reasons are pretty simple: I enjoy talking about Caligula because I love the lore, characters, and themes.
And its lack of recognition is part of what makes it fun to talk about, to be frank.
There's some great mainstream stuff out there that I've enjoyed, like Breaking Bad for example, but that's already been discussed to death among pretty much everyone.
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But 少年アニメ is aimed at little boys.
The realest animu are Eurobeat dorifting series along with 1970s children's cartoons adapted from pre-1945 European children's novels anyway, that shit is maturer than Bersuc.
What about anime about cute girls dropping out of school?
Replies: >>200543 >>200544
Examples, bro?
[Hide] (73.3KB, 400x400) Reverse
This season there are two band animes with characters that are drop outs.
And i can suggest you NHK, Misaki is a drop out.
Replies: >>200545
[Hide] (8.7KB, 294x69) Reverse
[Hide] (21.4KB, 1738x40) Reverse
>animes with an s
"Based" american bro...
Anyway, if you're talking about Girls Band Cry and Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai, the former is 3DCG slop and the latter is feminist infiltration.
It says a lot about the state of society (zzzchan) when the current top thread on the website is this shitty larpagan bait.
Replies: >>200548 >>200562
[Hide] (909.2KB, 882x585) Reverse
>Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai
To elaborate, it just feels uncomfy in general, at least from what I hear of it (didn't watch it). It has a rebel punk "da streets" atmosphere and a strong focus on social media including TikTok. It's just not like your usual wholesome anime. And there's even a sob story about a character who was "rejected" by "society" or something because of -- LMAO -- being obsessed over westoid capeshit.
[Hide] (117.7KB, 1080x1080) Reverse
You need to go up and touch seaweed.
Replies: >>200562
i love animes and you can suck my dicks
Replies: >>200583
Seeing "larpagan" and seeing this vtumor made me think that it would be interesting if we had those larpagan vs christcuck autism wars but it was instead about vtumor bros vs anti-vtumor bros.
>>200047 (OP) 
The First Peoples left us their sword, and now we understand our purpose in life, thanks to anime about cute girls going to school.

You are right to fear it.
>"Based" american bro...
i'm not american or an english speaker, is just that if i talk about one or more anime, i tend to use the word in plural, in the case of  what >>200551 said, the "animes" in plural looks weird, because you are talking about the concept of anime as a whole, therefore should be in singular.
Replies: >>200588
Amerimutts are notable for their '"'cultural'"' imperialism so that's why I called you american. Pluralizing the word anime is basically being an irony weeb almost on the level of dub-watchers because it shows that you don't respect the Japanese language.
Replies: >>200595
>>200047 (OP) 
anime sucks, all cartoons suck when you turn 15.
Replies: >>200599
i barely know how to write english, forgive me.
The difference between Japanese and westoid cartoons is that a large portion of the former are NOT aimed at little kids (for example, basically all about "cute girls going to school").
[Hide] (28.6MB, 1280x691, 11:21)
Replies: >>200633 >>200635
"Anime" as in "Japanese animation" is a pretty and dumb category when you have Xitter trauma dump like this shit in the same category as Lucky Star and Yuru Yuri.
Replies: >>200635 >>200637
<two nukes weren't enough, lmao
What the fuck are you talking about?
Replies: >>200636
This ghibli slop that you posted. It's a Xitter trauma dump.
Replies: >>200639
>pretty and dumb
Meant "pretty dumb" in case this caused misunderstandings.
What the fuck does Twitter have to do with a 1980s animated film about WW2, are you retarded? What's up with all the nu-words?
Replies: >>200640
[Hide] (19.7KB, 405x229) Reverse
>It has nothing to do with xitter.
>What the fuck does Twitter have to do
It's just an expression, autist. Like calling low attention span "people" tiktok addicts even if tiktok is unrelated.
I'm basically comparing "dark" "realistic" works about real happenings like this to when "people" shed crocodile tears on Xitter or other social media about their "traumas" and woe is me life.
>No, you're just dumb.
>I'm disappointed with you.
Sorry for not caring about some literally who's "traumas" and wanting comfy anime when there are billions of people who had/have bad moments. I could as well turn on the news and look at how people are dying in muh jewkraine or palestine or whatever.
Replies: >>200641 >>200642
imagine basing your life around what people on twitter think
Replies: >>200645
[Hide] (3MB, 320x320, 01:25)
>too mature for mature anime
Just as expocted.
Holy strawman, autist. Woe is me crocodile tears suck regardless of xitter, I just use xitter as an analogy. Just like having a low attention span is bad regardless of tiktok, but tiktok addiction is also a good analogy.
Replies: >>200647
>I just use xitter
kek, i think you should go back there
Replies: >>200649
[Hide] (3.7MB, 460x320) Reverse
<your seething has been dilated on account of your lack of cucking your 'grass'
I post that image too, I posted it on Wizchan once.
>>200047 (OP) 
>Varg coon
Replies: >>201054
[Hide] (34.3KB, 700x350) Reverse
Mexican coon
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