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 Dress to impress!

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Someone should make a dating site for anons for sleepychan and then we could finally get our dream internet girlfriend and then have it leaked out all of our data...wait
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the internet girlfriend in question:
>>200021 (OP) 
>Someone should make a dating site for anons
Duolicious is the 4chan equivalent of this.
It's probably as much of a honeypot as you think it is.
>>200021 (OP) 
>internet girlfriend
If she's not physical at this point you might have a comfier experience with those AI chatbot things, or RETVRN TO TRADITI0N and play dating sims/VNs.
>has a cell app and now it's just okcupid 2 for normalnigs
RIP okcupid by the way. Then again, halfcuck is for normalfags anyway so I guess I can go kill some now.
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>site glitches before can answer questions hardly 
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>>200021 (OP) 
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it got leaked
Post your face when you didn't dox yourself on a blantantly obvious 4cuck honeypot
I was just reading a Kemono Friends doujin...
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>I love the joker so much
>obsessed with the history of the ship titanic (it's an autism thing)
>looking for 2-4 kids
<However, I am infertile, so be prepared to go halfsies on the treatment
>need someone who's willing to go fishing with me but also a rave
>I love cooking (will bake you cookies and make handmade gifts/letters for you if I think you're special enough)
<mentally ill
>however, can control my symptoms enough to be a good person
>oh and I also have a rare disease (similar to cancer) that's incurable and could come back and kill me at any time
Would you? I think I would, I like her high cheeks regardless of her retarded forehead that's showing through her bangs.
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> Over 2000 match questions from anime to life goals.
I hate failed normalfags so much bros
Replies: >>200145
And what's your metric to failed normalfaggotry? Do you believe you truly aren't one? You're currently posting on an anonymous site built to feed parasocial desires.
Replies: >>200149
Don't reply to me fagatha
If you ever dated a woman or let alone went into a fucking dating site you are a failed normalfag. If you get drunk at bars, you are one, if you ever had a girlfriend, you are one. simple as.
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> May 15 2024
>experiencing intimacy is fail because i never experienced it myself!

Replies: >>200156
>wanting to touch some whore
Replies: >>200157
ok bubble boy
Replies: >>200158 >>200159
Fucking roasties is literally gay because you are inserting your dick in a hole that had hundreds of other dicks and cum.
Replies: >>200160
enjoy your microchimeral offspring faggot, lmao.
Replies: >>200160
I wasn't going after roasties. We're not talking about your mother here.

go hug your ugly butt buddy and make him feel better lol
Replies: >>200161 >>200162
>reddit spacing
Replies: >>200204
>I wasn't going after roasties.
Yes anon, a woman on a dating site is going to be a pure virgin bride
Replies: >>200163
You seem to be under the assumption that dating sites are the only option. Did you just choose not to live any at all and spend all your time in a smelly basement?
Replies: >>200166 >>200168
You seem like the perfect candidate to answer this question, sir >>199981
Replies: >>200174
>y-you are a basement nerd
>y-you never talked to a REAL WOMAN
holy strawmans, batman
whats next, "have sex incel"?
Replies: >>200176
Unfortunately, they're just another casualty of the internet's impact on everyone else. There's no way around it. All they can do is keep experimenting with different approaches and pray for a stroke of luck. And yes I'm aware of the difficulty in that.
Replies: >>200175
thats a nice way of saying absolutely nothing while making it sound like you just made a really bold statement
Replies: >>200177 >>200181
That's because it's not really my problem.
Replies: >>200178
The truth is that you are full of shit and don't belong here, you pompous failed normalnigger, go huff your own farts some other place.
Replies: >>200181 >>200204
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hilarious that i get banned for being on quote a spammer and this shit is going on
>I want some advice
<Uh sure here's some advice
>No! Fuck you!
Tale as old as tiiiiiiime...
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Whats funny is that the entire site was a complete and utter sausage fest. There were alot more trannies than there were women on that app,
How fucking lonely and horny do you have to be to reach that point.
Replies: >>200190
Nobody is asking you for advice, I am asking you to leave.
31 to 1 man to woman ratio
>not using a temp email for such an upstart website
>blackbelt in bj's aka choker 
lol no
>pretending to be normal just to spread misery as an Internet troll
No such thing as an incel. 
Cyborg defeats the purpose of black and white thinking.
No such thing as reddit spacing, remidner.
Replies: >>200212 >>200222
Nobody is completely normal if they come here in the first place. Let's not pretend it's impossible to have relationships and so on though. I don't get angry when someone says they had sex or got to know a number of people in personal ways.
>spread misery as an Internet troll
Yeah, as if people claiming to be abnormal do not do this exact same thing because of their own inadequacies whenever someone mentions doing something that they couldn't or don't wanna do. But let's be angry about it and put them down for something that made them happy, yeah.
>No such thing as an incel. 
It's a pointless upgrade of a term with equivalent connotation to simply saying angry virgin. Many people forgot this but still want to go more technical so that they can find ways to demoralize someone for not being enough. Women especially are favoring it but forget you can have sex and still be a misogynist.

Since this is all still very relevant to the OP, an imageboard has been guilty of attempting such a thing before already: https://web.archive.org/web/20141219190509/https://hikkichan.com/hikki/
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Replies: >>200304
>angry virgin
>implying if you have sex you'll keep having sex 
Grinds my gears but other than that I'm okay with your post. Incel grinds my gears too as it implies you can't be voluntarily celibate due to how high your standarsd are, or rather, women are shit now days is a better way to put it. No hymen no diamond and all of age women are devoid of virtues.  Men should be allowed to bitch about women but are not and saying incel is meant to stop the bitching about their being shit. A man being a virgin vs not being one has nothing to do with it. Plenty of men hatefuck women. Hate is hate. Sex making a man not hate women is fucking retarded a notion. If anythihng the more sex he has the less he's likely to imprint. Normalfags constantly make the dumbest labels.
Replies: >>200281
>Normalfags constantly make the dumbest labels.
The absolute worst of them to me is born again virgin, as if we're suppose to spend our life around chasing people with the cost of sanity. All of that should be for all the masochists that want kids and a marriage where over time you'll just get fucked over or the wife will tell you not to teach the kids right from wrong and change the power dynamic all around.
Replies: >>200415
That post in picrel is such a product of the year 2020 that it's funny.
Fed thread
>born again virgin
As if people say this faggot. As it is you don't magically become normal as a man unless you fuck constantly. For a woman she's ruined after day 1. That's how it works. At this point marriage is another ballpark unless you're a 'cuck' that wants a female devoid fo a hymen to marry. Bastards ruin society and that label should have stayed though did not ironically because normalfags only make stupid labels. One thing that I hate about society is their whore shaming while slut affirming. Slust, as in female floozies, break homes. Whores keep them in order. People used to know this before feminism (aka toxic femininity).
Replies: >>200439
You were not around that many normalfags and in with their groups if you're in that much disbelief, so I'm pretty much done with this exchange.
Replies: >>200458
And if I say that I was around them enough to know their bullshit I am normal for it and thus I automatically lose? That's a  mental trap. You can judge people from afar better luckily due to being on the outside lookin in making one less biased.   You are done because you had no retort but were feeling an apparent need to get the last word like a child.
Replies: >>200460 >>200464
uh you talk like a fag and your shits all retarded
>You are done because you had[...]
I'm done because I'm just bored extending this tired topic with you. So I didn't feel like saying much more.
But I won't leave it at that, and will instead refer back to what was already said.
Normalfags will label a person for all the dumbest reasons, as it has already been agreed. It's not as common, but still something they will say if you're not having sex as much as they are. It's meant to make you feel bad for not actively having a sex life. They'll then start assuming other bad things about you is where that will lead up to.
Replies: >>200473
>last word despite being so bored....for a second time
Honestly they're right about men being happier if they have sex. It's not a jab so much as a blatant  observation unless out of context in which case it's stupid strawman tactic bullshit to avoid arguing in good faith. As it is incels aren't real because they're volcel because they can choose to lower their standards and being a virgin isn't relevant to men, they need sex constantly to be happy. A man in a permentent dry well may as well be a virgin, angry isn't the issue, sadness is. If not gay and not having sex you're possibly a pedophile also so due to literal instincts to save their children from you they will give you that hairy eyeball, ain't nothing for it. 

I hate people myself and don't care to lie about it unlike some here that pretend they'll have kids while being /r9k/ tier. Hate people? Then hate the child too, don't be so wishy washy. Hate your family, they had sex, they are normalfaggots. Not that you have to be one of them, I'm just giving any of them a shoutout that might see this message. You are impure. A misanthrope that hates womens and society would be some sort of an asshole to have kids at best. I am both an antinatalist and also don't have sex as people are not worth it in general. I am a misanthrope and there is nothing wrong with that if there is something wrong with people and even normalfags admit that people are fucked up. To want to be the last man on Earth vs a family wanting to only protect their blood, that's the difference that should seperate /r9k/ types from normalfags so says I. I tell people that my standards are too high blatantly when it comes up. If asked who I'd like most I mess with them by saying the gay girl every single time. But whatever, we're bored now ain't we.
Replies: >>200476 >>200484
was meant to be the first misanthrope typed, I am more pure that way in contrast to the group in question of which may yet be slighted by such a comment. 

Only the first block of text really matters also.
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If his experiences differ and that's a first of many things normalfags have a word for, then we may as well argue something that won't come to being completely verifiable or making much of a difference on a board with seemingly low count of non-virgins. Which is why I chose to be dismissive in return.
i don't get it. those are just profiles. of course they're visible.
This type of app defeats the entire point of an anonymous imageboard, I don't know why the fuck people would use it.
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